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33.4k · Jul 2018
Another Rain Poem
It poured a heavenly rain today
The roads washed anew
Little streams danced and slid down the alleys to the music rains play

The Gulmohar petals in orange red hues
Lay strewn on the pavement grey
Perched atop the green leaves
Glorious they looked in the warm sun rays

A walk in the evening mellowed rains
The tiny raindrops fell gently upon my face And raincoat peach
Luminous  under the street lamps
Silvery Rain-beams dance
21st June - Rains
19.7k · Mar 2018
Holi Hai !!!
Here comes the day
With coloured hands and faces
To the music we sway

Touch not with intentions perverse
Its Holy
The festival of colours

Gear up with your water guns and sprinklers
Filled with organic colours
No chemicals please
Look for revellers dressed in all white
Drench them all in the hues of the rainbow bright

Munch on the Gujia, a sweet treat
Time for a rain dance to the desi beats

It's time to cheer
Spring is right here

Happy Holi
Familial the ties siblings we are
Brought up with love care discipline and protection
Values inculcated deep
Respect and love we all each other
Hold it strong in the heart
Hurt we can never bring to each other
Stand together in testing times forever
Raising high the baton of love today
Passing it on to the generation next
To relay it in the timeless tomorrow
Raksha Bandhan - the festival of the bond of love and protection, shared by brothers and sisters .
The sister ties a sacred thread / amulet on the brother’s wrist , and prays for the well being and protection of her brother.
The brother promises the same and showers the sister with gifts .

Dear all , owing to the festive occasion I have not been able to read much here , should do so in a couple of days , stay blessed all of you !

Thank you  all, for the love and support for this poem( 3rd May 2019), this was made the daily!

Will soon respond to all your lovely comments, thanks and love to all ♥️
10.1k · Aug 2017
If I Were A Rainbow
If I were a Rainbow
The children would run to me
Turning upside down, I would be an iridescent swing,
The children would mount my rainbow wing

Swaying high up in the starry skies ascending on the moon
The children do bunny jumps, counting stars till noon
Awestruck and desirous they pick a few
The colours pink purple orange magenta and blue

Swaying down to the flower garden
They would pick flowers from the boughs laden
Threading in a star and a flower into  an ornamental  garland
Adorned as neckpieces , running around ,making one happy land

If I were a Rainbow
I would dismember all the semicircles making one hula hoop
The children would gleefully twirl and sway into the  enormous loop

If I were a Rainbow
I would become one big ramp
The children would joyously roller skate  up and down
Lighting up the ramp

If I were a Rainbow
And all of these came true
I would turn upside down making one radiant smile across the sky
The children would happily smile back at me , waving me good bye
Wrote this for my younger son ,Anshul on his birthday (19/02 ) , this year .
But never posted  . I am glad to post it as my 100th here .
Thank you all ,my HP friends .
Had been a little unwell and did not post anything in the last 2-3 days .
10.0k · Sep 2018
The Words
Words are the chemicals
Packed in vials sublime
Untouched pure in time
Their base Property lyrical

Words are the coefficients
Reactants , The Thoughts and Emotions
To balance the emotional equation
Poetic are the words omniscient

Combustible the thoughts, fragile the emotions
Handle with care , the equations
Cold storage processed, refilled
Magnanimous ,the words distilled

Thoughts never too dormant
Never static the emotions
The words a kinetic solution
Potential they have Charmant
Some thoughts  about words

Thank you all, for all your love for this particular piece, today, 28th May, this got selected as the daily!
Will soon respond to everyone, thanks and blessings!!
9.9k · Mar 2019
Festival Of Colours - Holi
Let the evil within be annihilated
And grey be restored
Rejuvenated to vibrancy of colours of love

Dispersion of love and light
Through the prismatic heart
Every soul be washed anew
In colours of the rainbow in mirthful hues

Forgive and forget, past hurt
And in the beauty of love, regale
Let’s celebrate
The festival of colours, harbinger of spring
Happy Holi- HP

Holika Dahan. - 20th March
Holi   21st  March
love this song :)
9.8k · May 2018
Time A Nova ✨



The Black Hole


Procrastination-10 words
8.2k · Jan 2018
A Beautiful SunRise
This Morning
The Golden Sun Rose
With a Midas touch
Smiled at the Skies

In Scintillating Colours
Bedewed the Atmosphere
In a Lush Orange Squash
A Rush of Pomegranate Reds
A Spread of Fiery hot Saffron Threads

Far Away
The Feathery White
Pristine Kashmir Clouds

The Mirthful birds
On the wire , Chirped
A Mesmerised me ,
In the Early Morning Bliss

Nature Imbues
Taking away the Sky's Blues
Sunrise experience on 21/12/2017
8.1k · Nov 2018
Is it just a hue
Is the mountain actually blue

The sea and the lake too
Is imbued by the sky’s blue

I love the colour too
Yes it has to be teal and aqua blue

Yellow is so bright and right
Inspired by the sunlight

Red speaks of passion and rage
Sure, I am no sage

Colours bright, dark or light
In every hue, have a place of their own
Got to love them all
Inspired by a photo of a mountain in blue hues :)
8.0k · Apr 2018
The Evening Sky and The Sea
The Arabian Sea
A sprightly sight to behold
The cascading Sunbeams veil the sea in a platinum shimmer
The gusty wind blows
Sparkling diamonds roll up on the ocean waves
The golden Sun unravels the beauty of the bejewelled Sea

The picturesque Mumbai Skyline  
Gloriously, rises up in the evening Sky

The mellowed Sun ,beauteous as an orange Rose
Leisurely dips down at the horizon
The Sky cools down to Prussian blue
The stars glimmer across the sky in the dim lights
It's showtime

I quietly sit and watch the magical scenes unfold
Thank you all for your support here.

It's IPL (Cricket) time and my sons were extremely happy to meet a few world class cricketers from across the world and country .
Couple of teams stayed in the same hotel as ours.

Had been on a small vacation with family!!
Cool monsoon breeze sway the trees
Cascading rills , meadows
The Valley and Scenic hills
Colour green rich in hue
Breathtaking the view

The rain pours and rushes down
On the windscreen and sunroof
A sweet melodic sound it makes
Like an Artist, paints in gentle slopes

Dark clouds in daytime , stark
Makes the Sun shiver in cold
The bridge ahead ,century old
Winding road  and steep slopes

Passing through the illuminated tunnels
Old melodies played on the radio
The journey ahead ,we steer
The ebullient nature brings cheer
Lonavala is a scenic hill  station on the
Mumbai- Pune Expressway .
17th August experience on the way to Mumbai .
It was beautiful, had to put in words :)
7.4k · Jun 2017
The Woman who sold Grapes
She is on the street in her little kiosk ,
at the break of the dawn ,
When many are still on a lucid dream.

Selling the most delicious of grapes
Sourced straight from the vineyards

Assembling  the previous  day's discards all in a tray
Discards For humans it maybe ,
for her birds its a treat to relish .
down  for it ,day after day..

Mostly bought by the morning walkers ,
Many in numbers are they
old patrons , as they say.

Every day she sells her wares
Holding the loveliest of smile
That I have seen in years,
All Knowing , the pain that  she hides behind .

Never misses a day nor business,
And back home she is before sundown.

Only to return the following day,
With a new stock ,at the break of the dawn.
Have been seeing this woman, fruit seller for a few years now.
She has had a difficult life. Her husband committed suicide for being indebted, not able to repay, son going wayward.
Yet she holds on to her grit and has been able to piece  her life together and  her Family.
Never lost her determination .
So, a little tribute to her .
7.4k · Jun 2018
The Cleansing Shower
All summer through
Little brother trees
The gusty
Big sister breeze
Played in the sun
They had ample fun

The little boy trees wore a dusty crust
And shower, they must
Lest their leaves , yellowed
Transpire to rustle in summer heat

A drizzle nor a sprinkle
Mother rain
Chose to shower
The mode she set to power
Drenched and dripping wet
The little boy trees with trembling leaves , sneezed

The cool
Big sister breeze
Lovingly caressed
And blow dried
The little brothers trees

Fresh and perfumed
The little boy trees
Stood tall in trousers brown
Lovely, minty green coloured tees
Summer showers experience on 10th June :)
7.1k · Oct 2018
A passionate dancer , excellent teacher
You possess an innate quality of a master
The one with a discerning nature

You understand the heart of your students
With your dance moves you are prudent

Positive energy flows through the dance floor
when you say one two three four

To the  music I can dance
Folk , never took a chance
You taught the moves and grooves
My fear has gone without a trace
And someday will learn some  grace

On the dance floor
Like a bright star you shone
Sure , one day you will
Run a Academy of your own
A little dedication to my dance coach who conducted the garba workshop
It’s been a month I Have joined a dance fitness academy ,
A ten day
Workshop was arranged for garba , a folk dance from Gujarat , performed by women during Navratri festival .
Was a bit apprehensive about the folk dance yet on insistence of my coach at the academy attended the workshop ,enjoyed every bit of it !!
6.2k · Mar 2018
Read & Write

Reading is like
Sitting under
A canopy of trees
Listening to the humming of bees
Chirp of birds
A gentle breeze soothing the mind
Absorbing the warmth of the early morning sunshine
Being one with nature
A solitude
Undefined Peace

Writing is like
An ever flowing stream
Cascading rills
Sparkling placid waters
The essence of nature
The different seasons
Like a flurry of emotions
The moments lived
Reminiscing the times
The Moments to come
The moments one dreams
Different reasons
Wrapped in words ideal
Writing is Therapeutic
The essence of it all

5.9k · Sep 2018
Thoughts - Words (forms)
Penning down the thoughts
Am I not done with the words
Have I used them all?

Round and round
Thoughts and words
In the loop bound

The thoughts have been naughty
Jump off the mind cliff,  doughty
Don’t want to be worded
Flight to nowhere boarded
Off the radar crash land , all spotty
5.6k · Jul 2018
Twigs & Raindrops
Bereft of the leaves
The twigs wear shimmering veil
Raindrops in twilight

This image was Shared in one of the WhatsApp groups , googled and found the link to it !
It’s part of 533  Raindrops and dew drops images on Pinterest!
Also on my cover page !
5.3k · Apr 2018
Positive Change

The Detractors

Are the Altruists

The Catalysts


The Change

Battery needs both negative and positive to work :)
5.2k · Feb 2018
Definite Integration
My understanding of today
Is as limited as my life
Live today
As it comes
We have been told and practiced
With devotion
We do prepare for the mundane
But what’s one to do about the unknown
What does it take to be future ready?
Is it the happenings of today
Is it the mistakes of today
That will lessen the burden of tomorrow
As today the lesson was learned
Yet how to prepare for the unknown
Remains a question for tomorrow
5.1k · Jun 2018
A place
In my mind
Neither Alien nor Earthly
I yearn to find

In the Universe
Neither to be found in Verse
Nor Hearse

A place
In my mind
Distinctly Familiar,Yet Unknown
Shall I ,find....
Some thoughts ..... trying to fill them in words
4.8k · Nov 2018
Happy Diwali

Let’s beautify our yards and homes
With the vibrant colours of Rangoli
And  welcome the Goddess Laxmi

Let’s decorate our doors and windows with festoons of marigold flowers and mango leaves,
to ward off the evil and sprinkle positivity

Let’s brighten the evening sky
With sky lamps and fairy lights
May the earthen lamps be lit
To illuminate every corner bright

Let’s celebrate
The Festival of Lights,
With friends and family
And bring cheer to our lives

Happy Diwali to all !!
4.8k · Oct 2017
The Journey Onward
19 th October 2016
**Writing happened overnight
Some pent up thoughts
Confused no where completely understood
Clarity and Connect
With self
The need to express well

Wrote the night whole
Out ,came The Soul '

Held defences high
Not wanting to break the shell
Some chapters always
Never to be visited

Yet life can be strange and funny
However well planned
It takes it own course
Makes you read listen and understand
And learn those very lessons

The student in me
Awakened Anew

Glad to have found my words
Or maybe the words found me
The right tone for the inner voice
Well timed
No more confined

A protective family
Not a worry about the unknown(life)
Lessons unknown
Make you stronger
And our children(catalysts) bring in a greater sense of responsibility and learning

An unfinished piece in my mind
Leave it as it is
As  many more lessons to be learned

Thank you all for the connect, the motivation, inspiration and love .
Love peace and blessings to you all !!
Good morning/Good evening/Good night :)
My greetings to all .

Step I -⭐️
As you can see I have used a ⭐️above
(we can use any character/number /alphabet)

Step 2- use return key

Step 3- The poem in asterisk , which remains the same

Step 4- use return key

Step 5- again the character(⭐️) it could be anything

And there you get the poem in desired fonts .
I tried this in my drafts on Hp and yes it works .

Happy posting

Step1 ~

Step2  return key

Step 3 *poem*

Step4 return key

Step5 ~

Thanks Kim for giving the sun here .
I just so hope whatever I tried , should be of help to all my friends on HP.
It would bring me immense happiness if it works for you all.

My abilities in explaining is limited, I have tried putting the steps in notes too

We could use any of these signs ~ !  # .
I just hope it works for you my friends .
The devices that I have been using  are my iPad iPhone MacBook.
4.6k · May 2017
Thoughts & Beauty Of Words
Would words ever flow
If thoughts never poured ...

What if ...
They got stagnant
In the Reservoir

And never
Found a channel to the stream.

Let the thoughts pour
Make the words flow

Channelled into
The beautiful stream
Forever With
The Rivers of Dreams
Thoughts can only survive in the beauty of words .
4.3k · Aug 2017
Attitude, one that comes Inbuilt
Second ,Customised
Blend to Blend !!
Love these  10 words format , make s for a quick write.
4.2k · Nov 2017
Love You Zindagi
All that mush
What's the fuss
Life is to live
Oh yes
Love it and live
Love you Zindagi
Love you Zindagi

A crazy you and a crazy me
Holding hands breaking rules
What a lovely pair together we make
Love you Zindagi

A simple smile and a twinkle in the eye
Take away the tears and banish the fear
A beautiful art , warms up the heart

I do what I like
And I like what I do
Right or wrong
Responsibility all mine

A Believer
More of spiritual
Forgive me , Oh Lord
Follow not too many rituals

I do what I like
And I like what I do
Works of a complicated mind
That's what you'd find

In retrospect
Yet not regret
A quirky me
Yes that's true
Today I turn 42
Love you Zindagi

All that mush
What's the fuss
Life is to live
Oh yes
Love it and live
Love you Zindagi
Love you Zindagi
Birthday is to celebrate life
A life well lived
A life truly enjoyed
Zindagi- life
4.1k · Jan 2018
My Dear Poetry
My dear poetry,
My love for you is infallible
Endearingly, you colonize my mind
Undoubtedly lovable

Please oh please,
Leave some part to myself
Have to get back to the grind.
Please ,never do mind
Have to keep time

My dear poetry ,
My love for you is infallible,
In you I find my respite
Always be , by my side
one of my earlier works here
On a little break , best wishes to all !!
3.9k · Mar 2018
Hello Poetry Designers
Hello,  HP Fashion Designers
The latest
Where I find
Brand  new designs
New fashions
Colour of the soul and rhymes
Amazing lines

The Homepage
All Renowned
Evergreen  styles
One is sure to find

The Front page
The designs that make trends
Could be any
Liked and Loved
No ends
Followed by many
All In Vogue
Perfect designs
The HP Trends

Love all styles
Trends or not
Certainly, check them all
The HP designs

Creativity a zest
At its best
Never put it to rest

Happy World Poetry Day
Wrote this a few days back , only recently got to know that ,
Today 21st March is World Poetry Day .
So sharing it here .
Thank you all , The HP designers, am happy to be one too:))♥️
3.9k · Aug 2018
The Champak Flowers
Golden silk petals
Divine Champak flowers bloom
Enticing perfume
Champak flowers are offered to God during worship .
Some Women wear these flowers in the hair .
3.8k · May 2019
Squirrel and the Bird
The little squirrel enjoyed its nutty meal
Happy it squealed
The preying bird perched high in the tree
Happy, enjoyed its meal
As the squirrel squealed its last
While the little squirrel lived its nutty fruity dream
3.8k · Mar 2018
The Happy Human Day
It's about time
We celebrate
A Happy Human Day

Women slog it out
And men do it ,too

Managing the house
Raising kids together
Doing the chores
And helping each other
Each and every day

It's about equality
That we speak
Then Why not today
Happy that we are born ,
Time we celebrate
Each and every one
And let the day be
The Happy Human Day

Thoughts from ,my ever so busy husband, Having back to back tours and conferences to attend .
Yet, whenever home , does his level best to lighten my work .
Funny part though, it's a woman's day and went shopping for him :))

We do have Human Rights day
10th December
3.6k · Jul 2018
Knowledge is
On a steady flight
Show up late
Miss the flight
And the destination, right
3.5k · Jul 2018
Nature’s Art
Drenched in diamonds
The Soaked silken necklace
Jewels of Nature
Nature makes its own art .
3.4k · Oct 2018
Everything ~ Nothing
There is something I wish to write about
Too much of everything that I feel
The something that slipped away
Entangled in the shackles of everything

Constant - On the go
Wish I could take it slow
Busy - Is Happy I know

Hours , they are limited
Jobs too many
Mastering one , never ever intend

But ,
There is something that I wish to write
About , Everything
Yet ,
Nothing is what I Write

Imperfection is the place where I truly belong
Happily ,
Until the end
I shall  sing this song
3.0k · Jan 2019
Sloth & Cheetah - Unwind
Love the sloth in my mind
Busy sloth-ing away it’s time
The cheetah, somewhere around
Slogging away all the while
The two at loggerheads
Tearing up my heart
The Mind, a multitasker
The Heart put to tasks
Time to summon the tortoise
I surmise
2.9k · Oct 2019
Beautiful End
In its days of glory
Slowly dying an eternal end
2.9k · May 2018
Life and Writing
Life and writing
Destiny's play

Every breath
Every moment lived and savoured
Aroma of thoughts
Poured from the perfect blend of words ....

Oxygen to live On
Have missed Hp , had been away for a few days
2.9k · Nov 2019
Early morning fog
Winter smiles through the curtains
Dew on the flowers
The mornings are most pleasant around this time!
Finally winter smiles :))

Thank you so much, RK( Rita)
For the sunshine for my simple thoughts here :)
2.8k · Jun 2018
I do believe
Perceptions of you
People will have
Persevere self in character and strength

Possess thoughts
Positive emotions
Prosper in relations

Placid waters speak
Power recycle breathe

Party with friends

Path to peace
2.6k · Sep 2019
He is quiet and confident
Always does what is right
Quite a conversationalist
When relevant

Believes in keeping to himself
In a place of unknowns
Knowledge and wisdom his strength
Diligent and optimistic an achiever in life
Simple and good at heart
Understands and complements mine

Loves romantic songs
I am just the opposite
Can’t stand any
Retro is the only station, we listen to together in the car

Has little understanding or
interest of what I write
Yet, always listens to/ reads my scribbles
Our choices and tastes opposite as can be
Not, when it comes to matters of heart
Wrote it for my spouse, Aditya, for his upcoming birthday( 6th September)
2.6k · Apr 2018
Plagiarism and Biomimicry
Prevalent In Nature
Sustenance Is The Conjecture
PS:- Not directed at anyone, including me , just a thought .
Trying to draw parallels between the two .
2.5k · Mar 2018

Mother first
Then ,
Sum of the rest

Happy Women's Day to All :))
2.5k · May 2018
In School
And then
Learn lessons

In Life
Learn lessons
Don't take me seriously, kids having summer vacations and I am on a roll :))
2.4k · Mar 2018
Perfect State
I have everything
A little less


Always hope
To hold on to
One thing
2.4k · Apr 2017
Mumbai, City of dreams
Financial Capital and
Most populated Metropolitan
city in India .

India's premier scientific and
Nuclear Institutes
Are in Mumbai .

The film and Television
Industry also is in Mumbai .
Weather Humid throughout the year.

All this to the world .

For Me
My Favourite city and Place.

The best childhood days spent during Summer Vacations
With extended family .

Juhu beach , a favourite hangout
For us all cousins
A Jing bang of sorts :)

Making sand castles
Jumping in and out
   of the
Sea waves together
Holding hands
Shouting out aloud .

Memories Memories And Memories
Never Let them go.
In fact ,
Make many More
With the Gen-Next ..
That's what I am in for !!
Bombay now renamed Mumbai ,
Will always remain Bombay for me .

Have the best memories of this place . Visit it as often to reminisce old ones and make many more with  family!!
Currently In Mumbai :)
2.3k · Jun 2017
Right to Write
I do write
When I feel
the need to write

Then I don't
Don't want to word my thoughts

But then,
My unrelenting thoughts
Keep nudging me
Edging me
Seeking words
Wanting me to write .

Comes my Mind
The repository and Controller
Of all
My senses
Giving a piece of itself to the thoughts

The thoughts bow down
And admit
it was all for fun
Don't get bogged down
You have won

And Then
I am free to decide
As to when to write

*Right to write
Or None
The above piece is again a little conversation between my mind, thoughts and me .

Have been writing for about 8-10 months now.
Have been sharing my thoughts here at HP for the last Six months,
Wrote this last month, when did not share much here.
Writing and reading here ,helps me , it keeps me motivated and yes HP is my happy place.
Thank you all for reading my thoughts.
2.3k · Mar 2018
It Is What It Is

Soar to Awareness
Killing the sweet Innocence
Is Ignorance, Bliss

Tried-Hope A Haiku :))
Unknowingly made it ten words
2.2k · Nov 2018
What I like
And don’t
2.1k · Jun 2017
Thoughts (10 Words)
The Tethered Thoughts
Wings of Freedom
                    Well Sought
2.1k · Aug 2018
Glasses weigh heavy on the newspaper
Time to gain news
Next page