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It is an emotion
Sung upon the winds
Youthful songs of spring

Vivacious emeralds
Colours of the shade, Jade
Fields of verdant green

Mother earth bestows
Upon us her finest hues
Let’s embrace in gratitude

Reverently we circumambulate
The Holika, seeking felicity
Quelling the evil and granting peace

Imbued with the crimson
Under the blue skies of eternity
May the festival bring mirth
And lasting harmony
Don't hide your face, don't even cover...
Play like a man, it's just the festival of color'..!
Prepare water bombs and get your water gun...
Fight against unknown, it's really so much fun..!

Follow their path and chase them down...
Color them up and make them a clown..!
Then run fast, back to your way...
And repeat it again, repeat throughout the day..!

Spray the colors and spread them in the sky...
Dance like a crazy on the music so high..!
Bath in that color's shower and make your mood lite...
Just for one day, forget your healthy diet..!

Taste different cuisines: veg or non-veg, tangy or hot...
Fill your mouth with chaat, dahi-bade, drumstick and empty the whole ***..!
Dive into the pool of sweetness, grab your sweets up:
Gujhiya, Gulab Jamun or even an Ice-cream's cup..!

It's not a day just to wear white dresses...
Enjoy this day but don't forget its message..!
“Evils, Sins and Rivalries are made to be thrown...
But Friendships, Truths and Glories are made to be won..!”

Touch the feet of your elders and seek their blessing'...
Forget every challenge' for one day, which continuously you're facing..!
Keep aside your ego and be friend' with everyone slowly...
Spread the colors of love and make this holi even a more colorful
Gujhiya, Gulab jamun are some Indian sweets and Chaat, Dahi bade are some Indian snacks...

Water bombs — Water balloons
Friend' — Friends
Blessing' — Blessings
Color' — Colors
Challenge' — Challenges
Holi is an Indian festival of colors and delights..!
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2022
Judge me
By the color of
The soul

You will find
Your color
Is my color
Genre: Experimental
Theme: It just is
Tsunami Jan 2022
really hot days
remind me of my home

the one across the sea
with mangos ripe on the vine
and yellowed grass

if I close my eyes,
i can almost taste the dust in the air
feel the warm embrace of my family members
that i miss so dearly
smell the petrichor off the hot cement floor after a fresh monsoon rain

time zones apart feel like worlds apart
and they are
when your family is dying
and there is no way to comfort your aunt
because her husband is taking his last breaths

there was no chance for her to say goodbye
to her father, to her husband,
both lay in hospitals
continents apart
isolated, but not unloved
both gone, not even a month apart

the borders have been closed for i don’t even know how long
there is no physical way for us, let alone her own children, to be present
all we do is wait

most of my memories are spent on
drinking chai on the veranda
or dancing in the rain with Papa
playing holi with pails of water mixed with “gulal” and water pistols.
seeing the smiles of all my family members,
together once again.

really hot days
remind me of my home
smoke from the wildfires mimics the smog in the air
the sun - a red ball in the grey sky
if i shut my eyes real tight
i can still get a glimpse of us on the rooftop, celebrating life.
i miss home -
Akta Agarwal Mar 2021
The trees smile with their sprout of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expression,
Hails spring with joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinges.
The land of beauty and greatness
Colour of happiness and peace makes people alive to enjoy the spirit.
A celebration of colour
An experience of harmony and delight.
Gulal of red, green, yellow and countless colour also explains the colourful meaning of life,
A day filled with laughter and gaiety,
A day to smear our dreams
With a splash of vibrant colours
The festival of colour brings a spring of unbounded fun and frolic!!
Colourful holi
Gourav R Dwivedi Mar 2021
We miss the celebration
Of Holi
What's your plan for Holi?

Throwing water balloons,
Water Guns and colors

Awkward silence
No more colors
Just Awkward silence
Becoming Sadist :(
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2021
For a while
Don't tell me you know me
Looking into my eyes

Color me
As you like
I need
To feel more alive
Overwhelming the senses
The spirit and soul
Until I feel whole
With a rich color of delight

Tell me
Who do you see?
By the way, you look at me

But, I'm a rainbow
Raw and visual
Amidst the vibe
Or something soulful
Close to that
Pause in applause

And relax
Let me paint you
With the galaxies of joy
Where your spirit soar
And You'll effortlessly
Transcendence as
The most beautiful
Piece of living art
Theme: Inspirational
Theme: Contagious Colors
Author's Note:
Ideally you need to feel the most romantic creature for a time being, what you are, the world is, happy holi. So here I am.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2020
From afar

With that elegance
Mystified simplicity
It's irony to
Wear the rainbow
Until the end of light

If the rain drop
Into the face
And you find no where
To hide
You will too, left
Black and white
As a mirror
To me

After all
The Color of your soul
Casts celestial vibes
No one resist
Without complimenting
"One of a kind"

Beauty fades
But not like yours

Genre: Experimental
Theme: Through My Eyes
Author's Note: Black is basic, I wear black to appreciate all the contrasting colors to regard everything beautiful.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2020
Soul washing
Is entirely different
One doesn't need
Any guidelines
Not any rituals
Not any sacrament
Not any particular time
Not any change of clothes
Not distinct air to inhale
Not any price to pay
Not the holi water
No, nothing
As such

Touching lives
Just stay human
Genre: Spiritual
Theme: Devotion
Vivek Gupta Mar 2019
Fire burning in front of you and I!
Shining so bright those beautiful black eyes!
Colours of our love dispersed in the air!
My hands stuck in your messy hair!
Different shades of yours are out now!
Colours all over still you look so pretty, how?
You are still shining so bright!
The bracelet of your hand reflecting sunlight!
Dancing like idiots, wet and cold!
I just love the way you hold!
Hold my hand tight and close to your heart!
Oh believe me you’re a brilliant work of art!

Holi is an Indian festival of colours celebrated during March! We apply colours on people to show our love! A day before applying colour it's a bonfire kinda thing that represents burning of evil!
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