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Maria Etre Jul 2018
The basics of basics
base themselves
in the base
of one's
take the
basics out of the base
mint Jun 2018
I want to focus on the good with you
I want to simmer all of what is us, and wait for the excess to evaporate
with all it gone I can see the basics
you make me smile
making you laugh makes me feel warm
the sound of your voice is one of the best sounds on earth
my world feels aligned when I’m with you

you make me happy

these are the basics
the bare essentials of what makes up you and I
And it’s all I need
am i talking about the same girl i wrote a break up poem about??? Uuuuuuuh. Yes.
In School
And then
Learn lessons

In Life
Learn lessons
Don't take me seriously, kids having summer vacations and I am on a roll :))
Em MacKenzie Oct 2017
There's some lessons to learn, but I can only teach so much,
resentment will cause you to burn, so to anger please never clutch.
It will take up room in your brain, and make your eyes seem hollow,
it'll cause your heart to drain and soon your soul will follow.

Here is a tired line, a real used up remark,
but the stars can only shine when the sky is truly dark.
You can only feel good after you've felt so incredibly low,
you'd climb out if you could, your strength isn't just for show.

Do not seek out only wealth,
it will not buy you a life to live,
focus more so on your health,
and the cures Mother Nature can give.
Every object will become broken and will only create waste,
the real gifts are the ones spoken, with words that are truth based.

Always show love to your mother,
'cause you'll miss her badly when she's gone,
and look to a stranger like a brother,
and appreciate the dusk as if it were dawn.

There's some lessons to learn,
but there's just too many to say,
and some with mistakes you'll earn,
and some you'll realize another day.
Always find ways to expand your mind,
never stop seeking the truth,
and look at the world as if colourblind,
and please don't waste your precious youth.
I had an idea of lessons I'd like to leave my future kids but it got all messed up and this came out. This will probably become a series. Listen to Rod Stewarts "Ooh La La" and you'll get it.
Isobel Victoria Mar 2017
Salt, crusted across my cheekbones
Undulating waves, breaking against my shins
Messy hair and naked limbs
Mosquitos attacking at dusk
Endless, warm nights
Roaming in the moonlight
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
I came alone
I'll have to go alone
So, why should I worry
Being alone now?

Don't you spread a word
What you hear
It's irrelevant to speak
Everything you know

Act wise if you are
Don't be what you aren't
You should always be alert about death and what you are: a piece of meat with intellectual capacity. And it will soon fade away when death comes.. life's simple.. dont make it complicated.
Murredith May 2016
I've written this one too many times in my head, I guess I figured it's time I write it on something  more real:

You see everybody's got to fight & trust me that's always alright.
But fighting ain't fighting with you, it's always a little less no matter what you do.
Fights happen when love has temporarily ended; things catch fire when left unattended.
But with you it ain't like that see I don't feel a lack of love when you're around, I mean yeah it sure gets overwhelming but baby that won't ever beat me down.
Even when you're wringing me around the neck with your words like a glove, your eyes, voice, face & body never fail to show lots of love.

It's so **** crazy knowing that even when you hate me, I can see you've never loved me more.

This isn't anything special I just decided it's beyond time we start appreciating the basics; there's nothing hard about the feelings that I see.
The simple truth is you're in love which means you ain't free & until you show me differently well I guess you're stuck with me.
I accidentally wrote this after using the bathroom ?
Starztruck Aug 2015
Do you know how hard it is to watch the person you love, love someone else?
Do you even see the pain in my eyes when I look at you?
I am so close, I can touch you, I can feel you
but I can never have you.

There were queries left unanswered.
Excruciating pains that my heart felt when I am with you
and you're thinking of her.
You kiss me like I was her.
You made me her replacement but until the end,
I can never be her.
You can never love me.
I can never feel your love.
Trupoetry Oct 2014
The 1st line is always the last line
& the last time
I felt this fragile or still
I was still fragile
No pill
Can help me heap myself back into the matrix
I have to face this
By starting with the basics✌️
Michael Amery Aug 2014
It is in the night
That your sobs turn into
Where pain gives way to
As our bodies intertwine
To find the love
That our hearts
And minds

— The End —