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Sumus System Jan 2019
Her name was Tori

She ran like a cheetah
Spots speckled her body
Her hair blew in the wind
Soft laughter escaped her
She ran for enjoyment

T was for talent
She could do anything
O was for odd
She was her own person
R was for radiant
She emitted an aura
I was for intelligence
She had a mind of everything

She fit her name like a glove
Silent awe in her wake
No one could stop her
Something always burned within
She never stopped running
I met a girl named Tori. I will never forget her.
Love the sloth in my mind
Busy sloth-ing away it’s time
The cheetah, somewhere around
Slogging away all the while
The two at loggerheads
Tearing up my heart
The Mind, a multitasker
The Heart put to tasks
Time to summon the tortoise
I surmise
Ryan Holden Jan 2018
Golden elegance
subtly peeks over grass
With spying brown quartz.
A sloth and a cheetah
both in my mind
Assuming roles as per the need of the time
Happy in their spaces defined .

Enter the monkey
always up to its antics
Wanting to colonize the mind
Seeking all the spaces defined

The sloth and the cheetah
Happy in their spaces defined :))
Sloth -- like the way it can eat and sleep on the tree
Cheetah -- fast and furious , spot on when in action
Monkey - intelligent, yet mischievous ,wanting to steal business .
Love all these animals ...
Sharing this here again , deleted it once .
K F Feb 2016
As a ginger, I'm inclined to say fox. I've always had an affinity for those cunning, red canines.

But if it's just for a day then perhaps something a bit more adventurous. I suppose I would choose to be a cheetah.

Fastest land animal in the world, agile, and speckled.

Nobody messes with a cheetah. Not because they’re so hulking or intimidating— just more fascinating than terrifying.

We travelled to South Africa once, my family and I. As a tribe we chased wild creatures down with cameras in jeeps in a raucous yet hushed thrill.  

The cheetah was one of the few animals that eluded us. Perhaps having never seen one up close is partially what draws me to them.  

Mysterious, as well as evasive, with an "I don't give a ****" attitude.

They only eat every so often because catching food is such a feat. When they do hunt however, it's one of the most spectacular things in the natural world.

It's why places that sell tv's show footage of cheetahs running in slow motion over and over on a dizzying loop; demonstrating how clear the pixels are in the plasmas. It's mesmerizing.

Their feet move too fast and fly over the dirt, honed in on whatever poor gazelle or kudu they're after. If you're a cheetah that is your body, your thin bones, your rapid heart and beating paws that make you move in such a blur.

To be a cheetah for a day is feeling and knowing the difference between machine and muscle. Humans have found ways to fly, and people regularly move faster than a top speed of 75mph.

But how sublime it would be!
To be solely and purely responsible for that unparalleled speed just for one day.
IcySky Aug 2015
We walk, talk, dress, eat, act, and love like humans...
We feel pain, sadness, joy, and all the same emotions.
The difference.... We love each other no matter what,
we talk to each other, and help one another...


We don't judge people,
but yet they judge us.
We maybe different...
but we still feel.

Furries love,
and care.
I am a furry.
Deal with it.

We stand up or each other,
You will never be misunderstood,
Furries band together,
and stay together!!

Furry Love
Cheetah Love
Nelize May 2015
Within the fields of grace
and moving waltzing wheat fields
moves the spotted feline with pace
black tears run down its face and yields
to the sun's tangerine gaze

The rythmic thomping of paws through grass
with undivided focus so clear
every step as fragile as glass
sounds perilous behind this feeble deer

Colossal strides that fly through air
pefected anatomy claws down its goal
rules of nature have never been fair
but one must know the key is survival
this deer now knows its fatal fate
is nature's gift to the cheetah's plate.
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