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by Michael R. Burch

Now darkness ponds upon the violet hills;
cicadas sing; the tall elms gently sway;
and night bends near, a deepening shade of gray;
the bass concerto of a bullfrog fills
what silence there once was; globed searchlights play.

Green hanging ferns adorn dark window sills,
all drooping fronds, awaiting morning’s flares;
mosquitoes whine; the lissome moth again
flits like a veiled oud-dancer, and endures
the fumblings of night’s enervate gray rain.

And now the pact of night is made complete;
the air is fresh and cool, washed of the grime
of the city’s ashen breath; and, for a time,
the fragrance of her clings, obscure and sweet.

Published by Poetry Magazine, Poetic Reflections, The New Formalist, Carnelian, Little Brown Poetry, Poetic Ponderings, Poem Kingdom, Net Poetry and Art Competition, The Best of the Eclectic Muse 1989-2003, Romantics Quarterly, Sonnetto Poesia, Poetry Life & Times and Trinacria

Keywords/Tags: Sonnet, night, darkness, violet, hills, rain, fresh, cleansing, fragrance, perfume, clings, clinging, obscure, sweet, concerto, dance, dancer
Laura Feb 7
breathing out
what my lungs
have held for
far too long.
endless pressure
leaving my body,
creating space
for a fresh start.
XPY Sep 2019
The rain descends
like a velvet curtain.

I use that steady
pounding, thrumming

to cleanse my skin
of your touch.

It fills me up, and I spit you out;
wring you out of my hair.

Thunder crashes
lightning flashes
and I
© XPY 2019
Ben Meraki Aug 2019
"This evening I sat by the river
and watched the sun set on the hills.
Now daylight's long gone, I don't shiver.
Wrapped up in these boxes of pills.

Don't know if I took six or seven.
The wine's gone and it's getting late.
But I'll be on that first flight to Heaven
and honey you know I can't wait"


As she shines down on the world far below
she will smile, 'cause she knows
I'll be reading her letter.

But she couldn't tell me that she had to go.
Ask me why; I suppose
that I'd never have let her had I known.

- -

Well since then I've seen eighty-odd seasons.
Now I know how you learned to fly,
and I guess I agree with your reasons
why I couldn't have my goodbye.

It was never enough to adore you.
When I couldn't repel the attacks.
There was nothing my love could do for you.
It was cruel to keep pulling you back,


and so I sit here where you watched the light fade.
You've been gone for so long
but I finally get it,

and all I can hear is the promise I made
to stand tall and be strong.
But I'd never have said it had I known.

- -

Now I feel like I'm not far behind you.
I take one step closer each day.
But there's someone here who's just like you,
so I think, for the moment, I'll stay.

When I close my eyes I still see you.
Not forgotten, and never replaced.
But sometimes I swear she could be you
when she puts that same smile on my face.


Had I been blessed with your wisdom, I know
I'd have gone with you there.
It'd be for the better.

Can't wait to rest, need to let this pain go,
and I say I don't care
but I'd never have met her had I flown.

- -

She thinks she doesn't deserve me,
that she can't be what I say she is,
and I can't find a way to make her see
there's nothing I could want more than this.

But soon she'll be far in the distance
when I've said my goodbye one last time,
and I don't understand this resistance
to my plans, now I've made up my mind.


When I was lost, alone, battered and scared
there was nobody there
to show me it was worth it.

Now suddenly they're pretending to care.
But I've seen through their stares
and I'm leaving this place they call 'home'.
Clinging to positives was all for nothing.
Derrick Jones Jul 2019
The rain came swiftly
Cleansing me of past misdeeds
I dry in the sun
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Ek Apr 2019
By door
You see more
Than the spring drizzle
That cleans your lawn
That lets the scents out of your yard.
You see an opening
Through the drops
That lets you escape the drapes
To April
Mackensie Mar 2019
There's something about rainy sunday afternoons
that have made me fall in love.
not any other day or time
makes me feel the same way inside.
The ones where you open up the blinds
and curl up beside the window
watching, listening, never getting bored.

I could stay this way for hours.

There's a calm about them.
That the same force which sustains life can also destroy it.
That it chooses to cleanse the earth gently
and use it's power for good.
I long to step out into it
turn my face up to the sky
and let the drops soak my skin.
So that maybe it will choose
to do the same to me.
Danielle Oct 2018
She supposed it was more than just rain.
It was a touch, light and rough upon the skin.
A harsh tap tap that seemed to echo through the world.
Eventually, it took over as she knew it would.
It felt cool, running down her soul
Not that she wanted the cracks cleaned out.
But the rain was insistent, formidable, and crushing.
It was, after all, more than just rain.
Evangeline Ashe Aug 2018
Invisible wave
sanctuary at world’s end
under ruby skies
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