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ShivamSen Mar 2019
Once a Road
Went east to west
Straight to Sea,
From his mountain stead.
Jealous the Rivers,
Made hue and cry.
From that arose a massive fight.

Just had the road reached Bombay,
Was when the Rivers had their final say,
Assembled together they flood the sky,
While everyone else wondered why.

57 days, the Sun wasn’t found,
As all her rays bowed to the Cloud.
Grim, she finally said to him,
“Part away, you delay a tryst, with my lovely Trees”

But the Cloud as well was in love with the Sea,
So he paid no heed as the road was in lead.

However, the Sea, did not care at all,
She was in love with the Lunar call.
To him she waved all night and day,
Alas, the loon was by the Sun swayed.
A poem about love's affairs.
Shantala Kothare Nov 2018
How green is our city? Is it bleak and bare?
Do open spaces exist; or are only buildings erected there?
And what is that stench? Is it the pollution in the air?  
And what if it is, do we in fact stop to care?

I once read that Bombay was called 'The city of Gold' -
And that there were gardens and open spaces manifold.
But I see no gardens nor strips of wastelands,
For flowers to grow so the city can look grand.
But instead the place is crowded with smoke.
How easy it is to turn the laws into a joke!

It is elsewhere; when global warming is the news,
It can't shock us enough, to stop us from the items we use .
There's a hole in the sky ... Is that of any consequence?
It's too far away for it to make any sense.

There should have been open spaces or trees lining up the roads,
But what we mostly see, is concrete or shanties in hoards!
I hear that it's the politicians' whim (?)
Myopic visions that are making our future dim.

But aren't we all in some way to blame?
For what has begotten this city to shame?
Can't anything be done to correct the flaws?
To discipline the people not to manipulate the laws?
Or do we have to wait for a court decree?
To allow us to co-exist peacefully?
To breathe fresh air and for better earth care?

Our city is decaying by the day   -
What can be done to prevent this dismay?
Surely if each one of us realizes his due
There won't be such an environment issue.
The air will be clean, the earth, more green
The benefits of these is for us to reap
It's easy if we maintain its regular upkeep!
Mumbai, City of dreams
Financial Capital and
Most populated Metropolitan
city in India .

India's premier scientific and
Nuclear Institutes
Are in Mumbai .

The film and Television
Industry also is in Mumbai .
Weather Humid throughout the year.

All this to the world .

For Me
My Favourite city and Place.

The best childhood days spent during Summer Vacations
With extended family .

Juhu beach , a favourite hangout
For us all cousins
A Jing bang of sorts :)

Making sand castles
Jumping in and out
   of the
Sea waves together
Holding hands
Shouting out aloud .

Memories Memories And Memories
Never Let them go.
In fact ,
Make many More
With the Gen-Next ..
That's what I am in for !!
Bombay now renamed Mumbai ,
Will always remain Bombay for me .

Have the best memories of this place . Visit it as often to reminisce old ones and make many more with  family!!
Currently In Mumbai :)
Arjun Raj Nov 2016
What happens when an open space, once a canvas to your thoughts,
turn into a dingy cabin, where you are chained to a chair with no lumbar support
and a program is chipped into your brain to decode client briefs, one after the other,
however idiotic they might be,
only to churn out results that will please a super boss,
who has done the same, for n number of years more than you,
so that the numbers that are not on your side, look irrelevant, coz
the money that you are making for the company is very relevant, to them, their family
and the rest of mankind, but you?
You quit.
No, wait
You’ve got EMI’s to pay.
Arjun Raj Sep 2016
eid beckoned, and so did visarjan
being a keralite the stomach craved for Sadhya
so I found myself on Onam day
inching closer and closer to a meal gone cold
as the engine revved an unforgiving sigh
I swore aloud with all my might,
the city didn't even stop to breathe,
as mount mary fair blew my brains to sleep
only in bombay will one see,
religions cohere so beautifully
I tried to drown you from
my thoughts last night.
Me, and a bottle of gin.
I do this every night
until the taste of your love
no longer lingers on my tongue.
I keep doing this.
I keep failing.
And every morning,
You learn to swim.
DSD Jul 2016
Like all other cities in the clouds
this one is often wet and always loud.

Its air heavy with the sweat of labour
and light with the soothing lunar caress.

Its bricks, the stuff of dreams,
raised by giants, manifested in concrete.

Its people the dreamers.
There shoulders drenched in hope

Walk with weeping umbrellas to the sky
in painful black soles...

...Past snow globe dreamlands
of nebular realms and rainbow twilights

Shielded in walls of nothingness thick
to keep the fantasies in and the phantoms out.

And she prances on the grey greasy pavement
blowing bubbles of soap that brave the rain.

Her chin - the sun.
Her breath - the monsoon winds.
Her curls - the streams in the woods.
Her forehead - the promised land to each raindrop.
And her soul - the bliss that lies in the space between worlds.
Arjun Raj Jan 2016
Brisk, warm, and easy to move on
No, not talking about a one night stand,
The cutting as they call,
The chai with the twist
Just enough to momentarily pause
Before you dive right back in
to the whirlwind of hope
Arjun Raj Jan 2016
Oh you saviour, of the rags and riches alike
The favourite of students, labourers, executives and wise
The in between of a mattress like loaf
Easy on the teeth, pocket, and hope
The staple of Bombay, the vada pav stop
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