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Khoi-San Aug 8
Hordes of creatures hide in the underbelly
Of caves where stalagmites and stalactites slimy silt and beverages
Of  nature's bounty sit uncorked guarded only  by time for our discovery
The Earth offers us all these wonders for
Discovery in time
Drenched in diamonds
The Soaked silken necklace
Jewels of Nature
Nature makes its own art .
Seanathon Jun 23
Tremendous pressure
    Between two trees
The pressures of autumn
    Which crinkles the fallen, forgotten, leaves
    And cry beneath our feet
As we grind them slowly back to the earth
    Unknowingly, she knows
    And drinks it all in
Like a summers mead
My head... good Lordy my head, just behind my eyes. /:
Seanathon Jan 30
With horizons like shoulders
Stands the image of the self
In the self-perceived mind

Until called like ringing
The mountains asleep
Undisturbed in dew and time

So the woodsman knows and is awake
To the truest of nature
The societal eyes

And at the feeling of ever
Need it depart

He flies

Into the mountains to live a life spent alive
I've been reading too much E.E.
Ravindra Nayak Dec 2017
Looked me and started laughing
I said what happen?
Mockingbirds dances and flew
In the breezy clouds
Whispering to each other
Saying to sky wonderful weather
And he is inside the door
Drinking and lighting cigarette

come out dear!!!
Lethargically no gain
Chill out outside!!!

Run and jog
Thrive hard...
Enjoy beauty!!!

Look orchard and dews drop
And think is cigarette is better than nature's wine art? If yes
Get back to sleep
And wither and dry
In the dangerous polluted air..

Think just think!
Listen to your heart
Go for fresh start
And cheers the daisy smile...

Lotus and Lilly
After all
They also enjoy
If you enjoy them...
Unpluck them and stare the beauty
Beautifully with love looks...See the magic...
Slowly magnetically more attached emotions
Develop in nature's heart...
And natural disaster may vary significantly
cherished nearby nature
Protect them
Love them
Mockingbirds again came to me
Gazing lovingly
And smiled and smiled...
And again flew to vast sky...
With no boundaries.
Just love and contentment

I told the swifts they’d got it wrong
I watched them glide and dip and play
The sky was of the richest hue
Without a the slightest hint of grey

But slowly as the day wore on
The clouds began to blot the light
And doubts began to fill my head
Could the swifts have got it right?

Of course they had, why even ask
No confusion in their feathery heads
The clues were plain, the signs were clear
The rain would come, as soon as said

And so it did, with lightening flash
With thunderous roar and constant pound
With drops the size of apricots
To slake the tired and parch-ed ground.

We mustn’t doubt our fellow creatures
They feel things that we’d never sense
Watch for signs and cock an ear
And bow to Nature’s sapience.

Stuart Williamson     August 2016     ©
Judypatooote Apr 2014
Storms never bothered me as a child.
I use to love to put on my bathing suit,
barefoot, and jump in all those puddles...
Mom would make me come in if it was lightning.
But with lightning came thunder,
so I would run inside at the first crack.
My mom use to tell me that it was
the Angels bowling.
I'm sure every mother told there kid that.
I know I did...

I loved storms when we were out to our cottage.
Because the waves were raging, and I remember
standing outside with my dad and all the
neighbor guys, discussing this storm. With
a beer in there hand. I never had fear back then.

When my kids were little and a storm was a brewing.
We lived in a duplex, with no basement and
we would take the kids, and our bird down
to our neighbors basement.... I still wasn't
afraid of storms... the kids, and parents we all
played pool, some dance...it was like a party...no fear...

Now, I live by the weather mans report.
I have a program from each tv station on my phone,
and the weather station, even an app for tornados.
But it's not fun any more... I don't go run in the rain
barefoot, or jump in puddles, but I try to keep a bottle
of wine in the frig, a snack or two, and set stuff up
in the bathroom for two....me and my dog buddy.
I'm in the tub, he curls around the toilet...
no fear... well maybe a little bit...

by ~ judy
It's almost time for those storms...summer storms, which seem to be happening all seasons...I say I have no fear, but I try and tell myself that....be brave....
Cool down
Absorb by nature
To stay awhile
For a little bit longer

As the wind pass by  
The Green Leaves of Natures
Dances through the rhyme
Bask of time

Get awe and wonder
Thrilled in trill
As you would admire
To climb the highest falls

A glance of it
For a foretaste of good time
Would not be a kiss goodbye
It’s a treasure of a lifetime

An hour of silence
Let your dreams remind
While you’ll be captivated
As yourself search inside

It’s beauty
It’s pride
As you are surrounded by
And embraced by nature

created on 11-30-2013

note: Tagbibinta Falls is located in Maragusan Compostela Valley Province.
          A nature made and one of the great tourist spot in Compostela Valley  Province or in the Davao  
          Del Norte as a whole.

— The End —