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Is my life
The words Inspired by my life

The many moments
Acceptance of the new
Cherishing the old

Striving not to be sad
When the moment is unhappy

Sometimes the couch and I wear the same size, sloppy

With age comes wisdom
Can’t do without my reading glasses :)

The many shades of life
Hidden, what’s to be revealed
Today it’s been three years, since I first penned my thoughts
To this day, it remains special
Thoughts and words
Happy and sad
Reasons and none
Expressing them all
Happy to have found a place to share them too
Thank you all!!
Joined HP in Dec’ 16
This Morning
The Golden Sun Rose
With a Midas touch
Smiled at the Skies

In Scintillating Colours
Bedewed the Atmosphere
In a Lush Orange Squash
A Rush of Pomegranate Reds
A Spread of Fiery hot Saffron Threads

Far Away
The Feathery White
Pristine Kashmir Clouds

The Mirthful birds
On the wire , Chirped
A Mesmerised me ,
In the Early Morning Bliss

Nature Imbues
Taking away the Sky's Blues
Sunrise experience on 21/12/2017
The truth, Is light


In the eyes, Of the dark
A lifespan maybe short for achievements
Peace is Attainable
A** box of chocolates
Can make a child twinkle in the eye
Rest assured his day is made
On cloud nine
Sharing with friends
The gift received
Isn't that  a lovely moment
Children inspire with their innocence !!
A childish take on today's prompt 'Acrostics'

Back in school, this is what we did in slam books .
This took me back to some fond memories : )
He is quiet and confident
Always does what is right
Quite a conversationalist
When relevant

Believes in keeping to himself
In a place of unknowns
Knowledge and wisdom his strength
Diligent and optimistic an achiever in life
Simple and good at heart
Understands and complements mine

Loves romantic songs
I am just the opposite
Can’t stand any
Retro is the only station, we listen to together in the car

Has little understanding or
interest of what I write
Yet, always listens to/ reads my scribbles
Our choices and tastes opposite as can be
Not, when it comes to matters of heart
Wrote it for my spouse, Aditya, for his upcoming birthday( 6th September)

The weather is fine
The trees have got a nice Soldier cut
The sun shines through the mesh of leafless branches
The balmy breeze and the sunshine
allure me for a walk

Pretty red cottage, shines bright
Under the brilliance of the fresh coat of white
The lawn in a deep slumber
And the road freshly plowed
Misty clouds, mountains, cold blue
A journey to embark upon
As it snows
Written- 12 February 2021 6:35 am

Inspired by a painting of a place in Himachal Pradesh
You have been here for long
Long enough to know
To know, not how it all works
But how you work from within
And know it all
Vaguely familiar
She is the woman
I truly admire

Agile and  spirited
Positivity unlimited

A day's train journey
Is what she took
To be with us

Flying is not her thing

She inspires
At 91, yes age is just a number
My grandmother in law has come to stay with us for a few days
She is an inspiration
If only, he had someone in his weaker moments to hold him and assure him that how much he is loved..

Depression can be faced by anyone and the times today are challenging enough for the sanest

Film industry, looks all glamorous to the outside world, and within, these actors / actresses are living multiple lives except their own

He was well educated and had faced challenges enough to have made a place for himself

If only he had help in his weaker moments

Yes deeply saddened by a life so beautiful and young snuffed out too soon
Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, today committed sucide

Just my thoughts, deeply saddened by this news
Upturned umbrellas
Wind and rain
Missing raincoats
Take shelter and walk again

Scooting off through puddles
Splashing water on fellow motorists
Why should little kids have all the fun

Slippery mossy tiles
Earthworms, friends of the farmer
Not mine, touched them once
Never again, yikes

Heading back home
Yes it’s fun getting wet in the rain
Being a child again
The need for wants
Wants each need fulfilled
All for me, trampling all
Yes, for me to receive
Leave no chance to deceive
Wasn’t the past year enough
For one to learn
And rise above self
And look beyond
Masked and taped
The roar of the ocean wave
Birds, flapping their wings
In and out of water, close to the shore
They prey, avoiding being one
An airplane flying above
The reverberating sea
All in a minute
Silent again
Literally ,
Legally Labeled A Literate
Little less Literate in Literature

A Treatise
Tracing Towering Twirling
Thoughts on the Threshold

Winsome Words Wielded
Well Wrought  And
Welded In Wondrous Wares

Today you Are
Yesterday you Were
Tomorrow you will Be
Never Ever Forever
You will be


Today You Are
Yesterday You Were
Tomorrow You will Be
You can Be

It was late
Almost midnight

The owl was up
And going about his routine

The house dog tried to get some sleep
He was up all day, chasing the strays

Dreams, awake
Await the dawn
Random thoughts
There is always
Something someplace someone there
To inspire you
The sun has miles to go
As it smiles in the wispy sky

The rains have paved way for winters
Morning mists, dewy flowers and leaves

My heart set
in the month of November

Lights up with the lit lamps and sky lanterns

Brings in the Festival of Lights
Special occasions and blessings
Pleasant evenings and celebrations

Moment not spared
So, well done

The moment wasted
So, well lived

Moment to moments
Trying to be

There is a language spoken
Between the leaves and the breeze
Peacefully green, the leaves
Ever changing the velocity of the breeze
Ancient and eternal their relationship

Inspired by the weather in the evening :)
The pillars in the caves
Encrypted and engraved
Ancient they are
Have stood for ages
Weathering changes
Light cold rain dark , the sunshine all gone
The pillars in the caves stand tall
There is a story , many told
Lost in ages ,memories old
Something to be found
The story profound
Only the brave hearts
Unravel the mystery of the history
The strength of the pillars
Ancient they are
Not everyone can and would want to know
Ancient caves have pillars , with encrypted text , that’s mesmerising and mysterious
In silence I stood
Dazzled by
The beauty that was
And is
Faded, not lost
Of the ancient temples
The architecture, the carvings on the walls
The floral murals and the central lotus pond
Speaks of souls
Who stepped here before
Teleporting to the time
When the foundation stone was laid
The breeze
A sense of déjà vu
A silent spectator
A shelter
And has brought souls together in marriage
A witness to many wars
Coronations of kings
Kingdoms lost
Seers and ascetics
The alchemist
Under the roof
Rhythmic chants of sacred verses
The sound of the conch blowing and bell
Is it all
Of the worlds
The temple has seen
Wanting and waiting to show
Am I ready
I am yet to know
Grey covers the blue
A dark black blanket
Pinned on the sky
Thunderously shaking
Lacking an eye

Lightening danced, rapturous

Glaring at the green
Unleashing its wrath  
With a downpour
Ripping off the velveteen
Dousing the sunshine
Road journey brings the experience

Last of its remains, hung
The yellow leaf
precariously strung on the the tender yellowed stem
As the yellow copper pod flowers
Came down along with the rains
On the vibrant green leaves
And fell on the pavement clean

And someday
You’ll know
That you never knew

And someday
You will do
That you never did

And someday
You will say
That you never said before

And someday you have
To let it all go
That you always held close

And someday
You have to leave for forever
But today, you live, as you should

And someday
Someone will believe
As you did
And someday
Bad gateway
Will vanish
As it should
Truth is true
You believe in it, as you believe it is

You believe it is, as you don’t believe in it

You have your own and believe in it

Hurt, as some truths do too

Truth is true
You believe in it, as you believe it is

Silence ~ Words

Silence is cryptic
Words can be eclectic

Silence is zen
Words can make one steer clear of , run  

Silence is wisdom
Words can bring disdain

Silence is freedom
Words can be golden

Silence ~ Words

And Vice Versa

At times doing nothing
Is doing it all
The sun is up, warm and bright
Spreading light
The birds, fly up together
And come down
The works of nature, clockwork
In nature
Every day has a night
To replace
Every day

Anger and grief
Lethal the combination
Can either run you down
Or can bring down everything around
To be able to rightly express
and be understood, the same
Everyone needs
To be free from
From anger and grief
An ocean to swim

An ocean to fill


To spill


Scary laugh lines
Hide the pain
The eyes wide open, heavy
Wanting to rain the darkness
To see the light within
Withheld to masquerade
The dark side of life
One master stroke
To finish the piece
When the artist and the portrait
Merge in one
Some works of art
Fill you with both, fear and sadness
Touches your core!!

Inspired by a portrait, Anonymous Artist
It poured a heavenly rain today
The roads washed anew
Little streams danced and slid down the alleys to the music rains play

The Gulmohar petals in orange red hues
Lay strewn on the pavement grey
Perched atop the green leaves
Glorious they looked in the warm sun rays

A walk in the evening mellowed rains
The tiny raindrops fell gently upon my face And raincoat peach
Luminous  under the street lamps
Silvery Rain-beams dance
21st June - Rains
Crimson red roses
Arresting the sweet Fragrance
Antique silver bowl
Inspired by
a flower arrangement in an antique silver bowl, embossed and carved in Burmese  mythological art

This was supposed to be a haiku, I usually never tag them, the second line was short of one syllable, added the word ‘sweet’
Thank you so much, Carmen Jane, for bringing it to my notice and helping me correct my mistake :))
The apple looks down from the treetop
Marvels at the beauty of the lake which flows beside its home, the apple tree.

‘Oh how wonderful it must be to take a dip in the pristine lake and come out sparkling clean’

The lake charmed by the red delicious  apple, wondered

‘How blessed the humans must be to eat and cherish every bite of the juicy apple, sweet!’

Thoughts of the pristine lake and the apple sweet
Unheard by the deer, prancing under the tree
Star BG : Apr 2
Looked at your picture and out this came. :)

Two apples sat on window cil. Both taking in the beautiful scenery. Both using their scent to attract nostril canals to wet an appetite. Both reminding of the concept to share and take in the scenery.
Thoughts impaled

To quench the thirst of words

The release
Destiny‘s might

The zodiac stars

Shone bright

To bring together


Of different kinds

A world to me


To the world it can be


At your own risk

Happiness  or none

To the world as it believes

Whom to preach
Who am I to teach
When my lessons
From yesterday’s chapter
Remains unfinished

Tempered in a skillet
The mustard seeds crackle
Subtly add flavours to the veg-stew
De-skinned and split, added as preservative, flavours the pickled mangoes

I wish I wish I wish
Last of my wish, to be true
Would be everyone’s happy wish
To come true

Many times
Running away from one’s own thoughts, feelings, emotions
To a quiet  
Neither seeking solitude, nor pacifying the turmoil
To assimilate
The flow
In the times of quiet
Some thoughts
A Ripple
Stuck in The Whirlpool
Eddy Currents Nauseating

Concurrent Nightmares
Presumably leave tonight
Allowing some peace of mind

Sounds in the mind
Set Free
A Relief
Peace prevails
Thoughts in my mind
Wanting to unwind

Emotions felt
Heard by words

Neither vocalised
Nor rehearsed

Written and versed

In a rhyme
Back in time

Now and forever
As the wind chimes
Wishing and hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas
Greetings of the season to one and all on HP :)

Inspired by the new wind chime that I recently bought :)
Words sliced
Diced and cubed
In a skewer
Some went into the stew
Chomp them away
Serve them chilled
Or slightly spiced
Many like theirs
Just on the rocks
Some like them sweet
Bitter there is no choice
To swallow and yet not wallow
Never once, forget twice
Words have a flavour of their own
How do you like yours
Grilled with the right spice
Maybe plain
Sans any dressing
Yeah, some like it minced
Each to their own
Words on the platter
Served just right
I like it raw uncut
Organic, fresh from the farm
Well done on both the sides
One can wish as one wants
Priceless the words
As ordered and served fine
When you set them free
It sets you free

In a cage
The bird knows its resting spot
Free, it has many
On the tree

There is no better place
To allay your fears
Other than your own head
At rest
Attitude, one that comes Inbuilt
Second ,Customised
Blend to Blend !!
Love these  10 words format , make s for a quick write.
Borrowed from the sun
Magnetic beams Coalesce
Charismatic soul

Do not write off someone
Even if you have read the chapters in depth
Your perception wouldn’t be same as that of the author
Their truth matters
From the corner of the eye
He peeked out for the teacher in the corridors
None in a close sight
He signalled to the peers
While one of them mimicked the teacher
Adjusted her glasses as the teacher did
Before and after the children greeted her
Amidst giggles and hushed tones
The children and their little fun
Between the classes, lost
Locked doors now stare
At the empty corridors

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