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Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
Raksha Bandhan..."Sweet relation"
"Happy Raksha Bandhan to all"
Brother sister has relationship with nectar and poison.
Both fight each other always,
But mutual love also reflects in those quarrels.
My dear brother,
The precious gift sending by god,
When i 'm so short,
In kidding way,
Everyone says to my brother,
You give your short sister to me,
I will give you toys,chocolates,ice creams...
But he was not ready to give anyone.
He loves me,
In childhood a lot.
"perfect sweet relation''
Every thing he share with me like toys,chocolates etc.
And always give the biggest part.
He is my hero,
But i fear him a lot
On the occasion" Raksha Bandhan"
I prayed to god...
He always with me...
My dear brother,your everloving sis.
''Happy Raksha Bandhan to all"

Happy" Raksha bandhan"to all
"perfect sweet relation"
Thanks for reading.
Familial the ties siblings we are
Brought up with love care discipline and protection
Values inculcated deep
Respect and love we all each other
Hold it strong in the heart
Hurt we can never bring to each other
Stand together in testing times forever
Raising high the baton of love today
Passing it on to the generation next
To relay it in the timeless tomorrow
Raksha Bandhan - the festival of the bond of love and protection, shared by brothers and sisters .
The sister ties a sacred thread / amulet on the brother’s wrist , and prays for the well being and protection of her brother.
The brother promises the same and showers the sister with gifts .

Dear all , owing to the festive occasion I have not been able to read much here , should do so in a couple of days , stay blessed all of you !

Thank you  all, for the love and support for this poem( 3rd May 2019), this was made the daily!

Will soon respond to all your lovely comments, thanks and love to all ♥️

— The End —