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Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
When things got tough in college
I had a threat I'd always make
"I'm running away to Iceland"

I'd adore never ending summer days
Of road trips to seek out hot springs
And camping wherever my feet take me

Icelandic folklore is steeped in magic
It makes me want to dance on volcanoes
With the lava demons from hekla

But mostly I'd love to be a part of
A culture that isn't afraid of failure
shåi Apr 2017
roads once
traveled so frequently
lay empty
in the midnight scene

of unknown lands
once swept
through once
fufilled hearts

exotic creatures
perambulate hearts
of the weary

succulent leaves
rustle gently-
perusing untimely

the road stretches on
the expectant gaze
of the scolding sun

the poem was inspired by the curved roads of route 66,  the green forests of asia and roaming animals of africa.. we are the world's keeper..
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
Let's walk down the cobbled road in the rain
We'll come back with pastries and some new books
Let's visit that old castle once again
The boxer boy graffiti's still there, look
The DART dashes on to the city streets
As we bring groceries back to the rise
In a misty garden, there's birds to meet
We set the table under still bright skies
After a plane trip over the east sea
We're finally in Éire with dad's fam'ly
For my grandparents in Dalkey.
Mumbai, City of dreams
Financial Capital and
Most populated Metropolitan
city in India .

India's premier scientific and
Nuclear Institutes
Are in Mumbai .

The film and Television
Industry also is in Mumbai .
Weather Humid throughout the year.

All this to the world .

For Me
My Favourite city and Place.

The best childhood days spent during Summer Vacations
With extended family .

Juhu beach , a favourite hangout
For us all cousins
A Jing bang of sorts :)

Making sand castles
Jumping in and out
   of the
Sea waves together
Holding hands
Shouting out aloud .

Memories Memories And Memories
Never Let them go.
In fact ,
Make many More
With the Gen-Next ..
That's what I am in for !!
Bombay now renamed Mumbai ,
Will always remain Bombay for me .

Have the best memories of this place . Visit it as often to reminisce old ones and make many more with  family!!
Currently In Mumbai :)
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2017
I had walked on this lands
when I was young
The green nature ,
magnificent horses ,
multicoloured birds ,
the blue sky ,
tall trees , scattered sunrays
and wild flora and fauna
accompanied me on this walk
around this beautiful island .
This nature's land
Nylee Apr 2017
In city of Mumbai,
the dream city of India

The life is noisy
everyone is busy

the culture contrasts
in city small yet compact
there is still place here for more.
kayla morrison Apr 2017
I'm writing this poem
At 10:24.

But in Guatamala

I'm writing this poem
At 8:25.

Time is relative.
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