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3d · 731
White wings

Dark is the night
Under a starlit sky
White wings, together
The migratory birds fly
Visionaries, they are
Look past the night and day
Overcast or clear, be the sky
A compass, they need not
Destination they know
Fear and sleep not their ally
White wings, together
The migratory birds fly
4d · 71
Blue Rose

Rare and blue
The fragrance of the rose intrigues
A colour of no origin, true
A secret  
The admirer and the florist
Both knew
Jun 30 · 75
Beads and crystals

An inspiration
Is a source
A memory
Moments from the past
Remembered today
A moment happens
Every moment to pass
Beads and crystals
As one can collect
Beading into time
The inspiration
Of present
A rare
Ornamental piece
Way forward
Into the future
The chain links
The past becomes a part of the present
Beads and crystals
Jun 29 · 82
There is never a dearth of wants
Nor an end to things you do
The only end
That meets all
Is the existence of you
Reason knows no reason
Doesn’t reason with any
Apr 26 · 300
Shore and the sea

Today my mind drifts to a place
Familiar and mysterious the ocean breeze
Gushing and rippling with happiness
The waves curl and crest
On the sandy shore quietly rest
Are they free, free enough to not wave
Or are they truly bound
To the shore and the sea
Like a wild song, bound by lyrics
And the rhythmic beats
Apr 26 · 180
Hope’s legacy

A woman, she is
Runs her own boutique
Arts and artefacts
She sources from the farthest and deepest parts of the country
Lost in the urban lands
Precious eyes
She has a penchant for the lost treasures
Restores and redecorates
In her boutique
A life
Dedicated to her only son
Young, at nine
Detected with the dreaded ‘C’
He lived his life
With all the love
Showered by his doting parents
A young boy, with a talent for paper craft
Made unusually beautiful flowers and quilled earrings
Never ever did the pain
Show on his face
Gifted child, knew his time here
Was short
Taken away at sixteen
Made most of it
A happy child
Early, one morning
He left this world
At peace, in his sleep
She lives on
The mother of the child
Finding lost treasures
From the deepest parts

Apr 25 · 258
Paper flowers
In their paper skin
Under the burning sun
Smile the paper flowers
In bracts, pink and white
purple or orange
Colourful red,
never fade or bleed
Evergreen in their woody homes
They fly with the wind
In their paper skin
Apr 25 · 249
On the wings

Iridescent wings, the butterfly sings
Purple sunbird, makes round trips to the marigolds, and flutters by the hibiscus
In moments of flight and being still
The wings sing a symphony mid air
A pattern of life and flight
As the eagle appears in the sky

Apr 23 · 225
Infant steps 🙏

May I have the strength to pray for the wellness of all
And pray, that all the prayers be heard
Even if there are no prayers, the sufferings of all be gone
And be cured and healed
May we have the pleasure to meet and greet
May we all share the shores of sunshine
And dip our feet in the calm sea waves
And not be bothered about any other wave
May we all, be equal in the brand new day
and love be the binding force
Care and kindness, care for no race
May the march to peace, in every step be pieced together, spanned in time
Through the pace of life
Paved for the future infant steps
And not a soul be burdened by fears
Mortally aware
Such a day, for I truly pray
For one and all

Apr 21 · 208
As they are
Words sliced
Diced and cubed
In a skewer
Some went into the stew
Chomp them away
Serve them chilled
Or slightly spiced
Many like theirs
Just on the rocks
Some like them sweet
Bitter there is no choice
To swallow and yet not wallow
Never once, forget twice
Words have a flavour of their own
How do you like yours
Grilled with the right spice
Maybe plain
Sans any dressing
Yeah, some like it minced
Each to their own
Words on the platter
Served just right
I like it raw uncut
Organic, fresh from the farm
Well done on both the sides
One can wish as one wants
Priceless the words
As ordered and served fine
Apr 21 · 170
Forever in the air
We know it is for free
Out existence on it solely depends
Never did we know
Someday, some would have to depend
What is produced in factories
At a heavy cost
As no more can they breathe in
On their own
For what is forever free
Apr 20 · 236
What is done is done

When the day is done
For the day
And the thoughts settle
In the quiet of the night
The thoughts find a resting place
Picking up the peculiar
And particular moments
The day had
When it had just begun
Rolling out the perfect hours
And those
Wasted, like an amateur
Trying to find the best time
Losing out
Swears by the alarm
At leisure
Counts the seconds and every minute
To cherish
Through the day
The hands only met twice
Rest of the time, stretched wide
Running around in circles
Shrugging shoulders at ten past ten
The clock says
What is done is done
Apr 18 · 124
Second wave

These days
There are many who are going through pain
Uncertainty has caught us by the neck  again
The virus lurks, has been on a house hunting spree
Causing distress
It’s been here for a while, creating stories of its own in every home
After a brief pause, back to bringing our lives to a pause, if not standstill
The world its classroom
Sending out individual and group invites
Nudging us to face it, brace it
Trying to teach some life skills
Will it be able to create a new world
A better one
We’ll see
Hopeful with prayers on lips
This time we are better equipped
Empowering each other with help and support
To heal
Apr 14 · 872
Sun in the sky

The sky looks great
When the sun is up
And the clouds are late
Spilling bright threads
Doing crochet patterns along the vast blue
Slowly, curling back into a ball of white
Swathing the sun
In rose gold silks
Apr 14 · 223
The old fire station

Long lost road
To the old fire station
With a beautiful archway
The fire engines
In bright red
Never knew rest
A drill or two, a day
Fitness parade
For all, to learn to save
No sirens
No calls to attend
The bells ring no more
Snorkels saving lives
Salvaged many a blaze
All gone
Peacefully it retires
Amidst old walls
Inspired by a photo
Apr 13 · 235
Time now
The time is now
Why is it said so!
Time keeps moving
Now and forever
How does this now stays
When it keeps moving forever
Apr 13 · 267
Brilliance of the light
Reflected by the miniature chips
In chiseled geometric stars
Mysterious and magnetic
The energy source
A burst of radiance

Apr 12 · 182
Golden summers
In sun dappled lawns
Runs a golden rivulet
Copper-pod tree crowns
Apr 11 · 316
Beliefs and Mistakes
We all have our beliefs
And we follow them
Wherever they take us
Sometimes they bring us luck
Sometimes we are stuck
By the same
Unable to move beyond
The mistakes
Unable to acknowledge
They bring us whatever we believe in
The beliefs
Allow us to live through
The mistakes
The luck
The success
All the experiences
And soon
We learn to live
Life is a stepping stone
Apr 6 · 506
The pen
Years ago
A pen was found
Its grip was blue
Slightly chipped

It wrote
Everyday on sheets, white
Flawlessly on the lines
Words did glide

It had a special place
Where it rested
After a long day
At the desk

Its home was warm
A wooden drawer
Strategically placed
Easy to fetch

Now it has been years
It longs to see the desk
At dawn
A practice now clearly gone

It lay still
In the wooden drawer
Cold and blue
Ink-less dry
Apr 6 · 126
The thought of thinking
Is the last thought on your mind
And thoughtlessly
You are thinking
Of thoughts
That take away all your time
Apr 4 · 376
What’s beauty that is captured
In frames
Youthful exuberance
In evergreen bottles
The potion for immortality
Sought and sold
Weary souls and brittle bones  
opaque the vision
Inspired by a movie
Apr 3 · 452
It’s not about fall
The leaves grew wings
And flew off the branches
Some along with the twigs
The breeze was gentle
And the leaves knew they could fly

Mar 22 · 762
Vintage portrait
Big and black
The umbrellas
Knew not of any other size
And colours

A rainy day
Decades ago
I reckon

Men on foot
And bicycles, black
Peddling the tar road
Soaking wet

Their attire
Native, pure white
The photograph
Inspired by a photo
Mar 22 · 338
March into May
March has marched in
Half way through the month
It is hot and has brought summer along
The grapes and melons have turned sweetest ripe
The mangoes have arrived too
Raw and green, they are best pickled
Come May
King Alphonso, will be here
From the wild coastal lands
To conquer every heart
For a golden reign
Mar 21 · 250
Light as a feather
Drawn by winds, the paper flies
Paperweight it needs

Bills in paper nails
Value packed, together stacked
Business they made

Light as a feather
Changes course, as does the wind
Fair weather friend

Be not the paper
On the nail, stuck forever
Nor a paperweight
There is so much to paper, light, yet holds weight
Be like the paper, yet not get weighed down
Mar 21 · 228
Floating lily pads
Dewy and refreshing green
Delicate white blooms
Mar 19 · 159
Up in the hills

Up in the hills
Fearless, flapping wings or standing still
The birds knew the way around
Their home
Overlooking the concrete jungle
Fearless, flapping wings or standing still

The tiny yellow flowers
And their tender stems swayed in winter
Green and pretty after the rains
Divided by the walkers trail in between

Sun soaked and dried crisp
The flowers on the stems
Know of their browning end
Shine with a golden glow
In the first rays of the sun
4th March 2021
Mar 19 · 402
Magic lights

Blue linen
Unclouded, the canvas light
Air brushed with strings of white

Beneath the curtains
Rested the stars
Twinkling all night

The morning star arrives
Magic it has in mind
Golden drapes gently unfold
Mar 19 · 154
The fake story

I refuse to read
The same fake story twice
The emotions overpriced

Each time I try to get familiar
With the many characters
Stranger they become

Permanently masked
Hollow faced
No place for a heart

No inferences to derive
Learnings flattened
Morally deprived

Once a learner
Slowed down by the bends
The fake story with no ends
5th February 2021
An expression of collected experiences
Mar 17 · 251
People do things
And do not
For the same reason
For some kind of fear
Fear of failing self
Falling off the grid
Losing to someone
More or less
Daredevilry too is not totally fear-less
There are stakes behind
For real
No one
Ever is completely
Although everyone says
Mar 17 · 289
Grey Sky
Neon lamps lit street
Blurry wet the reflection
Grey clouds haunt the sky
Mar 16 · 236
The road forked
Like the serpent’s tongue
Tales it held, for none to know
Only to be told
By the ones who were bit, once
Mar 16 · 119
Fragrance of the rose

The rose, red in sun
At prime poised and posed in pots
Fragrant potpourri

Mar 15 · 193
Will it happen

A day washed out from the memory
No a day washed out as if never existed
No not from the memory
It never was meant to be
So it was never a memory
To change the wrong from the right
To know the right from the wrong
To make the right moment
To remember
Yes a memory
Makes no sense
Or does it
In the first place
Or at last
Mar 14 · 297
Rainbow words
How would you know
The words that stand in the corner row
What meaning they held
In their little fists
Until they were asked to show
One by one they follow each other
Make a chain, a festoon, hung low
For all to know and read
Dispersed as seeds
Their different beats
A melody sweet
Across the valley a rainbow greets
Just some words, they found themselves together
To make a rainbow
Mar 14 · 109
A fresh coat of white

Pretty red cottage, shines bright
Under the brilliance of the fresh coat of white
The lawn in a deep slumber
And the road freshly plowed
Misty clouds, mountains, cold blue
A journey to embark upon
As it snows
Written- 12 February 2021 6:35 am

Inspired by a painting of a place in Himachal Pradesh
Mar 14 · 148
Swept away
Rustling leaves gambol
Smile, as the wind sweeps them high
Fragile, and at peace

Mar 10 · 406
Wings spread wide
A flight of freedom
Wings spread wide
The eagle soars
Its shadow on the promenade
Clear and bright
In the offing
The skyline soars
Mar 10 · 273
Summer lemonade
Brimming with cubes
Happiness poured minty chilled
Summer lemonade
Mar 9 · 341
Evening by the sea
A whiff of salty air
Wayward breeze flipping your hair
Mirthful birds
dart into the waves for a quick bite of fish
The sun smiles with a orange glow
As it takes a bow, at the horizon
Mar 7 · 369
I wish I could delete all the good memories
Of the place and time
Ever lingering
In my mind
To erase the pain of missing them
Time after time
In hindsight
Feb 26 · 148
The heron, ready to spear a fish
Its reflection caught in ripples
Feb 26 · 401
It had to be
To be able to show
What it saw
Reflected - Reality
Feb 26 · 67
The mind let it be...
My tongue
Wouldn’t stop talking that day
My mind warned numerous times
Hold, but it just wouldn’t
Instead it turned back
Lashing again
You just mind your own
I need to speak
And say
What I need to say
Like a puppet in hands
Of donated organs
The eyes welled
Feb 26 · 74

We don’t speak much
We mostly read
The same page
Feb 25 · 611

The sadness you see
On the walls
Painted in different hues
Unblemished sans the happy shade
It’s not the colour blue
Primarily it never could blend
Faded away
Under layers
The colour of no origin
Unblemished by the happy shade
Leaves a permanent stain
On the walls
Unedited thoughts
Feb 25 · 220
Someday... Hp
One day
This bad gateway will lead
To the end
Of the words
No one writes
No one reads
No posts
In any order
It could be
Bad feeling... sorry

Will read more here :)
Certainly invest more time
Feb 21 · 276
In the land of sunshine
In the land of sunshine
Slanting palms, oceanic breeze
Brightly painted houses
And bougainvillea vines

Music is alive
Song and dance
Pristine beaches
Sunsets are divine

February is vibrant
Colours on the streets
Festoons and masks
Carnival time

Feb 21 · 652

Cold mists and paper clips
A minuscule vapour cloud
Covers a story, neatly filed

Streams had dreams
The river knew of
Gently flowed into the bay

Warm water springs
The freezing cold lake
Shares the revelry

A beauty to behold
Damp air and Crystals of salt
Into the pan, white
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