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7d · 299
From the past

Riverfront path, lined with trees
The Temple, fresh flowers and incense
Peculiar the fragrance
Sound of Incantations and ringing bells
From a different time
Distant, yet so closely familiar
The memory of this place
7d · 1.5k

We are all but
In the eyes of others
In one’s own
The truth
The lies
Fire and ice
Sugar and spice
Ingredients to life
Sep 20 · 245


It is


Versus / For


Mostly missing

Trying to be a part of all
Sep 20 · 203

Fiery red,  rage free

Greens have gone into slumber

Hope and peace awaits
Sep 18 · 360
Shoulders slouch

The limbs attached to the strings
In hands of the puppeteer

Do the dance, or do not bend

There is a chance
You dance

Or learn to ignore

The hands of the puppeteer


It was a lovely morning and the day,
Special, my son’s 16th birthday
Happy and busy with the preparations
But there was something amiss
Couldn’t put my hand or heart on
The day was fine, but by evening there were signs, sickness crept up its way

An out of this world experience
My jumpy heart raced between its place and fist, and the pulse on my wrist
Devoid of any feeling, my fingers numb

The lungs screamed
To be left alone, in silence  
With the painless calm
And the pain, unseen

The chaos outside was too much to bear
My heart weakened by the deafening noise
Wanted this break, from some, I prayed
Believe it or not, god listened to my prayer

Fear disillusioned
Too many places, invited
Never the one to travel
At loss, amidst the chaos

I felt a deep pull
In the eyes of my husband and children
They wanted me to be fit and fine
The other side allured me, twice
In my mind, I swayed on both the sides

I remembered the words and faces of my ageing parents
I knew they would be worried
Parents, never fail you
Wise and old, they have great advice

To stay safe from, I tried, but couldn’t
The virus and I took head on
Single combat, the family safe
No more on the battleground
Self isolation done

Home isolation worked well for me
Locked in my room, with the windows facing the road, my days, alone, duly spent
The room lights on during the nights
Been longing for a break since March
Albeit, in a beach resort

Music has the power to heal
Takes you to places, language free
Pre booking, no requisites
My quarantine sojourn complete

Physically I could be weak
But mentally I am strong
With infinite hope and love of the family
Yes from the clutches of the virus
Came back alive, I survived

If words could speak for themselves
Then they are best, written
Spoken, they are sinusoidal
Unless, the wavelengths match

Thank you so much, my dear friends at Hp
My family of poets and poetesses
For reading my words and sharing yours
It’s always home here, I reckon

It tend to bare my heart here, thanks for bearing with me on HP :)
Was sick since August 26th, now quite fine

My symptoms were moderate
The medication, rest and writing,  together worked as a therapy :) 🙏
Sep 16 · 457
Golden velveteen
The lake shimmers in golden velveteen

A gift from the sun, at sundown

The palm trees lined up in rows

The birds flew into the branches

For the gala evening show

Sep 16 · 118

Dispassionately detached
The flower from the stem falls
Its fragrance lingers
in the last moments
A life devoted to its deed
In time, with revered passion fulfilled

Sep 16 · 58
Silver anklets

Promises it has kept

In fine latticed silver chain
Cascading, tiny silver bells

The paisley leaf hook, embellished with
pearls and semi precious stones
Antique and pure, the melody
The charm and chimes of the bells
Sparkling silver anklets
Held memories of occasions prime

Bespoke vintage jewellery

From silversmiths of old repute and times
Generations of happiness
Strengthening bonds
Sep 15 · 177
To begin

The world has much to offer
Here I wait, my hands, proffered
The beginnings, I have seen
There is much in between
I seek and receive, my share
I give - what I need
And become aware  
Here I wait..
What the world has to offer..
To begin

Sep 14 · 113
Peace buntings
Violet buntings
Lamps and jasmine sticks
The temple of peace
Sep 14 · 39

Forged in the fire
Unfinished and unrefined
The sharp edges, uneven
The fabric it cut
Stitched the same
Different patterns
The scissors made a mark
The different cut, was the reason
It made a mark :)
Sep 14 · 63
Shining moments

The sun set right behind him
While he tried to match his steps
Busy, the last hours of the daylight has always brought him the best
His lens captured the shining moments
As the sun set

Sep 13 · 82
Ocean view

Thatched roof gazebo, ocean air
The plastic of the chair
Tanned, beige to a tad bit brown
The sunning shows wear, but no tear

The view of the sea
From the highway
Foaming, white lather cream
A dreamer’s dream, within

The canoe, rightly placed
The blue of it juxtaposed
To the green of sea and the trees
A journey to begin
Sep 11 · 24
Controlling minds
She kept others busy
By speaking nineteen to the dozen
Doing nothing

At her every beck and call
Utilising their time
Wasting all

It took years of understanding
Productivity and efforts, work
Value of time, of all
Sorry if this sounds negative
Just some observations in words

Every new thought that comes to my mind  

The words warn me with a sign of exhaustion of the mines

Do not deplete our resources
Please keep in check your carbon footprints

Sep 9 · 159

The syllable slid
Into the wild, fragrant words
Spread in pithy verse
Sep 9 · 227
Sorry Fb
Do not suggest me
On what to follow
You have eaten the cookie
Better clean up the mess
No crumbs on my floor
Suggest me not
Leave no trace
I’ll hide and remove unnecessary suggestions
I know what I want
And can take my own decisions
Sep 9 · 124

A melange of browns and greens
Styled in a stream, where twigs float, flashing emerald green
A new life, germinating within
Colours on the canvas, dripping
A splash of yellow, winsome pinks
The barks of trees, have scaled heights
The canopy and foliage to kiss sunlight
Sep 8 · 147
Words of confusion
Clearly stood
In the path of understanding

A young girl named Robin, swam in her pool
A stool was parked by the side
It made a dark shadow beneath
The girl watched it, from within the pool
Crooked it looked under the sun
A tall figure loomed along
Her mother was inside the house
Baking some pineapple pies
Her favourite
The young girl, swam to the other end
The shadows followed
The stool, seemed to have moved a few cms
from its original place too
Her voice quivered and she gave out a feeble cry
There was music being played on full blast
Her elder brother loved it like that
Every window pane knew it in the house
It’s  10’o’clock and Rocky is home
Listening to his favourite tracks
The floors were overworked too
Rocky, flaunted his muscles, the mirrors didn’t know where to look and go
They were placed everywhere
Meanwhile, Robin, was still in the pool
The water in the pool seemed to have risen too
And mom was busy in the kitchen
Making pancakes and spring rolls
Robin loved them both
The pineapple pie was ready too
The fresh fruity flavours she looked forward to, her mind salivating
But for the shadow and the stool
Soon, she saw mom’s Apron, faint yellow with a blue lace, now hung on the nail
Robin knew, mom will come out by the poolside to call her in for breakfast
Robin waited, but there was no sign of her mom, yet
She was now worried as the window panes
didn’t vibrate anymore
Her brother had put the music off
There was absolute silence
Except for the lone eagle which hovered above the house roof
The shadow grew bolder and taller
In its crookedness it moved along with the wind and the one beneath the stool
Soon, Robin heard her mom, calling out her name, shaking her vigorously
Wake up, wake up my baby
So, even today you slept away on the float, no swimming happened for two consecutive days, now wipe off that drool off your face
Robin woke up, was in cold sweats in the month of December
And happy to see the crooked shadow
In all its loveliness, it was the tall leafless tree, moving along the wind
And the stool, it lay where it was
Under the sun, of course making a shadow of its own
Sep 7 · 222
Lake Nainital

Golden sun, smudged in the grey clouds
White mists, and the distant green hills
Shivering cold,
the leaves on the trees, stand still
Reflection of the sun,
smiles in orange hues,
forming ripples on the beauteous lake
Red roofed cottage, a glorious sight
Duck shaped boats, allure the travellers
For a tranquil ride
Inspired by a photo, fb post
Sep 7 · 135
Moments in Nature
Windswept trees
Rain washed roads
The Koel meekly sings, perched upon the neem tree
The curry leaves, cup together
to catch the raindrops, which roll down with ease
The slender stems, sway and swirl
Spreading an aromatic fragrance
As the raindrops do the tapioca dance
with the red rounded berries and leaves
The butterflies flit in search of nectar, supreme
The yellow oleander flowers to match their wings of lime green
The dragonflies have puddles to keep
Buzzing around in brown translucent wings
This day, today, to be reminisced someday
In a sepia toned, old photograph
6th September 2020
Inspired by the rain and the way it rained on the curry leaf plant, just  outside my window
In our front yard :)
Sep 7 · 68
Passing thoughts
I write not
Not, for a dearth of thoughts
Sometimes let them have a natural death,
the thoughts
Always lived, in the mind
Oftentimes in a world of words
They are wrought
Sep 5 · 268
The moon knew its shade
And never once it changed
Forms it changed,
As forever it should
Promises made
Sep 5 · 69
Word contrasts
Gentle genuineness
Gentleness of words
Genuinely felt by gentle hearts

Flippant  persuasiveness
The words, persuade
Upheavals, irregular, pulse of the heart
Sep 5 · 62
New life

The kittens grew in numbers
Found nesting behind the old coolers
His joy knew no bounds
New life, found, alive and kicking
The mourning of the little birdie
Was soon filled with acceptance of the new
There, in brown and black stripes
Quite like their mom
Sticking together as glue
Their bodies kept warm
The mother has a lot of feeding to do
She has milk and a warm place to sleep
Some old rugs to keep
Perceptions change
Every life, has to have a chance
In a glance
Acceptance and experience
It’s life after all
Sep 5 · 36

Whom to preach
Who am I to teach
When my lessons
From yesterday’s chapter
Remains unfinished

Tempered in a skillet
The mustard seeds crackle
Subtly add flavours to the veg-stew
De-skinned and split, added as preservative, flavours the pickled mangoes

I wish I wish I wish
Last of my wish, to be true
Would be everyone’s happy wish
To come true

Sep 4 · 204
And it rained

Last of its remains, hung
The yellow leaf
precariously strung on the the tender yellowed stem
As the yellow copper pod flowers
Came down along with the rains
On the vibrant green leaves
And fell on the pavement clean

Sep 2 · 246
There is always
Something someplace someone there
To inspire you
Sep 1 · 238

The night has the power
The energy to absorb, its dark
The absence of light makes it dark
To liberate and put off the fears
The light has the power, switch it on
Tuned to light, the vision in the dark, at loss
So the dark has the power over the light
It takes away all, makes things invisible
Don’t be afraid
It is the light within that guides, the vision
To switch off or switch on
Discretion lies with the mind

Just some thoughts :)
Sep 1 · 133
Little wings

The little bird chirps
Eats healthy worms
Her mama and papa feed
She is ever hungry and sweet
Hidden in between the basil leaves
Danger lurks and meows
The little bird knows no fear
She is full of mirth in her baby steps
Ever cautious the parents
Keep a close watch on the baby’s steps
Her wings have grown and she  
wants to be limitless and touch the sky
But before that, she must learn to fly
Her parents preach
She loves to explore, and so does the cat
She is
Well fed with milk and chicken wings
Yet greedily
She goes for the little bird
And cuts off its flight and her little wings
With a mouthful and a sly smile, the cat  walks away with her act
The parents’s shrill cry in the morning hours
Stabs my heart and gives out a helpless cry
Sick and Locked indoors
In her limited life
The little bird brought joy and hope
In her flightless baby steps
May her soul fly into the infinite
And be limitless

My younger son wanted to bring the little bird  indoors
But we stopped him, as her parents would be scared to fly in to feed
But the fate of the little  bird left all of us sad!!!
Aug 31 · 95
The vile have their thoughts
And capes full of evil spell

Slim are your chances
To go unscathed

Use no words
Just wear your lucky charm

Two planters placed side by side
One big and black
Other one, white and smaller in size
Both stood on brass stands,
with succulent plants
In askance or maybe agreement
Of their shelf life on a display table

Inspired by - Globe planters with brass stand
Aug 28 · 216
Peaceful and quiet

Peaceful and quiet
The night
Occasionally the crickets chirp
Dusk and dawn, duties they perform
The red vented bulbul is first to sing
Awaits the sky to be blue again
While the morning star, dons the golden robe
Promising a brand new day

Have been up since 2:00 in the night, been writing  and posting here :)

Love mornings, now it 6:17 am
Thanks for reading 🙏
Aug 27 · 143
The pact

Unleash the words
Truthful and mindful
But causing hurt
As you sow, so shall you reap
The fruits borne, instantaneously
To be consumed alone
Never left for posterity
A pact with the divine, as a child sealed
To be at peace

Writing my beliefs
Aug 27 · 161
Frozen in a frame

Frozen in a frame
In monochrome
Quintessential the fashion and
The whimsy rains

It allows you not, to dawdle
Gently you are pushed to be a part of the daily cavalcade

A rainy day in the metro
From times retro
Inspired by a photo
Aug 27 · 249
Author’s notes

Do not write off someone
Even if you have read the chapters in depth
Your perception wouldn’t be same as that of the author
Their truth matters
Aug 27 · 56
Life’s nature

My absence would be enjoyed
By those affected by my existence
The freedom of free will
Everyone’s rights

Yet to find those words
That the thoughts would drape
A perfect combination of grace

Into the vast expanse
Untroubled, still, the rivers flow
Sometimes signs of storms
Washed ashore, still

Aug 22 · 481
Ancient breeze

There is a language spoken
Between the leaves and the breeze
Peacefully green, the leaves
Ever changing the velocity of the breeze
Ancient and eternal their relationship

Inspired by the weather in the evening :)
Aug 21 · 165
Limiting beliefs

There is truth

Fragments lie
Beliefs, to believe

Aug 19 · 278
Striking moments

As always
In the mornings
He pushed the wooden cart
Full of bananas
In torrential rains
Incomplete rain gear,
Missing footwear
Were his feet made of steel
Not to be hurt
By the pebbles and pointed stones
Laid in the holes, that the rains had dug
The man made his way
A usual day
In the city of dreams

Today is world photography day( 19th August)
Inspired by a Facebook post, the photo was clicked in the year 1960

“ Brian Brake. Crawford Market, Mumbai, India. From the series: Monsoon, 1960. Collection Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Gift of Wai-man Lau, 2001.”
Aug 19 · 50

To be able to disconnect
From What you love doing most
A test

What you know and understand
Can’t change
For others or self

Unable to express
What and how it feels
Deep within
Aug 14 · 361
It was free

Colours of independence it wore, free
The bluebird perched atop the cherry tree
Flapped its wings with glee
Aug 14 · 137
Written - Lesson
In the last few years
I have written
My thoughts and the many emotions
Sometimes I have let them flow
in words I know
Other times have let them simmer and vaporise
There is Knowledge gained and wisdom too
Many times both evade, dimmed by hazy thoughts
Lessons that I have learned and try to implement
To never share the joys and sorrows
with people who don’t understand, neither
And that knowledge and ignorance can both be bliss
When gained
And when one learns to ignore
Aug 11 · 229
The boundary wall

It took them months
To design and construct
The Boundary walls

A message of encouragement
And hope
Painted in bright colours

Scaled within minutes
The children wanted to play football
On the playground
Aug 11 · 129
Life smiles

My friend shared this in a group

जरा धीमे से मुस्कुराया कर
ऐ जिन्दगी....
यहाँ नज़र लगाने वाले
हजा़र हैं.....
( Behold, dear life, do not smile so
I am afraid someone would cast an evil eye )

My response

Muskurati hai zindagi
Nazaraandaaz naa karna

Hawa ka rukh badal jaye
Toh tum naa badal jana

Kuch mausam ki hai sifarish
Aur Zindagi ki guzarish

Muskura rahi hai zindagi
Tum nazaraandaz naa karna

(Life smiles at you
Be not ignorant

The winds may change course
Hope you don’t

The weather recommends
And this life requests too

Life smiles
Be not ignorant)
Was inspired to write in Hindi today
Aug 10 · 310
Life is temporary

Bound by the bond
Shackled it remains

Mortal the bond
Shackles too

To deny this life
The love it receives

Bound by the bends
Invariably invisible
Written and sealed

Mortal, this life
Immortal love

Magically woven
This life a spell
Life is temporary, yet we live
get to live those moments
Aug 10 · 169
Your mind

Therapy for one
Can be a cause of worry, anxiety
For another

Living off your mind
Your learnings
Makes it easier

Limiting boundaries
Avoiding encroachments

Live free and together
In this big world
Prosper forever
Been listening to Mohambi and Inna
Music has the power
Aug 9 · 176
Frozen apple

Frozen apple on the mantle
Rolled in a icy sheet of silver white
Crimson red, lightened to a tint of pink
A decorative piece on the mantle, rests

Inspired by a photo
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