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3d · 481
Dawn to Don

As it dawned upon them
It was their final chance
To dance through the night

And they danced
Donning the colours
Of the new dawn

As it was
The final countdown
To forevermore

For the words to forge
The unwritten
The written, Unforged
Had been away for a very long time
Hope you all are doing well
Didn’t write much all this while
Hope to write read and share here
Jun 9 · 554
Cycle of Change

Leafless tree
Boughs and twigs  
Folded in Namaste

Alive and green
The tree trunk young
Slightly bent

Part of a canopy
Of the tree lined road
It rests awhile

Seasons change
Some along with the weather
Cycle of change replete
May 21 · 1.0k
Wheels within
The confines of straight lines

Lanes and by lanes,
leading lines
Lit with lights

Abstract art
Arcs and beams, cable stays
Balancing act

Endless it seems
But for
Diversions and turns

Wheels within
The confines of straight lines
Dear Amanda, thank you so much 😊 for shining your light here 🔆
Apr 29 · 264
Ever present
Thoughts have a mind of their own
Effervescent their essence
Some like words
Some pretend
Some sail past
Few have to be executed
Some need action
Past their prime
Some evade words
Ever changing thoughts
Like waves and clouds
Make shapes
Soundless, ever present
Apr 28 · 183
Every day


Like the rising Sun

The beginnings
May come to an end

Days to remember
In between
Apr 3 · 475
Play of light - Words

I have been away from the world of words
But words never do leave
Shadows to keep
From East to West
Visible or not, play of light
Dawn to dusk, forever to believe
In words and world of words
Mar 8 · 715

Unmoved the pages

Stilled in a frame

Threadbare, the words disappear
Feb 28 · 387
Flowery whispers

Silent whispers
Purple spoke to pink
Lavender winked
Somewhat convinced
Sugar red hibiscus
From his bed of green
Sprung into the conversation
With purple and pink
Yellow blush
Nine o clocks
Had to attend the briefing
By the sun
In his next meeting
The flowers seemed not to be in a rush
All, recently bloomed
They had moments enough  
To live
They tried to make the most of it
Under the rays of the sun
Flowers 🌸 🔆🌿🌿
Written - 23/07/2021
Feb 23 · 340
Blue Bird
The blue bird flies
Colours of its feathers
Merges with the sky

Golden ribbons shimmered
Through the trees
Blue bird, mid air whirs, catches a fly

The blue bird sings
Verditer Flycatcher, the name
That’s my name, my name, my name
Feb 18 · 344
Almost midnight

It was late
Almost midnight

The owl was up
And going about his routine

The house dog tried to get some sleep
He was up all day, chasing the strays

Dreams, awake
Await the dawn
Random thoughts
Feb 12 · 179
You know what you want
And do what you like
That is choice

Life gives you what it likes
You do as it demands
And what is right

A balance knows
It is right
When it equally divides
Three baby birds
Sit closely together
On a baby branch
Amused by a pink blossom
The first baby bird curiously gazed
The second one caught off guard
A little smirk above its tender beak
The third bird looks in the direction opposite of all
Maybe it spotted the mother bird
With worms in her beak
Happy it looked on
Just ready to eat
Feb 8 · 126
The more I write

The less I feel

3rd November 2020
Feb 7 · 470
Lamp post

A lone neon lamp

Lights up the deserted street

The dark night retreats
Feb 7 · 205
The Sun

Should the sun ever express
How it feels to give its light to every being
How it loves to see, the children in parks
With sparkling eyes
The river and the sea, with a golden sheen
The motes that freely float in every beam
Does the sun beams a knowing smile and feels alive
When it sees and feels the new leaves
Gaining strength and growing big
Under its warmth and care
Should it ever say and quietly express
How happy it feels every day
To rise and be awake
And give hope to every being
And the tiny leaves
Gaining strength, growing tall
The trees softly speak
As the lush leaves shimmer and shine
Giving shelter and home to the birds and the bees
The sun knows its worth
And knows what it is to rise and shine
And give hope to every being
Feb 4 · 357
Poetic Silence

The distilled quiet
Quite a sign of disquietude

The sun shines bright
Overcast skies eclipses the light

In the shell the baby bird thrives
Invisible shells hard to break

Glass, transparent as can be seen
Breaks into shards, toughened or not

Distance, not in metrics
It’s the words, absence or otherwise

Parallel lines, forever run along
A journey, towards the end, begins
Some thoughts about silence that goes unnoticed!
Silence is not always golden
Feb 2 · 360
Pond stork
Shallow waters still

Pond stork meditates upon

The pink lotus blooms
Feb 1 · 287
The fog unveils
The fog comes in the way of light
The leaves and flowers, cold
Do not despair
Their beauty in the mist veiled

The fog undulates, swells
Silent slant, rays of gold
Shine upon the crimson leaves
Untouched, the beauty unveiled
Timeless grey cobblestones
Shadows in the dark
Glow in soft monochrome

Hallways and archways
Lead outdoors
Wrought iron frames uphold

Sun shines over the young
Away from the gnawing
Twists and turns

They ride into the fields of gold
Whistling into the woods
Treasures of youth unfold

The path unseen
Moulding the soft clay in fragile dreams
Marking a trail clean
Inspired by a photograph in monochrome
Street photography- Twitter
Jan 22 · 1.6k
And someday
And someday
You’ll know
That you never knew

And someday
You will do
That you never did

And someday
You will say
That you never said before

And someday you have
To let it all go
That you always held close

And someday
You have to leave for forever
But today, you live, as you should

And someday
Someone will believe
As you did
And someday
Bad gateway
Will vanish
As it should
Jan 20 · 568
Pebble stones
The colourful pebble stones
On a journey long
Rest on the river bed

Where do they come from
Where do they go
Destination unknown

Beauty permeates furthermore
As they chip away
Their withering song
Inspired by a photograph by
Sara Baik(@sarabaik2) Twitter - You were born to be real not to be perfect
Jan 15 · 392
Snow sprinkled branch
Brown bird perched on

Pecks on frozen fruits
Red and ripe, preserved

Feathers fluffed
Keeps warm in winters

On the leaf litter it sleeps
Where the snow is not as deep
A little imagination and a photograph
Jan 14 · 144

I see my reflection
In the river, shaky rippling waves, free
Unlike in the mirror, steady, caged

My bright yellow plumage
You see every time
Colours of the summer, shine

Melodious I sing
By the river shore
My twittering song, encore
Inspired by a Photograph by Eileen Capodice
Jan 9 · 1.7k
To nurture
To know that silence
Is just a pause
A pause to water the cracks in the dry earth
For the shoot to breathe a sigh of relief
Be tickled by the gentle breeze
A tiny shadow under the sun
It takes nurturing to see the plant bloom
And silence to experience
The stillness of the calm
Jan 4 · 784
Sarus Crane
The sarus crane
Tall and grey
Slender bill
magnificent Wings
Black feather tips
One pink skinny leg up
Tilted red head
Orange marble irises
In a state of trance
Did a spiral dance
Into the water
Jan 2 · 440

January has arrived
Along with the other months
Enclosed in envelopes neat
To unfold with time

January has arrived
Always the first one to
It offers what it knows
And takes it slow

January has arrived
It says, believe
And seek the opportunity
Of new beginnings

January has arrived
With each passing day
A little warmth it brings
Harbinger of spring
Dec 2021 · 212
Rays of hope and sunshine
Clarity in mind
Purity in heart
I seek with each passing thought

Revel in the revelation
Of weaknesses and strengths
Peace reigns within

Accumulating experiences
Imbued in the knowledge
That right and wrong coexist

Year after year
New and old
Blend in and grow apart

Lost and found
Forever in time
Rays of hope and sunshine
Happy New Year 🎉🎉
Dec 2021 · 390
Cold flowers

Frost on the flowers
Petals huddle together
Seek warmth from the sun
Inspired by a photo
Dec 2021 · 961

Invisible words
Smeared on the walls
Visibly the ink disappeared
Written space haunts
Dec 2021 · 1.3k
December moments
Dripping wet
December gets
It frets
The rains have overstepped

It’s not July
No not September
It’s been long August has slept

Winters just checked into December
Changing the air to mode, cold
But the rains have overstepped

Cold and wet December gets
Last it is, but never the least
Brings in joy and festivities

Within a day or maybe two
The rains will vanish in thin air
Pleasant weather and sunshine
December makes promises fair
1st December
Nov 2021 · 246
Life it is
I listen to the songs
I never cared about
They were all over the place
Growing up in my hometown
In them today, I find solace
Nothing’s amiss
Yet a sense of loss

I met a friend
Has always been dear to my heart
Chirpy and upbeat right from the start
She talks but does not speak
I understand
Telepathic we have been
Since class five
There is an ocean deep within
We swim in the shallow
So as to not drown

Life is good
As we speak
With a few up and downs
Isn’t that what life is all about
As always in a happy space
I gravitate
Gratitude, I never forget
24th November -12:43 AM
Nov 2021 · 125
Yet again
Two steps up
Slipping down
Will it be hard
To climb
Without an incline
Nov 2021 · 376
Beyond the words

These days
I don’t feel like writing
What I feel about
The feeling itself escapes my thoughts
But life has its say, makes you sway
In every way
It’s more than the sun and twinkling stars
And pearly moon’s glow  
Beyond the words the words have other places to go
Oct 2021 · 1.6k

Behind the palm trees
In the vast, rust coloured sky
Sets the orange sun
Oct 2021 · 179
The Trapeze Artist

The trapeze artist
Lithe and limber
Does aerial somersaults

At a height
Holds no fear
Swings in the air

Hands held
In ropes of hope
Bar to bar
Poles apart
They rise, not afraid of the fall
Oct 2021 · 368
The Station

Colours in the sky
Blend into the blue

Golden yellow
The mellow sun

Bids adieu
Slides to the west

Slender and tall
The shadows fall

Sudden rains
A little downpour

Shiny wet
The platform gets

Life goes on

Moments to moments
Faces change

It’s a journey
Destinations await
Inspired by a painting
The artist - Prafull Hudekar
Oct 2021 · 232
Trajectory of truth

The trajectory of truth
Linear or curved the path
Dependent on time
A geometric ride
Through theories and theorems
Add and Subtract to curtail the free ends
Velocity and speed
Gravitational pull
Home bound
Stands test of time
A proof
The trajectory of truth
Oct 2021 · 231

Hollow silhouette
Mysterious, shines the orb
Enchanted strands lit
Oct 2021 · 170
Limitless possibilities

Limited by the limitless
Shouldn’t be limiting at all
Limited by limitations
Can be limiting at times
Upgrading the limitations
Can downsize a good chance
A limitation lost
To the limitless possibilities
Limitless one can be
“stretch your capabilities to the limit, they might surprise you”
Oct 2021 · 122
Pure compound

H is combustible
No colour, it owns
O helps combustion
Yet we inhale and breathe in
Together H and O combine  
To make a pure compound
None of us can live without
Properties they posses
Fiery, to say the least
Together they douse
Put fires under leash
Oct 2021 · 281
Baby waves
Baby waves
Holding hands with every molecule of their little hearts
Bubbling, gushing towards the shore
Mighty mama waves roar
Rush, with a lightning speed
And tuck in safe, the baby waves
Before they break onto the shore
Gurgling receding, pleading
Mama no Mama no
Mama let me go
No baby no
No, not yet
To the shore
Oct 2021 · 1.2k
What is Common
Is common boring
Is boredom common
Is common necessary
Is necessity common
How common is common
Is common expendable
What is common
Oct 2021 · 135
By the lake

Under the shade of the banyan tree
And green cascading leaves
Lay shoes and backpacks on the ground
Bicycle handles curled to the left
Parked by the lake
On the side stand
There were sounds of laughter and music
On the other side
Quiet the water in the lake
Inspired by a photo
Sep 2021 · 326
Noise cancellation 🎧

Leave them be
Headphones on
Cancelling sounds
Yours and theirs
Equalisers on
Fine tuned within
Listen to the song
And truly belong
Sep 2021 · 889
Wings & Dreams

Under the blue cloudless sky
White doves and pigeons
Flap wings and fly

Heritage domes, rustic brown
Stand clear of dust and sand
Glorious, withstanding every storm

Motor boats painted blue and green
Sharp the curvature, folded hands
Bow to the rising waters in the sea

Stillness of the silence
Clearly felt in the sound of the flapping wings
Broken leg, the bird could fly once
Sep 2021 · 1.1k
Celestial Plafond

Brilliance of liquid gold
Speckled with glitter and stars
Arresting the celestial plafond
A touch of Neanderthal aesthetics
Modern and ancient air
Fusing under the beauteous sky
Sep 2021 · 211
Sun and the sea

Dazzled by the sun
The sea sparkles and smiles
And gently lifts a wave to its friend
The sun moves on westward
Leaving a little shade behind
The sea gives out a sigh
Stays still eastward bound
The passing breeze
Tickles mischievously
And the sea smiles again
Ripples and waves
The birds make a faint shadow above
And dive deep to pick a fish
Before they retreat for the evening
Unmoved the sea waves
And prepares to welcome the moon
Sep 2021 · 139
Young shoulders
His Slender tender shoulders
Shoulder the responsibility of his family
Vibrant orange cartoon print shirt
A mere reminder of his childhood
The jute sheet he owns
A spread of colours and shapes
Of many vegetables
He sells every morning
To add to the earnings
He has learned the trade young
Captivating, his innocence
Inspired by a photo
Sep 2021 · 216
Early bird

Oblivious notes
The worm scrawls on the wet floor
Early bird savours
Sep 2021 · 232
What you see
What you know
In between
what you take
What you give
Living with the residue
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