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Cool monsoon breeze sway the trees
Cascading rills , meadows
The Valley and Scenic hills
Colour green rich in hue
Breathtaking the view

The rain pours and rushes down
On the windscreen and sunroof
A sweet melodic sound it makes
Like an Artist, paints in gentle slopes

Dark clouds in daytime , stark
Makes the Sun shiver in cold
The bridge ahead ,century old
Winding road  and steep slopes

Passing through the illuminated tunnels
Old melodies played on the radio
The journey ahead ,we steer
The ebullient nature brings cheer
Lonavala is a scenic hill  station on the
Mumbai- Pune Expressway .
17th August experience on the way to Mumbai .
It was beautiful, had to put in words :)
Now I'm High Strung
Hands Tied on the line
Down the creek
You're so Wonderful
As you seem awed & smooth sailing
I get high on that
Honesty the Third Degree
I plan on whispering back
You may change the Mold, my Facade
My Trail of Crumbled Hearts
******, Such & Such
Unrecognized, Unfamiliar Pathway
How I wish it was an expressway
Dragging me down
Before you take me home
As we seat on your Bed
Visual Feeling of Inspiration:
Lynn MacKinnon Nov 2014
All cars flow down the same mainstream of the expressway,
And meet for a while, traveling the same road.
They ride side by side touching for a brief span of time, being under one  fellowship.

Then the expressway divides and fellow travelers go their own ways, never having met but yet together.
They divide never to see each other again or meet and yet they have touched each others' lives.

And also they were once under one divine hand with the same pre-determined destination.
Now they part and go different ways, yet they are still protected by one hand.
Written when I was in my late teen years.  Some of the expressways were just being started.

— The End —