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I'm a standby lover,
with all the duties of a partner;
but without a proper invitation.
I'm your safety net,
a dollar in your pocket,
the also-ran.
You can bench me;
bend me,
ghost me for awhile,
lead with breadcrumbs,
make me smile,
save me for a rainy day,
tuck me up and play away,
And when you've found the one you're after,
Will your heart be filled with love and laughter?

I truly hope so...
Thing on a string
Wyatt May 2020
I’d like to believe
somebody like you
is interested in me,
but my confidence is
too low to believe that.
I’m sure you’re just
another beautiful butterfly
casually passing by,
so stunning that it
puts my whole life
on standby
for a moment.
Meanwhile I’m just apart
of the background in yours,
simply cheap scenery
in your journey.
Butterfly Feb 2020
My mind is on standby
I'm sick helppp
Knowledge is
On a steady flight
Show up late
Miss the flight
And the destination, right
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Nocturnal eyes
Poisoned by the light      
No Nicotine, Caffeine, Alcohol
Sound mental health,
Unclassified reasons
Vivid dreams without a sleep

Searching sun at night
In standby mode
Listening to breathe
Minute counts >60 seconds

Autobiographic life
No one to say something, anything,
In night, tomorrow comes today
Time hard to slip by,
Join Stars society,
Still no gain
Science has nothing to offer, and  
No God is gonna help

Carving for Sleep
A good rest is truly a bliss
Experience of heaven on earth.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Julie Grenness May 2016
A new babe on the way,
Does she arrive today?
The stork is on standby,
Is she coming down the slide?
A star in heaven's berth,
Winging her way to Earth,
Now an atomic cluster,
Has she got a dust buster?
Her future unplanned,
Soon in Earthling's band,
When is she coming down the slide?
Right now, the stork is on standby!
Feedback welcome.
Andrew Switzer Oct 2015
The body's still breathing, but I'm not quite alive,
A soul in standby, simply trying to survive.
Takhallus Sha'er May 2015
As if bound
and chained
to a rock
in the middle
of a vast, hot
I wait;
Praying for
a salvation
which might
come eventually...

— The End —