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james m nordlund Nov 2018
Earthen formed, as clay, my bodhi,

Deeba, with inner wick always lite,

Oli, light of thee light, sits.
Belated Good Diwali, Deepavalli, Deeba Oli to All   :)   reality
Shantala Kothare Nov 2018
The festive season is here,
And shoppers busy on their feet,
Are looking for bargains
At every corner of the street.

The lantern-sellers stand,
Right outside the market square;
Trying to entice passers
To buy their curious tinsel ware.

If during this time, you chance
Upon this bustling way,
The sparkling lights and lanterns
Are sure to brighten up your day!

Some of the glittering objects,
That decorate the stalls,
Seem to mesmerize the shoppers
As they step into the malls.

Articles of myriad colours
And lanterns that disperse rainbow light
Decorate the city streets
All through the joyous night.

I rushed to the market square
To see what I should buy
And found a brilliant lantern
That caught the fancy of my eye.

I made a quick bargain
And now that lantern adorns my door,
And it really dazzles me
When it mirrors in the floor.
YUKTI Nov 2018
Agreed that the darkest place is always under the burning lamp.

but, the jubilant feeling one gets by burning
his own self to give away the light is peerless!
Jayantee Khare Nov 2018
a lamp lit for sweet memories
a lamp for golden dreams
a lamp for high hopes
a lamp for loving bonds

forget not to lit a lamp
for divine blessings
the lamp must for
diwali celebrations

sparkling life pure hearts
full of health and wealth
abundance showers
harmony empowers

one lamp for this world
one lamp for our mother land
may this series of lamp encircles all
may the lamp enlightens all

Let’s beautify our yards and homes
With the vibrant colours of Rangoli
And  welcome the Goddess Laxmi

Let’s decorate our doors and windows with festoons of marigold flowers and mango leaves , to ward off the evil and sprinkle positivity

Let’s brighten the evening sky
With sky lamps and fairy light
May the earthen lamps be lit
To illuminate every corner bright

Let’s celebrate
The Festival of Lights , Diwali
With friends and family
And bring cheer to our lives

Happy Diwali to all !!
Aditya Nov 2018
Receding clouds of Rain,
’Tis time to Reap what is Sown,
Rejoicing every struggle and Pain,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, Why Moan?

A competition of Caliber,
Announcing a union of sacred Souls,
Wealth and prosperity chose the Seeker,
the One igniting a fire Within,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, His only Goal.

Commemorating a political Exile,
A victory of Good over Evil,
Flaunting earthen lamps in Style,
Coloring the night sky with Dazzle,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, Love is a Marvel.

A celebration to turn a new Leaf,
to Forget and Forgive,
Unite and Unify,
Prosper and Progress,
Rise and Shine,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, for the Inner Self.
Diwali began as an important harvest festival, a celebration of the hard work of farmers eagerly awaiting the fruit of struggle.
Your life may seem like a pile of burden, but don’t moan, for your pain too shall pass for there is always light beyond darkness.

Some legends also point to the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth and prosperity) as the origin of Diwali, where Laxmi chooses the man possessing all transcendental qualities, approaching Godliness.
Let Diwali remind you to go beyond your inhibitions to seek the greater purpose and aspire for Godliness not God.

The return of Lord Rama and Sita with brother Laxman after a 14 year exile and defeating the demon king Ravana also plays an important role in this festival. It demonstrates a journey of love and obedience transcending all worldly struggles.
Ignite the power of Love within you and watch the marvels unravel before your eyes.

No matter what legend or story you believe, whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or even an Atheist — let Diwali be your victory over your inner demons. Let it empower you to be the best version of yourself, to commit to rise & unite towards a greater cause :

To Transcend From Darkness to Light

Wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI and whether you light a lamp today or not, be sure to
james m nordlund Mar 2018
Aduring profane, Love,

Lite unto Thee,

Whose brightness details

Fathomless Heart,

Brilliance, dispelling

Bricks of illusion,

Walls of delusion,

A mind's cell,

Awakening One,

Adhering sacred, mundane,

Neither here nor there,

Am I?

Instant twig of poetree, inspired by Kim Johanna Baker's poem on Diwali   :)
Hashim ZK Oct 2017
I'll burn my crackers.
Why should I abstain?
Let the animals whimper
I don't care for their pain!

I'll burn my crackers
The pleasure is insane!
Let the world die a little
I don't care the blame!

I'll burn my crackers
You should try the same!
Let your neighbours envy
That's how you rise to fame!

I'll burn my crackers
Don't you dare complain
Let the old bicker
I'll not stop the flame!
This, like my other posts recently, is also something I had written sometime back and wasn't shared on this platform.

Context to people who aren't familiar with the indian festival Deepawali/Diwali: It's a hindu festival where the celebration involves bursting of crackers, which has adverse effects on environment as a consequence.

PS: I wish a very happy and joy filled deepawali to all my friends over here.
Neelesh Chandola Oct 2017
A child wakes up , to mosquito bites,
and Christ-on-a-bike-it’s-diwali , the fiesta of lights.
the welcome vibes of halcyon tarried
as hugs and gifts and smiles are carried,
and waving her wrinkles mid-air ,daadi
says today! god , to his land was ferried.

Afar, the bronze herald of worship time,
the temple bell goes off in a celestial chime.
and cometh the priest , for the fire-ritual,
line my pockets now , come on , be spiritual.
but duh! your dhoti hast no pockets , saintly dummy;
tsk.. fret ye not , for it goes straight into my tummy.

mid-morning now , and mummy’s high-strung;
‘dust it well and dust it thorough and dust it till you burst a lung’.
‘garam pakode’ !! cries papa in his croaking tenor ,
‘but one by one’ and now he begins with the manners.
mummy is the last one , picking over the bones,
she always has been , for what a family she owns.

A muezzin somewhere cries the holy decree
heads bow down and a pigeon flies free,
from the onion dome , below the staccato claps
‘Ooparwala ! … ‘ the muezzin gasps ,
and ‘Ooparwala!.. ‘ a crowd chants in tow ,
and ‘Oops ! … ‘ the bird sheds it’s something and *****
soars high , and takes a bow .

hey presto! the night has come.
the moonless night of the homecoming lord.
sweetmeats and sugars and syrups and us ,
laddu-barfi , well , that strikes a chord .

Lakshmi , her owl , the glutton god with his mouse ,
revered an’ pleased an’ fed an’ flattered ,
and coaxed never to leave the house
while out there , bombs and crackers burst and batter.

The witch’s hour already , and the man ain’t home yet
the lord is home , to get things straight,
while the men all out on a greedy conquest;
pennies on the dollar , unwavering faith still,
for the beckoning bait .

A child wakes up , to mosquito bites
gone now is the carnival of lights.
a goddess fled , a father bled
a child scrapes off the waxy remains ,
the leftovers of candles ,pains, and no gains.
RiBa Oct 2017
Diwali is here
Lights and colour everywhere
A boom and a bang
gifts and joys to share

Little girls and little boys
Dancing around with joy
Watching them from a distance
Was the little shoe shine boy

With his grubby hands and tattered wear
Black lined face and ***** hair
All he wanted was a little toy
But who would share with a poor shoe shine boy

His mother sewed clothes
Father, he had none
His house was a hovel
Clothes he had but one

His stomach growled
Hunger gnawing at the pit
looked at the rich people eating
And Shuffled his feet

The car door opened
He was called aloud
His heart froze and trembled
Wer they to shout?

They gave a 20 rupee note
smiled and said "No shoe to shine".
The lil boy stared and thought
"Is this a dream of mine?"

So with his bag, brush and ***** rag
Leapt the lil boy high in the air
His happiness knew no bounds
He had his joy to share

Ran to his home, to the little tattered hut
Forgetting about hunger and toy
He walked in a rich man
That happy little shoe shine boy!
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