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Maria Mitea Nov 2021
it's unfair to hate the morning
- it's unfair to hate,
neither the new nor the old
after burning the night
this day does not return in vain,
this day is a good day to be: a leaf
scribbled by the blue of the sky,
green sprawling on the ground, the sea
turned upside down (steam hanging from the sky
mornings), - today i woke up
with all colors of mine caressing  the faint frost on the top of the grass,
dressing up for the winter, wood and smoke rodents,
- to lighten up  the agate eye
i did not  forget the summer flowers either,
colored dust and water
"holi diwali", smiles in clay lanterns, lost kiss in rangoli
- ah, darling,
do not forget,
this day is a good day to be your favorite color,  like
the color of the sky,  of the sun,  earth, or grass ...
Shrika Nov 2020

Darkness pours into me
in shimmering rivulets,


thrumming in staccatos
of carnal dour;


begging me to yield, to burn,
to drown in its mercy,


But it knows not that
a flicker is all it takes
to light

Diwali, the festival of light, celebrated in India signifies this hope, new beginnings and the power of light.
A very happy diwali to everyone!

I'm very thankful to everyone in this wonderful community who have been constantly supporting me and have been appreciating my poems. I have now decided to take a break in writing as I'm almost at the end of my senior year in school and things have started to get hectic. I may not be able to post anything for a few months. Hopefully by the time I come back with a new poem, I'd have a good chance of getting into my dream college(fingers crossed):D
Shivangi Singh Nov 2020
This time, It's different
Have varied reasons to celebrate

Some overcame the tragedy
Others are thankful to healthy fate

Some look forward to normalcy
Others found positivity to emanate

There's one common trait
In trying times, we did cultivate

Is to cherish the uncherished
And relish this time to originate

Though,we still have a long way to go
But, we found our reasons to contemplate
Adi N Nov 2020
Festival of lights,
New beginnings,
Divine blessings,
Joy without strings.

Let’s drench in the boundless light,
From the sun, the moon and the stars,
Let's light up from within,
Make everyday a festival of lights.
Beulin S S Nov 2020
Wash out all the vengeance

As the water washes the dirt;

Insert new hope and to start newly

As the new clothes embrace your skin;

Brighten your life with new lights

As the lamps wipe out the darkness;

Let the life burst with delight and success

As the bursting crackers drag the delight in.

Bloom with the new start and happiness

Wipe out all the fears...

Let the Day of light cover your life

With bondless happiness and fill you with light...

"Happy Diwali"
Spread happiness with the day of light....
Prabhu Iyer Nov 2020
When the sky greys, memories: the first blush
of a joy unknown sprouting in the vases
sparklers, Catherine wheels on the front yards
of the homes of others; We possessed nothing
but our hearts of gold that leapt in waves;
Diwali like no other, on the streets, under the sky;
Away far over the seas among our kind who
in such distance are kin in a moment: home is
just the company of friends, memories lighted
in silver streaks of crackers past the shadows
of gardens retired for the night, and we, carefree,
in Southall where it was allowed to be merry;
It was the November of dreams, a night
like no other, now comes rushing in flashes
dawning nimble across time in the hues of blue.
james nordlund Oct 2019
'Tis in the darkest hour that

... shines so on one's heart path:

Where who, what, when, how,

Where, and sometimes why,

Yet, never Y2K, are unanswered

By the you that is to be, whilst gleaned.  

Then, not receding from reality,

Evolving lights one's footsteps

That followed none, leaving no trace

And saving the human race,

Which echo on forever, in all ways, always.

Even shadows speak of the light.
While writing this I was reminded of Madonna's great multi: -art, -culture, -advocacy song, video, 'Like a Prayer'.  Also, Happy Rhodes great song lyric, "a beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye".  Never Y2K: a premeditated unnatural disaster engineered to steal tax and other dollars; like the purposeful non-prevention of the failing of the levees in NOLA in '05- even though they were routinely warned and paid federal funds to reinforce them for decades, yet they didn't.  "It's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness", Thoreau.  "It's always darkest before the dawn", Dickenson.  Thanx for all you do too; copy, share as you will    :)    reality
Jayantee Khare Oct 2019
Spreading bliss
Watching the glittery night
Feeling light
Inhaling the fresh air

With our loved ones
Listening the rythmic music of the hearts
Heading towards a colourful
Serene clean world

In silence....
Under the twinkling starlight
In a moonless night
Having a visual treat...

This diwali, burn the evils,
Let's bring the change!
This diwali, burst the ego,
Let's be the change!!
Happy n healthy Diwali...clean n serene diwali
Varshini Oct 2019
Something about these flashing lights bring me home
It’s not like I’ve never seen fairy lights before
But somehow with their multiple settings, and the different ways in which they illuminate my house, distract me in the best way and make themselves known

Brings me back to waking up at 4 in the morning
Brings me back to making special food that tastes sharp, sweet and bitter all at the same time
Brings me back to rolling around in my dad’s office chair, going from jumping into the chair and bouncing around to sitting in it, prim and proper, calling myself an adult at fourteen

It’s funny that you make families wherever you go
Even if my parents are half a world away, I have my own little family to enjoy Diwali with.

The Sun, misses shining bright in the clouds
Mellow, it smiles with the balmy breeze

Rain has been dancing for long in the whole town

Stars can’t shine in the night sky
The rain does its favourite ‘Tandav dance’

They never seem to be out of harmony

The  earth, wet and damp
Mother Nature teaches us to accept and walk towards happiness, nevertheless

Light up the earthen lamp and hoist the lantern in the cloudy sky
The stars underneath  brim with golden smiles

Diwali is the magical time to spend with the loved ones and feel blessed
To enjoy the festivities with spirits up and bright

Happy Diwali

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