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Dec 2016 · 403
Derrick Feinman Dec 2016
Those who govern us
Exist in echo chamber
Elitist group think.
Dec 2016 · 777
Wag the Dog
Derrick Feinman Dec 2016
All our dirt revealed!
No worries- we'll just distract
Look that way, not here!
Dec 2016 · 954
Derrick Feinman Dec 2016
الله أكبر
ברוך אתה הי
Reveal yourself, please
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
From Sputnik
Derrick Feinman Aug 2015
Sputnik to the Moon
Mankind's finest hour yet
Forged from savage fears.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Derrick Feinman Aug 2015
Century of Flight
Kitty Hawk is distant past
Routine miracles.
Aug 2015 · 1.0k
Far Away
Derrick Feinman Aug 2015
Wars fought far away
Attenuated results
Not accountable
Aug 2015 · 2.1k
Religion Is...
Derrick Feinman Aug 2015
Religion is a striving of the finite to reach out to the infinite.
Religion is a source from which to obtain moral discipline
Religion is a meeting place to find those on the same path.
Religion is a common reference point for moral and ethical discourse.
Religion is a social tool to bring remembrance and deliberate actions into our daily life.

Religion is a description of actions, not a title.
Religion is action, not declarations.
Religion is a more perfect person, not a more perfect doctrine.
Religion is a tool, not an idol.
Religion is a means, not an end.

Religion is a path to God, not a god in itself.
Jul 2015 · 1.4k
Pilgrims From Another Place
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
It took months for the refugees, fugitives, and adventurers,
Fleeing their homes and native lands,
For the chance to make a new home in the New World
A New World declared open by their king for development plans.

These Colonists came for many reasons.
Some came because they were persecuted,
For reasons of identity and conscience they were victims.
They could not live a free life where they were before.

Other Colonists came to escape-
Escape the law, themselves, and even their family.
An empty slate awaited them at their new Colony-
If they could only brave the journey.

Others were not running away but towards,
Seeking riches and power in the New World as Lords.
So they came: on multiple ships, in multiple waves.
They shared origins, not objectives.

The New World fit their purposes:
There was space to spare and keep apart
There were resources to live on and exploit.
They neither knew nor cared that native strangers governed.

The Colonists could see hints of native fauna upon arrival
As they landed and settled in seemingly empty spaces.
In this New World they took their places.
But kept a cautious distance from the nearby natives.

“Technology is what makes a species higher in order.”
So they regarded the natives as mere animals with tools and talk.
What is flora and fauna to stand in the way of expansion-
Or the needs and whims of a far more developed people?

“This is our land; they are subject to our law-
This is our life, our World, our all”
How can some stranger from another point in Space,
So casually assert sovereignty over this place?

But then issues of technology did not provide the Natives’ only woes.
This New World was already divided into nations with established foes
There were those who feared these well-equipped strangers
And in seeking office sold this fear for their personal advantage.

The foreign Colonists saw these fissures and engaged in malicious diplomacy.
They played one Nation against another in order to obtain supremacy.
In small numbers the Colonists were vulnerable and equally scared,
If the natives were united their colonies could fall.

Some Natives attacked but did not pose a threat,
As the Colonists had better arms and their allies would assist.
This increased fear and distrust of the local “savage”
Many begun to think that these natives were a liability and not an advantage.

More and more Colonists came to settle
And the areas they occupied came to be too little.
So by the authority of their far away king,
They evicted some natives and kept others for working.

As years went by the conflicts increased.
Attempts to repel were shown to be futile,
As the natives, outgunned, lost their sovereign territory.
These nations of old would no longer hold their old glory.  

With time the foreigners outnumbered the Natives.
The remnants of which were at the outsiders’ mercy.
And were driven and marched to more convenient locations.
The nations of old now crammed on sparse reservations.

Canada and the United States did fairly well for fallen nations.
Those both now exist on some massive shared reservations,
On land formerly made up of North Dakota and Manitoba.
The New World is now alien, divided along lines with no resemblance of the past.
Jul 2015 · 478
Quo Warranto
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Power corrupts so
If you're God's agent on Earth
We must demand proof.

Everybody lies
But why's it inscrutable
When one "speaks for God?"

Write a science book,
With facts unknown if you have
Omniscient source.

If not, go away!
Why believe you; not others?
There's motive to lie.
Jul 2015 · 515
Universal Prophesy
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Now's a perfect time
For a prophet to be sent
With signs for us all.

With proofs not mere words.
Should divine law be hearsay-
Left to human hands?

Wrapped in culture's veil
Why would God make salvation
Not universal?
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
To Dust We Return
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Of all deaths daily
So few make the world cry
But then crying ends.

At one point unknown
The future will soon forget
To dust we return.
Jul 2015 · 665
Universal Tendencies
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Just as water flows,
All things seek unconsciously:
Jul 2015 · 2.2k
Inherent Value
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Productivity's the thing
For objective worth.
To an individual, his or her life is everything. His or her quality of life is paramount. This seems to directly conflict with one's worth to a group. A group only values based on productivity and potential of that individual to the group. If one's values are adverse to the shared values of the group and he or she actively seeks them, he or she becomes not only valueless, but a threat to the group. Visa-Versa is also true.
Jul 2015 · 280
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Oh take me away
Unseen spiritual roads
From here to my home.
Jul 2015 · 460
Game of Life
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Life is but a game
A fully immersive game
Not more or less real.
Jul 2015 · 690
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Oh, this too shall pass
Life's a garden growing; dies
Live long and prosper.
Jul 2015 · 433
E Mare Veritas
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Humans seek out God
In words and deeds of ancients
Ocean is oldest.
We seek truths and enlightenment from ancient texts, well the ocean is the ultimate
Jul 2015 · 246
Which Battle
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Humans: know your place
Leave cosmic battles to God
Our posting is Earth.
May 2015 · 265
Mere Words
Derrick Feinman May 2015
Words are not for the divine; they are for us.
We need words to relay ideas,
But things and ideas exist whether or not described or labeled.
Mere words don't influence the natural laws;
We fool ourselves as we influence ourselves and others.
Spells cast or supplications prayed:
It is not the power of the words alone manifested.
So much emphasis is placed on the formulae of what we say to influence forces greater ourselves;
Does God not know intention? Does nature even take notice?
May 2015 · 265
Numbers Game
Derrick Feinman May 2015
We enjoy the numbers game
Everyone loses.
May 2015 · 1.5k
Derrick Feinman May 2015
When machines are cheap,
Reliable, exact, fast:
People can't compete.
May 2015 · 1.0k
Life in a Footnote
Derrick Feinman May 2015
Something is broken:
Whole lives reduced to numbers-
Disposable lives.
May 2015 · 628
Psychopathic Profits
Derrick Feinman May 2015
Some people don't care
Externalize all their costs
Maximize returns.
May 2015 · 324
Psychopathy I
Derrick Feinman May 2015
There are mean people
Inflicting pain brings pleasure
Cold eyes without souls.
May 2015 · 2.3k
Southern Ocean
Derrick Feinman May 2015
The Southern Ocean
Just an End of the World
Down a red dirt road.
May 2015 · 1.3k
Derrick Feinman May 2015
An island in fields
Your cell phone is of no use
Defacto sabbath.
May 2015 · 344
Australian Night
Derrick Feinman May 2015
The ravens sing songs
The stars emerge unafraid
Starry, starry night.
May 2015 · 2.3k
The Fancy Mosque
Derrick Feinman May 2015
Busco simple mosque
Huge monuments are useless
Carpet under shade.
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
Something is broken
Whole lives reduced to numbers
Disposable lives
Mar 2015 · 307
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
You're a part of me.
I can't think of life sans you.
Two lives become one.
Mar 2015 · 1.5k
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
So unlikely, us
Distance, Obstacles, Intent
Mar 2015 · 408
Under God
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
Across the distance
I feel her presence near me
Both are under God.
Mar 2015 · 347
The Girl
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
THE distant GIRL
I'm so lucky that she is mine
Our hearts are in sync.
Mar 2015 · 825
Savage Humanity
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
How great the possibilities of humanity; how low its aspirations!
The potential, the creativity, the depth of imagination:
All too often used to ****, oppress, and conquer.
We have the potential to advance as a society, yet we don't.
We insist of fighting over lines, symbols, and names.
We **** those who pose no threat; we short sightedly stifle progress.
Like dogs, we are possessive of territory that is not even ours.
We bark at every stranger and love the most abusive of masters.
Yet we can read, reason, and think!
We engage in self destruction.
Destroying ourselves and our world.
May whatever gods we believe in have mercy on our savage souls!
Mar 2015 · 4.2k
The Grounded Explorer
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
I am a grounded explorer:
I dream of travelling the stars,
but alas there are few tickets to even Mars.
I romanticize the explorers of yor,
who roamed the oceans to explore.
Oh to be with Captains Lewis and Clark,
an expedition through the wilderness to embark!
The maps are made and the earth is mapped;
The Final Frontier is barely unwrapped.
It is not a do-it-yourself sort of thing,
I cannot just into space my body fling.
To explore the unknown would yield such glee,
But I console myself: at least the world's new to me.
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Intentions and Tools
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
We institute procedures as a tool to obtain substance.
We design metrics as a tool to track and ensure that substance is obtained.
But then, the tool becomes holier than its own purpose.
When we value procedure over substance,
we sacrifice substance for procedure.
Even the judges value procedure over justice as illustrated by a Justice on the US Supreme Court: “Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached.” J. Scalia in Herrera v. Collins, 506 US 390 (1993).
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
You are the guy with the unkempt room and a cluttered used car. You have many things in your head, from ideas to plans to the latest book you’ve read. You are a dreamer, and that means that if the girl you date isn’t like you, it’s unlikely to work out.

Don’t date a girl who doesn’t travel. She is the girl who wants to travel in theory, but has never made the time. She is the girl with the medicine cabinet filled with cosmetics, hair products, and perfume, but a passport filled with blank pages. She does her hair in memorized strokes every morning as she has been doing this for years now. She is a creature of habit. She is impressed by wealth, nice cars, and titles, but she knows nothing about the world.

Don’t date a girl who doesn’t travel because she will drive you crazy at how she tries to “tame” you. She will regard your life as chaotic and will not be able to understand your many nuances. She will try to make you feel like you need her. With good intentions, she will cling to you and manipulate your life into becoming like hers. You see, she will look at you and treat you as though you are a lost puppy, and regard herself as the kind-hearted woman that will put you in the right path. She will talk to you about security, and you will wonder at her ignorance.

She won’t go to any of the adventures you planned out, because she thinks they are bereft of value and a waste of time. While you have a plethora of foreign currencies in your wallet, she’ll only desire to go to those “foreign” resorts that accept US Dollar. She will not take chances. Her whole life has been inside her comfort zone. Her childhood revolved around a home-to-school-to-home routine. She might never have been allowed to play outside, or she might never have wanted to. She thinks she is better than you because of her stable, 9 to 5 job, which makes you want to gag because you will never want a life like that.

Don’t date a girl who doesn’t travel. Her world is nothing to envy. Her world where the only people he knows are her co-workers and high school classmates who she drinks with at the clubs on the weekends. In her world, net worth is the metric of success. There is no room for making a difference, changing the world, and working for ideals that are bigger than her. Don’t even try to have a conversation about the environment or social issues, she couldn’t care less. Her adventures are about the argument with the co-worker she hates and the other driver that almost hit her when he failed to give way to her SUV on her commute.

She will want to eat in overrated chain restaurants with you, and will frown at you when you ask to try out that food truck down the street. She will cringe at the thought of eating at food stalls at a busy Southeast Asian market or elote from a street cart in Mexico. She will try to lure you into her world, but you are not even tempted by such a dull and dreary alternative. She is oblivious to how unappealing the bait she offers is.

That girl who doesn’t travel has chosen the unexamined and robotic life. You can only watch in despair as she runs on the rat-wheel of her mental cage. She will never understand that, while her wealth is measured by the number of zero’s in her bank account, your wealth is measured on the places you’ve been to and the people you’ve met and whose lives you’ve touched.

She will never understand why you have so many random keepsakes from your travels, like a small soiled napkin from a Moroccan café or the train tickets that you use as bookmarks. She will never opt for the slower and more scenic route. She will not be content to see the world through a window or television. While you are watching the sunset, she is checking her phone.

When you do travel, she will want to rent a car, when in fact you would rather take public transport and meet people with amazing stories. She will get jealous and insecure when you talk to strangers, even those you meet at the bus. You see, she doesn’t talk to anyone she doesn’t know and frequently ignores those she does.

She will ask you not to travel anymore, to settle down. And you consider it. Then you realize that your passion and dreams will end the moment you give in. You have always wanted to travel around the world, to meet people from all walks of life, and to life live to the fullest. There is still so much to be done! There are so many things to see and experience! You imagine yourself two decades from now and you see yourself happy; passport filled with stamps and a refrigerator filled with magnets from different countries. A woman is there with you in that dream, reminiscing about the adventures y’all had.

Unless the girl you’re dating is like you; a free-spirited, adventurous traveler, you don’t deserve each other. Whether by fear or complacency, she is going nowhere. She can keep that dream of a suburban house and a manicured front yard, not let her weigh you down!
This is a variation of a response to the tongue in cheek  Don't Date a Girl Who Travels. I read several responses, both good and bad, online. The problem is that there were none addressed to the men out there who travel. Indeed, a non-traveling partner can be just as burdensome and trapping for us.

I borrowed from and tracked "TO THE GIRLS WHO TRAVEL: DON’T DATE A GUY WHO DOESN’T TRAVEL" from the Bronzed Backpacker blog at Her version was one of my favourites.
Feb 2015 · 2.1k
A prayer
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Oh God, the Most Merciful and Compassionate:

Please grant us the grace and opportunity to be your instrument in the mercy and compassion that you epitomize. May You grant us peace in our lifetime and frustrate those who seek to cause discord and sow hatred in your name.

Please enlighten our collective conciousness. May we be continually reminded that we are all on this Pale Blue Dot together. Please help us to grow out of this petty and useless tribalism and nationalism that are invoked far too often to justify violence.

May You grant us all a desire to strive for peace and have mercy on us for our many sins against each other.

Feb 2015 · 6.6k
Burning Mosque
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Some said, "Let it burn!"
Freedom means what exactly?
Can we have some too?
Arson at Houston Islamic Center 13 Feb 2015.
Feb 2015 · 659
Not a Pawn
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Do not join the fight
Do not fight their battles for them
You've nothing to gain.
Feb 2015 · 3.1k
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Slavery awaits
When you cross the border line
It's not worth the cost!
Feb 2015 · 12.7k
Freedom for Who?
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
A mosque vandalized,
A Muslim family killed.
Where is this "freedom?"
Week of Feb 8, 2014 was a bad one for Muslims and for America.
Feb 2015 · 3.6k
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Ah humanity!
That grievously savage race-
Entertained by pain.
Feb 2015 · 1.5k
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
From a distant place,
Sit back and watch the World burn!
It destroys itself.
Feb 2015 · 3.5k
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Willing to risk all,
Desperate people seek refuge.
We'd rather they die.
Dedicated to the 300 people who have recently died in the Mediterranean as well as the many more who have died to cross the Rio Bravo.  They were willing to give up their lives as they knew it, in hopes of a better future.
Feb 2015 · 476
Silence of the Gods
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Why are gods silent?
Once showing off their power;
Now in shadows lurk.
Feb 2015 · 649
Challenge to Order
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Ruled by a dead hand.
Do you want a change?
Protest can be symbolic.
Feb 2015 · 429
See For Yourself
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Cross the bridge and see.
Really like shown on tv?
Don't believe;  be free.
Feb 2015 · 1.5k
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
Listen to the sounds:
Drums mark time on march to war.
Manufactured fears.
Feb 2015 · 2.3k
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
It is not your fight
You're a mere mercenary
In someone else's
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