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Randy Johnson Jul 20
It has been half a century since the first moon landing.
It was a historical event that was absolutely outstanding.
The Apollo 11 landed on the moon's surface fifty years ago today.
Two astronauts walked on the moon which is over 238,000 miles away.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were pioneers like Daniel Boone.
On July 20, 1969, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon.
As Armstrong stepped on the moon's surface, he said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
When those brave astronauts left the moon to come home, the American flag was something they left behind.
I wasn't alive in 1969 so the moon landing wasn't something that I was able to witness.
But I'm guessing that it was awesome for those who were alive, a wonderful experience.
NASA is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government.
I wish I could've seen the moon landing because it was one hell of an event.
kadence May 1
my head
is up in the stars,
and my soul
is spoiled
in an overgrown garden.
the flowers
and the vines
surround me,
keeping me grounded
to the earth
because my overgrown garden
is afraid
that if she lets me go,
then my head
will go to war
with my soul.
and my overgrown garden
is afraid
that if she tries to defy
the stars,

she will lose.
The actor was so thrilled to be offered a part
uneasy that two suited men
told  him he had to sign a binding contract
no disclosure or go to prison
realised there was no choice had to agree
but offered him a huge fee!

Pressurised signed was told to wait for a call
they would not disclose details
life put on hold regretting that offer of work
could not contact agency
what had he committed to it blew his mind
wishing time he could rewind!

Several days later his house phone rang
a voice gave a short message
outside ten minutes apprehension grew
picked up his bag and waited
at precisely the time stated a van arrived
from then on freedom was deprived!

A side door shot open abruptly told to enter
once inside the vehicle sped away
within not alone three other men squatted
nobody spoke on that journey
what seemed like hours being thrown about
he was filled with fear and doubt!

At last it stopped they were greeted by a man
smartly dressed and well spoken
apologised  for covert action and no information
found themselves in a large hangar
on one side changing rooms and catering truck
it dawned on him here they were stuck!

It was cold as they were shown to a huge room
chairs were placed facing a screen
sitting the smart man went to the front lingered
until they were all quietly seated
explained he was the director of this project
with those present was about to connect!

From behind them armed guards now entered
please do not be alarmed he said
they are here for our protection and security
you have been chosen to participate
in a conspiracy that must never be exposed
the screen lit up the secret disclosed!

Images of a barren landscape was dispalyed
this is the set built-in this hangar
here the moon surface has been recreated
because we are going to hoax
for the want of a better word the moon landing
with astronauts on surface standing!

This is the first meeting of our brave flight crew!

Just another conspiracy theory?

What is the truth so many unanswered question! Could the moon landings have been a hoax?#TheFoureyedPoet.
These bright minds,
reaching further
and further
into space

As if there aren’t enough
down below

Maybe they’re simply trying
to get away,
just like the rest of us
Dedicated to a close friend at NASA
Zane McHarris Feb 2016
I feel the burn in the top of my mouth
Pellets tear puncture and perforate
They open my mind and the thoughts pour out
And fill my mouth with warm liquid salt

Lead ***** race to the deepest parts
They find the obliterate the memories
They erase them, destroy the fear
Bringing peace the silence of fresh snow

Astronauts exit my skull pulling hopes and dreams
With everything I ever could have been, gone
I fall to the floor a thread unraveled at the seam
And white light covers my eyes, a blizzard of lost ambition
Don't worry about me this poem is in no way a representation of where I am emotionally
brandon nagley Oct 2015

Skaidrum, we art lost in the whirlpool galaxy
Thou art far-flung from thy king, me from mine queen;
We hath not much time to get back to planet earth
A black holes in the distance, a new star's birth.


Skaidrum, friend; no sunlight is to surround us
This place is dusk, how I misseth mine sweet jane;
We hath enough food for a week, and one day's gain
If I were thou, I'd telleth thy king thou loveth him again.


Mine lass wilt be looking for me, how cold I feeleth
In this spaceship were in, I need Jane's warmth, her tint;
Skaidrum, the nebula's art all around, though no portal to get back home, I prayeth we seeith ourn love's soon.


Dear Poet, Sir Brandon, Sharpen thy tongue for war
Vigilant stars harbor no pity for separated lovers liketh us,
Lady Jane's lamentation becomes mournful gravity to thee;
Darkness swallows the four corners of mine heart.


Pay no heed to the distances, death; how certainly welcome
As we rideth greek constellations, legends, and vagabonds.
I will bid thou safe travels, poetic wishes, universal footprints;
As thee descend upon the sky ladder to thou's lover.


I shall followeth in due time, I hear not mine king calling.
Patience goes hand n' hand with deliverance,
In our path of starlit misery; we embarked together as poets
Adieu for now sir Brandon, part with nightsong wings.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets Poetry
©Duo poem by me brandon nagley and Skaidrum
I'm the one who wrote the first three stanzas
Skaidum wrote the last three....
I made title...
Story is about me and skaidrum we are pretty much space travelers or astronauts that get lost in space our spaceship breaks down... Were out of gas in the shuttle there are black holes all around us, hope doesn't seem to promising... As we struggle to survive its me and skaidrum pretty much letting our soulmates know how much we love them just in case we dont get back home... Me missing queen jane and her missing her love.... Enjoy
Derrick Feinman Aug 2015
Sputnik to the Moon
Mankind's finest hour yet
Forged from savage fears.
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
Too bad
We can't
Rid ouselves
Of the excrement
As easily
As the astronauts
Expel it
On the
Dreams of Sepia Aug 2015
In my next life I want a pomeranian puppy
& to stand again on the Roaches

& to be able, unlike now, to swim
& to (once more) fence on Thursdays & tap dance on Saturdays

In my next life I want to see a Hurricane
with my own eyes & write a song about it

In my next life I want to be an astronaut
remarking how in Space, there is no rain

& to read tabloid newspapers
in Orbit for the gossip & want this

In my next life I do not want
to be a poet, unless it means

unlike now, being with you
because without you, these poems mean nothing.
* Roaches - is a  rather picturesque line of rocks in the Midlands in England
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