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Jeremy Betts Jan 31
Hello hello,
Welcome to the show
Good luck getting through the impossible to get through MO
One long typo
A hypocritical, defeatist manifesto
More stupid than ******
Misplaced gusto,
Possible becomes unreachable then unthinkable
Undeniable failure is sure to follow
First name familiar with the mental hospital
A revolving door install
Biggest chart right up toward the front of the file being that it's alphabetical
A tragic life, only ironically comical
Spine stained yellow
Same as the teeth, thanks Marlboro
A nose incased in a thick brown crust on the face, smack dab in the middle
Cornered with a dunce cap and a little bit of spittle
Condition has always been critical
I do take it personal
Can't show, can't let them know it hurts even a little
A forgettable imbecile with a needless purpose and a fleeting soul
Held accountable but it's not balanced or rational
Equal? I guess maybe, but not equal to anything favorable
Decent into madness unavoidable
Some of you are only here for the spectacle
Swerling around the bottom of the toilet bowl
Forced sabbatical
Out of sight, out of mind so I've band all travel
Departure and arrival
Business and commercial
An attempt at better has been abysmal
Wouldn't have made it past the pilot if it were a show
You would just know it was shiit though from the overflow
"You've made your choice" but not by choice, it's never that simple

Bekah Halle Jan 10
Critics collude together in cliques to keep themselves safe from reality.
Truth is subjective, they say, diluting its potency and dilating its delusions.
But grounded, truth becomes a platform on which to
kick critics to the curb,
Taste the dirt of their terse tunes.
Zywa Aug 2023
She explains the world

to me, it is a stinking --

pile of waste and scrap.
'Cosmic dustbin'

Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "EMPTY TRASH"

Collection "No wonder"
Kushal Jul 2023
Dissecting the world.
Eyes like hands,
Do the work of the mind.

Fearful of tremors.
Thoughts unchecked leave one unsteady.
Worry with every shake,
And eternity expands from a moment.

The hand cannot be stayed.
The eyes cannot be closed.

What medicine quells,
When the eyes glare at themselves?
Zywa May 2023
I think of thinkers
who describe other sides
of the old stories
and the new talk

who observe what is there
as new and notice something
other than is accepted and
put that into reality

Precisely this responding
to what is already there
is originality
or the illusion of it

In an earlier time
I would have been such a thinker
but now it is of no use
in the easy lives

of well-to-do citizens, no use
to outcasts, no use
to outsiders, no use
to my heirs
Consumer society

"One-Dimensional Man. Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society" (1964, Herbert Marcuse)

Collections "The light of words" and "Life line"
Zywa May 2023
The short summary,

summarised just one more time:

Wait! What's it about?
Collection "The light of words"
Zywa Mar 2023
I am a thinker:

although, can I think away --

sedimented thoughts?
Sunyata = absence of mental disturbances (and absence of an illusory self)

Collection "BloodTrunk"
Zywa Feb 2023
He brings in a lot,

pages full of arguments --

so, something is wrong.
Qui s'excuse s'accuse (Who offers excuses, accuses himself)

"Het Bureau - Het A.P. Beerta-Instituut" ("The Office - The A.P. Beerta-Institute", 1998, Han Voskuil), page 613

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Zywa Nov 2022
On the photo you don't see
that the water stands still
and you can think

that the sea has almost taken
the land and the house
will soon drift away

A person just has to take
other points of view
to find out something

and to keep living in the world
not in appearances, not in set
pieces of one's own fantasy

empty, unless actors populate them
of whom you no longer know after a while
whether they are acquaintances of you

but your own images nestle
in your head, they fit exactly
whereas the world is uncomfortable
"House By An Inlet" (1930, Edward Hopper)

Collection "NightWatch"
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