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Francie Lynch Apr 2020
The White House is an inverse reflection
Of the matter/anti-matter chamber:
It's Not, The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
No. It's, The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.
What matters matters.
Trekkies will get the full allusion.
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
So humble
and so demure.
Yet . . . . . . .
. . . . you still freak me the ****
out with everything you do.

You amaze me just so
you'll absorb me, I know.
Then we'll both become one.

I've been erased,
now (I'm) no-one.

Poetry by Kaydee.
By giving too much of yourself to
another you become a non-entity,
drifting without a name or an aim.
Igorgoldkind Feb 2018
But I was,
Between 11 and 12.
I was a Vulcan ruled by Logic.
Chief Science Officer on a starship

Disdainful of the soft, mere humans
Who surrounded me.
Who had invaded my planet
Polluting my atmosphere with their emotions.

With indomitable desires,
With their fear and their jealousies.
With their pleas to my heart
And their illogical presumptions.
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Oh, this too shall pass
Life's a garden growing; dies
Live long and prosper.
Mattrick Patrick Mar 2015
Beyond all boundaries, internal and external, we reach for the stars.
Alternative paradigm, paradise distributed, consciousness applied.

So alien, it seems, to be a believer in the power of human will.
The balance of forces, a mastery of the terrestrial realm, not its capital,
but its land, environment. Econ, Eco, eco-nomy, marx missed.
George, progress and poverty, all the money you make will never buy back
your soul. Your kingdom, question the system, change your values!

Ecoculture, biodomes, organic farming, zero point energy.
Ecoculture, biodomes, organic farming, zero point energy.

Every stretch, every connection, closer to perfection.
Unfit for human consumption, sporadic.  Disss

Peace and prosperity to the world, live long and love well.
Acceptance and appreciation, Agape, education, economic democracy
cosmic consciousness!
Words have power. For  Leonard Nimoy
Francie Lynch Feb 2015
Kirk was a flirt.
Bones could clone.
Scotty liked scotch.
Chekov goofed off.
Sulu, he flew.
Uhura went further.
Chapel would coddle.
Thanks for the memories.
Uhura and Kirk shared the first inter-racial kiss ever on TV.
Scotty was from my home town. Met him long after the show went off the air.
Ottar Feb 2015
as far as frontiers go, there is the mind, the oceans and
there is space,
as far as points on a compass, there are four, then eight
and there are sixteen,

Of three hundred and sixty.  On Earth.

Take your compass to the ocean deep,
leave it there and let the pressure creep
inside for if the needle points right
it will be a miracle, a crushing miracle.

Antares.  The first time heard I this name
it was on the self-same Star Trek.  Logic
escapes me right now, for logic escaped
us all, when he left.

Antares. A bottle of Shiraz from Chile,
would you raise a glass of anything tonight
and wish one another to "live long and

Antares.  Fill a portion of space, look close
no, you won't see his face, nor even the
face of God.  Some mysteries still need
logic to solve. Even through a four finger "V"

Antares.  Meet me there bring your glass
and a telescope, a star chart and the dvd
pack of every episode, we will set the
table and a place for every crew member
                                              and remember
to leave one for the science officer, Spock.

Turn the lights low and with
the remote control just hit play
and stare out to space, sublime
one final frontier, one final time.
COPD,  I have a friend who has been diagnosed with this disease, worked in a garage his whole life, exhausted and exhaust fumes, he is have a struggle and his is not end stage.

— The End —