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Howard Robard Hughes
Famously rich recluse
Dreams led him to the lap of luxury
Followed by nightmarish mysophobic OCD

Rich ******* aviator Howard Hughes
With movie starlets kept himself amused
Dated Katherine Hepburn
Bette Davis took her turn
And still more, which kept the tabloids confused

Born Howard Robard Hughes to a rich family
With English, Welsh and French Huguenot ancestry
Enjoyed a successful multi-faceted business career
But aviation and aerospace were his favorite frontier
8/23/2019 - Poetry form: Clerimerick Couplets (A hybrid form I created composed of a Clerihew, Limerick and 2 rhyming Couplets. This is another of my Clerimerick Couplets.  The Clerihew has been described as the literate cousin of the Limerick. Cool things happen when the cousins get together!  Two rhyming couplets make the poetry form complete. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Starry Sep 7
As the airplanes
Take off
And land
The children
In the
School yard reach up and
As if to grab the planes.
Starry Sep 1
As the boeing's engines
To fail
Gaint purple butterfly swaps in
To save
The plane
It's passengers
And its crew
From certain
Starry Aug 29
As the sun sets
I watch from across the river the airplanes
And take
At the airport
Build me an airport above the surface of your heart
The runway could be hard surfaces
Made out of asphalt
Or soft surfaces
Made of grass
No matter how easy or hard
I will take my chances
To land safely on your heart

Make a radio tower and tell me the radio frequency
So I can tell you how gorgeous is your smile
How I love your sins, flaws and your style
And you can tell me
Clear to do arrival and approach
But if you are not ready, put me on hold
Let me land there sweetie
Toxic yeti Mar 19
There on a
Wing of a Boeing
Was Garfield
A cat
Walking on the wing
At 30,000ft in the air.  
Am I hallucinating
Or dreaming
Or is the reality??!!
Toxic yeti Mar 11
As I see a
Boeing jet
Take off
Form the airport
So fat and so happy
I can feel
The freedom
It’s gaining.
How I wish it was me.  

As I see a Boeing jet
At the airport
Still fat and still happy
I feel like a captive
For it is not free
Due to weather and gravity.
I pray for thousands of innocents
Who died because of 19 sinners
I wished for the wandering souls in earth
To be accepted on the side of our Creator

Bless the souls who died in Pentagon
Bless the souls who died in World Trade Center
Bless the souls of the hijacked aircraft's passengers
So they will rejoice, in the Land Of Promised

For the ones that lost their family, friends or their siblings
I want you guys to think positive and keep smiling
Because of that incident
They could enjoy their new lifes in Heaven
The place where pain never exist
And known as it's Holy
The place where our heart will never resist
To enjoy the eternal life and live happily

Rest In Peace
And you all will be missed
I hope this type of incident will never happen again. Let us never forget the incident happened 17 years ago.
Why would she wants to be a pilot
When she is already an angel?

Why would she wants to be inside the cockpit
When she can just spread her wings?

Why would she have to struggle asking permission from the radio tower
When she can fly by her own desire?

Why would bothered about fuel consumptions
When she have a gigantic amount of power?

Why would she thinks about the ground speed
When she can fly with her wings in a high velocity?

Why would she thinks about the minutes
When she can travel with just one click?

Why would she thinks of a distance
When she can just do teleportation?

Why would she afraid of an engine failure
When she have the strength of lifting earth?

What kind of heavenly creature
That have something she concerned?
Does she knows she is an angel?
Was it your beauty
That distracts me?
Was it your body
That makes my focus blurry?
Was it your smile
That sets my heart on fire?
Was it your eyes
That makes me can’t see because it’s too bright?
Was it the way your singing
That makes me can’t hear the radio coming?
Was it your brain
That caused my heart to beats faster like bullet train?
Or maybe your just overwhelming
That inspired my dreams and caused me overthinking

Whatever the reason is
You made me crashed my aircraft
Really **** hard
That nearly caused a fatal injury
Never fell so hard in my life. Until you shot me down, by just the way you look.........
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