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basil Jan 5
"i am so lame" i whisper to myself
after putting your flannel in the dryer
so that it would be as warm as it was when you gave it to me
fresh off your skin

your scent is waning, but i can still catch it
i wish i could hold it in my palms
because god knows it's my favourite smell in the world

i wear it until it get's cold again
but by then i'm already asleep

dreaming of you as i pretend you're holding me
dude, ****. i'm such a wreck lmaooofslakdfj
idiosyncrasy Dec 2020
my tongue isn’t
long enough
to reach all the places down your throat
it wants to touch

i’ll have to kiss your ribs
some other way
idfk. happy two year anniversary, love
I'd light the world on fire to be with you
Which is slightly problematic
Because then we'd have nowhere to stay
Unless you'll take me to the moon someday
A poem every day
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
I dreamt of lighter fluid
As desert rain

Stricken against the wind

Building into a phosphorus

A smiling inferno
In the fast lane

Hot cinder rims
Giving joyride the third degree

With fiscal intentions
Of burning this

Right off the map
This mountain pass is an important link from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
The system failed
I burnt my house
I seem so frail
As small as mouse
The ashes scatter
All around
It doesn't matter
I'm now unbound
Freestyle written in 4 minutes
Asominate Jun 2019
Why are you not working
Do you want to get fired?
Run amuck, berzerking
You shouldn't play with fire.

Are we pyromaniacs?
Yes, we arson.
They keep saying that
We're gonna get burn.
NSH May 2019
Sirens are wailing,
My very last breath is staling.
A set of eyes pin me down,
Complete with a mock frown.
"Why, it looks like you're in trouble."
My fear seemed to double.
It's just like how they say,
'Your life flashes before your eyes.'
I'm pathetic, aren't I?
I let this person find my weakness while I was blind.
"Now, if I may,"
A beat passed. I'm going to die.
"I shall see to your demise."
I wrote this on an uneventful afternoon when I suddenly felt inspired by one of my favourite shows and the background noise that day (it was only yesterday, really)
mjad Nov 2018
the fire left sparks on my sleeve
You stood ten feet across from me
on the other side of the flames
they reflected in your eyes
the ocean blue turned arsony
and I could see all our memories
Levottomuus Oct 2018
Scorched earth, the scent of charred evergreens
Thick, black smoke, the veil of death
Blazing embers and soot carried by the autumnal breeze
Asphyxiating every desperate breath
The fury of flames but a passionate wildfire
Spreading 'cross the flourishing land
The flowerbeds are charcoal, the tall trees expire
A trail of destruction written in the sand

Unfazed and curious, a slender silhouette watches
A forlorn watchman of the nature's will
Admiring the tango of the infernal clutches
The eyes of an eagle, a stranger on the hill
A chuckle, a smirk, a pair of matches at his feet
Thick, black smoke filling up his maw
Exhales the poison calmly, a swift step to leave
The cigarette **** descends from his claw

Alas, the conflagration not caused by fate
But a crime of man, an arson most vile
The price for indifference, an outbreak of hate
Demise of pure beauty in a mantle of fire
First 'real' poem that I'm posting and also first that I've ever written. I don't think there's much to be said about this one, it's rather clear...
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