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photovoltaic Feb 2021
i wish the world was still an adventure
step through the portal, in search of new worlds
to make fresh memories with old friends

now i stare at the treasures ive collected over the years
rusted and broken, clockwork falling apart, blade dull
legacy of once glorious days.
adventure, JJD
i miss you, and the life we created together
Norman Crane Oct 2020
The tall young woman in a golden dress
spins a globe upon her desk and waits,
and waits till calloused finger comes to rest
upon an unknown wilderness. What spaces
lie yet undiscovered, like tabletops
to be uncovered / to be uncovered:
secret words within a foreign bookshop
under dust and under clutter—
Wiped clean! The tablecloth's pulled off! Now she
will be the first to glean their mysteries:
To see what no one else has ever seen,
To be where no one else has ever been.
Until nothing is obscured for her.
For hers is this world and she its explorer.
Norman Crane Oct 2020
We've sailed cerulean seas to pastel shores,
Known only to the glorious few,
We have disembarked, ready to explore,
As our lone ship waits slumbering in view
of the glorious bay. Light paints daybreak
across the sky. We see the rising sun
through imagined jungle—and hesitate:
The image lingers, but it must be done,
Eyes close. Toward the interior we turn
remembering, and hoping to return.
Norman Crane Aug 2020
fat drips
      fire, sausage crackles—flames
      hiss of steam
Dev Aug 2019
I've been attacked, chased, and charged

By cats and snakes small and large

Bitten by sharks with great white teeth

All while monsoons crashed our reef

I've attracted gorillas with my jungle musk

And fought them off with an elephants tusk

But in all the places I've been stranded

It's only cities where I can't stand it
My response to the challenge: Find the nearest book (of any kind). "Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

"I've been chased by elephants, bitten by snakes, charged by Gorillas, attacked by sharks, stranded in monsoons... " - National Geographic Survival Book
Explain to me all you see
Here on earth look differently
Explain thy good, explain thy bad
Explain thy entities that you have

Implicate thy beauty, implicate thy ugly
Implicate thy joy that you listen soundly

Narrate thy life, narrate thy strife
Narrate thy wonders with such delight

No one will ever see
How you view life in such a variety
Its only you who will tend
Such an ending without bend
mal frost Mar 2019
coastal waters clear as
clouds, drifting above
radiant sun drowned
desolate ship on the horizon
bobbing, floating,
with the tide
Graff1980 Mar 2019
We soft fingers
on the locked
laid before
the world
we abhor,

wooden rot
ready to be open
so, we can explore
the radiant wonders
that lay
in the day
on the other side
of this dark night
I am a champion of Longing.
Full of gratitude, yes,
but born with an irrepressible
Desire to Chase.
I am always
peering around the corner,
staying up all night,
and stoking the fire
for only the greatest of dreams
of art, adventure, and pleasure,
of science, nature, and mind.

The beginning of romance too,
is taking on the role of explorer,
setting forth into the unknown,
getting my feet wet,
and splashing forward
by drawing a map.
I am exuberant,
(sometimes forwardly so),
not because I seek to plant a flag
and claim connections as my own,
but because I seek to chart the boundaries
of hearts unknown.

I wish to delight in each waterfall,
spelunk each hidden treasure,
plot and survey each peak!
Is that not the greatest joy -
getting to know
that which finds your soul,
multiplies it,
and hands it back to you anew?

Perhaps after thorough study
One may find a home.
And yet, there is also magic
in just passing through,
an extended holiday,
a retreat when healing is needed,
a reminder of that which makes us

And thus,
I will love, and love, and love.
Not always thoroughly -
sometimes in small explosions,
sometimes not as much where I'd like,
sometimes too much where I'm not needed -
But still I will.
Still I will create, do, inspire,
wonder, and love as much as possible,
Knowing that which does not nurture Longing
is temporary.
"Longing on a large scale is what makes history." - Don DeLillo
"And longing on a smaller scale is what sends explorers into the unknown, where the first thing they do, typically, is draw a map." - Kate Harris
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