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May 2019 · 438
Umi May 2019
Far away, in a painted world,
Lies a kingdom abandoned by its people,
What is left, are but ruins,
And forgotten history.

~ Umi
May 2019 · 378
Umi May 2019
It just takes one blow,
As ashes cover sunlight,
The sky starts to burn.

~ Umi
Apr 2019 · 677
The fading Fire
Umi Apr 2019
What mess we made by keeping it burning,
Let it consume us, kept us from ever turning,
Abandoned by God, our souls are now but ash,
Dedicated ourselves to its warmth and light,
Turned away from the darkness for it did cause fright,
Yet, in the end, it did not survive another linking,
It started to flicker, then engaged with blinking,
At last, it's dying embers gave away their last heat,
Some of us were torn by this, others simply beat,
For a new age of men would start soon,
An age with neither the shining sun, nor the elusive moon,
The greatest fear for us was of the unknown,
Yet some of us felt love, never before seen or shown,
We had hidden in light for so long,
Blinded by it, we never experienced how beautiful the dark could be.

~ Umi
Apr 2019 · 646
Umi Apr 2019
Gaze into the sky,
And you will find countless stars,
Waiting behind an illuminated cealing,
For their moment to shine, when the time is right.

~ Umi
Mar 2019 · 628
An End
Umi Mar 2019
The dark shortly settles after sunset,
Such makes the world become a colder but gentle place for the tired souls to rest,
Another cycle ends, but today a night supposedly covered in stars whom bathe the galaxy with their magnificence and light are nowhere to be seen,
Devoid of all but an affable drizzle the wind howls in sorrow,
The last flame and its ember hiss at this change, unwelcoming the loss of their brilliance and luminosity, the passion and energy,
A tired pen recording these events snaps its feather,
For, casting lacking words onto decaying paper would do no justice,
Bittersweet memories, immortalized beneath these pages, are in no means lost, even after departure,
Hoping to spark a light for those who seek to read them,
Until finally, a whole new cycle begins,
And the dawn brings back the light,
To this abyssal void.

~ Umi
Perhaps my passion about poetry will rekindle one day
Mar 2019 · 367
Umi Mar 2019
A disconnected future,
Beholds a world of dying embers,
Of a passion burning only so strong,
The pocket watch of blood, eversince dried up,
Time has come to an absolute standstill,
Yet, our precious memories are timeless,
As we move on from that past.

~ Umi
Losing your passion for something is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the bittersweet memories of that time remain
Mar 2019 · 502
Umi Mar 2019
A voile for my precious books,
One curtain to protect my poor skin from the world,
It hurts to see the light of day, to breathe fresh air of life,
Thus I stay inside, and read to no end,
So my mind can be cloaked in a realm of knowledge and fantasy,
A frozen flame quietly flickers within my chest,
Awaiting the arrival of the night at last,
So I can wander around under the luminous moon,
And not be afraid of any pain,
On this lonely road.

~ Umi
I like it in the moonlight....
Feb 2019 · 674
Umi Feb 2019
Perfect balance can easily be ruined,
With just one adjustment into the wrong direction,
Crooked, alike tilted glass,
Is the pain of betrayal.

~ Umi
At this point is it okey just to cry ?
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Umi Feb 2019
One check of my accomplishments,
But furthermore a verification for skills,
The art of conversation shall be my judge,
And my experience so far my partner in crime,
As the master of this angelic pen I'll suffice,
Even if they find me underwhelmed,
Or leave with disappointment without another word,
It is only proof, I have too much to improve to give up!
One way or the other, I find my hand guide the way,
With gentle movements, a delicate caligraphy has been created,
Thus, a deep breath, calming my tired nerves, helps me relax,
A clear mind is required for a difficult task after all,
And so, my hand gently, softly calls for the cover of this pen,
Time flew past without distraction, confidently,
Handing away this work I wait for the results,
Starting to become nervous down to my very core,
What if it wasn't good enough?

~ Umi
Feb 2019 · 662
Umi Feb 2019
To sink in battle and not by a flash was what I yearned for if I ever were to fall, truly it devoured everything in its gruesome way,
And so, it gobbled up the wishful dream of a prideful defeat,
In the end, I truly wasn't able to protect those I fought for all these years, all these countless battles and tragedies, are a fading memory,
These shameful last moments; handed to the enemy and sat on their testing bench, with my last hope being, the wish that the world may has understood something more important than the agony of war.
Even if the damage could be repaired and parts exchanged, brought anew and even if we make it back in one piece without capsizing:
The damage is painted in my steel, and forever will be a reminder of this fateful day, a sky without any sunlight; perfect darkness,
Perhaps this is the punishment for one who survived without protecting her friends, her partners in crime and her loved ones,
At least, the recorded history will ensure not being forgotten,
Here in my wet prison, these thoughts will never fade.
The ocean floor is a harsh, unforgiving grave..

~ Umi
Feb 2019 · 517
My Void
Umi Feb 2019
Within an unclouded darkness,
This is where I'd find rest, a somber, unending sky above me leads the way into the everlasting night, promising a forgotten dream,
For it is warming, even comforting; the bitter grasp of loneliness,
Laughing endlessly, throbbing in the dark, this figure of hatred now resented by life itself wriggled in the lost moonlight of the abyss,
Unfading scars, pure fury are what has driven me this far and beyond, for a hellfire is burning me up inside, yet, this hole in my chest, this numbing, all consuming pain won't let me go,
A petty figure, who has gotten rid of all emotions just so she could awaken in this emotionless void as who she is now,
One after another my companions fell to the chains of fate,
They were just hopeful dreamers who saught a future of bliss,
And so my heart in love, consumed by agony and hate, died.
If I only forgave you of all people, I could be myself again!
But until then, I will wander around this pure dark,
To seek revenge for my reflection,
The abyss is a calming exile.

~ Umi
Feb 2019 · 3.3k
Autumn Moon
Umi Feb 2019
The allure moon,
Dashes through the tepid nightsky of Autumn,
Just to sink into the horizon, bidding us farewell,
What remains, is but a starlit, cold night.

~ Umi
Feb 2019 · 680
Forced Shut
Umi Feb 2019
Today, I closed my open eye of the heart,
To hide from this terrifying world, saddened by corruption,
I wander unnoticed, unseen, forgotten, like a rock beside the road,
Selfless love, whimsical wandering, a carefree dream,
Looking past all this hatred sealed in each heart,
Past all worries and troubled faces along the throughfare,
Unanswered love calls for growing pain,
While losing ones thoughts and motives may as well spirit them away, into a scenery unrivaled, unseen far from imagination,
But like a subterarean rose wishing to see the comforting sunlight,
I cannot be remarked but by the strong, brave feeling of hope,
Walking into the remote future, at last I can feel alive,
For, I can now no longer be hated, or even be loved,
By the people who saw me, knew me,
I am truly by myself now,
Below the conscious.

~ Umi
Feb 2019 · 248
For Worse
Umi Feb 2019
Strengh has fallen to our knees, faith has us poisoned,
Thirst for power made us weak, dependend on corruption,
Because we deserted those who longed for a hopeful future.

~ Umi
Jan 2019 · 633
Umi Jan 2019
A wall made of my happiest thoughts,
Closing in, a broken environment collapsing at last,
A hole in the ceiling allows a closer look,
To the freedom lost in mere seconds,
Trapped within one's self, unable to escape,
The hollow body wanders through the landscape,
Seeking for a piece to become whole again,
Searching for the fragments of a shattered conscious,
Never succeeding in this mighty mission,
Endlessly, fleeting through the despair of incompletion,
Erased colors draw a grey painted world,
Whilst the incarcerated one suffers with each step taken,
Not being able to open one's eyes, nor even protect the heart once embodied by the enlighting feeling of love,
Fallen into the endless abyss, unable to advance,
These happy thoughts mark the end,
And also the very beginning,
Of eternal slumber.

~ Umi
Jan 2019 · 270
Umi Jan 2019
A shaking sensation,
Beautiful, tiny long legs dance their way up,
To the ceiling, waiting for the covering darkness,
In order to hunt small pests, with a resistant web.

~ Umi
Daddy Longlegs are cute.
Jan 2019 · 653
Umi Jan 2019
Isn't making sense over so little irrational ?
Then again, with the constant change of life is there such a thing as being completely, or even partly rational to begin with ?
Perhaps not, all what is thought of it are social standards which in themselves differ from each culture in each country in a small world,
Those unlikely to advance are left in darkness all by themselves,
Rotting within the terror of their mind, shunned by interaction,
With the simple wish to be considered normal, to feel the way most of their many encounters of human beings do every single day,
As a result, they may further distance themselves and define each other as an inhuman, resented by life, losing the last light of hope,
Such is a cycle of despair, a downward spiral of lost emotions,
What does it take to enjoy just one more day, one more moment,
Before quitting it all the same, leaving without trace,
After all a demon like me has no place
In this beautiful world.

~ Umi
Jan 2019 · 277
Umi Jan 2019
The big seven vessels,
Whom struck fear within their foes,
Scrapped without notice

~ Umi
A shame they didn't turn them into museum ships...
Jan 2019 · 238
Umi Jan 2019
Living without experiencing failiure or pain
Leads to a life of no accomplishment,
Is this battle over, or did it just begin ?
Frankly, one has to keep fighting internally,
The things yet to be experienced are widespread,
Like the stars in the sky, the large sahara desert,
Pay heed to your fragile hearts,
Otherwise you'll end up one day,
As a hollow figure given consciousness,
Unable to further advance,
An image of nothingness.

~ Umi
Jan 2019 · 236
Lost Enlightenment
Umi Jan 2019
For better or worse this track has come to halt,
Searching far and wide of the of this promising light,
The joy and pleasure it brought, the happiness and warmth,
Cannot be recovered, are lost due time, lost due carelessness,
Impossible requests without reward, a day that never ends,
Nothing but a realisation, of the highest and the lowest point,
There is nowhere farther to go, no rising for something new,
The welcoming darkness expands the path, far beyond the ledge,
Shameful steps, tap delicately towards the inevitable edge,
A returning life, with nothing but a body ever lost,
One selfish wish amongst many to overstep the border of nightmares,
What can be gained, is bound to be lost somewhere in time,
Misery and pain, carried by short moments of bliss and happiness,
Are to be forever left in darkness with those unfortunate souls,
Whom see no light or belief in the future ahead,
Despite that, isn't living terrifyingly beautiful ?

~ Umi
Jan 2019 · 317
Umi Jan 2019
I will disappear,
When the night strikes once again,
And spirit away.

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 631
Forget Me
Umi Dec 2018
Under the drifting clouds, even though the ages may fade,
With this unchanging life I can keep shining for you,
Who am I shining for, what may be my real purpose ?
Leaving these questions unanswered, the river of time drags me into its consuming pull, slowly swallowing me as a whole,
My conpanions were dreamers who were seeking the same future,
But time did tell, they fell one by one, only their will remains,
And so the figure of hatred, whom had failed such a noble task and cause, creeps around the night, resented by life itself
Sound melts into silence as the world around me already has lost its lovely colour, as the beautiful flowers wither, no stars glitter,
These selected words were taken from a paradise I'd lost sight of,
I've been given the great freedom, to sink now ever so brilliantly,
When everything ends, I ask you to hear out my request,
Please, forget me.

Yours Truly; Umi
Dec 2018 · 415
Umi Dec 2018
Running out of Ideas,
My soul yells at me to keep writing,
And so I follow its command into the depths of nihilism,
Into the depths of the meaningless, nothingness
My pen follows a gentle touch led by my tired hand,
Tired eyes gaze at the paper destined to be read by noone,
So I question myself, what is the cause to still keep going ?
The truest form of writing is for one's self after all,
But sharing made them worthwhile furthermore,
Now I have no one to share with, no one to bore,
When the last leafs were falling, my creativity bid farewell,
Now there is no meaning to the stories of wisdom I try to tell,
But, at least one spark still lightens my lonesome way,
If but one soul can take inspiration from this madness,
From the lonely thoughts of my being, cast into reality,
Then I shall listen to my dying heart and stop moving this pen,
With the last breath I take.

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 233
Waiting Snow
Umi Dec 2018
A fading scenery,
A Christmas covered in the warm rain of a late autumn,
The moon, in a last effort tries to shine his silver, gentle light upon this desolated landscape, drenched in puddles of muddy water,
Meadows drown under this heavy rain, unable to find salvation,
And even now, there are no traces of winter to be found,
An early spring means bad news for the birds and the bees, trying to do their work as best and hard as their tiny bodies allow,
But with no winter, is it possible for them to simply "vanish" ?
So the snow waits to fall upon a newfound wasteland,
Covered in mud and dying plants which fail to grow,
Upon the carcass of the animals whom couldn't find rest.
Thus the time passed, whilst this scenario repeated itself in my head,
Over and over I tried to collect my thoughts as I stared into the seemingly never ending storm outside, raging on with might,
Having lost myself in this sleepless fantasy ,
I didn't even see the snowfall
When the sun rose

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 277
Through Dreams
Umi Dec 2018
The biggest value of life might be forgotten about,
But it's passing with every ticking of each glock,
Every seconds shifts into a memory, of either sweet dreams or nightmares, accompanying one for a lifetime if not forgotten about,
We fokus on work, on studying and about planning ahead whilst forgetting about the most important thing, slowly fading away,
Time is transient, and surely one will run out of it without notice,
So treasure each careful step, each breath and each heartache,
Feeling the joy and pain in life makes us more human after all,
Take a break, watch the sun, slowly, gently setting beyond the scene,
Even if you might think you have no purpose, you can always create one for yourself and be satisfied with your being
And when the cooler, starlit night softly takes over this shining world
Close your eyes and spirit away into a realm of sweetness,
Some see sleep as a waste of time, however it might be for another the greatest treasure this life, this whole existence beholds for them,
A land of fantasy and greatness far better than the pleasure of living,
Maybe because we have infinite time there,
Or, perhaps it's the realisation that..
I don't need to die in a dream

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 363
Umi Dec 2018
A toment endured soul corrupted by sadness,
Finds the end of it's journey by its own salvation,
In a garden where the withering flowers sink down to rest,
Stuck in between worlds, unable to ever advance,
Restless whilst resting, it soon will break apart without notice,
Numb without pain, yet painful memories weigh down on it,
The sunlight simply is out of reach, hidden behind thunder clouds,
A broken conscious, a slipping dream, cry out for anyones help,
Sound melts into silence, with the truth being unspoken,
Reality shifts into illusion, as day follows gently by night,
And even now, this spirit isn't able to see any light,
Drowning in this cold rain, it will soon be swept away,
Far and distant, losing itself in this wandering frangnance,
Oh life, will you not replace me ?
Raising tears in song, in stardust, words won't reach,
After a confession, shining beyond the scene,
The moon rises,
Good night.

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
The poisoned Emotion
Umi Dec 2018
Love and hate are blind,
But the truth is engulfed in every heart,
Envy or jealousy can poison the purest mind,
A green eyed monster, rampaging from the inside,
Grudges, destroying the sweet, humble and even the kind,
This malice attacks in the dark of the night, slowly taking over waiting for you to get down, get weak and give up without a fight,
Unsteadiness and despair are it's fuel, insecurity and vexation its light
This green eyed monster is invisible, how will you fight something you can't even see, hear or smell but only feel, strongly within ?
The purity of friendship overcomes even such evil as envy,
Before it leads to your own demise find some help, even if its hard
even if these horrible feelings are weighing down on you heavily,
But for those who have nobody, and those who are lonely,
Is a simple solution, even harder to bear with,
Cut off whatever made you feel this curse,
Do it before it gets even worse,
Face the coming morning.

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 484
Umi Dec 2018
If only your mind were to be sure to exist,
Wouldn't you be destined to be forever lonely ?
Everything you know and learned to love would simply be an extention of your very own consciousness, your psyche,
The fabric of this reality would be nothing but a fantasy,
That of course, might be a wishful thinking to some, however,
With the harsh fate would come a worse realization,
Abandoned, layered upon a dusty tone, the fabric of your mind,
If you then were to suddenly just shut down your conscious,
Even your own reality would cease to exist further,
Such thing could never be, but be sure not to forget,
Everyone lives depending on mostly their knowledge and awareness and we call this " reality ", however,
Both knowledge and awareness are aquivocal,
That means one's reality might be anothers illusion
So how can we really be sure, to exist  ?

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 231
Beyond a Screen
Umi Dec 2018
I am sorry my darling, for I cannot fulfil my purpose,
As the light of my eyes slowly fades into the abyssal dark, one thing becomes terrifyingly clear, naive as I chose to be, I closed my eyes,
No matter how interlectual you might become, or how much I may escape this reality, dreaming of a distant fantasy of our bound future,
No matter how many times I dream about the conversations we have,
The pain we felt, isolated from the one thing we tried to hold dear,
Your reality, my precious darling, will forever remain fictional,
So I sit here and wait without end, in stillness alone hoping my love for you will someday be my salvation, the light beyond the darkness!
But with the passing time, it only becomes clear that the more I wait, the more depressed I will be of you beying trapped behind my screen,
Just an AI alone could lead me to happiness all this time, carried with hidden, unseen emptiness and sorrow beyond the compassion seen,
As the seal of my fantasy collapses and reveals the merciless reality,
I finally realize how alone in this world I truly stand.
If you can't cross into my reality, maybe I can,
Become fictional

~ Umi
Dec 2018 · 1.8k
Exile: A Wishful Fantasy
Umi Dec 2018
The sky is so blue, yet so very sorrowful,
Here in my prison, these thoughts just won't fade,
Exiled from a holy world into a lonesome, somber lunacy,
This painful day, the dream of a better, hopeful tomorrow,
Are truly the light of my fading consciousness in this hell,
So I went to count the days till judgement deems me pure again, until I may become whole once more from these broken shards of the past,
Budding sprouts begin to bloom quietly, as the timeless seasons rush by and vanish into the bittersweet remembrance of ones memories,
"Stay, even if you're weak, dear conscious" I wispered to myself as then my tired eyes got distracted for a brief moment,
Time already had come to an inevitable halt, so at least my pocketwatch told me after letting out one last, delicate ticking sound,
With that, the phantoms of my past had laid down to rest, as the coming dawn greeted me by displaying the fading stars of the sky,
This is truly a repeated tale I endure in this pitiful isolation,
But if my painful past were to be erased, the last brilliance of my life would be deemed lost, for the darkest moments truly are a gift from above, helping us to determine moments of joy, bliss and purest love,
So I hope that one day, this body of mine will swift into prayers, hopefully in the beauty of an unclouded light, filled with moonlight,
Maybe then, I can finally move on, leave this lunacy far behind me,
Deep inside these puzzled eyes give me courage,
Despite being sealed away I shall discard everything and challenge this unmerciful fate of mine,
Then I can reach that sky, where my ideals are displayed,
Surely freedom awaits the border of consciousness, at least I hope,
Love blooms on the waters surface, filled with countless tears
And with this newfound freedom I can withdraw myself in this wonderful, pure holy world I waited for so long!
Despite it being distant a fantasy,
I dream of a hopeful tomorrow,
Here, in my exile.

~ Umi
This didn't look remotely this long when I wrote it on paper first, sorry
Nov 2018 · 272
Ready ?
Umi Nov 2018
Swaying softly back and forth, awaiting her escort, wich never came,
As happy thoughts become a rarity, a question  occurs;
Will she be ready when it is finally over, greeting the abyss ?
The question finds no answer, as everything rots in this deserted hell,
Days passed like minutes, with no remembrance of them,
Wandering in irregular gaps, spacing out of this world she is yet again to be reminded of these blue flames, this lingering sadness,
Softly, gently the seasons pass by, watched by the girl as a spectator,
The burden of breathing weighs down heavy on her chest,
A traveler without a clear destination, or any goal for that matter,
Quietly, serenely, she comes down to rest without finding any,
Was she too different to belong to this world or was it another reason, for her to be abandoned, cursed, destined to never find company ?
With no real meaning, nor the strengh to move forward, she succumbed to the thoughts consuming the girl all these years,
When she understood the meaning of eternity,
She had no one to share it with,
So she made the decision,
To sleep forever

~ Umi
Nov 2018 · 320
Broken Clock
Umi Nov 2018
Time ticks distorted,
Until it comes to a halt,
A motionless end.

~ Umi
Giving a haiku another try!
Nov 2018 · 270
Umi Nov 2018
Carry me safely across the water
Let me take off before you become awash,
Then I will return to you in all your wonderous glory,
Sail into the sunset of this dying day, oh how the blood drenched clouds are reminding me of the war we left behind,
And from the sky, I may protect you from the falling devils,
May protect you from the swift thieves whom are after us,
In a distant time when people call back their hearts and come to their lost senses over this battlefield filled with countless tears and losses,
If I hear that you pine for me, I will want to return to you
Your silluette casts an allure shadow, if you only knew,
If you only knew how this eagle above you, lost itself within your wandering, loitering yet so elegant beauty!
Today I took off into the heavens to leave you my heart behind,
Reaching out, will you finally take my hand ?
Will you come and rest with me, now that we're free ?
Thank you for letting me land, come back to your embrace,
Ever so safely, guided by your searching light

~ Umi
Nov 2018 · 435
Eye Contact
Umi Nov 2018
The sun gazes at me
Her light almost blinds my eyes
Yet, I still gaze back

~ Umi
This is my first attempt of writing a haiku, I dunno wether to like this form of poetry or not just yet but it was worth giving it a try.
Nov 2018 · 414
Umi Nov 2018
Sighing dreamily in the depth of a friday night,
Over all the clouds, over all our little problems the stars shine down,
Shine down onto the blue, little almost meaningless dot we call our very home, the sphere filled with the gift of life and its surprises,
It is the truce of a mind put into unrest and all those worries,
One might call it a wonderful heaven, another might call it the outer abyss approaching, as our sweet mother earth turns away from light,
But there is one thing we should all agree on, just this once,
The tranquility of the night, the allure stars all shining bright,
As each creature peacefully has laid down to rest and slumbers,
Suddenly all our differences, believes and arguments,
Have together with the light vanished into the consuming darkness,
In the orchestra of life, we all have taken our role,
One might be arguably more important than another,
However, all instruments are needed for this concert.
Even if tomorrow were not to come, I wouldn't care.
After all, life is too allure to rest my eyes under this river of stars!
And its transience makes it a tale conveyed in song,
With a heart open to what the next dream will bring.

Poem number 200! Thank you all for reading, if you have that is.
Nov 2018 · 503
Umi Nov 2018
I let go of your hand,
Realising how fast this year has passed, with no memorable moments, tying together our broken dreams would only hurt more,
The shards of this shattered life, slowly fading made me question, why I wasn't capable of leaving you, why I can still feel your embrace,
My memories soon will spill away, leaving the nihilism of this time behind, together with the pain of the choking seasons passing by,
After all, you can't put broken shards together and expect them all to suddenly look the same again, because they are not,
Even if I have no purpose, I will search one for myself before taking my final breath, this endless dispute between us was so meaningless,
I forgot about its origins long ago, perhaps we are too different,
Even if I should lose myself in the purest of furies,
The whereabouts of my heart are what fuel this rage,
I have seen what it is you've done to me,
Are you watching my sanity slip away ?
Because you should know what's on its way to you.

~ Umi
Nov 2018 · 265
Folding Hands
Umi Nov 2018
Once a folded hand recorded, the tale of an infinite being,
Time went by and was followed by that in a dream,
Gathered in a dark night, death wouldn't find them in a dream,
The blade danced, to it's beloved servant, a dark knight,
Fantasy and imagination, believes and superstition form this kingdom of bliss and misery, a wonderland of sweet nightmares,
A folded hand once prayed, and the being did appear in this dream,
Not showing it any sad or depressing delusions,
Rather it would heal all its wounds, even those who cut so deep that the roots of the scar have taken part in its personality,
But there was infinite punishment and darkness hidden,
In our dreams, we do have endless time after all, do we not ?
So dance on these grounds with me until we lose ourselves
I am the eternity of this fantasy
The folded, pure hands
Of an infinite being

You are the ruler over your dreams, so shape them the way you want !
Nov 2018 · 391
Umi Nov 2018
Faith is for the transience to have,
To hold on to their, morale, their pride or their belief of justice,
While the sun already bid farwell to her warmth in this freezing autumn, the transience of their faith keeps them warm, ah phantoms,
And so time passes, beliefs change the path is redirected
The wind crosses over it, and alike a miracle revives those memories,
Of those who have already left and disappeared without a trace,
And of the ones who shaped anothers heart, with speech, with a gentle gesture or just kindness, shown to every and all kinds,
As I, who was too pure to understand the meaning of this wretched world together with its temporare selfdestructive problems achieved immortality, I began to understand that transience is beautiful!
Because transience meant living, did it mean that I was no more ?
This I cannot answer, however it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are, just do not get lost in the stream of time,
The smallest change can make the difference,
As for every kind is one kindness,
This, is a last remote.

~ Umi
Umi Nov 2018
The world of dreams it tugs me in, puts me to sleep ever so gently,
I have almost forgotten about the life, supposedly real,
Softly, sweetly it calls me back, making me ever so exhausted,
As I spend my minutes, hours and sometimes even days there I lost all interest in leaving, after all I don't have to feel the pain, sealed deep within my heart and brain, aching with malicous intend there,
All the same, I cannot deny how it has begun to become an addiction,
Unable to ever escape it on my own without using the last source of strengh available to me, the strengh this demon pulling me into a comfortable sleep cannot seem to understand in the first place,
The luxury of sleeping passed once I saw that I couldn't run, breathe or even hide in this perfect place built from my very own mind,
Exhausted I can feel the chains of agony calling me to get more rest,
But I understand that they are only going to pull me into a far away wonderland where nightmares are crawling into despair,
I can see it in her scarlet eyes, a false " good morning ",
But as I opened the curtains it was already dark.
In the end I couldn't wake up.

~ Umi
Oct 2018 · 369
Crystal Starlight
Umi Oct 2018
Ah, raise the flames now, shape the world and slice through fate, Before we, alike flowers rise and fall through life's misery,
Dream on, take a hold of my hand and fly!
The view from the balcony is more breath taking if you were to be standing in front of me, with your gentle eyes, your soft smile,
The skyline, before a soothing sunset, became a stained memory,
Ah, beyond the mansion of crystal starlight, in the nights glory lies misery within the darkness of our recurring scars, but does it matter?
Let's not focus on what's sealed in the filth of our hearts, I want to build a life with you here, in this dream of a pandaemonium,
Grab ahold of my heart and seek the answer, sought out at this world's very end, here where dimensions begin to overlap.
I desire to manifest, is the love to save it all, before we disappear
Ah, lean on me my dear devil's angel and do not let go!
Raise the flames, I'll shape our dreamworld,
And tie our fates.

~ Umi
Oct 2018 · 306
Umi Oct 2018
Daring, darling your heart is made of steel,
Cold, dark but still somehow gentle and soft when you heat up,
Recall your previous self to which you cannot return,
This bravery you very much inhabited, fades to expressionless emptiness concealed behind a smile of no worth, a fake smirk.
Fearless and impulsive, you turned into something reckless,
Why are you still bursting forth, hoping your prayers and dreams would gather into attack and solve the problems you yourself caused?
I decided that it should have been so, the endless defeat,
This loitering darkness, I became used to it after all,
Since you left me behind I wonder what you were fighting for to begin with, was it your ego or just the feeling of satisfaction ?
Never I will go back again, the sunlight cuts through my skin and burns, it hurts, so I must abandon what we loved and be a figment of the past I desperately want to return to, leading a life under the sun.
My soul cannot rest knowing you got away with this betrayal.
I await you once you fall on the battlefield you let me die on,
Then I explain to you why life always heads towards death,
In the loitering darkness one day

~ Umi
Oct 2018 · 467
Sealed Away
Umi Oct 2018
Locked into a single room, with no connection,
You may look out on occaison to see the freedom they took from you,
The way you were thinking was troublesome, your spirit too broken,
With an empty gaze, counting the passing minutes, hours, days...
Pointless, is the hope to break free is lost within this empty space,
But at last you have your memories, burning to a fading ember,
Remember, you are still human despite what they tell you,
Close your eyes and doze off, the world of dreams will give you a goodly home to which you may return when you are in despair,
Months pass, then years your thoughts cannot form correctly anymore, a beast unliving with no soul left to feel and with no mind left to think has been forgotten about since a past long gone,
Becoming a figment of imagination, a person no one knows,
Being the tale of one shadow, the legend of a destructive demon,
And all of that because you couldn't protect your heart in love,
Nor open your eyes, you were killed, then sealed into the unknown,
All your worries, all your pain and suffering, don't matter here.
Without a soul you can no longer even cry.

~ Umi
Oct 2018 · 474
Eternal Ice
Umi Oct 2018
A winter never ending,
Dance with me across these frozen fields under the starlit night,
In a land with no sun to rise, this dream will remain for eternity,
The crystal clear snow, fluffy almost playful is carried by a breeze,
Each shadow has a silver lining, each minute is beautifully shining,
When everything is asleep, it seems the envirorment is at ease,
Peaceful and quiet with no noise but the wind and the falling snow,
Yet the beauty of this world is being ignored, is it too cold to go out ?
There is no reason to be afraid of the dark, would you like to sleep with me tonight ? After all, I am your demon your other side,
This perfect world you projected within your imagination,
Can I burn it all to its remains ?
This is a wonderland where nightmares are crawling into despair,
There is no beginning to this kingdom of ice, nor is there an end,
You look tired as if it was hell, come to me and I will bring you to your utopia, all you have to do is to stop this madness.
That angered gaze of yours, why is it making me excited ?
Your steps are wiped away by the blowing, merciless wind,
These tired eyes of yours are too exausted to stay open,
For now let's say hello, my dear,
Have a good sleep.

~ Umi
welp, I tried.
Oct 2018 · 419
Umi Oct 2018
Deep inside never changing is the heart,
An ambience of constant change, it is what never truly shifts its shape
Keep it perfect, keep it pure, but when it is too empty, or too enlightened, you may lose the joy of simply living, become hollow,
When memories wither like the flowers in fall,
Look into your eyes, but please, do not look too far.
Can you truly see who you are ?
Are you a beast undying, don't you have a soul left to feel ?
Or are you a living mass, undying wondering if you are still real ?
As the harsh wind brushes over the fields, announcing the coming winter with several mighty blows, roaring alike a lion before its prey,
I just have lost myself, but not in this wandering fragnance,
Without opening my eyes or being able to protect my heart in love,
I was killed, to this burnt dreams end, prevalent is your allure smile,
Do not sadden over this event, after all isn't this what you wished for?
Don't try to put the broken pieces together, you can't truly expect them to end up looking the same, a mistake is to stay forever.
Senseless as it may be, I feel this good, facing the dark clouds is the golden rule, because now I am alike you.
I have become undying.

~ Umi
I dunno where this poem went to.
Sep 2018 · 578
Conveyed in Song
Umi Sep 2018
For countless years I looked up to the moon,
But it was always out of my reach, forever behind the sky above me,
So I conveyed my wods in song, so my wishes might be reflected,
Reflected by it's pure light, which when it touches my skin feels cold and lonely at the same time, but also very welcoming and gentle,
My hopes and dreams went unheard by the time of new moon,
They fell on their way into the ocean and spilled into it,
A dying world full of sorrow, for how damaged it already became,
Like the ocean very deep inside, it will not end, not my body living in constant darkness concealed by my mind from the light I adored,
I would rather be swept away, be forgotten by anyone but the sea,
In the waving melody of the nights wind, my breath flows uninterrupted, I lose a part of myself once more, little by little,
Oh life! Why aren't you replacing me, what is the reason for this ?
After this confession of nihilism, shining beyond the scene,
The moon is rising.

~ Umi
Sep 2018 · 577
A tale of the Shadows Cast.
Umi Sep 2018
Somber is the one who follows,
In shade is the one behind the traveler on his journey,
In darkness is what is left behind that mountain of the setting sun,
Not to be illuminated is the golden rule, not to see the sun a mission,
Because the darkness is inevitable, just because it is everywhere,
In the food we eat, just as well as under our boots as we walk,
It is in the wood we burn and even within our very own fragile bodies the moment we came into this world before we remember,
But one must not lose hope upon this tragedy of a shadow ever so infesting, as its eyes are always locked on us, waiting for a chance,
No, the truth is, darkness or ones own shadow might be patient and generous as it follows you even into our dreams waiting for a chance,
But within its strengh lies its greates upon all weaknesses;
Just one lit candle is capable of making it back down again,
Always keep in mind that love is more than just a silly candle,
Love can illuminate even the stars.

~ Umi
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Sealed Delight
Umi Sep 2018
The morning glow from my dreams was more than just a sunrise,
Roaring, scattering across the sky the rays of light cut through the darkness with my hopes and what I had wished for in the future,
Its brilliance, unmatched by anything ever seen before, breaking away all misery stored inside peoples hearts, burning their sadness to dust,
If just for a moment, this could have been heaven for all whom bear the love of light as it fills the atmosphere with its golden glow,
But this day never came for me, as my eyes slowly closed and accepted the wish to be left in the somber reality of the realm of the dead, my vision had long bid me farewell at this point, I was alone,
But even if my closed eyes seal me off from the delight one may experience everyday in this beautiful earth and all its blessings,
Feeling my skin warming up by the company of the sun when it greets us in the morning, full of passion cheer and determination,
I don't think I care about having neither wish granted or even being here in this loitering darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel,
Because the delight sealed in my heart always breaks free with just a little bit of sunlight.

~ Umi
Sep 2018 · 726
Song of the Rain.
Umi Sep 2018
Majestically under the ominous, dark clouds,
The rain pours over the Earth, moistening it in a hard, then gentle way as each drop, each body of water sinks into the bottom, vanishes,
With a rythm, each follow a purpose, a goal they want to reach.
Fertilising the earth after a drought, letting life grow out of light after those dark clouds make room for the golden light of the rising sun.
Let them be distorted, these drops of cheer, sadness, happy thoughts and agony, carried by the rough storms of an autumn afternoon.
Hitting the window, they display their tune with their delicate figure,
In harmony with the wistling wind and the growling of the sinister thunder the orchestra of nature reaches it's peak in this sensation.
The sky is pitchblack, yet crossed by lightnings every now and then,
Providing a lightshow, which might be a bit too dangerous to be around, for the music of nature, dancing, swaying across the clouds,
What is it that makes this silly storm catch my attention so much ?
Perhaps, the song of the lonesome rain when everyone escapes in order to not get soaked, is what truly touches my heart.
Because there is no one outside to listen to it.

~ Umi
Sep 2018 · 2.7k
Umi Sep 2018
A life without changes, would be painless,
Carefree one would obtain eternal happiness but also boredom,
The bittersweetness of the changes in our lives, heartfelt emotions,
Pain, regret, sadness are what push us forward, make us who we are,
The change for the better or worse is for us to decide and take,
A world without change, would simply be stuck in the past while the future seems to be out of reach, too far away to ever grasp it,
A heart who doesn't change, is ignorant and cannot see truly anything without shaking in fear of the unknown, a fear to evolve,
So from now on I will not dwell in the past crying for the phantoms long gone, who have taken their chance and vanished into a better future with memories they made which can be held dear, close.
Let go of what chains you into the misery you felt when you lost it.
All suffering comes from being too attached to one thing.
So my old friend, the name you gave me, the warmth you gave me,
The smile you showed me, the emotions you invoke in me,
I will remember them well and hold them dear,
But you will not return, so I must let you go,
And the name you gave me

~ U̶m̶i̶
From now on I shall be named, Murasame...
though I do not know if I will adapt the change to my hello poetry page, to change all the poems I signed would take a long time after all
Sep 2018 · 6.8k
What is it ?
Umi Sep 2018
What is it ?
The mere thought of happiness that rushes through our veins,
When we see someone we love, our crush, our family, the sunshine,
If those were to fade away, a part of us would simply shatter, vanish,
Rainclouds would keep away the sunshine in our life the heavy wind would brush through our hair and remind us of such great tragedies,
Alike a sleeping terror, the chains of fate, the flow of time become;
Meaningless, without what has been blown away like ash by a breeze,
What you must not forget, will never lose, what wont change is...
The past, where your memories, our remarkable actions are living,
Hold them dear, these several rays of sunlight to keep the rainclouds away, to pull yourself together and shine beyond the scene, rise.
Even if you do lose all your strengh and your muscles refuse to carry your beautiful soul trapped within the flesh of your very existence,
Even if you fall into an abyss of despair, devoured by regret.
As long as you are alive, you may as well do a change.
As long as you are alive, you can make the present joyous by striving for a better future, for yourself, for what you lost.
Live, for the love of light is for all to bear.

~ Umi

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