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Liz Jan 2020
I see the world and fall into despair
Confusion and anger scatter everywhere
I know I'm blessed but emotions still burn
Because the thought of a world that refuses to learn

Honesty is valued but only if it alines
With the premade opinions of the ever-changing times
The drenching pain of extreme loss
Some may understand, but few know the cost

I don't understand my thoughts
The fill me with things that make me distraught
Heart broken people and lost ingenuity
But amongst this mess is undeniable beauty
Umi Aug 2019
An emotion so patient yet so sinnister, always awaiting a mere moment of weakness to strike you down and take you down with it,
Succeeding where nor hate and fear may ever reach,
Slowly, gently wrapping itself around ones mind, clouding their judgement, consuming, destroying and manipulating until no more willpower nor energy remains to resist the weight of this special hell,
Coldness, infinite distance, only to be reached by true love, yet fully in this accursed state, one may not understand "love" anymore,
Numbing misery with seemingly no end nor real beginning,
A feeling so aggressively taking its hold on its victim,
Yet so passively presenting it.
Just what is its intention ?
I give up, its hopeless.

~ Umi
Nina May 2019
I miss you
Every hour
Every minute
Every second
I miss you so much
That it hurts
There's nothing I can do
Other than missing you

— The End —