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9h · 20
Umi 9h
Eradic, flashing are the relentless thoughts
rushing through my mind,

A sensation, too painful to take,
as it engulfs me whole,

Until even my very soul,
has faded into madness,

As the thrills rushing through my veins must be set free,

Cold, empty, lifeless metal,
are the last touch my body can experience,

As it flows into a dark puddle,

I am fading

~ Umi
Umi Nov 2
With no expectations, she waits,
Although it has been so long, she lost sight of it,
Unable to get a taste of victory, she watched from afar,
Restricted in movement, trapped in her icy prison, the only companions she had, were the never ending streams of thoughts,
Undecided, she contemplates;
Shall she wait some more, clinging desperately to the last remaining bit of hope, before it softly, gently slips away from her grasp,
Or, should she give up, with none the wiser to what could have been,
As she engulfs herself within the somber feeling of seclusion,
Her conscious, filled with envy for those who experience the warmth of love, slips away once more,
As the cold wind takes its toll,
She stood there, still,
Ever so proudly.

~ Umi
Nov 1 · 157
Umi Nov 1
An abandoned thought,
A restless sigh,
Dust remains,
Where all has gone into nothing,
Deserted, uncared for, it lays there, waiting,
Staying, until it is swept away,
In the course of time,
Carried away,
With a breeze.

~ Umi
Umi Nov 1
The gentle stars sail through the river of the milkyway,
With no hesitation, with no violence,
As huge pressure usually drags them down,
And their fiery nature blows them apart, almost flaring occasionally,
Granting them not to rest a single moment,
But tonight, they allow themselves a moment of joy,
Dancing across the cosmic theater,
As if their carefree attitude, would carry them across the nightsky
Who knows where they are headed ?
And so, they wander, ever so..

~ Umi
Oct 29 · 55
Morning Star
Umi Oct 29
In the dark of night,
Just before the light of dawn
In the heavens she stands,
Pridefully gleaming.

~ Umi
Oct 28 · 191
The Wind is Roaring
Umi Oct 28
On a distant planet,
The cold wind is seething, unmatched,
Breaking the barriers of the azur beauty,
And eventually the barries of sound itself,
As it rages on, without ceasing.

~ Umi
Neptune is truly beautiful, isn't it ?
Oct 2 · 81
Umi Oct 2
Within the depths of sorrow,
And the soulcrushing agony of despair,
And those drying tears shed by misery,
Lies a dim, yet remarkable light of hope, still shining in the cold, unforgiving hall of your very memories,
Move forward with your ambition!
Never let that light escape your grasp
Until all is over,
You may rest in my arms for now,
Until your woes are carried away,
By my warm gentle embrace.

~ Umi
Sep 19 · 47
Umi Sep 19
To fear the unknown,
A gentle soul, engulfed in the flames of its own insecurities,
All alone, it craves a delicate touch, a sign, or just a simple smile,
Weakened by the taste of isolation, prohibited from ever reaching the truth, one may become bitter, or filled with unending hate for others.
Why were they allowed the gift, to roam free, to experience love,
Scattered alike moonlight, are the thoughts of such damaged mind,
Nethertheless this dismay shall take over, until nothing remains,
And so, this soul is burnt by its own heart, slowly withering away in the never ending stream of time, softly, gently giving up all hope,
Until that fateful day may come, and another caring soul rescues it,
But, for now, as all sound and colours fade into angst and despair,
It shall rest, in the confinement of the abyss.
Continuously wondering, when the day may come,
Wondering if it will ever feel again.

~ Umi
Sep 1 · 69
After Dusk
Umi Sep 1
When all is quiet,
The pale light of the full Moon,
Dyes the sky in frost.

~ Umi
Aug 4 · 61
Umi Aug 4
Bursting forth,
shocking, thrilling is the call of anger,
Enveloping the mind, losing control, softly, gently,
And in its destructive path, it seeks to destroy,
Destroy those whom caused this uncontrollable hate to spread,
Like poisoning the own soul, it rages, riots and rampages as it sees fit,
Until the last bit of its power runs out like a dying ember in a storm,
Though the damage has already been dealt,
And the wind of remorse keeps roaring,
Is it worth to salvage what was lost ?

~ Umi
Jul 12 · 155
Umi Jul 12
An imagined realm within an ordinary room,
Envisioned to be cut off from all of the outside world,
As long as the doors and windows are closed,
In such regard, no word is to be spoken,
No emotions ever to be felt for the sake of that dream,
No, such impure things are to stay out,
In order to protect the heart, in order to protect ones mind,
So one may relax, in this void,
Where even the liveliest flower
Shall burn.

~ Umi
Jun 5 · 185
In the Clouds
Umi Jun 5
Lurking in the haze,
As wind blows over lovely flowers,
Friction, a crackling noise from afar comes closer,
Until with brilliance, a lightning hits a nearby field,
As the scorched Earth burns away all that was beautiful that day,
Until only the ashes and dying embers are a memory of us,
As long as this love lasts, with patience all will be reborn,
If only we don't give in to the fear of being hurt again.
So, won't you wait with me ?

May 22 · 155
With Bow in Hand
Umi May 22
Empty the mind and listen to your fear,
Seeking, waiting for the target to be near,
Take aim, let go of your worries,
Let them drift away to a far place,
So then you may move on with grace,
Until the wind is against you,
And you enter the storm of defeat.

~ Umi
Apr 22 · 112
Umi Apr 22
Floating toward an endless sky,
Thinning but never really vanishing,
Fumes the remains of a once great fire,
Ever so soaring.

~ Umi
Mar 1 · 143
Umi Mar 1
As the moon chases away the sun,
There in the loitering dark a flower blooms in silence,
As the skilled roots dig deep into her surrounding soil,
And the strengh of the trunk shows of its might,
The wisdom of its leafs reveal the beauty of life,
Until all knowledge is blown away again,
When winter creeps forth.

Feb 1 · 233
As the leaves Fall
Umi Feb 1
As the leaves fall,
So too will life,
Until spring returns them,
And another cycle blooms forth.

~ Umi
Umi Jan 20
All I want to see after a hard day of work,
Is your smile, your warm embrace, your gentle touch,
Your tenderness, your determination, are what breezes over this exhaustion and gives me back my will to fight on, for a better furture for the both of us,
Your eyes are what make me shine, even though I am barely a reflection of the light you are giving me,
As the sun shines day by day, let me be your illusiounary moon to brighten up your every night, gently softly like the wind tends to do over your long, beautiful curly hair,
Every word you say, every form of laughter you give me, makes my heart just skip a beat,
So that is why,
That is why I will never suffice in satisfying your every need,
But I am determined too,
Determined to make your every step, every breath you take, easier,
Now come my dear let me take your burdens and bear them myself,
For you, the weight of the whole world isn't enough to stop me
From loving you

Yours truly

Pure Furies

Dec 2019 · 313
Umi Dec 2019
On the ashes of love hate may rise,
Cold, unforgiving and empty, such demise,
Yet its comfort and power are undeniyable,
Eating one's very heart away,
It will rage on, until not even ashes remain,
And only regret blooms forth,
Within a betrayed desolate soul.

~ Umi
Dec 2019 · 243
Time goes By
Umi Dec 2019
I cannot seem to fathom what is wrong with me any longer,
My abilities degrade by the minute, fading into dust along the long way of this distortion deep within my very self,
All this time now, I have failed, again, then again, and again,
Wandering through an answerless world, I do not belong anywhere,
I cannot compare, I don't have the strengh to any longer,
And yet, within this despair, in this dying heart, there is a faint wish,
To move forward, to never give up,
But, the flame of which weakens,
And finally turns to ash,
How much will I be able to do,
Before it all burns away in front of my very eyes ?
At least, I won't need to die..
In a dream..

~ Umi
Dec 2019 · 201
Umi Dec 2019
A strong emotion resonating within all of us,
Trembling, shaking, crying as a response to what we wish not to encounter, such distress eats away at the soul,
Crawling slowly, ghasly into ones mind till it posesses it completely,
Sometimes with no reason or trigger, brushing over you like a shiver,
Until showered in cold sweat and pale as the gentle light of the moon;
With such misfortune and pain we shall finally break,
This is the emotion knowing you better than yourself,
Wrapping itself gently around you till it caught you in its embrace,
And consumed your mind within it whole,
Such misery, for all with anxiety,
And yet it only calls forth despair,
Blinding you in your own agony,
Until nothing remains.

~ Umi
Dec 2019 · 185
Like a Breeze
Umi Dec 2019
Again a year fades into thin memories,
Bittersweet we tend to look back on what we accomplished, what we longed for, or wether we have come closer to fulfilling a certain goal,
But not I,
As for me, this year passed like a single day, it was over before I began to realize what was happening arround me,
Softly, gently, decisively, the seasons passed together with all their glory,
First came the Springs dream; Delicate flowers blooming, the comforting warmth of the sun, awoke the sleeping earth from its cold slumber,
Then Summer; scorching heat accompanied by occasionally sweet cool breezes brush accros each field and meadow,
The colours of Autumn, the stormy wind blowing away the dying leafs of the trees, carrying rain and sometimes a cold along with it,
And now Winter is finally arriving, giving all a silver lining,
And sure enough, its harsh cold presence will pass too
Like a gentle breeze

~ Umi
Dec 2019 · 270
Umi Dec 2019
A decade passing,
As the world is revolving,
Time burns it all..
Away ~

~ Umi
Nov 2019 · 382
A dreadful Wish
Umi Nov 2019
I wish to be free,
A dream of a stormy night,
a snowy meadow kissed by the moonlight,
When wind dashes and dances across the fields
When everything is asleep
I wish to depart.
And just be.

Nov 2019 · 616
The first Snowflake
Umi Nov 2019
A silver lining is foreseen, as the sky has painted itself grey,
There, in the cold, rough clouds a drop of water begins to freeze,
Floating elegantly, gently, or even playfully toward the ground,
Father frost already has bidden the meadows and hills his blessing,
The animals are ready to slumber tight throughout the sunless season,
And as this single flake is landing, its brothers and sisters follow,
Cuddling up together in a lovely manner to make snow,
And cover the world in a icy, wet, yet delicate blanket,
Sleep well mother earth,
I hope to see your blessing when you wake up from your slumber,
The flowers of spring will then declare,
Your lively awakening.

~ Umi
Oct 2019 · 277
As the Leafs Fall
Umi Oct 2019
As the leafs fall I call out your name,
Oh you, who comes with change, who comes uninvited,
The night creeps around in an early hour,
Yet I can't see you coming,
Just where are you hiding ?
Oh first snow, father frost,
I await you.
In the loitering darkness,
Of a lonesome, cold evening.

~ Umi
Oct 2019 · 365
Umi Oct 2019
When the magic fades,
And the winds stop howling,
A question occurs with yourself growling,
As shooting stars have granted no more wishes,
What you believed to be true proved itself malicious,
When sound melts into beautiful, yet resentless stillness,
Worry not, just as you are, faith is transient,
Even if this world might not be heavensent,
Do your best, live your life with no regret,
You may be faithless, but please..
Do not lose the faith in yourself.

~ Umi
Welp, I tried
Sep 2019 · 387
Umi Sep 2019
Growing alongside plain grass,
They stand proud with leafs coming in three,
But you search for one with a different appearance, no ?
Does the four-leafed clover promise you luck ?
Or perhaps the illusion of riches and wealth ?
To be bedded with roses of comfort and luxury would be a dream,
Yet all they are is ordinary ****, casually growing in a field,
The luck you experience is but in yourself alone,
Such heartfelt fancy just couldn't come to be,
For the rarity your eye has grasped,
Has made you feel hope, but also Happiness,
And happiness, is true luck.

~ Umi
Sep 2019 · 265
Empty Heart
Umi Sep 2019
When fury burns up an empty heart,
All what is left are the ashes of a saddened truth,
You, after all still can't change the past.
On a tranquil sea far away,
These waves rekindle your memories,
Until, the woe has been washed away
From the shore.

~ Umi
Sep 2019 · 365
Umi Sep 2019
In your arms I feel the delicate heartbeat, assuring me you are alive,
All the sadness, all my pride, all my ego and all deception are radiated away, by your gentle touch, the sound of your breathing,
One day, I would like to give to you what you always return to me;
The purity of Love.
But, little old me seems to be too frightened, too delusional to accept the reality of the warmth you gift me with each and every moment I can share and enjoy along side you, hand in hand,
It is too much like a dream, to escape from all sorrow and heartache because of you, and what you have done to change me,
No song, no poem, no words and emotions would ever be capable to show you how much you mean to me, but at least I shall try!
So may I make a wish of selfishness today,
Stay with me, don't leave me,
You are the last light I'll see,
My dear, wonderful..
Tenshi ♡

~ Umi
Aug 2019 · 409
Umi Aug 2019
An expectation,
A simple wish, to hold on,
With the desire of a brighter tomorrow.

~ Umi
Aug 2019 · 430
Umi Aug 2019
An emotion so patient yet so sinnister, always awaiting a mere moment of weakness to strike you down and take you down with it,
Succeeding where nor hate and fear may ever reach,
Slowly, gently wrapping itself around ones mind, clouding their judgement, consuming, destroying and manipulating until no more willpower nor energy remains to resist the weight of this special hell,
Coldness, infinite distance, only to be reached by true love, yet fully in this accursed state, one may not understand "love" anymore,
Numbing misery with seemingly no end nor real beginning,
A feeling so aggressively taking its hold on its victim,
Yet so passively presenting it.
Just what is its intention ?
I give up, its hopeless.

~ Umi
Aug 2019 · 305
My Spark
Umi Aug 2019
Where are you ?
When will you come back ?
Without you I am unable to write,
Unable to record my essence into this very poem,
Yet I hold on, waiting for you to return,
But it seems, you have already found a new vessel,
Leaving your old one behind.
Please come back..?

~ Umi
Jul 2019 · 466
= )
Umi Jul 2019
= )
A gloomy soul for an unnamed vessel,
A decaying mind with the will to wrestle fate,
Aimlessly walking beyond the scene,
Forgotten or discarded by anyone they've seen,
Just the painful memories, coming from the treacheries,
A sip of hot chokolate makes them think,
Why am I to enjoy this drink,
It doesn't matter, it will never be,
With such determination they must flee,
To a happy place without even dreams,
To an unknown darkness and where it streams,
Not giving up, their will becomes stronger,
Not even accepting this any longer,
Yet, one cannot chose who they are in this world,
Burning my tongue I softly smile,
It's a beautiful day outside.

~ Umi
Jul 2019 · 609
A shallow Promise
Umi Jul 2019
Go to sleep tonight,
Dear, then I shall visit you,
In your sweetest dreams.

~ Umi
Jul 2019 · 624
Sea of Desolation
Umi Jul 2019
A stimulating impulse,
Leading to the center of a drying up ocean,
Never a wish granted, it dries up to extinction,
What little hope it holds, vanquished in an instant,
Life that now cannot grow out of light, creates a desert,
How many souls will it take until it is satisfied with its destruction ?
Only sorrow may remain as the one true victor.
A heart felt fancy would be the assumption,
Of a brighter, lively future,
Yet there is no faith in it ever coming,
It is but a lost dream.

~ Umi
Jul 2019 · 142
Driven Desire
Umi Jul 2019
What is this desire,
Keep writing without purpose ?
Is it simply muscle memory to keep on going,
To cast each stream of thought gracefully onto paper
Or is it guilt, a feeling of something I just must do ?
Perhaps the answer remains hidden beneath these words,
Or never discovered as time ticks on and a new story unfolds,
What remains is a simple desire to write without end,
Driven by determination and a pen like my mind,
Only rarely running out of ink.
Will it last forever ?

~ Umi
Jul 2019 · 451
Umi Jul 2019
I sleep the day away to try and save a part of me,
And every night I rise to see it fall apart,
The eye of my heart is closing faster than I'd like,
But this time, it isn't love that is closing it,
Not the cold touch of the dark, not envy as it sees fit,
As age further blurrs my vision, and I can't see where I'll go,
I shall slumber and dream away all woe,
Maybe I will see again when I awake.

~ Umi
Jul 2019 · 216
Blocked out sight
Umi Jul 2019
A thorn has taken my point of view
Hurting to even open my eye to appreciate this drawn scenery,
I keep wondering wether it would be simply easier to crush it,
But even then, the thorn wouldn't be out, no ?
Shut off, it won't bother me anymore.

~ Umi
Jun 2019 · 274
Umi Jun 2019
In the depths of our mind,
Lie nightmares ever so undreamed,
Waiting to shift into the imagined reality.

~ Umi
Jun 2019 · 313
Uninspired Sadness
Umi Jun 2019
The demon who had but one to relate to,
Was labled as a monster by the one it adored,
For, envy already had consumed its heart,
An endless downward spiral,
Of uninspirational melancholy.

~ Umi
Jun 2019 · 258
Umi Jun 2019
Undecided is,
The decision of a name,
Then, it must be blank.

~ Umi
May 2019 · 409
The Hights
Umi May 2019
From among the mountains,
A road to climb beyond the heavens above, is starlit,
A bridge of stars connects the sky, where no darkening clouds even dare to reach this scenery, yet my vision is clouded, for I cannot grasp the events of what is occuring undearneath me,
If this earth were to shake I am sure I would be unaware of it,
Until I were to step down from this wondrous dream of an illusion without any pain or hardship, a mirage of a lifeless landscape,
Air so thin it takes your breath, silently, relentlessly,
Trees embrace the mountainside alike a span of green sleeves,
I am sure, the noise of life is what is embracing me once I am at the lowest point, as the scent of blooming flowers spreads throughout the land, though the sunshine might be taken away by the sky if I stay,
So I chose a life in isolation, taking my own voice to watch the prideful light of the morning glow warm my lonesome skin,
Unheard and unseen by anyone, only because of the fear;
That rainclouds could wash away what little happiness I fathom,
Yet, the price for such foolishness deemed itself too high,
As I lost vision, of what else is beautiful,
The cycle of life.

~ Umi
May 2019 · 923
Umi May 2019
The prideful sun sets,
As life returns to the desert.
Harsh heat is fleeting.

~ Umi
May 2019 · 367
An ongoing Tale
Umi May 2019
A clear trail left in trance is how I shall form words,
Elegantly, majestically casting them onto a blank paper, focused on creating poetry, a time recording friend has gone missing,
Now the lonely sound of my scratching against the thin paper, lead by transience of its decay is the only sound we can hear.
What once was a world to create fantasy has drowned, black as ink into the darkness of a never ending tale, time and time again,
As if to hold on to embers, scared to lose all light when the last one goes out, for a cold, uninspired, spiriling dark of ones mind,
With the mission to accompany her throughout each and every writing as it unfurls, comes to life and simply blossoms in pride,
As I see a smile cast on her face, the determination to keep going alightens a flame, but unceartenty overcomes my weakened body,
When the trace of my mark begins to fade, I wonder how long it will be, until there is nothing more to say, do or think about,
Even if this dreamlike tale of endless, ongoing poetry were never to end or falter, never to be distorted nor interrupted;
Even if you don't have to die in a dream,
one is bound to wake up sooner or later,
As a tired hand carelessly, roughly, lays me down,
I wonder how many poems one can write,
Before running out of the ink of the mind.

~ Umi
Written from the perspective of my pen.
May 2019 · 248
Umi May 2019
Feeling a small breeze,
The loud thunder rushes by,
As the wind is gaining speed,
And heavy rain cools the ground,
A flash blinds my tired eyes,
The king of the storm,
Lightning, dances from cloud to cloud,
When underneath it,
A painted world is washed away.

~ Umi
May 2019 · 433
Umi May 2019
Far away, in a painted world,
Lies a kingdom abandoned by its people,
What is left, are but ruins,
And forgotten history.

~ Umi
May 2019 · 372
Umi May 2019
It just takes one blow,
As ashes cover sunlight,
The sky starts to burn.

~ Umi
Apr 2019 · 672
The fading Fire
Umi Apr 2019
What mess we made by keeping it burning,
Let it consume us, kept us from ever turning,
Abandoned by God, our souls are now but ash,
Dedicated ourselves to its warmth and light,
Turned away from the darkness for it did cause fright,
Yet, in the end, it did not survive another linking,
It started to flicker, then engaged with blinking,
At last, it's dying embers gave away their last heat,
Some of us were torn by this, others simply beat,
For a new age of men would start soon,
An age with neither the shining sun, nor the elusive moon,
The greatest fear for us was of the unknown,
Yet some of us felt love, never before seen or shown,
We had hidden in light for so long,
Blinded by it, we never experienced how beautiful the dark could be.

~ Umi
Apr 2019 · 634
Umi Apr 2019
Gaze into the sky,
And you will find countless stars,
Waiting behind an illuminated cealing,
For their moment to shine, when the time is right.

~ Umi
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