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amme Apr 29
Scoped out all angles to make sure I wouldn't miss.
Obscene obsession to relationships.
Perfect hit, ****, the way you sunk his battleship.
*****, I'm sorry but the feeling amounts to this.
Poor kids gets the same mouth to kiss.

If you keep chasing me you better see,
Silicone, tight clothes and makeup will just make me leave.
Be ready to be,
The mother your children were made to see,
The wife you promised to be,
My partner in crime whenever I'm in need.

And I'll be the man you expect me to be.
Umi Feb 17
To sink in battle and not by a flash was what I yearned for if I ever were to fall, truly it devoured everything in its gruesome way,
And so, it gobbled up the wishful dream of a prideful defeat,
In the end, I truly wasn't able to protect those I fought for all these years, all these countless battles and tragedies, are a fading memory,
These shameful last moments; handed to the enemy and sat on their testing bench, with my last hope being, the wish that the world may has understood something more important than the agony of war.
Even if the damage could be repaired and parts exchanged, brought anew and even if we make it back in one piece without capsizing:
The damage is painted in my steel, and forever will be a reminder of this fateful day, a sky without any sunlight; perfect darkness,
Perhaps this is the punishment for one who survived without protecting her friends, her partners in crime and her loved ones,
At least, the recorded history will ensure not being forgotten,
Here in my wet prison, these thoughts will never fade.
The ocean floor is a harsh, unforgiving grave..

~ Umi
less than twenty four hours after dashing off a poem
   explaining why i wanted to die
found me experiencing physical duress vis a vis,
   a bowel movement wherein waste unable to expel

   from the **** of this guy
which bout with ****** obstruction
   found me doubled over
   with lower abdominal distress

   whereby comfort found me unable to lie
down nor sit upright (with back padded with pillows
   against the cellar brick wall),
   thus severe bloating a bonus well nigh

and managed to muster the means to bare
   frigid arctic vortex aire to purchase
   the Acme brand Metamucil,
   which akin to drano doth ply
thru the excretory tract
   supposedly loosening the stools,

   which optimism (product
   didst earn claim to fame) generated a sigh
if that expressed intent
   to cease livingsocial would try

humph enjoining
   this lvii year old married male
   to cede victory
   to the grim reaper, who would vie

as winner de jure
   to this common fellow invoking libretto
   ohm resistant understudy waste not want not
allowing, enabling and providing relief,
   without successful defecation

   despite the oppressive urge to bolster this uriah
heap of balled up and tuckered i.e. pooped out
   five foot and ten inches of lovely bones
   thence mouthing retraction
   of former thought to cease existing,

though a non-bull lever
   in any power broker qua mankind
   relief at long last
   provided posterior answered prayer
   yet, this scrivener scrutinizes
   his recurring pain in the *** jagged torture
   and asks
   a rhetorical one word question "WHY"?
KathleenAMaloney Jun 2016
Sisters Twix
From VooDoo they do Hail
Into The Night They Came
To Eat the Soul and Trail
Their Names are Psychic Sisters
For Marker I Now Post
On Guard With Prayer
Your Sacred How
Your Passion is their Host
r0b0t Aug 2015
My body may be a battleship, but you truly are my general,
And if I fail to protect you, sail me into the sea,
If I break rank, if we all go down, know that I am not afraid,
Know that from the first moment this was my goal,
Know that you are my prize and my award,
My judge, my jury and my self-appointed executioner,
If this is love, then love is a war.
JadedSoul Aug 2014
the Ship Fought.
many Days,
she took a pounding
her mighty Hull bracing;
against unforgiving Seas
her thick Armour;
withstanding Bombardment.

the first great Wave
knocked a Rivet loose,
a Steel Plate dented
by the first big Bomb

she didn't Shoot back
ever hoping for peaceful resolve
but the Seas and the Bombs
all took their toll!

the first 3 enemy Ships
packed their Punch
but she stood firm
armour deflecting every Bomb

but the Sea grew Dark;
the very Water
that held her aloft
now threatened her very Existence!

the Sea destroyed Rivets
The Bombs dented armour
and slowly but surely
she took on Water

for it is the small Rivets that hold a Ship together;
small rivets that Bind Metal Plates
and when the Rivets fail
the Ship is lost!

Noble Captain stood on deck
the death of His Ship
a mathematical Certainty

again and again the 3 locust ships fired
again and again the Sea pounded

the Evacuation order needs to come soon
only the Captain to remain with a final solemn Duty

for a captain goes down with his ship
when all others are safe.

the Sea will calm down
the 3 will stop firing
once the Bow of the Ship
slips beneath the Waves

the Charges set,
ready to blow,
scuttle the ship -
Down she will go

Captain salutes Her
a fine Ship she's been
as he presses his Pistol
to his temple

right finger on the trigger
the left on the bomb's fuse,
A solitary tear,

— The End —