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Umi May 2019
From among the mountains,
A road to climb beyond the heavens above, is starlit,
A bridge of stars connects the sky, where no darkening clouds even dare to reach this scenery, yet my vision is clouded, for I cannot grasp the events of what is occuring undearneath me,
If this earth were to shake I am sure I would be unaware of it,
Until I were to step down from this wondrous dream of an illusion without any pain or hardship, a mirage of a lifeless landscape,
Air so thin it takes your breath, silently, relentlessly,
Trees embrace the mountainside alike a span of green sleeves,
I am sure, the noise of life is what is embracing me once I am at the lowest point, as the scent of blooming flowers spreads throughout the land, though the sunshine might be taken away by the sky if I stay,
So I chose a life in isolation, taking my own voice to watch the prideful light of the morning glow warm my lonesome skin,
Unheard and unseen by anyone, only because of the fear;
That rainclouds could wash away what little happiness I fathom,
Yet, the price for such foolishness deemed itself too high,
As I lost vision, of what else is beautiful,
The cycle of life.

~ Umi
CallMeVenus Oct 2018
I am bisexual. I am sure of that.
I've been sure of it for quite some time now.
I came to realize something.
If I end up with a woman I am going to embrace the essence of everything that's broken and ****** up about me and claim it as my own and let it define my identity.
Now don't get me wrong that doesn't mean it's gonna be a sad life or that my female partner will make me miserable.
We will have lots of amazing and breathtaking moments and happy yellow days.
But there will always be some gray in the corner of my vision.
Gray will never leave.
All of my depth will forever be in the back of my mind.
And depth requires some darkness.
But I will be fully me. Real me. A picture frozen in time.

However, if I end up with a man I will probably abandon my depths and my grays.
I will forever be feeling like some part of me is missing but I will be leading a whole new life which will be about learning to love myself and nothing will ever be broken.

Do I even make sense?
What does that say about me?
Dr zik Jul 2017
O' my Lord!
You have made me asterisk
Not a blot on the canvas
Canvas; the whole universe
And bestowed upon me title of
"Highest of all creatures"
And now
Your smiling face
Grants me contentment
Dr ZIK's Poetry
Puff Nov 2014
Welcome to the freak show. Come right up and get your tickets. The ****** will escort you to your chair. Watch the nerds struggle under the bully's fist. Be the first to see the skeleton dancers and their football puppets. The drama kids preform their intoxicating skits of disappointment. The middle schoolers are smoking **** and the high schoolers are snorting crack. Be adventurous and join the ride
Come on baby don't be scared the freaks are to busy trying to fit into your perfect boxes.
I'm not even sure what the **** this is. Sorry if it's crude.

— The End —