Korey Miller Oct 2012

stars and stardust fall to freedom
from the press corpse,
from the incessant demand of chemical crises.
crowds ache for love or a substitute
and false amore is what they have.
love is folie a deux-
[the shared madness of two.]
attachment is an affliction,
infatuation is disease leaping from remission,
with deadly symptoms.
red roses lead to black coffin doors,
roses dropped on floors
from vases shattered,
and life is the water spilling from the stems.

golden hair won't keep me docile-
blue eyes and a smile
are weapons of mass destruction-
cities sunk and flags risen
from the depths of inhumanity.
it's all for you, Helen, and humankind will never
perceive its aftereffects,
its hangover headache
sprawled over the world on a bad day.
little city partylights and shiny beer bottles
broken upon the concrete
covering the grass.
reflections of insanity upon the glass.

devilish, the temptress,
the succubus, a mistress
sent by Him, to spin doubt into
the spiderwebbed life of family trees
split in two by axes, divorces
to fifty percent, no-
no wedding band-aid will stop this flood.
neglect gets to a child's head-
can't help but wonder if
they were the cause of this.
little anchors,
keeping the heart in one place-
an anchored rubber band that demoness
stretched and snapped.
the relapse gave her whiplash, and
the stepdad whipped the boy's back, and
the boy grew up and
found a girl to take his pain to.
she gave him five stunted children,
with eyes hollow and glazed,
a mechanical response to a command.

lack of emotion only seems cruel
to those on the other side.
lack of flourish means nothing
to those who grew up to grey skies.

chains and handcuffs keep stardust grounded,
remains from a nebula which
birthed a black hole.
straight razors and pinky nails
teach fledglings to reach for the sky
and never fall back down.
glass ceilings never seemed so
breakable- tiptoe upsidedown
and reach the other side
before you fall back down to the real world.

angels have no eyes.
angels have no souls.
angels judge and leave the helpless for below.
cliffsides crumble and clouds dissipate,
and the devil lends a hand-
he is helping sinners make it up to him.
in his face sit eyes gleaming brightly;
there are teeth grinning, off-white-
he is human, though sadistic
and he understands your plight.
the devil is forgiving,
and you understand nothing, because you
are nothing.
you are nothing.

stars and stardust fall to freedom, and the devil takes in all.

celestial Apr 2014

i think you have
clusters of stars
in your veins
because you
are brighter
than the night sky.

Nadia DeLevea Apr 2014

Everyday I walk around.
I don't understand what I'm seeing.
There is Stardust in my eyes.
It's fogged up my sight.
I see how everyone is the same.
With their Ugg boots, North Face Jackets,
iPhones, and Coach bags.

Just take off your empty frames and,
Get Stardust in your eyes.
See things through a vivid light.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
Be yourself and don't conform.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
And let your colors shine.

I thought I was weird.
With my off brand cloths,
And no internet on my phone.
With my black eyeliner,
And my rhythmic soul.
But my eyes are burning,
I'm exhausted from hiding.
I am who I am.

I've got Stardust in my eyes.
I see things through a vivid light.
Get Stardust in your eyes.
See the world as it really is.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
Be yourself and don't conform.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
And let your colors shine.

Be yourself, you Are unique.
With Stardust in your eyes, you see.
Don't follow the robot hipster army.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
And Shine!

Originally written as lyrics

Stardust™  By Nadia DeLevea
Neo Stargazer Dec 2015

We are the stardust
Packed into bright burning lights
Crossing the night sky

All have the potential to shine.
Not all choose to.
I hope that one day, those I love will find their own light,
so that mine won't burn out trying to save them from their darkness.
Luna Jul 2014

And you there rubbing the stardust out of your eyes that fell there upon a chance but has given you visions of worlds and skies far above
You are riddled with thoughts of far away worlds that you'll visit only in spirit and never in body
Where violescent atmospheres swirl above the dusty grounds and flicker behind your eyelids
But you'll be content even when others know you as the star-blinded child

         You'll be proud.

Fizza Abbas May 2015

Sprinkling stardust on me,
I need to survive and
justify my existence,
Elation has become an only
Allow me for once to get vigilant
and wise!

Poppy Johnson Jul 2014

stars are tiny holes
in Heaven's carpet
and they say that
humans are made
from the dust
that falls
through them
and can't get back home.

bambi Jun 2014

there is stardust in your veins
galaxies drift through your blood
supernovae accompany your heartbeats

and similarly to the stars in the sky
you stay hidden during the day
but at night, when you're at peace
you shine brightly,
with blinding force

I am forced to observe from a distance
much like the dwarfs in space
because you have placed yourself
millions of miles away
millions of miles out of reach

Denel Kessler Dec 2016

in the dark
compass spinning
wanton wind
howling, wailing
brittle arms
in concert waving
emerald waters
whipped and raging

sky crushed velvet
sequins sewn tight
to the shattered
span of night
a million times
each time as new
with stardust eyes
with gratitude

Alexa Dark Nov 2014

The Universe
It's full of stars, planets, stardust
It's infinite
And in all of its infinity
I can't find anything, anyone
I would love more than I love you

T'was a diamond
    amidst stardust
  struck of gypsy's
    celestial adoration,
  crashed and sizzled
 'neath earthly intentions,
ultimate shimmers
     escalated upon
       fiercely impetuous seas,
each dappling
    luminescent wave
saturated of
splendiferous galaxies,
   bathed in heavens'
      stellar effulgence,
mesmerizing wanderlust's
    magnificent indulgences

K Jul 2013

come on honey
let's go do something
we could record a
platinum record
or skydive off the Eiffel tower
we could sail across
the atlantic
or climb a big
ol' mountain

or maybe
we could just fall in
and dance among the stars.

that sounds about right to me

Mel Apr 2014

This anger is like an iron fist in my chest.
I want to break you like you broke me.
I want to crush your bones,
until they are nothing more than stardust.
I want to scatter them in the wind
so you are everywhere and no where
at the same moment.
I hate you and I love you.
I want to breathe you in,
I want to exhale you out.
You are within and without
my body and my soul.
I want you gone,
but I never want you to leave.
I need you,
but I don’t want you.

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