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Nadia DeLevea Apr 2014
Everyday I walk around.
I don't understand what I'm seeing.
There is Stardust in my eyes.
It's fogged up my sight.
I see how everyone is the same.
With their Ugg boots, North Face Jackets,
iPhones, and Coach bags.

Just take off your empty frames and,
Get Stardust in your eyes.
See things through a vivid light.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
Be yourself and don't conform.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
And let your colors shine.

I thought I was weird.
With my off brand cloths,
And no internet on my phone.
With my black eyeliner,
And my rhythmic soul.
But my eyes are burning,
I'm exhausted from hiding.
I am who I am.

I've got Stardust in my eyes.
I see things through a vivid light.
Get Stardust in your eyes.
See the world as it really is.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
Be yourself and don't conform.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
And let your colors shine.

Be yourself, you Are unique.
With Stardust in your eyes, you see.
Don't follow the robot hipster army.
Get Stardust in your eyes,
And Shine!
Originally written as lyrics

Stardust™  By Nadia DeLevea
Floating away with stardust in my hand,
Pieces of sunshine with nowhere to land,
Basking in lightness I don’t understand,
Holding stardust is like love in my hand.

Carrying stardust wherever I go,
To hold with me a bit of cosmic glow,
How it shines so bright I will never know,
Sprinkling stardust is letting my love show.

Kissing the stardust around my head,
Sleeping with starlight beside me in bed,
Into the darkness it’s lit where I’ve led,
Following stardust to true love ahead.

Needing the stardust as much as I do,
Alive with glow of energy new,
Its glorious aura in all that’s true,
Loving stardust, my star, that stardust is you.
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Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Stardust, falls gentle like
fresh fallen snow, it lands
on dreamers, lovers, young
and old..

Stardust are not only
for little ones, it shines
each night in the velvet

Golden dust falls from
the sky in the warmth
of summer, when the
moon is full..

It creeps around the world
like fine mist, before the
dawn appears..

Stardust is what's on the roses,
like dew they say, it soon
fades away with the brightness
of the sun..

Stardust is like the finest diamonds
displayed in the jewelry stores,
only thing with stardust, it comes
without a price...

Collect your stardust, when the
moon is full, and put it in a
golden box, in case God runs
short someday..

Stardust covers angels wings,
they shine so bright, they fly
so proud, in the heavens

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Sep 2019
Stardust falls gentle like
freshly fallen snow, it lands
on dreamers, lovers, young
and old..

Stardust is not only
for little ones, it shines
each night in the velvet

Golden dust falls from
the sky in the warmth
of summer, when
the moon is full..

It creeps around the world
like a fine mist, before the
dawn appears..

Stardust is what's on the roses,
like dew they say, it soon
fades away with the brightness
of the sun.

Stardust is like the finest diamonds
displayed in the jewelry stores,
the only thing with stardust, it comes
without a price...

Collect your stardust, when
the moon is full and put it in a
golden box, in case God runs
short someday..

Stardust covers angels wings,
they shine so brightly, they fly
so proud, in the heavens

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Hannah Southard Mar 2013
I am stardust
I am full of not bones and tissues, but stardust.
If you were to cut me open from neck to naval,
out would pour dust.
And it is not the dust that is wiped off cabinets and from under beds,
but the dust from the sky,
the dust that doesn't know where it's been,
or where it is going,
but it knows one thing,
I am stardust.

And this dust is mixed,
mixed with lust,
and not with lust for you, or you,
but for there,
I am dust and I am lust,
and I don't know from where I came and I don't know where I am going,
but I do know one thing,
I am stardust.

And I am settling.
For sixteen years I have settled,
but when the countdown ends,
when the caps fly up,
so will my dust,
and I will scatter
and I wont know where I am going,
and I wont remember where I'm from,
but I'll know one thing,
I am stardust.
Korey Miller Oct 2012
stars and stardust fall to freedom
from the press corpse,
from the incessant demand of chemical crises.
crowds ache for love or a substitute
and false amore is what they have.
love is folie a deux-
[the shared madness of two.]
attachment is an affliction,
infatuation is disease leaping from remission,
with deadly symptoms.
red roses lead to black coffin doors,
roses dropped on floors
from vases shattered,
and life is the water spilling from the stems.

golden hair won't keep me docile-
blue eyes and a smile
are weapons of mass destruction-
cities sunk and flags risen
from the depths of inhumanity.
it's all for you, Helen, and humankind will never
perceive its aftereffects,
its hangover headache
sprawled over the world on a bad day.
little city partylights and shiny beer bottles
broken upon the concrete
covering the grass.
reflections of insanity upon the glass.

devilish, the temptress,
the succubus, a mistress
sent by Him, to spin doubt into
the spiderwebbed life of family trees
split in two by axes, divorces
to fifty percent, no-
no wedding band-aid will stop this flood.
neglect gets to a child's head-
can't help but wonder if
they were the cause of this.
little anchors,
keeping the heart in one place-
an anchored rubber band that demoness
stretched and snapped.
the relapse gave her whiplash, and
the stepdad whipped the boy's back, and
the boy grew up and
found a girl to take his pain to.
she gave him five stunted children,
with eyes hollow and glazed,
a mechanical response to a command.

lack of emotion only seems cruel
to those on the other side.
lack of flourish means nothing
to those who grew up to grey skies.

chains and handcuffs keep stardust grounded,
remains from a nebula which
birthed a black hole.
straight razors and pinky nails
teach fledglings to reach for the sky
and never fall back down.
glass ceilings never seemed so
breakable- tiptoe upsidedown
and reach the other side
before you fall back down to the real world.

angels have no eyes.
angels have no souls.
angels judge and leave the helpless for below.
cliffsides crumble and clouds dissipate,
and the devil lends a hand-
he is helping sinners make it up to him.
in his face sit eyes gleaming brightly;
there are teeth grinning, off-white-
he is human, though sadistic
and he understands your plight.
the devil is forgiving,
and you understand nothing, because you
are nothing.
you are nothing.

stars and stardust fall to freedom, and the devil takes in all.
storm siren Jan 2017
Humans are stardust.
Nothing more
Nothing less.
We, being stardust, are also energy.
So we cannot be created
Nor destroyed.
Only reborn, constantly.

And I think there's something
Just lovely about that.

I think the reason some of us like the smell of gasoline,
Or the smell of a charred grill,
Or just things burning,
Is because that's what they say space smells like.
And think those few of us
Who enjoy the smell of gasoline,
Charred grills,
And burning things,
Are those of us who somewhat remember
Being nothing more, and nothing less, than a star.

And I think the only people who can remember being stardust
Are the newest and oldest of souls.
Because they're the ones closest to both
The beginning
And the end.

And, while I know it hurts to remember
Things you cannot fathom,
I think there's something beautiful--
Strangely beautiful.
Obscurely beautiful,
In having lived so many lives
Yet still remembering when you were the very first you.

Humans are stardust.
Nothing more,
Nothing less.
We, being stardust, are also energy.
So we cannot be created
Nor destroyed.
Only reborn, constantly.

And I think there's something
Just lovely about that.
Evynne May 2013
A place in which I know nothing about, an unknown world
A world unlike any I have ever known to exist, an opposite of this reality
A place only to be traveled to by deep sleep or sweet reverie
A world of pure innocence and raw creativity, a world of adventure and fantasy
A place where you can fly into the cosmos
And soar through the universe until you become nothing but sparkling stardust

A realm where blood isn't pumping through your veins, but rather what flows through is stardust
A world within a world
A realm where physicalities are meaningless and existence lies within the cosmos
A world that causes you to question your own rendition of the word "reality"
A realm that both defines and illustrates the meaning of the word "fantasy"
And is inherently bigger than any one dream or reverie

Something like that of an endless reverie
A myriad of universes and ever-glowing stardust
Something like that of an endless fantasy
A myriad of imaginings and an ever-growing illusory world
Something like that of a castle in the sky, nothing like that of harsh reality
A myriad of thoughts that turn into pictures and skies that turn into the cosmos

Have you ever journeyed into the cosmos?
Through shut eyes and intense dreaming or through glassy eyes and pleasant reverie?
Have you ever left this reality?
Joined the entities of another realm, disintegrated into the galaxy and became stardust?
Have you ever traveled to another world?
Became another entity, fully embraced a potent fantasy?

I wish to travel to this place and immerse myself in the fantasy
I want to become one with the cosmos
And escape the physical world
I wish to travel to this place and immerse myself in the reverie
I want to become one with the universe through the merging of our inner reaching stardust
And escape this tugging reality

Nothing is more terrifying or confining than what I know as reality
Nothing is more appealing or liberating than what I know as fantasy
I am a soul and I am stardust
I am the universe and I am the cosmos
I am a dream and a reverie
All within a world outside of a world

A place existing outside the lines of reality, a place within easy reach of the cosmos
A world born unto fantasy, a world fueled through reverie
A realm overpowered by stardust, a realm that is not of this world
A wanderer of stardust like no other, does not ask why,
The mountain dew don’t weep nor cry.
Transparent and pure in its own plight,
Some phenomenon just shines that bright.
Just like the rainbow in the sky.

A lost traveler with a bow tie,
Remember your strength as you scrape by.
The battle goes on and you are the only knight.
A wanderer of stardust like no other.

True love is vast as the blue sky,
Even if the enemies deny.
You keep your armor on and fight.
Till the end of twelfth night-
For you know heaven is nearby.
A wanderer of stardust like no other.
Rondeau consists of three stanzas, a quintet (5 lines), a quatrain (4 lines) and a sestet (6 lines), giving a total of 15 lines.
The first phrase of the first line usually sets the refrain R it is admissible to use the whole line used as the refrain.
The rhyme scheme is: R. a. a. b. b. a .... a. a. b. R. .... a. a. b. b. a. R.
Jen Aug 2018

This world
Is going
To One day-
Leave behind
Converged with
The universe.

Stars exploding,
Their flesh
With ours.

We'll still be alive,
In another form of life.

Once dreamed
An island
Aqua blue
So quiet.

If you
Far down
Into the sand,
You would discover
Stairs leading to
The Sea Floor-
Breathing in,
One last time.

Looking up,
That you
Are in control,
Not drowning...
No longer
To swim up
To the
The air
fills your
Lungs once more.

We fear

Stardust covering all particles.
Stardust in the air.
Stardust everywhere.
Jasmine Blyth Mar 2014
A friend turned to me once and said
We are only stardust
And I thought about that, a lot.
What even is stardust?

It isn't alive,
It doesn't have thought
and yet I am made from it
And I think I like that notion.

Because when you weigh it up
What would you rather?
To think and feel is a gift
they told me.

But we all know it's just chemicals
And I know my feelings are just stardust
But if reality is my perception
And my perception is made from stardust

Then you really are my whole world
and that really is crushing.
We are made of stardust
All the way from the tip of our toes
To the top of our heads
All stardust
But we don't shine like a star
Or glow like a light
Because we're only particules
Of stardust
And everybody knows
A star can't shine until she's whole again
Which we aren't.
Because we yell, we fight, we die
And we avoid the others
Stardust has to be complete to shine
And until we stop what we do best
Our wars, our threats, our insults
We won't be complete
The day we all figure it out
The Earth won't be the blue planet anymore
It'll be the brighest star in the Galaxy
Because we would have figured out a way
To be whole
Helping each other
Loving each other
Being kind to each other
All simple concepts
That most can't comprehend
And that is, I believe, the saddest thing of all.
Not that we are destroying our planet
Not that we are selfish people over all
Not that we let others be sad in front of us
Not that we let the misery of the world happen as though it was a 'thing'
But that we cannot understand
How much happier everyone would be if
If …
Hunger wasn't a thing.
Wars weren't a thing.
Poverty wasn't a thing.
****** wasn't a thing.
Suicide wasn't a thing.
Hopelessness wasn't a thing.
Bullying wasn't a thing.
If we could push away all those senseless 'things'
Then there would be a chance.
For us the start again.
For us the live again.
For us to be happy.
For us to be complete.
Abigail Hobbs May 2018
Pianoing through time,
dusting over your fingertips,
leaving small papertrails
"Crystalize the truth for me."
And so,
stardust will.
Oh mystical stardust,
why do you come at random?
The twinkle in your eye,
dancing through your dreams,
resting on the back of the moon,
Welcome, stardust.
Welcome to this world of love and doom.
Inspired by someone I know, who's heard the word "stardust" quite a few times in different contexts the past week.
Cece Apr 2018
There are moments in life
where we're made of wonder.
Stardust and sunshine
and moonbeams and gold.
Love and passion
and dreams and truths to be told.
Happiness and sweet messages.
Moments where the world itself
is made of diamonds and smiles.
Moments where words are music
and everyday sights turn to beautiful views.
Moments where people seem to glow
with pride and blush at little compliments.
Life is full of those moments
that convince us slowly that we are stardust
and sunshine and good and wonder.
Moments that show us mirages
of beauty and happiness.
And then our dreams,
our sweet sweet dreams of peace,
are crushed by a cold harsh reality.
When we fall and start to bleed,
how then,
how are we pure stardust?
Or when we get angry
and hurt the ones we love,
how can we possibly be
all sunshine and passion?
Or when we lie, when we cheat, when we steal,
how are those truths to be told?
When we stab our own bodies with metaphorical knives
of tears, of insults, of hate,
how can we be pure happiness?
Stardust can't bleed,
Sunshine and passion can't hurt others,
Truths can't lie,
Happiness can't be stained
with the sad truth of self hate.
And so goes our dream-like fantasy
of our own unique perfections.
Because they've been coldly proved wrong
by the sad truths of reality.
And with that we sink back into the relieving,
albeit depressing,
embrace of the actualities in the world.
ET Bayliss Dec 2012
E. T. Bayliss

where i am.
of what am i made
oh how is it-
this flower
or this stardust?
will i ever know?

mother nature can know
who i am
a little bit of stardust
spun, sewn and made
to bloom scents of a flower
during simple moments you can see it

god doesn’t know it
who is he but stardust
or the image of a flower
for the naive to follow- i am
not made
to follow blindly you know

but what i do know
is that somehow it-
god if you prefer was made
a thought of grand beauty and stardust
to enter weak minds but i am
not a feeble flower

i do not fl flo flow like a flower
because yes i know
that who i am
is not because of it-
god but just a little bit of stardust
coming together was how i was made-

by nature’s hand i was made
to stop and smell each flower
to stop and stare at the stardust
god was man made you know
the same way cars, computers, clothing, were made -it
all be came natural but some stop and see the real nature of how who you and i am

so here i am
bare with my eyes blinking up at all of it
and quietly i pray to the mother nature we all know.
My first sestina. Sorry if it *****.
Samantha Oct 2015
There's nothing but stardust
On her fingers
And her knees
In her hair and her eyes
She's captured between his love
And her life
How could she leave him?
When he says he's the moon
And stars too belong in the sky
She dreams of running
But he says she'd only get so far without him
So it must be true
Because stars follow the moon
And she's stardust
Jessica Kolb Feb 2015
When I look up into the night sky,
I feel a sense of longing.
When I gaze up into the heavens,
I feel something deep, down within my soul.
I feel as if I've once soared through the universe.
I feel as if I've seen the distant explosions of color
and sprinkled stardust beyond our horizon.
I feel as if I've seen the far-off galaxies
and mysterious worlds.
It all seems so familiar
and maybe it's the ancient wisdom
tucked down in our DNA that knows its point of origin.
Our very atoms were once a part of something
much larger than we can imagine.
Our souls are made of glittery stardust
and maybe that's why we always
find ourselves looking up into
the great unknown.
We are bright stars. We are more important than we realize.
T'was a diamond
    amidst stardust
  struck of gypsy's
    celestial adoration,
  crashed and sizzled
 'neath earthly intentions,
ultimate shimmers
     escalated upon
       fiercely impetuous seas,
each dappling
    luminescent wave
saturated of
splendiferous galaxies,
   bathed in heavens'
      stellar effulgence,
mesmerizing wanderlust's
    magnificent indulgences
Denel Kessler Dec 2016
in the dark
compass spinning
wanton wind
howling, wailing
brittle arms
in concert waving
emerald waters
whipped and raging

sky crushed velvet
sequins sewn tight
to the shattered
span of night
a million times
each time as new
with stardust eyes
with gratitude
Luna Jul 2014
And you there rubbing the stardust out of your eyes that fell there upon a chance but has given you visions of worlds and skies far above
You are riddled with thoughts of far away worlds that you'll visit only in spirit and never in body
Where violescent atmospheres swirl above the dusty grounds and flicker behind your eyelids
But you'll be content even when others know you as the star-blinded child

         You'll be proud.
Neo Stargazer Dec 2015
We are the stardust
Packed into bright burning lights
Crossing the night sky
All have the potential to shine.
Not all choose to.
I hope that one day, those I love will find their own light,
so that mine won't burn out trying to save them from their darkness.
bambi Jun 2014
there is stardust in your veins
galaxies drift through your blood
supernovae accompany your heartbeats

and similarly to the stars in the sky
you stay hidden during the day
but at night, when you're at peace
you shine brightly,
with blinding force

I am forced to observe from a distance
much like the dwarfs in space
because you have placed yourself
millions of miles away
millions of miles out of reach
Snigdha Banerjee Jul 2015
We have calcium in our bones
Iron in our veins
Carbon in our souls
Nitrogen in our brains
94.3 percent stardust
With souls made of flames
We are all just stars that have people names
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Sprinkling stardust on me,
I need to survive and
justify my existence,
Elation has become an only
Allow me for once to get vigilant
and wise!
Rezium May 2018
I was formed and once known,
Now no more.
But still apart of his world.

I'll always leave residue
So don't think I'm all gone, dude.
I've always haunted and proved,
You're nothing but a fool.

I just wanted you to see that you were something I didn't need.
Instead you made me beg and plead for you to leave. PLEASE!
But I did and left you a gift

No matter how much you shift or adrift, you'll always fall in my ways.
Even if you try so hard to prove to others that you are strong,
I proved you wrong.

So go ahead and write your songs.
Just let me know when I go global so they can know of your wrongs
I've always been with him and I'll be the reason he writes. Sorry, I mean why you write
Quiet Dec 2014
the only explanation
for light pouring from you
is that whole scientific theory
that we're all made of stardust.

i don't know if i believe it
but i know that i want to inhale you
and blend our souls together.
i know that i love you so much and
i can't.

and everything is so bright,
my fingers trail across your hand
and come up dripping with stardust
so i know that you can burn me
but that you don't.

that is true love,
and the other half of true love is falling
in love with stardust
at 1 am as i lay on my side
crying into my pillow
and drinking black holes.
Akira Chinen May 2018
We might all be made of stardust
but no one shines like you
and the only time I hear
the angels sing
is whenever I hear your name
and when those same syllables
fall from my mouth
it feels like the slow pour of molasses
and it reminds me of when
the gods first created love
and love created life
and then life
made sweet sweet love
on beds made out of sin and poetry
and if you are not
the definition of beauty
then beauty has no definition
and all this stardust
is being wasted
when none of us
can shine
quite the same way
as you
betterdays Apr 2014
i love you,
fresh from
the shower.
glistening and wet,
smelling of aftershave.
"coolwater" by davidoff.  often aslo sandlewood,
goat soap, from the local
farmers markets.

i love you,
dressed up smart.
in a brook's brother's way
dress pants and shirt,
blue linen vest.
johnny walker silk bow tie,
untied is best. then your twist,
(not as original as you think)
converse skaties, no socks
and  bone bleached cuffs,
turned up.

i love you,
in your work gear.
just come home,
you smell of sweat.  
clean and healthy,
always wood shavings
caught up, in your
unruly shaggy hair.
cargo shorts and
that have seen,
many days of worksite wear.
size elevens in your hands,
those big feet and freaky toes
bare, ******* in the air.

i love you,
in board shorts and rashie.
rushing into the surf,
hand in hand.
with the energetic bundle
of love,
to which we gave birth.

it is not as though,
clothes made this man,
but boyohboy, you, frame them well.

it s the heart, the chuckle
the hands, the philosphy,
the clever, erudite, caveman,
the downright,
man-dumb bloke.
that endears, your heart to

it is, that you really listen
and take the time,
to make me feel and be,
phenomenal, wise, sensual
and beautiful beside.

i love you,
best, in my bed.
moving slow and sure,
undressed, silk and velvet.
as we express,
the reality of our love
and whisper words,
well known,
and cry to heaven above.

i love you,
then, here, now and eons
even after the worlds
memory of us,
is  nothing,
dust upon the breeze
our love,
will carry, forth
stardust on heaven's winds
and cries of our love and ecstasy
will birth worlds anew
CarolineSD Aug 2021
Though she once,
At the moment of her birth,
Shone with immeasurable light, 
Unadulterated, unremitting, unashamed
Breaking the barriers of time and space
Wide-eyed emerging into that very first day
Unwrapping the shadowed arms of the other side

Though she proclaimed
I am here!
Like the brightest star,
Speaking with her spirit alone

Having not yet lost
The language of God

Though she was at that moment
Lifted into her place
Embraced by vast, light-laden arcs
Cast just right
A speck of hope within the wide
Galaxy of life

Though she emerged bright
And sure,

She fell

She plunged through a darkness that stole it all
Light years of cold
Voices that battered the
Stardust core
Of her soul

Until one day
At the edge of some endless abyss
She turned and tried to find her own star amongst the farthest
Reaches of the night sky,
Eyes seeking in the black,
And at last perceived the faintest glow,
A tiny spark from so many, many years ago,
A remnant of a little girl she once knew.

But the pain is just too far
And the cruel wind slaps at her reaching arms
And so she just steps back and lets herself fall

Away from the light.

Away from it all.
For my mom, for me, for all. How the darkness can carry us so far. Away. I still believe we were born of light, once.
Umi Apr 2018
In Stardust,
Is where can hopes be born,
But also, where a star has died, violently, explosively, shining out light so brilliant it would roar if it hit the atmosphere, illuminate it,
It is hot, alike the purgatory with a sweet look to gaze at if you observe the planetary nebulae by a far, far distance of course,
The dreams of the nova remnant, spread across space, left is but a small piece of dense matter, pulsating light cast by it's fast spin,
It is but a pulsar, or rather this old lady could be called one of the many lighthouses of our beloved widely beautiful universe,
Shining brilliantly even after death, isn't that what we all desire ?
If sadness clouds your judgement and you have nowhere to run,
And if you feel lonely in a starlit sky, worrying about the past long gone, losing yourself to your recurring, cruel thoughts,
Just remember, that you too, once were part of a bright, shining star which once too used to brighten up the dark, cold night for one else.

~ Umi
Trying to be motivational °^°
Sara Jones Apr 2015
Darling I'm not the same as I was back then,
I thought comets and stars were things in the sky
Until I looked around one day to find
That they're in as many people
As they are in my mind

No one is really ever the same, you see
Everything changes you and me
Every thought and action we do will lead
Into another alternate reality.

What if we turned left instead of right that one day?
Would we have met with early demise?
Or would we have gotten that job we had hoped to find?

See these are the things that are constantly on my mind
For I can't help but contemplate how the stars align
To bring us closer together or further apart
Or weather or not you see someone's true heart.

I guess it's a difficult concept for some to grasp
I mean even I am having a momentary lapse of reason

I guess that's just part of being human
Thinking about what's bigger about us
Or what could bring our downfall

So many of us just sit and contemplate what it means to be in this body
And the longer we think about it the more uncomfortable we become with ourselves

Because with how our world works if you're not a size zero through nine you're not worth the time of the males searching for mates.

Or if the muscles in your stomach don't look like a six-pack then you're not a very good looking male in the first place.

But if you sit and think about how to make this world crumble
You'll see how everyone thinks they're nothing.
But if you tell a girl or guy they're made of stardust and clear skies
They'll laugh and call you a dreamer.

Maybe I am,
Or maybe that's what poets are
Dreamers who think the world is pretty terrible
So they string lines together to create a scenario to help others see the bigger picture

That everyone is made from stardust.
That everyone is beautiful.
Inspired by the quote "You are made of comets and stars, don't let anyone treat you like you are dirt and dust" by unknown
Odd Odyssey Poet Sep 2022
Stardust in your eyes, fairy tale inspiration
of the princess I can see
I'm just sad; a poetic anomaly, and the social
deviate from being any standard of someone to love
But I gave you my heart—to concede the respect of your
royal family ties to love a moderately *******

We could find the keys to lock our love in wedlock
beneath the solid surface of desires nightly
imaginations of the best positions to get that perfect

You're waking up in the long creases of short socks
as it's human nature to want to increase
An increase in the funds to afford the fun
of a light-hearted pleasure under the lights of stars
And I could count them all, but they'd seem less
than my scars

Still its astronomical of all the particles of earth
that I'm always struck by your eyes stardust
English Jam Feb 2018
The eyes of a supernova seeping into mine
So harsh, so hot, but so soft, so loving
Passionate but patient
So much in so few
It’s so warm

Cheeky grins and burning desire taunt me
So painful, so explosive but so comforting, so alluring
Painstaking but playful
Ablaze though we’re scared
It’s extraordinary

There’s no words to match this melodic image
So sweaty, so intense but so quiet, so calm
Dreamy but real
Like a fantasy
It’s blissful

The sensation of fire melting to stardust
Embrace it, taste it, love it, feel it
Crafted and delicate
Two stars colliding
His pulsating heartbeat needs me
My longing kiss needs him

He’s my lover boy
And I’m his
It’s so warm
brandon nagley Sep 2015
I want to dance with her upon the universe, as ourn amour' explodeth into;
A million


©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane nagley dedication (Filipino rose)
Mel Apr 2014
This anger is like an iron fist in my chest.
I want to break you like you broke me.
I want to crush your bones,
until they are nothing more than stardust.
I want to scatter them in the wind
so you are everywhere and no where
at the same moment.
I hate you and I love you.
I want to breathe you in,
I want to exhale you out.
You are within and without
my body and my soul.
I want you gone,
but I never want you to leave.
I need you,
but I don’t want you.
celestial Apr 2014
i think you have
clusters of stars
in your veins
because you
are brighter
than the night sky.

— The End —