We do not all come from the light
we do come to help solve false
ideas, that are put in our heads to
believe are the answers to the
existence of humanity.

We are not gods nor are we aliens who
try to invade human thoughts to turn
logic into something that is false to cause
friction among nations that believe
in much more, that should not be considered
the truth.

Weak minds ex actuate truth, leading friction
to become a reality, that makes man kind
begin to lack faith and hope, jumping from
one truth to another finding there are no
answers, to our existence as we know it.

We know energy source is the strongest we
can possibly have, and it goes on for eternity
regardless who, what, when, where, it began
from the beginning the universe was made of love
and pure energy, everything from than on
continued, creating more and more while
energy kept growing beyond our knowledge
and understanding what it was, and how
it started being the living force of life.

Light as you know is energy it sparks our
world made of pure unadulterated
force, like love and compassion, lightens
the waves of world life reflections, known
as spiritual enlightenment.

We continue on with life, going into our
consciousness to connect ourselves to one, instead
of being two, so our vibrations become higher
as our positivity continues on without any
limitations to keep us from continuing on our
journey fleeing away from old thoughts, gathering
new realizations, of thoughts with enlightenment
of soul, spirit, shining light, with love and more
energy, that goes on through eternity

(Love and Energy is our Strongest Force
in the Universe.)  

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
I borrowed love from my flowers
in my flower garden, for a little
while, how warm, fragrant, as
they quietly entered, like soft music
in the misty dawn of summer

Love every where inside and out, just
notice the song that flows from
all living creatures, they have a special
note all their own.

The first snow in winter falls, gracefully
each different in shapes and song
as they drop lightly to the frozen

I borrowed all of natures love for
one season, feeling sensations of
communication and song, through
out time, she sowed her sweet
love in my soul.  

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
So contagious to fly among the angels
Melts my very soul that gives me faith to believe.
That angels are flying among us true.

Counting my toes while in flight, I find
out my fingers had a different
count flying with the angels high.

Passed a Eagle powerful and bold
as he spread his wings so wide
and free.

Thought it was a dream I dream t, but
when I awoke, it was not a dream
I saw a angel wave good-bye.

With all the light so blue and bright
I thought I went to heaven and back
in just a minute of flight.

Now I fly among the angels high
they make me proud to know ***
is just around the bend.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Hope your day went as well as mine
it is always so wonderful to see you
when I get home from school, you know
your my number one.

Funny! how I can still remember you
watering the ice rink you made us, in twenty
below weather, you never stopped loving
us, in all your special ways, what a daddy
you are in my heart, my very special

Working never delayed your attention for
us all, jumping all over you to play with
happy faces and smiles.

Wow Daddy! you are and always be the
best daddy and man in the whole wide
world, wish I could be so lucky to fall
in love with a man like you when
I fall in love.

Will always slip a little note in your shoe
to let you know, just how much I love
you, and to thank you for being my

I know you love these little notes I
write when I see that smile upon
your weary face.

Daddy I love you, my number one!
with a golden heart, and light
that forever glows.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
In the darkness of doubt and survival
there is one man with faith that captures
the heart of all good men.

a man who believes that all is not lost in
a moment of weaken thoughts that
fracture men to change without
any knowledge why.

For the good of all is not for the good
of all! It is for the good of those who
carry evil thoughts to the grave.

This man stands alone among so many who
cannot understand themselves in a minute
of a flash flood rain storm.

We may ask who this man could be, but
why is it so important to know him when
we don't even know who we are!

This man knows his mind and tries to follow
through, people laugh, make fun of him
and run the streets not knowing why.

This world is full of clowns with funny faces
crying on the inside with no reason why they are
doing so.

Live your life and know the ones with
all the answers and care not to listen
to the real truth of freedom.

Freedom rings in the hearts that have no
idea they are free in the middle of a ocean
on a piece of wood.

Free heart drive your train of thunder
through the woods of forsaken souls
they will jump on for a free ride.

Man of freedom play your drum and find
the ones that are not fake but real,
I wonder if you will have to time travel
in the past to find them!

This man is superior to his own and a great men

Derena Bree
Appearing before me I saw
in a thrift shop full of stuff
a beautiful carved statue of
a woman holding three hearts
in her arms..

Held it for a second, admiring
the carved hearts in her
colored autumn painted gown
her hair piled on her head..

I knew it belonged to someone who
loved nature, freedom of spirit
wild, roaming the wilderness of
wonderment, carrying her love
deeply with three hearts in her
arms safe from harm.

Have her on my table by flowers
dried with care, how lovely she
attracts imagination bliss.

A story behind her carved beauty
from someone deep in thought of
someone loved dearly in spirit.

(A memory carved in wood)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
A mother is a blessed woman
with children who is her

Children *** gave her in grace
never owning, but loving

Blessed is a mother for her
heart is golden, she wears
her diamonds well within
her soul.

She blooms with fulfillment each
time she glances at her children
so proud, always thanking
*** for his goodness.

Motherly love is a treasure from
***, in which we should never
forget, a gift we will always
be grateful for.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
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