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How inspiration can lead us to
a different world altogether.

No words to explain how it can be
our life's guide through the help of
our Heavenly Father.

Our inner voice speaks so softly, we
must be very aware to hear it.
It's like our super- consciousness speaking
words of advice, wisdom, answering
many questions, we have no answers

A song, poem, music, creating something
from nothing, our inner voice speaks called

Do not forget to meditate!
Meditation comes from deep within, and
can calm a being of terror, to a being
of peace.

Let your mind travel far away and you shall be
inspired beyond compare.

Your higher-self shall speak within the space of
your soul..Just listen!

(Inspiration lives within us all)

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
Many reasons cloud our thoughts, knowing we are only human
trying to make each reason that pours from us will not be
in vain!

Many reasons slip by unnoticed, many reasons never materialize, for leaving those reasons hidden will not bring what could have brought a happy ending to a lonely heart.

Many reasons locked inside, a million reasons for not caring, a million reasons for saying a speedy good-bye, for no reason, just an instant thought dismissed and gone!

Many reasons shadows appear with force, many reasons connection does not satisfy, we have no truth within an honest belief that can not
be explained or understood!

Not one reason makes any sense why we must cross that line of no return finding those reasons have no direction.

(Reason pass unnoticed by everyone, but you!)

© DerenaBree (All Rights Reserved)
I need to slip away in the light of
my creation, a ceremonious breeze
high in the heavens of contentment
softly whispering by, gathering flowers
wild, from a field of daisies, buttercups
goldenrod, Indian paintbrushes.

Wondrously! I laid upon the sweet grasses
aroma hypnotizing my attention, astonished
from the beauty that surrounds me, enchanted
with whippoorwills echoing through the
treetops of mountain pine, while clouds
darkened slowly, for the dance to begin, with
dots swiftly appearing, sparkling across the
velvet heavens.

The silver disk of light brightens the lake
dressed in a sheet of clear glass with tree
frogs singing their immortal mating songs
serene and blissfully kissing the silence
good-night, sweet dreams, with God watching
mother, moisturizing the coolness of delight
and promise of another day.

Dreaming in motion never grows old
it only calms the savage beast that lives
when clouds darken.

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
Performance adorn in stillness arriving with
power, deep within the cliffs of knowledge
freedom connects with light, beaming down
on those who have not felt the breeze
blowing past.

Awareness clings close to those who observe
without knowing, they see beyond those
who doesn't notice a flowering ****?

Who knows the feeling that creeps inside
of a person, who feels every drop of
falling rain, see's every ray of sunlight
in the shadows of doubt.

Every emotion dancing above existence
in rhythm, empathizing how pines
trees have whipper-wills singing in
the night, allowing to be heard
for a while to make everything
perfect with nature's sweet song.

How awareness is in love with
the silent observant soul!

Aware in silence

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
Simple enough we have crossed many roads
some have crack filled with sadness
some just paved to ride upon.

Simple enough to see the sunset with a warm
breeze softly blowing softly as you stroll
down your little trail in the woods behind
your home.

Simple enough to hold your children close
before you say good-night kissing them

Simply enough to wander in curiosity how
you became so worthy of a person filled
with love and warmth.

Simple enough to find that skies need to
darken before the rain falls renewing
nature's beauty to behold.

Simple enough to sit on a rock and
smell the salty air fresh with words
pouring from the soul without
a thought.

Simple enough to walk among the
mountain pines, watching the hawks
flying free, while you begin your new
life in wonderment.

Simple enough to know you have always
loved living life the way it is, knowing
in your mind's eye, have created your
own reality with a smile, grateful heart
and a loving soul.

(Be your own creator)

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 10
We seem to be having trouble living with all the uncertainty
that is happening daily!
Maybe the reason is that we cannot handle our own beliefs
in an orderly fashion from within!
Focusing on life the way it should be if we lived according
to our morals and values, put in us by our parents.
One upsetting reason for all friction happening at this very
moment is the dislike of our own thinking, our own judging
of everyone but our-self.
We want everything that pleases us, we cannot imagine that
life is not the perfect place we desire it to be without any
pain and discomfort.
This is an illusion most of us have installed in our minds
without knowing differently.
Living is not for one's own pleasure, learning the importance
of love, the greatest power here on earth to find within our
heart and soul.
Another reason among thousands, the faith you carry within
without seeing to believe.
If we cannot love our neighbors as ourselves, why should we
love at all?​
Why should we human beings, cause hurt among our
own kind when we are all equal in the name of our
creator?  Have we ever thought that finding peace among
mankind would bring true happiness?
Too much technology to open the heart, the soul. Are we all coded
to turn on and off?
If just one person could trigger evil to good! I wonder if we
would continue down this path of destruction that brings us
more fear and doubt making love alive to make us all worth
one more chance from Our Creator.
Has mankind come to the point of just being machines, no
feelings, nothing! only dissolving away without that spark
that made life beautiful.
There are no words to be written to change anything. If we are
no longer human, why should we care if people who still love, pray, keeping the faith, and hope that once again all hearts shall see the light shining behind clouds of nothingness!

Do not starve the soul of Truth
Bring forth food that will bring
the people home again!

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 6
Not in the coolness of the night does one become
enlightened in the freshness of spirit, only from the
soul can you share your light, that radiates though
out eternity.

Must not take your life for-granted when it is not
the body but the spirit that lives on forever gathering
love you shared throughout your lifetime.

Like sweet fragrance blowing with the raging
wind across the four corners of the earth itself
does your soul become strong revealing love
that had to be earned to be found.

Cannot pour an ocean into a glass, but with hope
you can pour many oceans in that one

Shivering with uncertainty does one know
the blood that flows through veins of earnest y
gathering knowledge from the Universe.

The soul finder of spirit finds peace eternal.

Fly higher than the thoughts that mingled with
fear of yesterday, they have found a place
of love, glory, and tranquility.

Calmness takes hold of the restless heart
bringing them to their special soul

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
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