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Path slides forward among slippery thoughts touching
warmth unformed in mind and quest.

Combined among lust and supernatural boundaries lie
misunderstanding thoughts of confused emotions
and thoughts not known here among unusual sentiment
of our species.

Crossing in my dimension plays games forbidden by the Gods
of insanity forming complications forbidden among forces
not known causing discomfort and confusion.

Slide again toward your unconscious mind collecting what
has been there waiting for you in the other dimension.

Through the light of blue, you missed signs that could of
led you to your destination without the force of fading
without a sign of fear.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Touch each flower, smell
the fragrance of freshness and
the sweet desire that arises.

Like life it's sweet, it's
lovely, what lies deep tells
the story of treasures not
yet seen.

Roads traveled never
play a fair hand at times,
only new changes of
lessons learned, make
each road easier to
travel on.

While you find yourself
don't forget to pass some
of your wisdom on!

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Inspired thoughts climbing to heights that have no explanation to who we must have been once upon a time.
We cling to the imagination and what was once a matter of interfering love caught in a time of space.

We assumed that love was just a word without meaning, only one thing they forgot to mention that love did not come from us it came from a higher power fill with enlightenment and peace
Inspired but once only in those ways can you really understand the knowledge and wisdom you really have and comes out in thoughts without notice.

Flowing through channels unknown to man thoughts gather together to make meaning clear once again what a civilize thought to use to mean in long lost centuries
Cannot gather snow among the wilderness once that craved rainbows filled with brightness and truth.

Enlightenment casts her shadow upon people of light and peace, people are known for there strength and courage to resist evil and darkness that comes with it.

No more shall the largest star anoint us and bring us untruth to our fellowman known now as the white angels of understanding and knowledge.

Come collect your favors of love which is true to your spirit that brings wisdom, and wisdom brings understanding, to your questions without answers.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Midnight Power

Midnight, power escapes
from bowels of the universe
soaring, surrounding, wounding,
no laughter enlightens.

Lanced, damage begins,
like a swirling staircase,
ripping away from reality,
ending in another place
and time..

Energy flowing, with broken
promises surging forward,
completing life's triangle..

Silent words have no meaning,
power traps each moonlight
a night with sparkle and fame,
a fresh awakening, plunging
with understanding..

Point your finger in the other
direction, it is powered
with energy shooting toward
the heavens, taking in charge
every living soul, our maker
takes us home..


Space filled with wonder, where we
Search the universe for answers
there are none, not yet, where we
have established space stations, they
multiply, finding life underground of
Mars, the red planet, escaping death,
they find a new way of life..

Searching for other worlds for a sign
of extraterrestrials, we find, through
time travel, many dimensions, life
years apart, we now establish more
about God, and his creations, searching,
finding, accepting, we move on into the
mysteries of the universe...

Space is the ace of the deck, highest
you can find, where knowledge is
only one step away from our
accomplishments, a score much too
high for betterment....Space, vast,
filled with life. specks, dust from

We shall continue to send out ships
to other worlds, finding more and
more answers, while we may of over
looked the true depth of our belief.....

The heavens will continue when we
are gone, answers will be sought,
solving many question unknown,
space, our true destination, has no
beginning, no end, life a mystery
of mysteries that shall go on till the
end of time...

Without Warmth Of Love

Without the warmth of love
I would close my eyes forever;
darkness would cloud each thought,
never know what life was about,
without love light.

Without the warmth of a smile, why
would I want to smile; it's worth
a lifetime to find a diamond,
one who knows the warmth of
life, the sparkle of love..

Without the warmth of a gentle
touch, how could I live a normal
life, when the freshness of the breeze
no longer exists..

Without the warmth of loving
words, life would be a lonely place,
where silence, like an Island, only
touched by a quiet whisper.

Without the warmth of a kiss
why should my lips whisper
words of love, when a kiss,
cannot find a home, a place
to rest desire..

Without the warmth of my love,
heavenly light would not exist,
only emptiness of a heart living
a life alone...


Passion falls outside
my door. each time
I smell the flowers..

The passion of life, never
stops when a breeze
of love flows through
my hair, sent from God.

Passion grows, desire
living on, warm touch
of life devouring richness,
renewing, surrendering. a
Opal of life, black with fire..

Passion for love, desire, sweet
desire, food for the heart, the reason
to live life to the

Listen To My Songs

Listen to my songs my love,
there sung from the very
heart of me...

Your the one that makes
me sing you're the one
that makes me smile,
you're the reason for all
I do..

Listen to my songs of
love, they flow like
raindrops from the sky..

Listen to each heartbeat,
each beat is for you my
love, like beating drums,
wildly flowing across
the mountain pine..

Listen carefully my love,
you may hear the echoing
of my haunting songs, but
you can't see the love I hold
for you..

Must I

Must the light stop shining
now that you have gone?
Must my life stop and pause
a second, to realize part
of me has melted away?

Must the glow of life fade,
when each day is a new,
must there only be one
heart beating now, when
two I've heard for so long?

Must the candlelight of love
dim forever, without another
flame to light my way?

Must the freshness of each
summer rain, have no breeze
to chase away the darkened

Must the darkness turn
darker around me, when
dreams have disappeared,
leaving only shadows
of doubt?

Must the silence make
me weep, and the shade
of summertime bring

Must I keep remembering
your smiles, kisses, sweet
embrace in the night of no
more tomorrows?

Must I walk alone among
the weeping willow, watch
the stream of life stop
flowing the other way?

Must I lay my head down
under the oak of life's
force, and surrender
myself to my master?

Must I give up, and give
into the pain I carry,
the tears I shed in vain,
when time is now running
out to hold you once more?

Must I believe that you
will return, when I know
it will never be, you have
been reborn into the masters
kingdom, leaving me all alone
my love..

Love Is Forever

Love is forever peaceful,
never letting go, a touch of
heaven, flowing free.

Love is forever growing
among all nationalities,
it lives within all of us..

Love is a forever thing,
never letting go, flowing
through time..

love is not forced,
it's free, need is holding
on, not free. but love lives
within each soul..

Love is a lasting
thing that brightens
every heart..

Love. power of the
the universe, it multiplies
over and over again,
living forever.

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Lifting the basket of truth with ease
knowing it has been heavy once in
the dawn of life.
Strolling under the flowering
maple trees, I caught a glimpse
of a squire collecting a-corns
storing them away for the long
winter months.
With autumn comes a tale of
stories that were not made up
read by our grandparents so
many years ago.
Shady days bring starry nights
for remembering how lovely
living life use to be in the
olden days making memories
by the sweat of the brow
not know if they would finish
the day of work without dying
before a drink of water.
No story can be made up till
you have your own story to
tell, with its grand details
reading to those little ones
with eyes wide open filled
with excitement listening
to each word attentively.
So has each basket of truth
is unfolded, another basket
of true stories will fill it
up once again.
Lifting each basket will always
be heavy in dawn's early life, till
each true story has been told in
the fullest from generation
to generation.

(We all have a story to tell)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Standing in the corner a statue lost, alone, now
neglected with age, she seems to be forgotten, a
beauty in her time now stands gray with dust that grows
more and more each passing day.

Molded she was, perfect in every way, now silently she
stands, wishing she could feel free of dirt, when once
she was in the spotlight, eyes stared, her molded
beauty amazed.

A perfect sculpture molded in the imagination of
someone's love. now standing alone crying within
a heart that always beats without notice.

Now the freshness of a lake draws moisture to her
eyes, she knows her days that were, are long passed
oh, how it felt to be in the spotlight for a while.

Slowly her heart stops, as she sheds an inviable tear
for what was and will never be again.

(What Beauty She Held)

© 2019Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Sing sweet one to me, let me
hear your sweet song, your
voice has sunk a million ships
now that you have gone, you
have left your name in lights
never to be forgotten.

Sing on, let the angels hear
you now sweet one, there
will never be a star brighter
then you are, only the stars
in heaven can tell you true.

Sing on sweet one, your
voice was never meant to
be forgotten, not here on
earth, and in heaven, you'll
delivery a song fit to please
the master of the whole

Keep singing sweet one
you always will be my inspiration
your songs have never been
forgotten, they live on
Marlon Lonzo, born with
song and glory.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
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