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I S A A C Apr 15
my body carries a river of insecurity
causing floods upon innocent harbours
insane membranes, complex DNA
nobody is wired the same
no candle burns the same
but they all end the same
SelinaSharday May 2022
Poem Sanged
Daddy.Vibes..(written for someone I know and I feel their pain so)
Listen.. hold me close and not far.. plz. hold me close to you.
Don't reach for me and be too far..
I'm just getting to know you and who you are.
i'm just getting to know you.
Hold me close and not far.
Your the reason why i am who i am.
why some things are the way they are.
So hold me closer.
I want that attention..
Oh must I mention i wanna know you.
I'm calling repeatedly.
I know i don't get answers every time. hold me closer.
But its been way too long.
pick up the phone, your important to me.
and I've waited my whole life long.
To kno who you are mr.
Don't wanna seem desperate
But I'm a part of you, you you and
I wanna get to know you.
Mr. busy busy busy I wanna know who you are
pic up the phone.
I want to hear you talk to me.
Mr. talk to me.. oh I'm still calling you.
Something in my soul.
got me callin you. something in my soul.
got me seekin searching
longin to get to know you.
Mr. Come through..
My Dna has much to say..
its in my soul Mr. see about me..
give a care I pray!

Finding a Long lost pops.
by selinashardaye
Been wondering who's Your Pops.. and get lucky enough to find someone you never thought you would... And your soul longs...
andres Apr 2022
its in my blood to create music and spread Peace and Love. it has always been that way. Dream to do a collab with the great 7.
Àŧùl Oct 2021
A striking increase in absorbance of DNA upon denaturation is known as the hyperchromic effect.
The two strands of DNA are bound together mainly by the stacking interactions, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic effect between the complementary bases.

In their native state, the bases of DNA absorb light in the 260-nm wavelength region.

When the bases become unstacked, the wavelength of maximum absorbance does not change, but the amount absorbed increases by 37%.
A double stranded DNA strand dissociating to two single strands produces a sharp cooperative transition.
Source: Wikipedia
My HP Poem #1943
©Atul Kaushal
Michael T Chase Feb 2021
Does measuring the particles ever tell me what consciousness is?
Wouldn't it be the unique combination of elements, for we know that DNA determines the difference between a dog and a human, from a fur tree to a butterfly.
DNA is made of elementary compounds.
Is there any way to express the allness in one thing?
Life, this all, and consciousness, which even plants have, how can it be deciphered into one essence, when it requires a joining for it to happen?
Could it be in this joining that life takes place - the magnetic attraction of love?
Nylee Dec 2020
it is complicated
Not enough on my plate
the sea of sadness
making a mess
I've seen it grow,
Like a beloved plant
to a monstrous size
my ego falling tight.

it was a delight,
the silver losing its shine
I see it happen
many moments in my time

well, I thought I was before
jaded, but more so as
everyday it rolls,
the lustre of the big
is miniscule
I've gone through
every rule
I'll follow,
but it remains hollow.

I've not seen yet enough
but it is already enough
For me,
I'll stop, I'll be,
I'll cease if it is not to be
I'd just care
not, like I've done before.

Jaded, it is so ingrained
now in my DNA
I've felt it all
multiple times
I've soared through
caught up to
with the kindled hope
being jaded is the scope
of my life.
manlin Nov 2020
warning: ****** assault, domestic violence

Daddy yells at momma.
He’s upset that after she made me,
she’s too tired to be with him.

I step into the kitchen
where my pieces of DNA were fighting.
I had just started going to school,
and I was too young to realize:

kids really are helpless
in situations like these.
He shoves momma’s clothes off
so quickly;

I was paralyzed.
I couldn’t move.
I didn’t know
what was going on.

My momma screams in retaliation,
“You *******! She’s right there!”
I’ll never forget the cruel glint in his eyes.
“She won’t remember.”

As a thirteen-year-old,
I was braced for war.
Momma told me:

“Remember the pain
I went through?
Your father…
Make him pay!”

You’re right,
I know what you went through.
I’m sorry I am still part of him.

Empty bottles litter the floor
just like the pictures of bodies
in my history textbook.
I stand from amongst them,

glaring at him
as he snores on the couch.
At the time, I didn’t understand why
dad would pass out so quickly sometimes.

I step over the bottles,
making my way over to the sleeping beast.
I’m scared he’ll wake up.

Ah! Just like in my favorite books,
the villain’s neck is wide open!
I reach my hand out,
clutching my pretend dagger—

I **** him!
With elation, I suddenly feel
the curse that tied me to him

The steady rise and fall of his stomach
brings my spirits back to reality.
Disgust twists across my face,
and I deliver a punch to his beer belly.

He sputters,
standing on his feet in a rage.
You’ll never understand what I went through!”

My instinct is to run and hide,
but I instead stand proudly,
puffing out my chest.
“I wish you were never my dad!”

I smile to myself,
giddy in hopes that
momma would stop crying
and be proud of me.

He looks hurt by it.
I’m happy!
He never comforted us!
I throw out a few curse words to try to scare him.

That only makes him angry.
“Get over ‘ere,” he says through gritted teeth.
He grabs me by the waist of my pants.
My momma is worth whatever he does to me!

Preparing to graduate from college
with high honors
and a position at my dream job,
I should be happy.

Yet I can't help but realize
it has been a decade since I’ve spoken to my dad.
Mom is with a new man.
He touches me in ways dad never did.

If I was thirteen,
I’d find the ten year anniversary as a reason to celebrate.
“That much closer to removing his curse!”
I would think.

I’m even more disgusted by my mom
spending all of her time with her boyfriend
than I ever did when
dad brought women over.

If the curse is supposed to be disappearing, then
why do I feel just as empty
as I did
Chad Young Nov 2020
"A" crowned my head with a crown like
twigs while "A" was seated on the Throne.
Notice how Baha'u'llah reverberates that it is a different
throne, yet in essence the same One.
Fire like a rainbow.
Notice how a Prophet would gulp when another Prophet is
Notice how a Prophet does not need to "believe" in else
except God.
"C" is same.
If I am a Prophet without a voice from God, please
don't let me speak.
All the Prophets have transparent beauty like
Above the City of Immortality is the Valley of
the Manifestations.  Where the Sun of Reality
is home and all the denizens are refreshed
and find God again from whence they have
left.  Nothing but God lies above this Valley
and the Presence of the Beloved is aglow every limb.
The Presence is enlivening and heavy
in vitality.
"I hate you, I love, I hate that I love you",
echoes to hearts not attune to the Transcendent One.
The Presence has a unique energy that allows
Them to change the universe of lower natures.
All stresses dissipate away.
Those Eyes that see all of me.
Energy as if from another world,
as if always awakening from bed.
It is sitting in the Manifestation's Tent.
It is feeling Their skin become mine own skin.
Light so warm that it is cool.
Names have no place here,
only Spirit - the Transcendent.
I forget myself and
instead caught up in "A".
The fullness of the Manifestations will soon, soon
manifest in all of us.
24 karat Golden DNA.
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