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  Aug 2017 Denel Kessler
Could my words describe a familiar place
A feeling of love or a bitter taste
Or do they echo through time as an endless rhyme
Never stopping to unravel, leaving naught behind

Perhaps they’re merely spoken out of such demise
An incoherent babble of a madman sublime
Should they speak of rage as of life in a cage
I have written of hate, such a shocking page

Yet I would that my words could somehow describe
The part of me I tend to hide
And so you may know I am somebody else
Than the person you see when you look in yourself
Traveler Tim
One of my first poems
  Aug 2017 Denel Kessler
Emily B
Some girls
Have butterflies
Beautiful winged elegance
Flying through their cerebrums


I've got old ghosts
That turn into whiskey drunk monsters
"I should put a bullet
In your brain".

I saw him yesterday.
Standing in front of me.
Blowing his brains out
Over and over.

A movie stuck on repeat
In my brain.

And some small part
Of me
Hopes he does it.
So he doesn't come after me

The monster is me.
I don't know
  Aug 2017 Denel Kessler
phil roberts
In the high sky
Where the air is weak
And full of strangers
Nothing lives for long
Only gypsy-footed drifters
Come here on their way
To who knows where

And this place can only be reached
Without anchor or rudder
Nor even a moral compass
Riding on clouds of smoke
And it's such a long way down
Through falling-about laughter
And blood in the gutter
To the hungry crushing ground

                                              By Phil Roberts
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
Gabriel burnS
the climber
                 the diver
     the heat
                 the chills
     the beat
                 the thrill
another old one... I guess it doesn't get any more abstract than that...
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
K Balachandran
Here in dense darkness, alone I sit,
and crave for the caressing rays
of thy gentle light, nowhere near.
Out side the balcony netted to
keep the deviant doves away
the city of million lights speaks
in a jumble of numerous sounds.
like my heavy heart, the overcast sky
is a silent observer, holding light back.

The silence within me kept deepening,
every little light in this city night has
a story to tell, I perk up my ears to hear.
Every skyscraper silently exchange
encrypted message of light of many kind,
to one another, written on darkness.

"I don't trust the night,
she is a cheat" says one
The other replies, "Oh! the night
her luxurious dark hair heals"
Within the discordant sounds
what light etch on the night air has
love and hate, sin and redemption.
Neon pauses create a rhythm,
the musical river flows on.
Sitting here inside the cocoon,
I did spin myself and inhabit,
I think I see you there in the distant
blue light, which you yourself embraced

Will you be ever dreaming about my lonely plight,
when you dive deeper in to your dark night?
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
robert keaty
You said you would cook for me
only if I read you a chapter
words heating up the stove

You said my name
washing the dish naked

I spoke of a moment
before the Ecstasy

Eyes folding back
nails digging deep

In that moment
you said my name

Coffee and Eggs
bodies and legs

I said your name
looking over the Sunday paper

Man's shirt on a woman's body
One button buttoned


In this coming moment
I say your name
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