Abigail Hobbs Jan 11
Whispy leaves
Tendrils of grass
Frozen upon them
are droplets like glass
After a bitter night
they greet the sun at last
Tonight, a memory came
I tried to recall
But, suddenly, you start to fade
Has it really been that long?
Your laugh is distant
If I could, would I try to remember in an instant?
The answer is unclear
Where have you gone in my head,
my dear?
Is this what letting go feels like?
I still remember my feelings,
but they're faint
akin to old paint peeling
in the attic of my body
forgotten, rusted and creating a new setting
Taking down the pictures,
setting up new fixtures for someone new to visit
I don't know how to say this
But, tonight, a memory came
I tried to recall
but came only a blurry face
and no will to remember at all.
Reposting this with a few edits, because the words ring truer to how I feel now :)
The words came spewing out of this burdened body of mine
It took much time
and borrowed space
Now I can begin to think of you
as someone faint
A sob overtook my soul
and thanked me for finally letting go
I'm ready for something new
After what I thought had been the best
After thinking, for thousands of minutes, there was only you
It's alright, darling, I don't need to know why  
Just that there's peace
within this funny thing called life
Closure is an amazing thing.
Abigail Hobbs Dec 2018
To see you sleeping peacefully
amongst the snow and quiet outside
is a treasure and present, I know
I love to hear you say, I love you,
especially on Christmas mornings
With an otherwise sleeping city,
sleeplessness is all right
with you by my side.
Abigail Hobbs Dec 2018
Meeting the evergreen and
the calm scene in my dreams
Just two there in the moonlight
never knowing what to do there
with so much night
Beneath the moss lie our thumping hearts
Never looking up
to see when the morning starts
Abigail Hobbs Nov 2018
Oh sweet love of mine
Your warmth breath had me weak at the knees
as the cold air broke through the trees
Surrounded we were with nature
Tell me, who is your creator
You seem to be crafted from the fog that weaves between the pine
And I, the tree that roots itself here
and through all of time
May we become one
The clouds diffused the moonlight
I'll tell you time and time again we'll be alright
You ask only one thing
What are all of the markings for?
This is who I am, and all I've bore
Oh sweet love of mine
Take me by the roots
and release me from a past time
Thank you, everyone, for all of your love recently on my poems. It means the world to me. :)
Abigail Hobbs Sep 2018
My awakening broke the dawn
And my eyes lifted the sun
And the moon lowered to the dirt
in a sorrow of goodbyes
And up lifted my spirits
in anticipation of dawn breaking into common daylight
And all is even on the horizon
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