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Among other things, I had lost myself
within him and her
and within the spacious lengths of time
Sat my heart rooted in the damp dirt,
a clock ticked away as my eyes kept to the soil
While people passed and people left and people saw and came to stay
when my eyes lifted to this desolation I'd dreamt up
I saw it wasn't really desolate
And though I'd lost myself, I slowly looked west to the sea
through spacious lengths of time
to my own reflection staring at me
thus gazing to the real me
Blooming before were the seasons as they were meant to be,
as they should be seen
The land is no longer desolate
And among other things, I found myself.
Abigail Hobbs Mar 25
The first days of warmth
always seem long, perpetual
Though grateful for rays beaming, burning the dark of winter from you
The death of winter leaving,
thus spring gracing us
with its gilded flowers and endless light
Abigail Hobbs Mar 25
Golden boy, tell me you love me
under the distant, golden sun
In a golden grained field
where we can explore this love
Amidst the grained plain
where wildflowers roam
where wildflowers it has gained.
Late drives through dim fog
Headlights illuminating what I need to face
Late conversations with the meddling moon
And learning to love myself
for more than just an afternoon
Telling someone my truth,
once thinking they were the one
Finding catharsis in a hot drink
Crying for the person I used to be
Expressing things I never wanted to think
A cry of joy for written words
Finding closure that doesn't hurt
Alleviating a year-long tension with a first
A once bleeding heart now beaming,
gleaming through my eyes
What a feeling to experience these things
Though last year's self must be kept in the past
So it happened and so I'll let it be
Another year in which to reflect deeply.
Just a little reflection of 2018 :)
Abigail Hobbs Feb 13
Silence filled the night
Waiting for the sun to come
Still bathed in moonlight,
a dreamer dreams not only in slumber
but in broad daylight
Head above, in with the sun
Abigail Hobbs Feb 11
I could sit for hours watching snowfall
All is peaceful and quiet
As flakes fall to my lips and cheeks
All is forgotten in a wonderland
Soft winds carry the treasure around you
Accumulating even in persistent winds
The sky and ground reflect each other
All is white and soundless
Under a glow of winter
We finally wake in the dream-like setting
Only soft crunches and gasps of awe fill the air
And all you can do is stop and stare
We have snow here in Washington- it's lovely and there's so much of it! Definitely the most snow I've ever seen :)
Abigail Hobbs Jan 23
A frost had already settled late that night
Into the tenth hour, when most would be sleeping
All was quiet and cold on the front
When the stars presented themselves, you presented yourself to the sky
I imagine as gracefully as sunrise
Quiet and unsuspecting,
it sprang on us like an early spring

When winter turns to spring
and daisies push their way through the dirt
when the transition is done
I'll think of your fight to push through life, yet open yourself up
just as flower petals open to this world
Even though you passed in winter, spring will remind us of you
After a harsh winter, spring will be there to guide us,
whether we've made peace with the season,
whether we're ready and however early
We'll pick daisies to take you with us on this spring's journey

For my dear Aunt, who passed away earlier this month. She was 39, but had a long fight with Cystic Fibrosis. Her favorite flowers were daisies :)
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