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storm siren Feb 2020
I hope you bleed.
I hope you cry.
I hope you scream,
Beggin' your god
"Whyyy, ohh why?"

I hope you see.
I hope you hide.
Remember me
As the bad guy.

I hope you keep
It together,
Long enough
To remember.

I hope you peek
In all the books
They tell you not to.

I hope they reap
Your pride.
But not all that truth
Ya' got inside.

I hope you know
This world don't matter.
So if you got a light,
You gotta let it show.
Let it show,
Let it show,
You gotta
Let that heart glow.

If ya' got a light,
If ya' got a light,
If ya' got a light,
Ya' gotta
Let that heart glow.

You will bleed.
You will know.
It will hurt,
But you gotta
Let the scars grow.

You will see
Others lie.
You'll never really
Get why.
It's the worst,
Trust me, I know.

But ya' gotta just
Let 'em go.

Let them go,
Let them go,
Let them go.

Ya' gotta just
Let that hurt go.

You've got that light,
I know y'know.
So you gotta fight,
Ya' got places to go.

So go,
So go,
Ya' gotta just
Get up and go.

So go,
So go,
Ya' gotta just
Let that heart glow.
storm siren Sep 2019
No one is chasing you,
But no one is looking to you.

Please love anyway.
Because if you get a say,
We will need you
To light the day.

Who are you,
When no one is around?
Who are you when they're lost?
Who were you when you're found?

Lost, lurking in the shadows,
"We won't back down,"
You grasp their thread tight,
"We can't go down without a fight."

Did anyone
Ever let you believe
That you should be
Loved unconditionally?

Your eyes reflect the sunrise,
Which leads me to surmise
That this was disguised--
That this never felt right.

Yet here you are
Standing so tall
While you bear
The weight of it all
On shoulders so brittle,
On shoulders so small.

You keep moving,
There's no way you're losing.
You'll give it your all,
You'll never stay where you fall.

You reach up towards
Every hope
You're fighting for.
You stretch yourself so far,
Just to comfort the stars.

You hold light within your palms,
If you love one
Then you have it all,
Because love without faith
Is just emotional withdrawl.

You're the hope
That has me reaching,
The love that has me preaching,
And every promise
I intend on keeping.

Because the world keeps sleeping
When support is what you're needing.
So the lights fade low,
You ask yourself
"Where did the time go?"

But don't you already know?
You have length to show,
No strength in rows.

You count the hours,
You call the crows.
So grab your shadow,
Replace your ammo.

You know what to do,
You've got something to prove.
You give it all you've got,
Because you got a lot to lose.
storm siren Jun 2019
"It's the only color I call home, because where the flora is green, life will always be seen." By K.A.S.

The storm ebbs,
Always at the very edge,
Teetering off the very ledge.
The storm flows,
But it just never moves,
It just never goes.

I remember when your words dressed me so proudly.
I remember when your eyes said love so loudly.

But I guess I was right,
Because every sunshine day ends in a cold dead night.

You never knew what I meant
When I swore every breath of yours was heaven sent.

But I guess I was always wrong,
Because we just sat in silence,
Forgetting all our words,
And forgetting all our songs.

But I still love you from the highest sight,
I still love you to the dimmest light.
I still love you every day,
I still love you every night.

But if a time should come
Where our future is unclear,
Know that I love you always,
I'll always be waiting right here.

I think
You might think
That maybe I didn't feel when our ship began to sink.

I think you didn't notice
The break in my heart,
And in all my other parts.
Because you turned away
When I started to decay.

I don't know if you'll ever tell me
Where we were led astray,
But I know, now,
Nothing green can stay.

Yeah. Nothing green can stay.
storm siren Jun 2019
I am a
No good
and you can't
Tell me

In the end
I've found
All that really
Is who you were to them,
A year before you died.

Because I put a bullet where I should have put a helmet,
Along with Honesty and Sincerity,
And all their friends and Virtues.

Rebirth is easy, it's living that gets tricky.

Reborn as a sinner:
Love me,
Hate what I do

What I do best
Is watch you fall to pieces
Limb from crushed bone limb,
And what I do best
Is write sad songs
That I hide away in a corner of my
Closet(ed mind).

When you die,
They remember you with flaws they had of their own.
They make it about them,
And their pain,
As though being a martyr
Could actually bring you back.

(As though a martyr
Could actually come back)

So call me Apathy,
That'll be my new name.
A lack of empathy
No pitying sympathy.

Because I cannot seem to make you realize,
I do not empathize
Nor will I ever sympathize
With you no-good
Nice guys.

I'm a bad guy
What can I say,
I'm the villain, the antagonist,
I was put here as a test--

I went wrong,
I went far beyond wrong,
I took a wrong turn onto the wrong path in the wrong forest
Where I just don't belong.

So goodbye for the night, and maybe the next few,
But remember my number not name, as only the living seem to do.
So just remember these words, from time to time:
I am a lack of the holy seven--
You see, in place and in honor, I make nine.
storm siren Jun 2019
Have you ever been
To where I was born?
Have you ever found yourself
Without a rose in sight,
But you still had a mouthful of thorns?

Did you ever sit in the silence
As the wolves sang to the moon?
Did it hurt when you realized
No one is going to sing for you?

Does it hurt when you remember everyone who came into your life
Just to go?
Did it make you sad,
When you found that the only familiar voice
Was your own echo?

Love, who am I to you?
No, please, just: who am I to you?
Am I the sunshine you wouldn't wait to hold onto?
Or am I the melody that's always been the only one to really know you?

Have you ever found yourself
Sitting where I was found?
Did they ever hear the breaking for themselves,
Everytime they let you down?

When was the last time
You decided not say that you're fine?
When did you feel "I love you."
Was real, and not just a pretty rhyme?
One that we beg for,
After every night
After every fight.

Welcome to Lonely.
Population: Just you... and just me, too.
storm siren Mar 2019
you're the other end
that tugs so tightly
on my red string of fate.

you're my soulmate, my one and only.

you once were so willing to help silence all the chaos in my head. all the loud of the world, and all the toxins that tried to leak into me from my past to turn me into the very same monsters.

but still

your laugh, your smile, it makes me bubble over with gratitude. when you are glad to be with me, when you know I love you, that warmth glows and glimmers in your irises as clearly as starlight in the very heart of the deepest woodlands during the darkest nights.

my lovely Bluebird of Peace, my valiant Archangel, you are my Anamchara.

you See me.

But You Are Colorblind.
storm siren Mar 2019
It's been a pretty long while, huh?

I don't know how long it's been since either of us have checked in here.

And I don't know how long it's going be until you check back in again. I'll probably pick up writing again, though, probably very soon.

You and the guys are talking about King's and how most of them had women on the side other than their wives (something I just overheard)

I've heard you complain
All night
About wanting another girl
When you slipped a ring onto my finger.

I heard you thank them for cheering you up,
When you told me nothing was wrong.
I'm so glad they cheered you up.
I'm so glad someone finally cheered you up.
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