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betterdays Jul 2021
Pebble in hand
on waters edge i stand
Memories of you wax and wane with
each wave that laps at my feet
i sink into the soft sand..
Tears on cheek
Smooth pebble and
jagged breathe
As i let you go again. again....again
This time I don't throw the pebble away
I drop it at my feet, and watch it tumble and turn as the waves draw it back into the ocean
I watch the colours gleam and the pebble swing this way and that like a dancer swaying to the music...
I watch this small beautiful thing be subsumed by the much larger beauty of the beach

And I stand tears running freely as I learn another lesson about grief about letting go about being together but apart..
And through my tears I laugh...
betterdays Jul 2021
Cold fingers touch my
Heart as we await news of your
Condition  ....Hoping....
In too common an occurrence.. we have a friend hospital... With Covid19....and all we can do is hope pray and wiat for ***
betterdays Jul 2021
The sound of cars
Streaming through puddles
Competes with rain rattling
On the old tin roof

Underneath that roof
We listen to the percussion
of the log fire as it consumes
twig and tree.

The purr of the cat  stretched
out in basking bliss
Competes with the snore
of the man asleep with book
resting upon his chest

And from down the hallway
the soundtrack of a young man
defeating armies and building

All this I hear as I break from marking essays and take a sip
of lukewarm Earl Grey tea..

In the kitchen, dinner is roasting
away in the oven..with the not so small pup standing hungry guard.

By the door coats, boots, scarfs and facemasks await our after dinner walk..half an hour around the neighborhood, then back into  the house. This is our lock down life...
We in Australia have been relatively free of the Covid 19  virus ..the area I live in has had no cases for just over 400 days  but earlier this month an area adjacent has had some case of the new delta strain we are once again in lock is school holidays so it is some what easier.. and again because it is a rainy winter the urge to go outside is curtailed..
My heart goes out to those more directly affected...
betterdays Jun 2021
Tis the bad gateway boogie
The records spinning round
Can hardly get a foot in
Hardly make a sound.
Trying really hard  to make a comeback tour
But you all know it's been 6 months or more
But you need to know
I'm kicking
Heels and toes.
..hoping to check in
Seeing how it goes

Not sure if you will see this

But if you do know those Bad Gateway Boogies

Has me singing the blues
betterdays Nov 2020
It's been awhile,  I know
This year time slips away
Been busy doing n not much
But living simply, thinking lots

No excuse not to do, not to write.
But staring at blues sky
And cat's eyes takes up  time

And now there is new generation
To see
A baby boy so free
of worry and care
All raspberry lips and brown eyes
and burping smiles
Swaddled in love and light and hope
Noah, the new captain of that ship
Calling watches with ***** cry
Two are three
And I am grand

It' been awhile
But things keep happening
Not all bad
Some  really good
Some  would say grand
A reminder that
The world carries on in spite of itself
My niece and her lovely husband gave the family a gift of a delightful little boy this week.
Noah Francis  welcome to the world
You grand little chap
betterdays Aug 2020
looking fo a pinprick of blue
among the silver linings today
but can only see cotton candy white
and  flannel grey

set my plane to fly high and straight
but all it seems to do is fly in an
eternal, infernal figure eight.

cannot see the horizion
or sight the sun
flying without sight
Is like trying to run
with your legs hobbled

you don't ever  get far
and you inevitably
end up with a cut,
a bruise or a scar.
betterdays Jul 2020
Each Day
a marathon
Unto itself
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