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betterdays Nov 2020
It's been awhile,  I know
This year time slips away
Been busy doing n not much
But living simply, thinking lots

No excuse not to do, not to write.
But staring at blues sky
And cat's eyes takes up  time

And now there is new generation
To see
A baby boy so free
of worry and care
All raspberry lips and brown eyes
and burping smiles
Swaddled in love and light and hope
Noah, the new captain of that ship
Calling watches with ***** cry
Two are three
And I am grand

It' been awhile
But things keep happening
Not all bad
Some  really good
Some  would say grand
A reminder that
The world carries on in spite of itself
My niece and her lovely husband gave the family a gift of a delightful little boy this week.
Noah Francis  welcome to the world
You grand little chap
betterdays Aug 2020
looking fo a pinprick of blue
among the silver linings today
but can only see cotton candy white
and  flannel grey

set my plane to fly high and straight
but all it seems to do is fly in an
eternal, infernal figure eight.

cannot see the horizion
or sight the sun
flying without sight
Is like trying to run
with your legs hobbled

you don't ever  get far
and you inevitably
end up with a cut,
a bruise or a scar.
betterdays Jul 2020
Each Day
a marathon
Unto itself
betterdays Jun 2020
Show me your gods
All fur, purr and bark
Feather, skin, scale.
Those demi beings
that mark your heart
and steal your soul.
Those scraps of love
That make hard days whole
mornings bearable and nights
A little less lonely, predictable
or indeed a little less cold
The bed hoggers, extra joggers
The shoe chewers, the foremen
the cuties, the mute beggers
Soulful singers, paper bringers
Howlers, growlers,meowers
Chirpy talkers, hissers,
water blissers,
Princes  waiting to be kissed
sloppy drooly kissers,
the sandpaper lickers
The back leg kickers
those who make biscuits
those who sleep,
like loaves of bread
Tail waggers, live in baggers
Perch dancers, walkies prancers
**** machines, Catnip dreamers
Redlight baskers

Show me your gods..
be they small, large, short, tall
Slim, plump, grim lumps
Portly, courtly, royalty
or  hot  fluffly messes

Bring them out to parade
with these god's
a home is made
and in these days dark and dreary
We need these gods
for when we become weary
Of the world we've made
We need
somewhere to lay our hearts
some thing that has a unlimited
grab bag of fresh starts.

These gods
everyday the give you a bit of
extra heart extra hope
A reason to hang on
to laugh to cry, to talk to sigh

So show to me;
your gods
and say a prayer
and thank the lord
he made them with care.
These little(or not so little) beings that steal our hearts and rule our homes...have in this family at least, made life a little more bearable over the last couple of months
So lets celebrate them
betterdays Jun 2020
Foggy breath on glass
As I wrap my scarf tighter
Crisp and clear today.
betterdays Jun 2020
Toes cold and aching
Fires flicker in amber dance
Red wine warms the soul
betterdays Apr 2020
We stood
on the driveway today
at dawn
Candles in hand,
as the boy  down the road
played The Last Post,
imperfectly but with
such a beautiful heart

We stood
on the driveway today
With rosemary
for remembrance
and red poppies too
Pinned to our chest.
as birds flew over head

We stood and  remembered
the sacrifice and courage
We stood and remembered
those who did not return
those who did but left
brothers and mates behind
Those who fell,
those who returned injured
In body or mind.

The dawns gentle light
watching over us all
as we looked to
the left and the right
to see neighbors all
Standing  in their driveways
Gifting our diggers
the respect they are due
for the service they gave
to the countries they love

We stood and gave thanks
as the last trumpet note died
and the kookaburras  called
Australia the nation stood tall
Because of the pandemic and associated restrictions with regard to gathering of any type other than households
The usual ANZAC Day comemerative parades could not take place..instead it was suggested we "Light up our driveways "
ie wake for the dawn service normally 5.30 to 6  and stand with  lit candles in driveway as the service took place.(over radios and TVWifi Hookups) .
Our street (all of our street)did this not by any group plan but by each family deciding to stand and honour those who fought in battles for our nation and others throughout our history
...I am so proud that every house represented was a sacred time...
One that my words fail to do justice to...

ANZAC Day 2020
Lest We Forget
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