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Jen Dec 2021
Never seen
Eyes more true,
Until one day
I rested mine on you.

Knew your smile,
Your voice,
Your touch...
Before I met you
That faithful day.

If this is love,
Then I never
Knew what it was

If this isn't right,
I don't care,
I never
Wish it to end,
Only for it to

To pretend tonight
That you think of me too,
And trust deep down
In a story of love.
The pain of love and wishing for it in reality
  Dec 2021 Jen
Sarita Aditya Verma

Blue linen
Unclouded, the canvas light
Air brushed with strings of white

Beneath the curtains
Rested the stars
Twinkling all night

The morning star arrives
Magic it has in mind
Golden drapes gently unfold
  Dec 2021 Jen
Riz Mack
take me to your hidden stream,
your shortcut through the trees
to the place where
a bird might flutter and land on your hand,
chirping in some ultra violet scene
about dreams and schemes.
take me to your street,
through concrete plans, past unwashed windows,
to the house that was never a home,
to the garden where innocence danced
and the bedroom it still haunts.
take me
to your favourite coffee place,
the one where the coffee isn't quite as good
but they have the long wooden stirrers
and you refuse to use the plastic kind
because you can't help trying to save the world,
take me with a look, take me
for a fool
take me with your fingertips,
your collarbones, your well-versed lips
and whisper to me
of secret things.
  Dec 2021 Jen
The only one I ever fear
is she who haunts my dreams.
The one who carries my heart.
She loves me more than life.
She knows everything about me.
I'm her world. I'll be her grave.
Jen Dec 2021
Heard a familiar song,
As sleep beckoned once more
Only to close the door
At the the crossing
Where I find you,

Drifted away to sleep...

As it fell upon me,
I heard your voice so clearly,
Looked at your face,
But there isn't a trace
To be found,
Familiar sound,
Something isn't clear.
Something doesn't compute.

A new day beckons,
Rise up,
Live it.

A sound in the crowd,
A face takes hold,
Merely a figment
Of my daydreams and worst dreams,
Come back to this life.

I could hold your hand,
If only I could find it,
Finding you lost,
On the Verge
Of something new...
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