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  Aug 11 Jen
BJ Donovan
You know me, light as air, cool cat.
     It's all a giant laugh. Just forget it.
     I hide my tear stained broken poet
     from you because you never approve.
     Life's a fiction. Deny truth at all cost.
     I write quiet in dim light at midnight
like Anne Frank in her safe house.
I fear I'll be found out some day.
Jen Aug 11
You want a piece of this darkness,
It's yours,
You want to be set free,
To let it be,
Centrifuge, holding force
Strength come back,
Wrap around,
Unexplained universes
Fall into the arms of time,
Take hold,
Break through,
Light specks above the cold
Leave behind their traces,
Golden sky explodes,
You want a piece of this shine,
Let it glow
Not on here as much anymore...taking some time to heal my heart and find myself lately, hoping to find some new creativity soon.
  Aug 11 Jen
Frances E McClelland
The angels' harps play a sacred tune,
while planets dance around the moon;
In subtle strains our spirits rise,
and leave us grateful and starry-eyed.

Recalling life as it once seemed,
this vision floated inside a dream;
In many days of endless chants,
the angels' harps cause us to dance.

When voices touch each other's hearts,
there's always a sign creating sparks;
And with that strong secure emotion,
then lives connect with pure devotion.

No longer chilled in fears of life,
all folks fly far away from strife;
The added wealth of kinship stands,
as children sing while holding hands.
  Jul 30 Jen
I'm not pretty
Barely alive but
I felt the sunset and
Kissed your eyes. Mountains, aspen
Desert and sky, I heard the day
Go beneath your mind. Quiet and
Inconsequential. You went to bed
In the tent and I stayed out in the
Black rain beside the black lake.
I was beside the pines and estimated
The thunder go through me like stone,
And I could not leave, could not stay.
Jen Jul 28
This feeling settles in,
Making itself at home

It's so unsure,
It asks,
"What were you searching for?"
"Never mind, you can't go back..."

You'll never find it,
You'll never know it,
The cycle seems to keep on spinning...

There is something you have though,
It can't be taken,
It's yours alone,
But no matter how hard I try,
It feels like a part of me has died...

Maybe one day,
It will all make sense,
Maybe one day,
It won't.

Right now it lays at rest,
Sometimes it pours out
For now,
I let it lie down.

It hides in the form of
Sleep and regrets,
It lies.

I am only human,
You encouraged
Me to feel vulnerable,
And I gave in
Like a child to the swing,
Blindly following.
Jen Jul 21
You can't always
Know another's heart,
So love yourself
Glimpses of pure warmth
Erode the gravel buried
Deep within an inner shell
So love yourself,
What is it you'll
Gain to keep playing those games,
Nothing in the end,
So love yourself,
Happy memories are made
With those that are close to you
Laughter, hugs, and taking in the view
The sheep hide in the clothing of wolves,
Until the coats are removed,
They hide
They hide
In the daylight
In the nighttime
They hide
They hide
There is nowhere to…
Glimpses of city lights over water at night
This is the best view and brings a sense
Of coming home to arms unfolding to
Welcome you back and say goodnight
You can't always
Know another's heart,
So love yourself
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