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Jen Jan 28
I was walking in opaque
In a mist of blurred lines,
On the trail
Of something
Of someone not meant to find.

In that moment,
I stood on the dirt,
And looked up through the fog
To see through the clues
That led me to resolve,
Then to you.

I was lost in a maze
with no exit.

Now I'm face to face
With another,
Never meant to uncover.
From day one
We were never meant
To know each other.

Standing on the abstract
Verge of something...

Colors merge in my mind,
All was obscured
And now I can see
But not feel.

And all along
I was never meant to
Uncover you.

So many colors blend,
Blurring the truth
And I'll never
See through to you.
Jen Dec 2020
Cold can be so warm,
On the outside of truth

Crashed below the water
Heavy and sunk
To the bottom
so far, so far
From where
The edge scrapes life
Underneath disguise

Took hold
Of temporary
Reflection holds the truth

It is so cold,
In open air
Above the pool
Where bodies swim
Say hello
Meet and embrace
In the blue

There is love, up high
What you believe
Love under the surface,
Scratched away
To find proof
On the outside of truth
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Jen Dec 2020
It's hard to let go and hold on

Let go for a little while...

Dangling from a star
In ebony space

Hanging on to how it feels
Drowned in incandescence

Lost in the void
Lost in the void

Touched your fingertip
Before floating away

Oh no
Where did you go
Oh no
Found yourself,
The tip of where
You can't see
Or ever go

Lost in the void
Lost in the void

Always dangling there
Waiting for a glimpse
Of something far off,

Still hanging on,
Crystalline trellis
Covered head to toe
With heavenly glow
Danced in Jupiter's rain  
Under Callisto's light
And nothing could compare
Shining with a million colors
The whole time

Lost in the void
Lost in the void
Jen Dec 2020
So, clear to see
Who you want to be,
It can all be seen

Take a breath
Don't forget
Not to swallow
Salt water,
When you're
On the surface

Everything is washed over,
Bones are hollow,
Made of starfish
Also known as
Their radiating arms
Fill colorless depths with
Magnificent sights.

Everything eventually fades,
To grow anew
In an endless cycle,
Seaweed holds fast
To rusty anchors
Buried and sunken
In desolate places.

A final resting place for saints,
And sinners...
They once sat on a ship and
Ate mackerel for dinner.

Fish now rise up to
The surface of a vessel
Alive on tranquil seas,
And life continues
On as it does naturally,
With starfish wonders
And miracles,
Ships sail and sink
Just as we do.
Jen Dec 2020
Let go and release,
Yourself from the feed.

They can no longer reach you
In a place you feel safe.

That's when you are freed,
That's when you finally see,
What you are meant to be.

Maybe just a whisper
Compared to vast mountains
They climb oh so high.

Maybe just a speck
Of glimmering light
Next to their spotlights.

It doesn't matter
How big or small

Just remember
Your heart.

Never give in
To the fall

Let go, and release
Yourself from
The feed

No longer haunted,
Let your spirit
Be freed

Just listen for a whisper,
A speck of glimmering light.
Haven't been online as much due to the real life hustle but was inspired tonight when relaxing and listening to music. Peace and love ♥
Jen Nov 2020
Butterflies travel hundreds of miles,
Give new life
then die with the day

A short ride takes us and then erases us,
They converge on a painted tomb
Of frozen colors
Purpose and orange and purples,
Among others
All connected in the dusty wind.

All fades with fall to bring new life
In warmer weather.

Next to the butterfly,
Our lives seem so long.

Perhaps we are butterflies
To some...
Giants in the sky
Look down on us
In a drop of water
Floating by.

Lights flickering in and out-
Fast as light.
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