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  Oct 11 Jen
Sarita Aditya Verma

Mossy green, old concrete roof

The rains had drilled and trilled in holes

A lone green made its way up

Canopying the place, its home
Thank you all at HP 🙏
Jen Oct 11
You don't know
What you have forsaken,
Until it is taken
Away (before your eyes).

Day is breaking,
Twinkles off
In the distance
Await dark bliss
When they can
Shine through
All of this.

Time traveling,
We do it every day.
Take a step,
Dance and traipse,
It's survival
You know,
It's all time
and space.

Some days you come
To find you're in
A new life,
The old no
longer yours
To hold.

Why don't we
Live again,
In this life,
Don't think twice,
Just this once.

Sunsets pass us by,
Sunrise blesses us,
Before our eyes.

Before our eyes,
Blesses us.
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  Oct 11 Jen
star far away in the distant night
drifting here I am in its light
in the dark night inside
it shines more bright
  Oct 2 Jen
Maria Mitea
When the silence penetrates the valleys,
and the darkness climbs the mountain,

When the flowering jasmine sleeps in the dry river bed, you make me feel beautiful!

There is a a feeling of austerity
in the beauty you make me feel,
The beauty beyond aches,
The beauty beyond pleasure,
The beauty beyond time,
The beauty of thousand yesterdays,
The beauty of despair,
The beauty of never ending sorrow,
The beauty of life flame,

This choleric beauty you make me feel
wipes away the defences of time,

It is you making me feel beautiful!
  Oct 2 Jen
lonely rainy skies
gray colored umbrella eyes
looking for sunshine
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