Countless tombstones lined up
  like shark teeth
Waiting for the next generation
  to march into their graves
Helmets waiting
  for heads waiting
    for their bullet holes
Dying in the same clothes
  as their father
    and their father
      before them
Because everyone
  loves a corpse
      in uniform
   Left right left
The endless
   mobius strip
        of war

I've laughed the good laugh
and I've giggled and snorted
and I've loved and been loved
beyond fear
and beyond beauty
and I've been broken
and shattered
and lost and found a reason
to laugh the good laugh again
despite the pain and misery of life
and I've been stupid
and done stupid
and I'm not done with my own stupidity yet
and I'll laugh at the joke of my unfunny life
and I'll laugh with death
at the end of it all
and it will be a good laugh
at a good life that had been filled
with good love
and good misery
and good company
that knew how to laugh
and giggle and snort
despite the pain and suffering
of living a good life

Love is a foolish endeavor
of dreamers chasing fairy tale poems
and midnight dragons
made of moonshine and butterflies
and fire from the time before
heartache and misery
and the evil and sins
invented by better men
who know not to love
for love is a foolish endeavor

She wore a dress cut from the night sky
scattered with stars and dreams
and her smile
had a mischievous curve at each end
and a hint of magic glittered
in the colors surrounding her eyes
and she spoke in a voice
that echoed with the beauty of poetry
and he was tempted to crawl away
from the shyness that lived in his bones
and he managed to make small talk
but fell short of bravery
and slunk into the night without stars
and a dream that knew only her name

Is the world worth saving and what I mean is not the world itself because life will go on without us and arguably much better without us to fuck it up but are we as a species worth saving because its becoming harder and harder to argue in our favor as we let love take a side seat and do little more than spectate as we piss our time away and do very little more than fake our good intentions of somehow figuring out a better way and generation after generation just dump the problem to the future of our children's children and it's getting to the point of it's too fucking late anyway so why bother or care and just let our minds atrophy to the indifference of our humanity cause one less mouth to feed is one less mouth to feed and their starving of malnutrition but we're starving for attention and its a me me me first world we're desperate to impress and it's all so damned sad that it's breaking loves heart as it just sits there and watches as we neglect that its even there and it would be easier if we followed our hearts but happy endings don't make best sellers and isn't a happy ending nothing more than a dirty little secret of a self indulgent metaphor we massage our egos with so we don't need to feel any pressure for the basic needs and rights of everyone to have a little happiness and experience a little love but caring about everyone is too much damn work and there's no profit in equality for all and sure we're all equal but you have to be willingly blind not to see that the rich are more equal than those that we better not mention or we might become something that the rich despise and we have to keep our kings and our queens happy in this world that isn't worth saving but god save the queen so right right and cheerio lets keep marching into war and give the dead a beautiful parade for their efforts and keep the world spinning because death is inevitable and when we're all gone life can get back to letting love do what love does best and maybe then we can finally see what was there all along and as ghosts or as caterpillars or as regret at it's best we can watch love take center stage as the lead actor and singer and dancer and writer and director of all the small things that makes life worth the comedy and tragedy of living and dying on a world worth saving

Blood between the stripes and bodies hanging
from noose after noose
Death the undefeated champion of war is battered and bruised
And tired of the unending shit heap of man hating man hating man
Black eyes and broken tombstone teeth no time to be weary
DING! DING! another round
after round of billion dollars being burned
By the rich greedy bulging gut
of the industrial machine of profit over life
And paid for by the poor and the lives of their children
And they have it all planned out in their blue prints of our misery
To keep the blue collared dreaming the dream just outta reach
By educating the masses to grow up to be nothing but ass's
That believe the perpetuated lie and illusion that it is what it is
And we gotta do what we gotta do
in the name of pride and nationalism
Keep the flag flying high at half mass
Because there is a new national tragedy
ever god blessed fucking day
And keep the people high on the newest gadget and tech
Feeding the mindless humdrum of meta-data high resolution
Flat screen buzz buzz rgb dopamine high
To keep us down on our knees and drooling
Begging for more and more as we accept less and less
Of a life of something more that never will be
As we can't beat the fear by dropping bombs
But Han shoot first so what else can we do
But keep the bullets flying
Nothing to worry about as might will make right
And we're number one we're number one
Keep chanting that lie or the almighty dollar might go off and die
And then what would we do if the rich went out and starved
Who would be who in the who of who's best
When we're all fighting over them same bread crumbs
And no one is better than better
And we're all the worst for the worst
And there's no lie left to be fighting for
When the undefeated champion hangs up its gloves
And old glory is covered completely in blood
Then will we realize that under all our flags
We are all just the same

Do you want to write poetry
under sheets of blue oceans
made out of waves of crushed velvet
and dreams of translucent stars
swimming beneath the pleasures of flesh
and painted whispers of lust
moaning songs to the moon
and colors of the hidden rhythm
of a heart waiting to be filled
with the beats of a never ending love
and what do we need of words
or definitions or skin
to redefine the rules of sin
in a place beyond
what our mortal minds
are chained and bound
by nothing more than
a timid fear of what
our imaginations could unleash
when we stop fearing
the illusions of prophets of yesteryear
and become the sounds and beat
to fill our hearts with a never ending love
and the song painted by moans
and whispers to a lustful moon
and we can swim amongst
translucent stars of flesh and pleasure
under waves of crushed velvet
in the ocean and seas
of unwritten poetry

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