Let's lay down on a blanket
made of stars and the night
and will watch life pass
like clouds in a dream
made of me loving you
and you loving me
and we will collide and connect
and burst through
our sins and the sun
we will lay heaven to waste
and burn hell and its gates
to rubble and cinder and ash
and will make fools out
of desire and lust
and wear them like a second skin
and you'll be my moon
and my prayer
and my sleepy time song
and I'll be your pulse
and your rhythm
and your bedtime story lullaby
and we'll sleep
and we'll dream
and we'll love
on a blanket made of stars
and the night

Heaven my sweet girl
my beautiful muse
is not a place in the sky
or in far and distant dreams
it is the place I have seen
in the dark endless pupils
of your eyes
and the place my heart sings of
when beating to the rhythm
of your name
it is the way you touch
below the surface of my skin
and carve a moment of eternity from the dying moonlight
and burn it into my kneck
with the smile of your kiss
and it is only fools love
and a fool that loves you
and it may only be pretend
or words trapped in a book
never to be read
by jestets or queens
and if it is only here in fairy tales may I never be real
other than these black ink stains
on this lonely page

Murder your gods and let them die and fade
paint the sky red with their blood
and their books
and their fables
break down the walls and the gates
that separate heaven and hell
and plant seeds of hope
in the destruction
where there ideas once bloomed
and rebuild the world
in the image of love
let love be the only language you speak
let kindness be the action of your breath
let generosity be the blood of your heart
help those in need
as a gift and not a burden
Bram only told the truth
when he sang Dracula the first lullaby
and if you read between the lines
you might already know
true love never lies
and in the face of truth
what good are gods
that don’t believe love is all we need
to die
to dream
to live
to hold heaven in our hands
empty of the need of prayer
or redemption
for if all we do is love
what could be found as sin
as we murder our gods
and give ourselves to love
and only love

Tell me what does your heart see
when you say love
what do you dreams make
of this thing we call life
where are we going
where have we been
it’s not a matter of how long
but how well we have lived
what good is tomorrow
without doing something today
but an endless repetitive
reproduction of doing nothing
again and again
and time wasted is wasted
unless it is wasted wisely
with laughter and heartache
and whiskey and tears
and the kindness of strangers
tell me what does your heart say
lets build a better tomorrow
by starting something today

She answers the prayers
of the lonely
and tenderly sews
and stitches broken hearts
and gives them a new coat of paint
and teaches them to laugh
and play and sing again

She is kind and wise
and knows more secrets
than all the mermaids
and the skulls lost at sea
and keeps a garden made
of flame and poetry
hidden in the heart
at the bottom of the ocean

She is there for the lost
and the miserable
and the dead
to guide them home
and carries the light of hope
in the emerald green of her eyes
full of elven lore

She was the first to have wings
and spread them endless and black
against the sky
to give the day
and the tired
a time to sleep
and dreams a place to bloom

She carved the moon and the stars
from the beat of her heart
and placed them high up in the night
and you can hear her voice
in the lullabies of leaves
and the song of the wind
whenever you whisper a lonely prayer
from the pieces of a broken heart


She was the art of beauty
perfected in human form  
and I was a helpless wanderer
lost in the pages of her fairy and magic
and her name was the birth of poetry
and her kiss taught flame and fire
how to dance
and her smile was the moon
and the sun and the everything
and the heart of love
beat in her chest
she plucked a black feather
from the night
and taught the raven how to fly
and the humming bird how to sing
she planted the first tree
from the last tear of spring
and carved the first leaf
from autumns skull
while telling stories to dragons and their young
and gave them a butterfly
with a map hidden in its wings
should they ever need to escape
to the safety of dreams
where she would be waiting
to teach starfish to fly
and planets to swim
and sculpting hearts
of wonder and clay
for whomever may need
something new
for something broken
and it would all be a dream
of a dream
and in the end
it would still be a love
of a love
as we all get lost
in the art of her beauty
perfected in human form

My heart was lost until I found the paradise
woven into the wonder of your eyes
and the dark spheres they surround
painted with the endless colors of the night
and I was frozen in their warm velvet gaze
and entangled in the dreams
laced throughout your porcelain cream skin
and the perfect elegant curves of your form
and your smile would make
the devil blush and stutter
and the soft touch of your lips
would cause the stars to spill out poetry
and prayers made from flame and seduction
and I can only weep to know such bliss
to see you dance under moon
and sway like a serpent that hypnotizes
to charm its prey and steal its soul and breath
and I am helpless as an infant
and I hunger to taste your lavish breast
to feel you pulse push against my tongue
and your heart beat in my hand
what heaven could learn
if it took a moment
and spent eternity
in the paradise and wonder of your eyes

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