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Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Your soul buoys up a body of mine,
leaving imperishable marks of an illusionary joy,
holding me through a lagoon of flowers,
embracing me in a verdant of sigh;
my soul becomes your captive while my body tells a lie.
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Happiness bought off agonies
to prolong its life span just for a spur of moment,
agony's ear-deafening silence spoke,
prolong happiness is an ailment in its own way,
you'll die in happiness just by showing me a deceptive ray!
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
You're my quark who stride back and forth
to expect some gains from the proton of progress
neutron of ignorance.
Then when you progress towards a great deal of ignorance,
you slowly gather yourself up,
to create a minute a hadron of deep insight,
powered by a glory of gluon!
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Stop inflicting your
pains on me,
I didn't ask you
to reside in my body
you did it yourself
so now just
get lost or do
whatever you want,
stop complaining that
I don't pay heed
to your worries; I do
because, I'm
utterly sensitive.
You've induced me
to throw away my
stuff toys as u wanted
me to grow up,
I fed your cravings
all the time, but
you provoked me
more to ****
the child out of me
and I did so,
now please, let
me live.
I want to live
just one more
Fizza Abbas May 2015
If you have to choose
between an aviary
of my thoughts
or an abattoir
of my emotions,
please do choose me
so that you can get
the whole of
Fizza Abbas May 2015
My mind is awash with
the thoughts of you
so that when doubt
my love for you,
they become
a powerful proof
of my love
for you!
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Do you know why my
skin is awry?
Because it is unable
to cope with the
purity of my
soul which calls
your name all
the time to
enhance its
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