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Snigdha Banerjee Feb 2017
Your laughter was palpably pretty, something that constantly distracted me whilst the crowd, whilst everything around.
Reminiscences stayed in heart, breaking my ribs each time I inhaled, I wish there was some way out to meet you while I exhaled in despair!
Your eyes, I saw forever in them and all of a sudden you closed them making me realise forevers don't exist and even if they did fairy tales are just the right place.
Your heartbeat, I still can feel it. I can the frequencies with which it used to beat while you were excited, while you cried, while you laughed, while you had fears while I wiped off your tears.
Photographs are weird a moments happiness is captured to pain lifetime, once what made us laugh makes me cry now for they were too gracious to my glory.
I have missed you enough now, for I have known I wont be ever tired of reading those handwritten letters which made me believe in forevers & fairy tales.
You were always there friend & you always will be that is what you mean that is what forever meant.
That's how the pain feels like, that's how you're still alive, that's how you mean forever, that's how you have been loved.
Snigdha Banerjee Jan 2017
Could you make pace with a poet's heartbeat?
Could you make pace with the unimaginable thoughts that she comes across even while she is asleep
Could you make pace with something that's not even constant
Could you make pace with the way she walks for miles just to collect a few stories of smiles?
Could you find her a reason for the way she talks or acts while she mad at her own self ?
Cause at that point even she can't make pace with her own self
A poet who can write about anything and everything that she comes across gets blank gets out of her wits to find words to describe what she wants to explain but oh! alas!
How can she explain something by whose presence she is blotted out by whose being she exists
A poets feelings while she writes
Snigdha Banerjee Nov 2016
Oh The Weight Of Unrealised Love
Le me fall asleep to your voice & wake up to your breathing patterns
Snigdha Banerjee Nov 2016
The Silent Screams
The Broken Dreams
I Waited For Dark Nights
Cause Stars Shine Better Then;
I Am Trying To Find You
I Am Trying To Figure Out Which One Is You
I Have Once Again Started Believing In Fairy tales !
Cause' Godammn
You Were The Only Soul
Which I Have Ever Loved
I Have Stopped Crying
You Hated Tears
And I Hate You
For You Left Me Isolated
In The Isolation Of My Self
I Have So Many Songs To Sing
Which Have Longed Your Tune
You Shall Be Alive
In Every Word I Pen  Down
You Shall Be Alive In Your Queen's Crown
She'll Recite You In Her Verses
She'll Make A Sweet Melancholy
Of Memories And Sing It To The Extent Of Forever!
Snigdha Banerjee Aug 2016
(Let them see the world)
Dekho Manhooos Paida Hui Hai
Sabke Chehere Pe Maatam Chaa Gaya
Aur Betii Bojh Ban Gayi

Bojh Shayad Kuch Kam Hua Tha
Jab Iskaa Ek Chotaa Bhaii Hua Tha

Par Shayad Kabse Sach Hua Tha
Simaat Gayi Akelepan Mein

Baith Baith Ke Sapne Bunti
Raat Ko Voh Taare Gintii

Gintii Toh Mujko Aati Nahi

Baabujii Ne School Nahi Bheja Mujko
Betii Hoon Naah? !!

Aaj Veera Aayega Toh Ussey Kahungi
Gintii Sikhaa De. :')
Taaare Ginne Hai Mujko

Betii Honaaa Paap Hai
Betii Toh Bojh Hotii Hai Naah
Papa Bhi Yahii Kehete Hai

Solaah (16) Saal Kii Umaar Me
Voh Laal Jodaa Mujhpe Bojh Ban Gaya
Aur Baabuji Kaa Bojh Shayad Kuch Halkaa ** Gaya
Ispe Kayi Sitaare Lage The
Aur Muje Abbhi Gintii Nai Aatii Thi

Dekho Manhoos Paida Hui Hai
Mai Manhoos Banke Reh Gayi
Sabke Chehere Pe Muskaan Thi Aaj
Aur Beti Bojh Banke Reh Gaayi.
This is a poem about all those daughters who are still considered as a burden a bane.
Snigdha Banerjee Aug 2016
The beauty of life is as bright as the Sun
I sit here thinking all the battles i won

the beauty of life is an extraordinary thing
all the joy that this beauty can bring

the beauty of life makes me stop and look over
how I got through has made my mind Hover

the beauty of life I'm thinking today
the life that I've lived I could be in my grave

the beauty of life has finally been good to me
and the beauty of God he has set me free

the beauty of life God has in his plan
for a woman to have a very good man

the beauty of life God send him to me
because for his purpose it was meant to be

the beauty of there is a beauty in you
the beauty of life there is beauty in me

the beauty of life combine both together
the beauty will show us being together forever
Snigdha Banerjee Jun 2016
Lust was selfish, Love selfless
Lust was in too much hurry,
Love could wait
Love You's lied in lust
Hate You'd lied in love
Cause love couldn't hate
Lust was about not being sure
Love is so true so pure
Until its lust's ghost
Love healed the most
We'll become One the day
Our Lust Gets Matured Into Love!
Late night thoughts ❤
Lust & Love
The Difference
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