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Nylee Feb 24
I have to lift my thumb
type another word
Use my finger to erase
All my mistake
A second well spent
A tool better grant
All becoming part of my rant
Simply said
but cannot be conveyed

An uninspiring living being
Nothing is happening
Only two pages of
Not any more in sequence
My identity missing
other time spent grieving
My dreams all lost
I am left alone

A dream of many gifts
What way it went
an unambitious woman
came back
to every thing
Moving the muscle
Even an inch

The same words
dance again
Creativity gone stale
every trial
So daunted by
Ever lack of effort
No improvement
what count to keep
losing the grip

An another day
Come and go by
twenties to thirties
queen of laziness
Unsteady not focused
pretty same letter
I am not getting any better
opportunities run away now
As I step towards the goal

So taken aback
Relenting to every decided fate
a piece of cake
Rock solid one at that
bundling and fumbling
No excuses to my thing
like a diamond never found
never cut or polished
laying just like carbon.
Samantha Dec 2018
Carbon, essential
For life as we know it, yet
Some might disagree.

Nitrogen, for plants
Who need it the most, but not
As a gas, my friend.

We breathe Oxygen
But don't try the pure stuff, or
You're likely to die.

Fluorine is for teeth
In toothpaste, so minty fresh!
Please brush every day.

Neon lights up signs
With its reddish-orange glow
So stay on your toes!
Science must continue, huh?
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
Warm spit invades freezing rains
Grey smoke infiltrates green trees
Recessed footprint seeps granulated sands
Pebbly glass scratches smooth stones
Fishing lures ***** serene lakes
Open whistling pierces hushed nights
Beaten paths pervades unwearied prairies
Shaded glasses filters generous daylights
Woolen cloaks stall numb winters
Processed food punctures clogged arteries

the flowers bend to the man
Andrew Oct 2018
Fasten your seatbelts
For the ice the heat melts
Will be dealt
We’ll receive welts
From Earth’s belt
Her pain will be felt

Crazy cancer
Lazy dancers
Don’t have answers
But as enchanters
Conjure banter
Of absurd slander
And crowd panders
To darken lanterns

Flooding the gate
Money to make
Muddies the stakes
So they act fake
To catch a break
Becoming snakes
With stunning rakes
For nature’s ****

Carbon emission
Cancer remission
In need of incisions
To heal our decisions
Yet denied permission
By a wealthy commission
Utilizing superstition
And pure fiction
To ensure friction
Fueling oil addiction

The hurricanes
Assuring pain
Are curing stains
Of carbon shame
Until what remains
Stays in nature’s lane

I hide in dreams
From Poseidon’s screams
At polluted streams
From brutish teams
Of the crudest greed

To break our code of mourning
We need the noble forming
A case for global warming
Against the vocal storming
Of the slogan storing
***** adoring
Public scorning

We need Atlas here
To fix the atmosphere
As those here
Impose fear
Against peers

Their success equals destruction
So acting responsibly is obstruction
Pushing the planet to an eruption
Of cataclysmic disruption
Due to cynical dysfunction

A tidal wave
Of vital days
To fix our maze
Sits in a haze
While we’re slaves
Digging graves
For the brave
In their way
Steve Page Sep 2018
I drive to the early coffee shop
and order my decaf tea
I don't drink caffeine you see
as my body is a temple
and needs its insides
kept pristine

my cup bears my name with pride
and I slide to the side bar
just a drop of milk
not too much
and skimmed
of course
then stir my conscience
and avoid the cake
I take my takeaway
to my MPV
which has plenty of room
just for me

I start up the engine
to enjoy the air conditioning
sit and start up my thinking
til I'm a venti ready to drive away
more awake and ready
to start a fresh new day

there's barely a hint
of my early bleary eyed squint
and I sing
blissfully oblivious
of my oversized
first world
We have to change our priorities.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
Hand over hand, checklist and
A pen
Hull breach after hull
breach blown
Liquid leaking uncontrollably
Blank black space, vacuum
Eating up luminescence lost
Clarity, comfort me
Vacuum dines on comfort, too
EVA whistles somehow sad between
Waves of static and silence

Where is the sunrise headed?
Where is the new dawn?
Is this transference, or
164 Eva cuts my cheek
leaves seeds embedded
in flesh that betrays the blood.
If Earth is the lonely world
I'm watching the worst sci-fi short
I'm a hero with no extent,
all patched pores defeated
By carbon in the end
Crimsyy Jan 2017
Carbon Monoxide*

Without you, it seemed
a part of me was incomplete,
it seemed there was a void
that nothing else could fill,

But you never brought
my heart summers,
all you ever gave it
was a paralyzing chill,
a cunning cut from air
and I couldn't believe
how wonderful you appeared to be
until you almost killed me.
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