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Sean Hastings May 10
Another year comes and goes
And this holiday comes every spring
Celebrating mother's and what they do
Mother's who do extrordinary things

I still celebrate every year each spring
But not celebrating you
Other mother's made me their own
And for them I cheer for they are
And you are not and will never be
Metaphoronomy Jul 2020
Seeping through the window,
A beautiful yellow light
Revealing a small room,
With shades, dark and bright.

Amongst the pretty sight,
Stood a white canvas,
In the middle of it all,
All shapes and colors.

It waited to be touched,
Get splashed with paint,
To feel new and colorful
Not ordinary and plain.

But the artist denied,
“I won’t” he said.
It’s too beautiful to be touched,
“Too pure!” he exclaimed.

Beauty lies in the ordinary
Have the eye for it,
Extraordinary it shall become
However pale or bright.

So stood the white canvas
With pride, this time
Complaining no more,
Feeling adorned and white.
It tells the story of a blank canvas waiting to get splashed with paint.
Brendann Mar 2020
“Why jump out of airplanes?” someone once asked
"For the thrill? Or the adrenaline rush?"
"Doing it for the attention? or the blast?"
I say I'm falling for wind, like a crush

The answer cannot be put into words
To see a sunset, far above the ground
No restrictions, to fly high like the birds
Feeling the soothing, cool wind all around

Take the jump out of the ordinary
Let yourself feel the extraordinary
Don't ever tell yourself it's too scary
Never be tied down, be arbitrary

See, to make the jump into the unknown
Is way better than being stuck in the known

I hope this answered your query at last
10 Syl. per line, 15 lines, pattern: abab gg ***
Richard Frank Feb 2020
In a world full of exceptional titans
They walk the lands and the world shakes
Talents forged in the highest forms of heaven

They scoop the gold glittering sun with their palms
Stars bow their heads as they twinkle with affection
The seas shake in fear and the world spins for them

I was overwhelmed,
Because who am I compared to this shining titans,
I was just a peasant farmer
Poor and helpless with nothing to boast of
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2019
Who is he/she?

If you see once
You will not forget
That, he/she is
Genre: Romantic
There: Let me define you
shamamama Jun 2019
really!  Yes.  
I'm tired.
I'm sore.  
I don't want to.
Show up.
Be present,
do your best,
wake up,
life moves
through you
in the most
I wrote this poem to bring positive attitude around daily practice.My special needs son has a daily 1+ movement practice to help him develop his brain and to become masterful in his life.I have a strong commitment to help him with this neurological reprogramming.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
That eyes
That promising eyes

To live/die for
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Stunning
Erian Rose Apr 2019
With color shone in his eyes
Of darkness and light
Deep in twilight
They blossomed like asteroids
Plummeting to Earth
Tiny black holes twirling
From the spheres of his sight
He saw the world with magic
Sparking from his palms
It was extraordinary
To be that love
Knew no such limits
Like the color in his eyes
mythie Apr 2019
Baby, you’re one of a kind.
Your eyes light up my dim night skies.
The way you blow into that flute.
Hypnotic melodies.

Your magic blooming like flowers in Spring.
Causing even the dead to dance.
Everyone is left captivated.
They’d all like a piece of you.

Darling, your mind captures brilliance.
The kind no other has witnessed.
You’re a piece of art.
One of a kind.

Even with cold flesh.
Your smile imprinted onto the Earth.
Wishing this moment could last forever.
A masterpiece dug into the dirt.

And on your grave, I plant these flowers.
You’ll be sent to Heaven, baby.
Where your flame will rise.
And your high will never get low.
you're a piece of art.
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