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extraordinary things fake hi lagti hai.

Lanz Gabor Jul 2022
From a steady phase
i've witnessed a lit sky;
it was as surreal as any

until I met a spark —
exposing this blank field
silencing the sky for us

and it was glistening
beating the moonlight
and all the constellations.

To a better phase
i've witnessed a lit sky;
it was as colorful as you

until I met a twinkle —
reflecting my adoration
for you, from my eyes

that's how I met you twice
my spark and my twinkle
and you were extraordinary
Jade Nov 2021
I possess a
vile & extraordinary
"You are doing great!"
Repeat after me, I said.
You are doing great!
Keep doing what you love!
Love it at all.
It's all.
Indonesia, 27th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Dear past self.
If you read this, you might realize that you have been through a lot of difficult things.
Look at yourself in front of the mirror so you could see yourself that has grown into a strong person.
You might have gone through so much pain and scars that you are no longer trying to cover up.
You have had enough and even more than enough.
Let time give you a chance to meet with happiness so you can see that the world is full of beautiful people.
Let them surround you, fill your days with meaning, and drive away your loneliness.
Let them be proud of who you are now.
You are extraordinary.
Indonesia, 21st September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Sean Hastings May 2021
Another year comes and goes
And this holiday comes every spring
Celebrating mother's and what they do
Mother's who do extrordinary things

I still celebrate every year each spring
But not celebrating you
Other mother's made me their own
And for them I cheer for they are
And you are not and will never be
Metaphoronomy Jul 2020
Seeping through the window,
A beautiful yellow light
Revealing a small room,
With shades, dark and bright.

Amongst the pretty sight,
Stood a white canvas,
In the middle of it all,
All shapes and colors.

It waited to be touched,
Get splashed with paint,
To feel new and colorful
Not ordinary and plain.

But the artist denied,
“I won’t” he said.
It’s too beautiful to be touched,
“Too pure!” he exclaimed.

Beauty lies in the ordinary
Have the eye for it,
Extraordinary it shall become
However pale or bright.

So stood the white canvas
With pride, this time
Complaining no more,
Feeling adorned and white.
It tells the story of a blank canvas waiting to get splashed with paint.
Brendann Mar 2020
“Why jump out of airplanes?” someone once asked
"For the thrill? Or the adrenaline rush?"
"Doing it for the attention? or the blast?"
I say I'm falling for wind, like a crush

The answer cannot be put into words
To see a sunset, far above the ground
No restrictions, to fly high like the birds
Feeling the soothing, cool wind all around

Take the jump out of the ordinary
Let yourself feel the extraordinary
Don't ever tell yourself it's too scary
Never be tied down, be arbitrary

See, to make the jump into the unknown
Is way better than being stuck in the known

I hope this answered your query at last
10 Syl. per line, 15 lines, pattern: abab gg ***
Richard Frank Feb 2020
In a world full of exceptional titans
They walk the lands and the world shakes
Talents forged in the highest forms of heaven

They scoop the gold glittering sun with their palms
Stars bow their heads as they twinkle with affection
The seas shake in fear and the world spins for them

I was overwhelmed,
Because who am I compared to this shining titans,
I was just a peasant farmer
Poor and helpless with nothing to boast of
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