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Who is he/she?

If you see once
You will not forget
That, he/she is
Genre: Romantic
There: Let me define you
shamamama Jun 6
really!  Yes.  
I'm tired.
I'm sore.  
I don't want to.
Show up.
Be present,
do your best,
wake up,
life moves
through you
in the most
I wrote this poem to bring positive attitude around daily practice.My special needs son has a daily 1+ movement practice to help him develop his brain and to become masterful in his life.I have a strong commitment to help him with this neurological reprogramming.
That eyes
That promising eyes

To live/die for
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Stunning
Erian Apr 12
With color shone in his eyes
Of darkness and light
Deep in twilight
They blossomed like asteroids
Plummeting to Earth
Tiny black holes twirling
From the spheres of his sight
He saw the world with magic
Sparking from his palms
It was extraordinary
To be that love
Knew no such limits
Like the color in his eyes
mythie Apr 12
Baby, you’re one of a kind.
Your eyes light up my dim night skies.
The way you blow into that flute.
Hypnotic melodies.

Your magic blooming like flowers in Spring.
Causing even the dead to dance.
Everyone is left captivated.
They’d all like a piece of you.

Darling, your mind captures brilliance.
The kind no other has witnessed.
You’re a piece of art.
One of a kind.

Even with cold flesh.
Your smile imprinted onto the Earth.
Wishing this moment could last forever.
A masterpiece dug into the dirt.

And on your grave, I plant these flowers.
You’ll be sent to Heaven, baby.
Where your flame will rise.
And your high will never get low.
you're a piece of art.
Opening his mouth,
letting his words pour out,
he went from extraordinary,
to extra ordinary.
An old fashioned beauty
Staring right into my eyes
Luring me with her humanizing effect
She doesn’t want to blabber
She doesn’t want to be the queen of splendor
She wants to live
Make her presence felt
For eternity

For she is truly a masterpiece
Lee Aaun Jan 21
I wonder
are extraordinary
stories for
ordinary people.
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