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Sep 22 · 104
It’s Only a Decoy
JDL Sep 22
Like a beast’s attraction to the hunter’s artificial call, the enchanting spell of ecstasy transforms the decoy into a beauty beyond imagination only to be broken when the betrayal of it’s soul-seeking arrow sinks deep.
It’s easy to be tricked by the calls and decoys that life presents which fail to fulfill what they always promise.
Sep 12 · 115
Heaven and Hell
JDL Sep 12
Heaven and Hell are not places God sends us when we die, they are simply the two opposing places we go to get our true heart’s desire for the rest of eternity. It’s only when that desire is for the Lord that it will be Heaven.
This was a great epiphany that I was given recently and it has completely changed the way I think about my actions and the consequences for those actions.
Jul 12 · 154
The Shore
JDL Jul 12
As I stand upon the shore,

Peering into the waves of what came before;

Reflecting upon times of pleasure and revelry

Just as the tides leave awash priceless treasures and memories

Some are swept away into the seas of eternity

The ocean before me, the only certainty

Into sand the water seeps

Like tears for loved ones lost we forever weep

Each day another tally etched upon our flesh

Each one bringing us closer to the day of our final rest

Adding yet another plank upon our rickety raft

Born within a body that was not meant to last

The final plank in place ready to head out into the great unknown

For our sins we must be prepared to atone

For on this journey they will be our only companion

Yet blocking our way is our soul’s Champion

His body and soul bruised, cut and bleeding with every one of our past mistakes

My flesh renewed, is that all it takes?

To the hand of the Son of Grace we grasp

As He reaches to the Father of Truth and Love that will forever last
Apr 17 · 150
Wiser Men
JDL Apr 17
A wise man is not guided by virtue of his own wisdom, but by that of wiser men.
Jan 26 · 1.6k
The Gardener
JDL Jan 26
Even a tree that bears good fruit has dead branches
Even a tree that bears good fruit cannot prune itself
Even a tree that bears good fruit needs a Gardener
Sorry it’s been so long, I missed this. I hope this helps brighten someone day! God bless.
Dec 2018 · 563
Falling to the top
JDL Dec 2018
Sometimes it takes a great fall to realize that you are already at
The Top.
It’s easy to take what we have for granted and sometimes it takes a sizeable event to boil away all other distractions to reveal your greatest blessings that you have had all along.
Nov 2018 · 675
I want You
JDL Nov 2018
I want Your strength
Not my strength
I want Your wisdom
Not my wisdom
I want Your patience
Not my patience
I want Your grace
Not my grace
I want Your humility
Not my humitility
I want Your love
Not my love
I want Your Spirit
Not my spirit
This is one of my favorite prayers
Nov 2018 · 839
The Fall to Winter
JDL Nov 2018
Life’s rhythm
Ever changing
The days keep the beat
Life’s rhymes and tempo meet
Change the only certainty
A struggle till defeat
Cold replaces heat
Ever changing
Until the


Nov 2018 · 1.4k
JDL Nov 2018
They say everyone is a winner
But if to ‘win’ is to be victorious
Wouldn’t that mean that we have all lost?
Nov 2018 · 402
JDL Nov 2018
   to hollow,
  The Torch of
   the selfless
Nov 2018 · 2.7k
Critics (A “Rap Poem”)
JDL Nov 2018
You must do it the right way
YOUR way is the only write way

They say nothing rhymes with orange
Well I am here to encourage

Yeah, go ahead and laugh at it
You don’t even know the half of it

Our poetry is for us, ourselves
Whether you’re ninety nine, or twelve

We commune within our souls
Another etch upon our scrolls

Our soul inverted, exposed
Something only we compose

Don’t ever be discouraged
Your writing is encouraged!
HePo seems to be a very positive place for poets, but for those of you who have dealt with negativity about your poems, this is for you.

Also, for you critics out there, this is only my second “rap” poem so be nice plz. ;)
Positives feedback is of course always encouraged. :)
Nov 2018 · 2.1k
Old Growth (Haiku)
JDL Nov 2018
Hundreds of years gone
With a few swings of an axe
Amber tears, so long...
So many ancient trees are lost each year. May this poem serve as both a memorial and a dedication to what has been lost.
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
Old Growth
JDL Nov 2018
Forest sentinel,
Feet of roots,
Fingers of shoots
Hands of stems,
Arms of limbs
Skin of bark,
Flesh of starch
Beard of moss,
Nothing of dross
Blood of sap,
Crack of snap
And that was that...
So many ancient trees are lost each year. May this poem serves as both a memorial and a dedication to what has been lost.
Nov 2018 · 778
JDL Nov 2018
Sliver in my finger,
Oh why must you linger?
You have become a part of me
Cut you out I must, pardon me
Like slivers, many of us have regrets from mistakes past. Don’t let them define who you are. It may hurt, but sometimes you just need to cut them out and move on.
Nov 2018 · 6.2k
ADD (Haiku)
JDL Nov 2018
Attention all ye
Deficits of Disorder
Look it’s a squirrel!
I like many others struggle everyday with ADHD. It’s not easy but it’s what makes me, me and it’s part of what makes me special. :)
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Anniversary Rap
JDL Nov 2018
I remember back in the day

when I used to pray

for a woman to say,

I love you for who you are.

I didn’t realize how far

God would raise the bar

of His love for me.

I never thought I would see

the day that I would be growing my family tree

with the woman of my dreams.

I can’t wait to see our son’s face as it gleams,

God’s love has no bounds it seems.

I can’t believe its already been four years

since the day that brought me to tears.

We no longer need to live in fear.

Our life is so perfect and we built it with love

and nothing can stop us because

we have everything we need from our Father Above!

4th anniversary - 07/21/2017
My first attempt at a “rap” poem

My wife was pregnant with our son at this point :)
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
The Golden Child
JDL Nov 2018
With a crown made of perfect pearls of achievement

Tears made of perfection’s unmet attainment

Wrapped in golden robes woven with high expectations, their trophy

Placed on a throne pedestal, an example of myself feeling like a phony

Sat inside the trophy case of high potential to collect dust

To whom shall I look up to and trust,

If I am held so high I can’t even see the ground?

I must climb back down if I am to be found
Nov 2018 · 109
Read between the lines
JDL Nov 2018
Logic in gear

  Expressionless emotion

I am here

  Logic in motion

It appears

  Drank it’s seductive potion

Always here
  Disregarding all other notions

I fear

  Poetry and God the antidote

I’ll be fine

  My firey passion I must stoke

I’ll figure this out in time

  Emotional expression with every
  pen stroke

I’ll just come up with better rhymes

  This logical loop broke

It didnt work like other times

  Through the poetry I wrote

I need to go back and read between the lines
Nov 2018 · 3.4k
Vicarious Wisdom
JDL Nov 2018
You have two choices:
Learn from your parents mistakes
Or to become them
JDL Nov 2018
To do

Get the coffee ready to brew

Do the laundry - It’s 6:22

Find a solution to our financial quandary

Get everything organized - It’s 8:30

Drink enough coffee to stay energized

Make a list - It’s 9:45

Make sure nothing gets missed

Play some tunes - It’s 10:26

Jam out while cleaning our room

Feed our son - It’s nearly noon

Change a diaper, she’s never done

Put our son to sleep - It’s half past one

Shhh he’s asleep, don’t make a peep

Organize some more - It’s 2:33

Clean the house and mop the floors

The dishes are ***** - It’s almost 4:00

Wash the dishes and kitchen in a hurry

Husband is home soon - It’s 5:30

Finish the laundry and clean up the living room

Husband is home - Items left on the list? Zero.

Amazed at the work that had been done, her husband is so proud to call her his wife, couldn’t imagine life with out her, only she could do such a great job being a stay at home mother, wife, hero

Happy birthday my love and thank you for all you do! I love you with all my heart.
The poem I wrote my wife for her birthday today
Nov 2018 · 139
My little bug
JDL Nov 2018
I once saw a precious baby caterpillar emerge from its egg upon a rose

But for a moment in the beauty before me, I froze

In that instant, time seemed to stop as our eyes first met

His innocent gaze had washed away all of my past regrets

I will call you my little bug

Oh on my heart strings did he tug

Ever hungry, I fed him leaves from the  very same rose that carried him before he was born

In awe as I witnessed this sacrificial beauty that outshone both flower and thorn

Oh how my love and respect for that rose grew that day

The blessings given to me were more than words could say

Each morning I left my little bug in the rose’s embrace

And every evening when I got home I would always stop to say hello and look down upon his beautiful face

One of these very evenings, I found him out of sight, hanging on a stem

He had a hard shell woven around him

In the eves that followed my little bug no longer greeted me

Growing in his own way, it seemed he no longer needed me

Even still, I went out every night to check on him to make sure he was safe

I made sure I was always there for him no matter what he faced

He grew, and grew and grew some more

If only I knew what he had in store

A day like any other I came home to greet him, I watched in awe as his cocoon began to quiver

And then the silence and a dramatic pause upon his metamorphic stage, sent down my spine a shiver

The casing that held him for so long began to split at its seams

Vibrant colors revealed, in the sun he gleamed

I watched in awe as he finally emerged, fully grown wings ready for flight

Both bitter and sweet, my tears I held back with all my might

With a quick beat of his wings he was aloft, and for just a moment he landed on my nose for one last hug

Just before he took off for the skies, I looked into his eyes and said “you will always be my little bug...”
To my amazing stay at home wife and my little bug (my beautiful little son)
Nov 2018 · 441
When life gives you limits
JDL Nov 2018
Life is difficult
When your life gives you limits
Make your limits fade
Nov 2018 · 230
JDL Nov 2018
Let’s get married, it’ll be fun
It was lust
Let's get pregnant, we’ll have a son
False trust
Let’s have another child, we had twins
About to bust
Let’s go to counseling, it’s time to mend
They must
Let’s get a divorce, it’s the fix
It was lust
The son and the twins caught in the mix, born of lust, lack of trust, product of divorce, about to bust, to mend, get counseling they must, anything but fun
Nov 2018 · 586
Write or wrong
JDL Nov 2018
Come, pick a side!
They say

Their side is the only way
They lied

There are two sides
They pay

The price has been paid
They tried

There is only one way
They say

The write way
They stay
Sometimes it’s just easier to write than it is to fight.
Nov 2018 · 878
The poet’s untimely spark
JDL Nov 2018
When changing a diaper,
When I’m helping with the bills trying to decipher,
At work while I’m helping a customer,
At night when my wife is putting our son to sleep and he’s getting fuss with her,
When I’m studying for my IT Certifications,
When I’m trying to enjoy a staycation

I guess creative sparks just move about at their own timing and pace,

With minds of their own, they choose the time and place
JDL Nov 2018
Wounds heal and memories fade
But the price has already been paid

Self image and esteem crippled
Coalescing with your life it ripples

Loneliness and disparity take hold
Driving you further inward you fold

The weight you carry feels like a boulder
A gentle hand upon your shoulder

Eyes at the ground you didn’t see the light above
Your Father is there to show you His love

Relinquishing prior understanding you fold
To Your Lord, to whom you hold

Coalescing with your life Jesus’ Love ripples
Never again will you be crippled

For your pain and price Jesus has paid
Wounds heal and memories fade
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Hurt people hurt people
JDL Nov 2018
In youth, imaginations run wild
The small patch of trees in our yard was mild

I found this place most enchanting
It was at this time that a man I knew well would disenchant me

The trees in this forest smiled back at me with benevolence
When he entered the forest, it grew evil, corrupted by his malevolence

With my friends, we played fun games that were make-believe
With this man I played something he told me was a game, I was in disbelief

He said it was a secret, a keep-sake
Later I found that it was something from me for him to take

Many years went by, and with every year the games were increasing
My imagination and innocence ever decreasing

I began to see the forest for what it was
My imagination and hopes that once were it wasn’t

One day many years later, this man finally disappeared
No longer in my conscience, it had appeared

It was at this time of reflection above his grave
My life reborn, I now feel brave

Within this forest I stood, at my fear’s final resting place
From that moment on, I knew that I would no longer feel misplaced
To all who read this, I thankfully was never sexually abused. However, I know and have known many who have. If you are one of those individuals, your identity can and will be reclaimed. There are many out there who understand how you feel. Don’t give up.
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
Do we have a choice?
JDL Nov 2018
Must everything be black and white?

Must we choose left or right?

Wouldn’t either choice eventually take us back to where we began?

What if we made our decisions based upon the needs of others, wouldn’t that be grand?

Mustn’t the pendulum meet in the middle before making it’s next move?

Wouldn’t the clock’s tick tock stop without this groove?

Are decisions made on predefined options still based on our own choices?

What if we instead made decisions using our own voices?

Why then is the road less travelled?

Is it because it’s only made clear when the facades built upon it unravel?
Nov 2018 · 139
Make Waves
JDL Nov 2018
Our lives are like ocean waves, born of a celestial entity among a diversified sea of possibilities. Direction and intensity set at birth with a future blurred by the endless horizon
This is an excerpt from a longer poem of mine called 70 Percent. Feel free to check it out!
Nov 2018 · 488
JDL Nov 2018
Isn’t it odd that people ask rhetorical questions?
Nov 2018 · 565
Existential paradox
JDL Nov 2018
When read enough times
A paradox you will find
Hidden in plain sight
Half joke, half truth. Half me, half you.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Rest In Peace My Friend
JDL Nov 2018
Brett was a great person to have around

Always in a cheerful mood, rarely did he frown

He was a great friend of mine and to all he knew

This is a stark reminder that life is too short and can end too soon

Time with loved ones is often taken for granted

While looking through life’s busy lens, time becomes slanted

It’s easy to let the months go by

And before you know it, you don’t get the chance to say good bye

Brett’s name, legacy of kindness, brotherhood, and positivity will be carried on

He may no longer be with us in physical form, but in our hearts, he will never be gone
I wrote this for my friends funeral. He died at the age of 27, far too young.  May he Rest In Peace
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
70 Percent
JDL Nov 2018
Our lives are like ocean waves, born of a celestial entity among a diversified sea of possibilities. Direction and intensity set at birth with a future blurred by the endless horizon

Some waves wander alone, losing momentum as they are gradually ushered down by Earth’s gravitational pull before tragically coming to a rest among the blue abyss, destination never realized

Others are born of the unseen violence and upheaval between tectonic plates battling for dominion over the volatile landscape deep beneath the surface. Knowing no other way, they perpetuate the violence that created them, destroying and consuming everything in their path

Yet some join together, superimposed into a harmonious union that multiplies their strength and propels them forward until it’s waters gently meet the shore in an actualizing marriage of journey and destiny

Storms often boil up out of nowhere, dismantling adjacent waves. While a select few resist the onslaught, instead gaining strength and vitality. Like a conductor bringing a symphony to crescendo, the roil pushes these waves further than others in pursuit of their destination

This dynamic tapestry of new beginnings and violent ends blend together as one, eroding and shaping the land around them as they work out their daily squabbles. Heads barely above water, they continue onward towards the horizon blatantly disregarding a future for which they create
Nov 2018 · 4.2k
Affliction’s Assimilation
JDL Nov 2018
A populace filled with totalitarian tranquility

The supposition that the world is in a harmonic homeostasis

Blissful ignorance that leads to careless calamity

Amid the uproar of the most populated of places

Therein lies the seed of humanity’s deceptive destruction

A solitary host housing a virulent virus

Infectious disease that proceeds crisis and corruption

Hope only stands with the powerful and pious

Prognosis describes communicable cannibalism

Rabid outbursts show signs of voracious violence

The harrowing pandemic leads to ceaseless cataclysm

Cities and towns suspended in systemic silence

Habitations riddled with gratuitous gore

Hope fades in the wake of the crimson carnage

The pestilent hoard feeds to a glutton’s galore

The Author of humanity publishes the final page

The closing verse rains down a rapturous recompense

The high cost of a dense population paid at humanity’s existential expense
Oct 2018 · 976
Mockery’s Mirror
JDL Oct 2018
Mock me if you will
What are you that others mock?
Do you mock yourself?

— The End —