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Aquila Oct 2021
The timing wasn't right for us-
But you breaking your arm
And getting cheated on
And making enemies
Does bring a smile to my face.
The timing wasn't right for us-
But karma never sleeps.
i laughed when i found out he got cheated on
Amelia Aug 2021
you weren't even looking for it
yet you found the right book
liking it more than you expected
now you read like you owe it

for the lost time, maybe
questioning the timing
craving for more, you indulge
answering its questions

getting to know yourself more
you never thought,
how can a book connect,
and show your reflection

in many ways you couldn't imagine
of all the books you could choose
your favorite book owes it to you
for giving it an interest, a chance

for the attention
almost undivided
an ordinary book waiting
to touch even just for a single life

you flipped it open
patiently waited
carefully thought of it
and appreciated it

this book served its purpose
you could go back at it from time to time
it will be  right there lying around
you won't even need to look for it

you know where it is,
the pilot book, that made you read more
you would have discover a lot of books then
realize how unique and equally beautiful they are.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
I guess the timing isn't right for us
As usual fate is in the way
I wish you the best out of life
I'll miss you every day
I wish I would have known how you felt sooner, but now you are leaving and I am stuck with the bitter taste of "what if?" left on my tongue..
derblue Jul 2021
Timing plays a big part
I thought I was ready
Ready to start again
Good thing I pulled back a little
Now all that I built
All the sweat & blood that I shed
Bore fruit

Now we are both ready to start this journey.
They say timing plays a big role in a relationship. I never had a ton of patience when it comes to relationship, I was always in rush. I never want to be left out. She made me realize that's its okay to wait for the perfect timing. No need to rush things and eventually everything will fall into place.
Sacha May 2021
I wanted to tell you something
I practiced for hours
I came up with different versions
I needed to do it

But you didn’t answer
Nor the next day
Nor the next

Now it doesn’t feel special
I feel stupid for even wanting
To share with you something
So personal

Instead of talking to you
And getting closer
I’m reduced to writing you
About the distance
colette alexia Apr 2021
Is fifteen days too soon?
I think I might be starting to fall for you.
Black Petal Mar 2021
I'll wait while you mend
And fill the empty spaces
With color and song
Abby Feb 2021
I have questions I’ll never get to ask
Answers I desperately need to hear
Thoughts seeping then escaping
So rarely any resonating

I drink more than I should,
Believe more if I could,
Die in your arms, wish I would
Guess I’m just misunderstood

Laughter turns to anger in my throat.
Senses scrambled when I need them the most.
Don’t you know we’ll all die alone?
Recognize emptiness in your bones

I swear more than I should,
Trust you more if I could,
Transcend doubt, wish I would
Purposely misunderstood

Chances left on the table like scraps
Another time we’ll never know
Things like this change everything
Sacrifice one for another again

I lie more than I should,
Love in full if I could,
Be young and free, wish I would
Always just misunderstood
Always looking for the right words, answers, and infinite lives to explore.
igc Jul 2016
I've sat on countless rooftops with dozens of people staring blankly at stars urging them to teach me something

Despite my pleas it's impossible for them to predict whether or not our little impact will render in this world

And still I haven't been able to understand why my very existence does or does not matter until tonight

On roof tops surrounded by great friends who wouldn't be here without the help of the stars aligning perfectly

The answer seems simple
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