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shwiwi 5d
Luck is about timing
The right timing is best luck ,
we can ever be blessed with

This tragic was started with a magic
A chemical, a bond what ever you may say
The right match was not an enough luck
Together we had all we ever wanted
But one thing we lacked
A good timing forged by the best luck
So now our hearts are broken
In the opposite of happy ever after

I'll find you in every soul I meet
You'll find me in every book you read
This curse doesn't have to end
We'll love again
We'll live merry
Keeping the very pain coming from
A love we once had lost
Carol Rose Oct 20
The second hand is patiently moving to overcome time of the first hand
Making moments entrusted to the second hand more worthy than the first
Though it looks like the first is the timing to go by
The second hand is fulfilling our time into perfection
Unfolding is the second hand
Preparing the way for perfect timing to manifest and transform in a second that surpasses the first

Insignificance is
The Power of
Significant Timing
Angela Rose Oct 1
Of course you found out you love me now
Of course you want me when someone else has me

Of course you realize you want to be with me now
Of course you promise you will prove you're true and real

Of course the timing is off
Of course fate threw us another out of reach curve ball

Because, what do we have together anyway besides bad timing?
Allesha Eman Aug 31
You think about how time is running past you,
And you wonder if you could ever catch up to it,
But it stands there with a hand on your shoulder.

If only you knew, what you could do.
Don't let time feed your doubts
Your words falter and shake,
“I didn’t mean it like that”.
But you did.
As if you think I’m not already aware;
As if you think I can’t feel that weight
Already bearing on my spine like stone.
As if I didn’t already question
About me.

You meant what you said,
It just wasn’t the right timing.
Flame Aug 23
We met on a playground
You challenged me to a race,
I won

The next day
You challenged me again
I still beat you
And that became our thing

Slowly by slowly,
You got faster
And before I knew it,
It was me that was chasing you

At first,
It was

But before I knew it,
It was with everything I had
No matter how much my body wanted to give in
And my mind wanted to stop
I risked everything just to be with you

For some reason
I thought you would slow down
Or at least look for me
The way I always looked for you,
But you didn’t

It was gradual,
So I should have seen it coming,
How each time your stride got longer
And you legs moved quicker
But I was so in love with the beginning
That I stopped thinking about the present and the future
And hoped that we could live in the past

Now we pass each other everyday
You look right through me
I always look back
Hoping you’ll turn around
Because I’m done chasing you,
Or so I say

But I guess that’s wishful thinking
Deep down,
I know
That chasing is for the playground,
A place that we’ve outgrown
romy Aug 19
maybe I'm not meant to fall in love,
maybe it's not for me
to be a wife, mother or lover
to love or be loved?

maybe it wasn't the right time
the stars weren't aligned
maybe I wasn't witty enough
to play along with this endless game

maybe Cupid wasn't in my favour
ice cream melted in all the wrong flavours
maybe you weren't the one
but I thought you were

wherever you may be,
I hope I'm always your maybe
Gods1son Aug 6
The fact that others are winning
doesn't mean you are losing.
Seeing yourself as a failure is
a lure into the abyss — don't do it!
Rejoice with those that are winning
Because life is about timing —
yours will come in its due season.
Let their win inspire you, not pressure you.
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