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Dead Rose One Sep 21
“I’m still in awe of words” (in life, as in poetry, timing is everything)

objects, humans, surprise and interrupt our
daily modalities, knocking us, yo! to the ground,
we, pounding it, for the word void appears,
the frustration of incapacity incarcerating,
accompanied by the loudest silenced scream,
of no poetry available, try again later!

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

we walkabout, thinking of the scheduled eventualities, or
the dates calendar-circled, though some questioned marked,
in pencil inserted, will I be a mother, find me a husband,
a human grander grandee, fit to be with me a noble progenitor
of more than our generation, watching the sidewalk cracks for an
inkling of when, on or about such and such an alteration,
a seam undone,
a stumbling, seeing a realization as we fall, hands extending,
a notice of arrival,
all needing reconnoitering, commemorating, a poem prepared,
but none to no avail

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

so we are in awe of words, so necessary, everybody knows,
the awe in awesome, a description for the pixels encapsulates
in I-phone photos,
the where and the why of when, I was grinning like a stupid fool,
the inability to deliver precisely when required the covering of
an appropriate description, your words, use your words, will
fail you spectacularly and so we remain awed, realizing

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

but awesomely awesome word worlds, near and dear, held forever
in scrapbooks, the literary overlay of the treasures of everyday life,
are the still life of our longevity contextual, the celebratory,
the unexpected losses, largest to smallest, in size order,
kept fresh when you flip through those poems in dusty binders,
in oversized sewing boxes, yellowing in concert with our eyes,
graying with follicles of past pluperfect,
recalling not just the when’s, but the more important,  now, the
wherefore and whereupon, the words marking the conjunctions,
recoding the recorded synapses firing sequentially, brain to fingers, the ah so of the poetry of lifetimes

“I’m still in awe of words” (in life, as in poetry, timing is everything)


Pradip “I am still in awe of words”
wild child Jul 23
the phrase, "right people wrong time"
is completely

timing will never be right.
we cannot just keep waiting for the right moment

if someone is worth it, then trust me
go for it & do not look back

because one day, even if it is years from now
you do not want to look back & feel the regret
of pushing away the person you wish you kept.
no we will not meet again, you left me when i needed you most
love me no matter where I am
love me when I don't have it figured out, when you aren't ready
love me when I'm anxious, when I'm mean
love me because love is not timing and it is not circumstantial
I love you because it doesn't hurt
I love you because nothing scares you
I love you because you dug up the pieces of me I wanted to bury
I love you because I'll never have to ask you to love me too
smell of dust and days of
summer sweat                  
I mean                                                             ­     tears of confusion                
   are you sure this                                                    feel the skin flex and move
feels right this time I don't                                                        arou­nd the
think I can handle feeling                                                        mu­scle
that close to heaven's gate again                      to close to the bone

yes it hurts to fall from heaven                        
especially when you feel as if you crawled all the way from hell
PSA if you are viewing this on a phone website the structure of this poem will make no sense to you at all

I need you
but I cannot lose you again
In my hands lies the answers you sought but never found
The pleas you let out but were never heard
The love you gave but never received
Promises that were made but never fulfilled.
I decided to write back to you so that you may find peace in knowing the reasons why.
So in my hands I hold the letters you never received.
Imagine what it would feel like if all the questions you had about life answered, the reasons behind everything that has happened to you til this day. I ask myself if it will ever bring closure, to question life or what will change after that.
MAX castro Jul 6
Imprisoned in abyss,
I was clueless that you will exist.

Life is incomplete,
I prayed for a love that is true and deep.

Treated by the world differently,
You showed me love and became my epiphany.

It is euphoria that I feel
Because I know our love is genuine and real.
I made this poem as a gift for my boyfriend since it is his birthday on the 8th of July. I hope he'll like this piece.
They say that heartbreak is one of
the worst feelings you will experience
during your time in this world.
And I used to believe that,
until I was standing and looking at someone
that I wanted,
who wanted me too

but we couldn’t have each other.

Our hands longed to touch one another,
feel a sensation we felt once
and never again.
Run our fingertips over the surface
of each others skin,
and never wanting to stop
because in that moment,

we both felt whole.

And we both felt something
that we didn’t for a really long time,
and maybe we would be okay
because we were meant to feel each others
or maybe at the last second,
one of us would pull away

because there wasn’t enough time left for us to feel.

Because maybe it’s better to end things
short and move on,
instead of trailing along
for something we both knew
wouldn’t last much longer.
But something about knowing,
makes it hurt even more.

Because we both knew we were enough for one another.
Maria Etre May 29
I fell for you
at a time
that wasn't
on |my side
it's all about timing!
Rhoemeoh May 28
She smiles when he whispers "girl you are my Peace.
She never thinks to question it
because it make her feel accomplished.
She brags about this man like a mother
doting over her newborn baby.
Little did she know, she was just his Piece of ***.
Written 5/28/2019
No time to be a side piece.
Pau May 26
As we grow, we come to realize,
there is no wrong time.
The people we meet are those that come
based on the choices we make in our life
and the people we come to love
and receive love from
happen to have the same circumstance revolving around them.

Timing is always our excuse.
That’s always been my excuse.
For the longest time,
I believed I had everything but the timing.
Timing was always off,
until one day,
I woke up and realized it was I,
that ultimately sabotaged everything.
It wasn’t time that ******* us up,
it was me,
and in that moment I realized,
time will never be an illusion to me again.
I will never use time to barricade myself
and fortify my pride and my guilt.

There is no wrong time --
wrong choices, yes but never the wrong time
for anything, or everything to happen.
old piece about timing
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