Time I enjoyed
wasting the time
was the only time I enjoyed
Time I used
timing everything
was the time I wasted

Danika Apr 30

if there’s no such thing as luck,
then how did I meet you at just the right time?

My bad decisions were supposed to doom me
I planned on dooming myself, if I’m honest
but something stopped me

and a month later
I met you


The clocks have never
worked in our favour,
maybe I must accept
we'll always be bad timing.

I could write a meaningful story with a meaningful message for you to carry with you into the future and beyond.

No, I don't think I have enough time to create a picture in your mind of what I have to say.

There is nothing to gain or give to the words I write in the time I have left.

How about 5?

< 5. Would you be able to pull this off by then?

I can't and I have < 10.

Maybe it's easy for you, but accept the fact that it is not easy to write good poetry with purpose and meaning and feeling and anything that is important to you in < 10 minutes...

Yes, I really did write this in 10 minutes...

It's 10:00 at night and it's been at least a half hour since you've eaten something. You make your way to the kitchen, empty bowl in hand. You place the bowl with the dirty dishes and the world slows down as you turn to see the small container with your name on it...

I hate it.

You grab a glass of juice and stare at the container down. As if the black that so neatly stamps your name could stare back. You open the kid proof cap and pour out half its contents into your dominant hand.

Just to feel the weight of death in you dominant hand. "Take 2 twice daily." They said.

The half orange, half yellow capsules still in my palm. Feeling the plastic-like coating I feel like I could crush in 2 seconds flat.


Time stops.

This, is when the protagonist eats as many pills as her body will allow, when she gives in, when she dies. This movie is almost over...

Nobody else is awake, it's just you and your handful of pills.


This movie goes on, the protagonist will live.

You-- are not built on a mountain of clichés and stereotypical archetypes.


And still alive!

You pour the pills back into the container, with 4 still left in you hand. You take 2 but you still feel like it's stuck in your throat, so you eat something small to force it down. Even though these pills are supposed to be take on an empty stomach...

You get a glass of water, and set that aside with the 2 remaining pills for tomorrow morning.

Now go to sleep, make sure this protagonist lives to take the Hollywood medication tomorrow.

Back when I suffered from intense facial dermatitis, these pills were not the solution I asked for. So no, even if they did seem awful, they would not kill me.

Birds of the same
Feather fly together
Yes we're all different
But we have
The same goal which
Is to live longer
Unity is key
Don't you see?
We need each other to succeed..

I bet if I really tried
I could remember
everything you ever said to me.

But I don't want to anymore.

Because overanalyzed words
Won't equate
To greater love.

And having a great memory
Never consoled anybody.
To you it is

Snapshots of our life
Rather than played out scenes.
Of some movie.

Well those Polaroids are blurry
And I'm not even the lead.
You meant more to me.

Than an open door policy,
A silly game,
The rule I couldn't live with.

Which you broke
For my sake,
Or your own selfish ways.

The temporality is killing me,
Because I would of hated
The person you were at my age.

It had to happen now,
But it isn't enough time.

It never would have been.

hfallahpour Mar 6

When we are together, we feel elated
Our hearts and minds are related
Our love never disappeared
it's all love and not hated
Times I love, Times I waited
It's not exaggerated
For love to bless our lives
Timing is not belated

Arcassin B Feb 24

by Arcassin Burnham

On rainy days like this one here was just a wreck
in a short distant memory that only i can recollect,
i had to process the problems in my head to really
check on the thoughts in the air of my forehead to
break a sweat,
And you would have thought i pepped,
the people that push up my problems in a flash while
thinkin' back in this reality a man,
That i am more than them in every way to be exact
and not cocky but very optimistic to say i can.

Remy Luna Feb 7

A goodbye isn't real if you don't mean it
Isn't final if you don't feel it
The love I bear for you transcends the word
And I am left with a
mouth full of ashes to prove it
The promises, my fealty to him
Incinerated in an instant, all gone
When I felt you pressed against my skin
But in this moment,
We cannot carry on

I've desperately tried over and again
To ignore it, remove it, or change it
Yet it clings to the back of my mind
On a near constant basis
That is why, with every goodbye
I can never follow through
In leaving this all behind me
Physically unable to turn, yet knowing
All the same I should,
Torn between a love that burns
Brighter than any sun
And one that verges ever closer
To the brink of insanity
No longer my safety and comfort
But the loss of stability is due to
The desire to keep both close
In proximity, and I'm only allowed to keep one.

I carry you with me, always
My mind sometimes overcome
By the future I saw play out in my dreams
Longing for this ending, you and I
But in this moment it cannot be

Once in a lifetime, forever kind of love

So goodbye isn't an ending,
But merely,
I'll come back when I'm ready
And the timing isn't so wrong

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