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Nov 2018
In youth, imaginations run wild
The small patch of trees in our yard was mild

I found this place most enchanting
It was at this time that a man I knew well would disenchant me

The trees in this forest smiled back at me with benevolence
When he entered the forest, it grew evil, corrupted by his malevolence

With my friends, we played fun games that were make-believe
With this man I played something he told me was a game, I was in disbelief

He said it was a secret, a keep-sake
Later I found that it was something from me for him to take

Many years went by, and with every year the games were increasing
My imagination and innocence ever decreasing

I began to see the forest for what it was
My imagination and hopes that once were it wasn’t

One day many years later, this man finally disappeared
No longer in my conscience, it had appeared

It was at this time of reflection above his grave
My life reborn, I now feel brave

Within this forest I stood, at my fear’s final resting place
From that moment on, I knew that I would no longer feel misplaced
To all who read this, I thankfully was never sexually abused. However, I know and have known many who have. If you are one of those individuals, your identity can and will be reclaimed. There are many out there who understand how you feel. Don’t give up.
Written by
JDL  28/M
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