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bcb May 2020
today i feel quite alive
how exquisitely dear
that this ****** composition
and each soul in their position
ushers me to tears

today i feel quite alive
how transcendentally clear
that this world we inhabit
composes peace amongst rapids
and boy do i love being here

so to my people who love and to my people who see
know to endure and continue to be  

be well,
i simply felt alive today
I have always dated beautiful, and bright, women. I never married,
probably because of the trauma of growing up with a father and
mother who were so desperarately unhappy, but never divorced.
When I was a freshman at Columbia, I dated a Barnard freshman
named Stephani Cook. When Stephani was a senior, she entered a
nationwide contest sponsored by Glamour Magazine for the best
dressed coed in America. In effect, it was a contest for the most
beautiful coed in America. Stephani won, a win that launched her
on a  multi-year career with the most prominent modeling agency
in the world, the Ford Agency in New York City. Thus, she graced
the covers of the most famous women's magazines such as Seventeen
and others. In the early 1980s, she authored the book "Second Life,"
which was an incredibly well crafted account of her years growing
up and her excruciatingly painful early years of adulthood. And
though I dated beautiful and bright women throughout my life,
really one of the happiest facets of my life, the most beautiful
woman I ever encountered I saw in the film "Casablanca" made
in the early 1940s starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
Ingrid Bergman, simply put, is the most mesmerizing, transcendently
beautiful woman I have ever seen. And I really cannot put into
words why she is, by far, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
When she came to Hollywood in the late 1930s, the studio moguls
said she needed to change her name, that she was too tall, and
that her nose was too big. Ingrid's riposte, an important part of her
exquisite beauty, I believe, was she was not going to change her
name, that her height did not bother her, and that she would not
undergo any plastic surgery. In "Casablanca," Ingrid first appears
as she enters Rick's Cafe Americain with her husband. I click at
that moment to freeze that frame so I can gaze, for as long as I
wish, at Ingrid's face (she never wore make-up), even from a
distance. It is iridescent, and every time I do this, I am transfixed
for minutes. That scene, that one scene, is the most extraordinary
moment of all the scenes of all the great movies I have ever watched.
I wish Ingrid were still alive so I could tell her what I've just shared
with you.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks

every time I do this,    
her h
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, a novelist, and a human-rights advocte his entire adult life.
JDL Mar 2020
Do you ever wonder why music transcends sound?

Or why a painting transcends the landscape that it represents?

Or why your home transcends it’s geographical location?

Or how a story book transcends the pages and words by taking you on an adventure to another planet that you wish to never leave?

Do you ever wonder why no matter what you do or where you are, something profound feels to be missing that these transcendent moments merely beckon?

What makes them so tantalizing?

Why do so many of us live for these transcendent moments that always fail to deliver what they always promise?

Is it because what they promise is actually the thing to which they point rather than what they promise?

Is that why these transcendent moments deliver with diminishing returns?

Are we just getting a titillating taste of true reality or is it just a scratch and sniff of a single ingredient?

If these transcendent moments are created through material objects but move beyond the object, mustn’t there be something beyond material reality?
The darkness inside fills our outer demise in the skies
and when the darkness inside fills our soul and gives us a toll, we need to open our eyes
People around us, surround us, and their sounds are profound but the real issue,
Now the real issue is a lack of knowledge of what we do.

The light starts to hide away, and the soul keeps screaming, get away
It's tempered and it has something to say,
It's so confused and conceived in darkness that it now pushes those that can make it go, but it just goes astray
The darkness just unfolds and picks it's spot and there it will lay
And day by day can pass,
And you're busting your ***
Time is moving fast
and life can quickly pass.

Confinement is a toll that keeps our heaven on hold
We take the light, we toss it away for the darkness that is more bold
When light tries entering our life,
To try to warn us of the darkness,
The consumption doesn't like what it's told
As time passes and passes, we get more old
But what old is, keeps shrinking and shrinking.

Darkness vs Light, it really get's you thinking...
M Harris Feb 2017
Fairytale Evolutions,
Terminating Digital Mutations,
Simulated Sensations,
Transcendent Revolutions,

Hybrid Generations,
Altering Stagnant Amplifications,
Shape Shifting Constellations,
Sterilizing Implications,

Eliciting Blissful Animations,
Decoding Kaleidoscopic Flirtations,
Fabricating Holographic Dimensions,
Reflecting Labyrinth Ramifications,

Transgressional Diversifications,
Empathetic Extortion,
Serene Distortion,
Subversive Contortion,

Forging Conceptual Inoculations
Violating Illusionary Variations,
Incarnating Prototype Deviations,
Radiating Subtle Speculations,
Catalyzing Crystallized Civilizations.

JJRKelly Feb 2016
Ever so smoothly,
we dance to the music
of passion.
Ever so softly
we fall like feathers
from the wings
of Eros and Phileo.
Ever ardent
we bring each other warmth
and affection transcendent.
Ever do we love.
I think I've been caught up in the valentines day vibe.
JR Rhine Feb 2016
I must write!*
The transient words pass by my consciousness
like the piercing lights that take dull eyes aback
and linger for a few brief moments in the peripherals--
before disappearing back
into the heavens.

Curse these confounded ink-stained fingers;
your scribblings barely get the thoughts out in time,
and you do so with mortal wounds
of aches and cramps,
and god-forbid,
your pen runs out of ink!*

So you keep your tools sharp
and your stone tablets at hand,
for when transcendent light strikes again:

You will be not be caught off-guard
by serendipity.
Suzanne Penn Jun 2014
I strive to be…
a transcendent being…
armed with fearless questioning
powered by
Love and light.

A transcendent being not lead by ploys
to keep the world separated.

..does not judge others
In order to feel better
about themselves.

A transcendent being
is comfortable in their own skin...
therefore …
ego and envy
are taken out of the mix...
A transcendent being
sees through fearless eyes
the beauty of the rest of the world,

A transcendent being
carries with them
their own personal joy…
excited  by possibilities and purpose
their world becomes full of adventure.

Problems do not disappear…
They simply become a challenge
Fueled by what could be
inspired by justice
distributed with integrity.

Without fears…
transcendent beings see
what is truly needed…
… a system designed with
the realities of the present
and accommodations
that are handed out justly…
distributed with intregrity.

Ushering out "should's"
And “should not’s”
Replaced with more…
fearless compassion...
and why not's.

Imagine then...
what you would change...
and  join me in striving
To be a Transcedent Being.

— The End —