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NAL Jan 26
God said that I was his favorite,
but the Devil leaned and whispered:
"I used to be his favorite too."
JDL Nov 2019
Unsung heroes whom bare our scars
Substitutions to fight our wars
With strength and dignity that isn’t learned
To provide the freedom we didn’t earn
Like wounded victims upon their shoulder
Our weight they carry feels like a boulder
Yet in strength they stand to serve us all
So that we are not the ones to fall
To Veterans and to all who are currently serving, thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and loyalty. Thank you for being our substitutions.
To my backstabbing family,
     It's me, your prodigal son.
Do you remember me?
     Do you remember thine own?

An outcast among a sea of Hazy grey,
You threw me out upon the preamble
to my solitary foe -

Wasn't it you, Father who told me that
"alcohol would never bear true happiness".

Well, I hope you're happy.
You used me. Now, look at yourself.
A monster: sour, sickly, lackadaisical.
An Orange Monster in the moonlight.

I still remember the day you
gave me my things and told me to

Go -
The chemystery continues
Kitt Sep 2018
It's not the ***.
It's holding your hand in mine
It's the feeling of my head on your chest
And your arm around my neck
Cradling me softly like lovers do.

It's not the ***.
It's the way your eyes,
Your cold blue eyes cut through my body
Whispering to me secrets, about myself
Things I never knew I needed to know.

It's not the ***.
It's not even you, really.
It's your voice, your mannerisms.
The familiarly we share, an intimate sort of history
More intimate than the act itself.

I'm not in love with you.
I don't know if I ever was, in our previous lives.
But here, in this lonely desolate world
Your eyes consume me, and
I think of nothing else.
For my childhood sweetheart.
MJ May 2016
Yesterday, I smiled.
All my worries fled.
Today they came back to **** me.
Tonight, I fear, I bled.

Why do I bother with laughter
When all that water will drain?
I can do it myself.
I can substitute laughter with pain.

Don't tell me to quit my moping.
You don't know what I'm crying about.
You know, part of me is still hoping
That someone will figure it out.

Then I remember, I'm on my own now.
So I guess I'll be bleeding alone.
No more dreaming of sleeping in someone's arms,
My pain and my tears are my own.
K Balachandran Feb 2015
She relishes a slice of watermelon,when she does, it's a different act,
sitting across, he avariciously devour her,ogling can't be that intense!
Josiah Wilson Oct 2014
You're just a substitute
Someone to hold in her place
'Cause if I close my eyes
I can still see her face

And I kinda like you
But this sure isn't love
'Cause when I fall asleep
It's her that I dream of

And it's her I want
When I'm alone at night
But you're in my bed
When I turn out the light

So I'll hold you close
But my mind isn't here
It's wandered away
Wishing she was near

You will never be her
I'll never be content
Because inside my heart
I know it's not meant
To be
Willow Branche Mar 2014
I pull it inside.
It cools me as it flows downward.
It's black, sticky hands wrap around my lungs.
A cool shiver trickles down my spine.
My muscles unclench from the daily beating.
My blood calms down.
I have escaped the calls of the blade for now.
For now, the smoke flies away with me.

— The End —