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JDL Sep 22
Like a beast’s attraction to the hunter’s artificial call, the enchanting spell of ecstasy transforms the decoy into a beauty beyond imagination only to be broken when the betrayal of it’s soul-seeking arrow sinks deep.
It’s easy to be tricked by the calls and decoys that life presents which fail to fulfill what they always promise.
JDL Sep 12
Heaven and Hell are not places God sends us when we die, they are simply the two opposing places we go to get our true heart’s desire for the rest of eternity. It’s only when that desire is for the Lord that it will be Heaven.
This was a great epiphany that I was given recently and it has completely changed the way I think about my actions and the consequences for those actions.
JDL Jul 12
As I stand upon the shore,

Peering into the waves of what came before;

Reflecting upon times of pleasure and revelry

Just as the tides leave awash priceless treasures and memories

Some are swept away into the seas of eternity

The ocean before me, the only certainty

Into sand the water seeps

Like tears for loved ones lost we forever weep

Each day another tally etched upon our flesh

Each one bringing us closer to the day of our final rest

Adding yet another plank upon our rickety raft

Born within a body that was not meant to last

The final plank in place ready to head out into the great unknown

For our sins we must be prepared to atone

For on this journey they will be our only companion

Yet blocking our way is our soul’s Champion

His body and soul bruised, cut and bleeding with every one of our past mistakes

My flesh renewed, is that all it takes?

To the hand of the Son of Grace we grasp

As He reaches to the Father of Truth and Love that will forever last
JDL Apr 17
A wise man is not guided by virtue of his own wisdom, but by that of wiser men.
JDL Jan 26
Even a tree that bears good fruit has dead branches
Even a tree that bears good fruit cannot prune itself
Even a tree that bears good fruit needs a Gardener
Sorry it’s been so long, I missed this. I hope this helps brighten someone day! God bless.
JDL Dec 2018
Sometimes it takes a great fall to realize that you are already at
The Top.
It’s easy to take what we have for granted and sometimes it takes a sizeable event to boil away all other distractions to reveal your greatest blessings that you have had all along.
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