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RJ Jan 2021
it’s a journey down a river,
rocking southward bound.
the candlelight may flicker,
but the path is safe and sound.

listen, as they wonder,
the life that you may lead:
a world exists down yonder,
a world at last achieved.

the steady stream of starlight
shimmers in the waves;
the sun sets and bows to night,
the daytime at its grave.

will you be forgotten,
as you fall, far below?
white water churns untrodden,
the depths beneath aglow.

your body turns to whispers,
your soul into pale gold,
and when the nighttime withers,
your story will be told.

sat around the fireside,
the tale that all overcomes,
a legacy passed on with pride,
and into legend you become.
Andrea Kabugo Nov 2020

A fable of freedom and loss is the story that has been told a thousand times. But is that to say that the same words passed between a thousand men a thousand times over a thousand years are worth a thousand times less?

That the meaning is a thousand times lost?
Barely whispers on an open stage.

That if a thousand by a thousand men plant a thousand trees in a thousand meadows the earth would be a thousand by a thousand trees richer, but if a single man were to plant a thousand trees in a thousand meadows the earth would be a one man poorer.

Freedom was a man who never knew his name, he was the man who's story was told over those thousand years and he is the man who is making the earth a thousand by a thousand trees richer.
We never know freedom, until freedom is spoken of to us, and even then it seems like nothing but a fable when all it ever becomes is talk. All it ever remains is talk. And even then when it manifests itself among us, we stand to lose it for good.
Zyxia Oct 2020
What's in a name?
I know, that question's passé and lame
But, really, what is in a name?
Zucchini and courgette, are they not the same?
What's in this fruit's call to fame?
What's in a name?
ok okay Nov 2018
Do rhetorical questions serve a purpose?
A rhetorical question to explain its own meaning, make sense. Yes/no?
JDL Nov 2018
Must everything be black and white?

Must we choose left or right?

Wouldn’t either choice eventually take us back to where we began?

What if we made our decisions based upon the needs of others, wouldn’t that be grand?

Mustn’t the pendulum meet in the middle before making it’s next move?

Wouldn’t the clock’s tick tock stop without this groove?

Are decisions made on predefined options still based on our own choices?

What if we instead made decisions using our own voices?

Why then is the road less travelled?

Is it because it’s only made clear when the facades built upon it unravel?
JDL Nov 2018
Isn’t it odd that people ask rhetorical questions?
JDL Oct 2018
Mock me if you will
What are you that others mock?
Do you mock yourself?
Jabin Jul 2018
The bottom of the nowhere land
has got me torn and jaded.
Learned alot from-
say no more!
I’ve learned alot.

Kiss me in the rain water
somewhere, someone must feel it.
Lies through the teeth
have made the sight weak
No, no more.

Littered with sand storms and hateful
the tides pulling off from the *****
Crack the skull-
pull out the pain,
That’d be nice.

Call out to the voices of heaven
do you hear more than you thought?
That’s just your-
Nevermind that.
I’m sure it’s all true.

Lizard skin and slithering wellspring
locked into eternity’s grip
What could it mean?
Or does that question
Even make any sense?
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Yes, it's seemingly a nonsensical rhetorical question, but, for that precise reason, it will illustrate a lesson, if you so desire to tag along for this short session.

Per Wikipedia, "The horse (Equus ferus caballus) is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae." Hmmm... I much prefer that the horse goes "Nay," eats hay, has a mane, and is ridden by cowboys, cowgirls, Indians, equestrians, knights, jockeys, conquistadors, Mongols, and all. Even better, just point a horse out or otherwise show a picture to a kid and they will never be mistaken again. Even the littlest ones will never be stumped when faced with a rhino, tiger, giraffe, camel, and such.

Admittedly, there is a worry that we could be fooled with that of a donkey or mule. How come no one has taken advantage of this?! What a scam to get us rich! "Duh doy," you say, cause we all know when we see a horse, so why would anyone try to trick us with an ***?! Well I ask you in turn, why does anyone try to trick us with good art versus bad, let alone art versus crap? How could anyone fall for that?!
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