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See? This is why running is essential to a man’s health! Out of breathe already. Well, in all fairness, I am not sprinting to warm up on this sunny day, I kind of very much shot someone in the face. I didn’t have to but that doesn’t matter now does it.

Well why did you shoot him?

Wait, what? Whose voice is this in my head? It’s probably just my head slowly loosing oxygen. Fine, if you must know, I was sleeping with his wife! HA! That would’ve been cooler. Unfortunately, I decided to take some stuff from an empty house, or what I thought was an empty house. Who the hell doesn’t come to their door after 5 door bells? You’re asking to get robbed then my friend. So yes, you can say I “broke in” to his house.

Oh god, How long have I been running? These cops don’t get tired? Are they going to chase me throughout the woods? These woods are so thick! So many trees! That’s good for the planet right? Great, someone is paying attention! ****, my legs have started to cramp!

You didn’t answer me, why did you shoot him?

Alright, my dying brain cells! I didn’t intend to shoot that man, he showed up out of nowhere, like a jump scare from those B grade horror films. They are much worse in real life. He didn’t need to bring out a gun with him! I didn’t have a weapon, it wasn’t a fair fight! Now, if you point a gun at me, I am surely going to defend myself at any given chance. Old man got really up close and then things got out of hands.

Funny thing is, He called the cops before he came down and tried to be a hero. All he had to do was stay in his room and let the cops show up. I would have turned myself in and probably a little jail time with some community service hours but no! My man had to come down with a gun and feel like a man! You feel manly now faceless *******!

Hello? No more questions? I guess that part of my head has died. And rightfully so! My lungs have given up, I am making sounds while inhaling and exhaling! That can’t be good. Also, tasting a bit of blood in my progressively drying mouth! Thank god for these trees for some shade!

Police constable yells “STOP! Turn yourself in! You got nowhere to run!”

Nowhere to run? What have I been doing this whole time? Not my fault the house was located at such a spot! And why should I turn myself in my good sir?

I broke into a man’s house and shot him in his ******* face! Yes it was an accident but will you believe that? Will You? My mom wouldn’t believe me man! My life is over! I don’t know much about law, but I am certainly looking at some kind of a life sentence. No sir!

Police constable yells “DROP YOUR WEAPON!”

My weapon? What weapon dude? Oh ****, I have been carrying the gun this whole time! WHY!?

I thought the gun problem was only limited to States! Why Oh Canada?
Okay, it is what it is now. I have the gun! Even if I turn myself in now, they have seen me with the weapon. I have zero case! I am a cold blooded killer who is now running away carrying the ****** weapon. Bad call Man!

Ah, this creek, I could just jump in it now! I don’t care if I drown; I’d give anything to drown in a creek! Hmm, that’s it then isn’t it? This must be a sign.

Let’s do a different math now. Creek is on my left and the gun is in my right hand. It’s perfect. It’s simply perfect. I wish I could apologize to all the people I caused any pain, not this last dude though, ***** him! I hope he is in hell!

Okay quickly now, creek is about to end.
It’s a Short story, hope you guys like it.
Pao Jun 22
you shot me down
with your negligence
unspoken words
hang in the air
and disappear with your cowardice

how could you shoot me down
when all i wanted was the best
for your heart
i don’t deserve your silence, babe
i did everything i could
to please you, babe

i know being a people pleaser
destroys your soul
but babe i was willing
to destroy mines for yours

you did me wrong
because you’re used to
people doing you wrong
you can’t accept the good things
that come with love
so you would rather run and hide
until the demons disappear
from your bedside

don’t come running back
for my company
i know you won’t come back
but if you ever do
i won’t accept your apology
Johnny walker Apr 19
A 29-year journalist by name Lyra Mckee murdered doing her job
I feel so sorry for her family, for this
stood for what she believed and paid the ultimate price her life, murdered by the **** of the earth who
people cruelly lay pipe bombs **** children they disgust me frankly I don't give a dame who they are nothing but
crawl out there holes ****** then crawl back In disgusting excuses for humans
I don't give dame If they are IRA  Provisional or New IRA or any other terrorist organisation  whatever they belong to  I write In Big words for all to see and hope they do "THEY ARE All COWARDS"
sure they could shoot me or ******* to hell but I promise I'll waiting for when they arrive for sure as
Hell they
I Fear Them Not For They Are cowards All Terrorists no matter who They Are And Where They From, They Could shoot me put a bomb under my car Send Me To Hell that  For Sure But I'll be waiting for them when they arrive as surely will
arden Apr 15
I was nine when I touched my first gun
It was in a black leather box with gold hatches
A closed lock, made it impossible to open
Not impossible
After guesses of combinations
After what felt like hours
I pulled down
And the shackle broke
It wasn’t long before I fired my first bullet
I was ten
I still remember how my hands curved around the trigger
It barely skimmed the white oversized hoody
Worn by the tall man with guns
Any closer, and his baggy jacket would’ve been
An old poem I wrote. This isn't true and hasn't happened to me.
Tompson Mar 15
I'm gonna give life one more chance
I have to try before I chose the end
Because that's how life works
You keep trying your best
Giving shots without no rest
I'm gonna try this new thing now
Before life shoots me down

gabrielle Jan 6
shoot me with the words of yours

oh, you can't ?

was it a fair ceasefire because it is hurtful

or it was out of pity ?
don't worry, i'm okay.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Belt or boot,
U didn't care,
It would hurt,
But still you shoot..

I cried and tried,
To lift myself high..
But stumble and fall,
Prayed almighty,
That day save me..that's all.

I will blame,
Because there is no shame,
Pain had accumulate,
When u did humiliate.
Journey till twenty,
Harsh was reality
Full of cruelity.
No love no peace
Was torn piece by piece.
We anyhow all survive ,but we rarely live. I wanna live now  ...
Jenny Van Sep 2018
I got shoot
But I say
I'm okay
Is this love
Or a
Jordan Ray Aug 2018
The grip is cold but gentle.
I feel the pressure, it's a true gamble.
One bullet in the chamber.
Words that slowly fade to a whisper.
If I wait to pull the trigger I may miss,
If I shoot now, the recoil may **** me.
I have had some target practice.
I guess I must be at my boldest.
Three deep breaths, four, five.
I need more oxygen If I'm to attempt a revive.
My pupils dilate as I decide.
It's quite scary, the choice between waiting and having a chance of missing the opportunity. Or taking a risk and having a chance of ******* it up.
Julie Grenness Aug 2018
Oh, great horsemother in the sky,
Here is a question from a bard such as I,
Are you shooting a racing vet today?
Another horse was destroyed for gain,
This is, of course,
A personal hobby horse,
If a horse gallops anyway,
Why are you whipping them this way?
This is the sport of kings, you see,
Death for a horse, if not its jockey,
Sounds to me like animal cruelty,
Racegoers turn the other way,
Drink some more best champagne,
This is question, better yet,
Does horsemother ever shoot the vet?
We lost another beautiful thoroughbred today, shot by  the racing industry.
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