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Mrs Timetable May 27
Vacation wear: for photo shoot

**** sundress
Cute underwear
**** *******
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Polka dot bikini
String bikini
Silky robe

No offense to The moo moo dress. BLT word of the day longueur
A W Jan 13
Your mouth is a smoking gun.
Reloading for the next reply,

After insults have been fired.
Shoot me down where I stand,

Silence me before the quipped-barrel clicks.
Triggered, you shoot the messenger,

Before our story had finished.
Started out simple but kind of became about the past ghosts who tried to put me down. But I'm back for my redemption. Taking back my life to where I want it to be.
co'brien Nov 2019
i'm a fool
    with a camera
and i must stop
    and shoot
the rusted lattice i
    walked under

my friends
patiently for me to finish

i aim and fire
    my photographic rifle
        and capture a luminous sun
Grace Haak Sep 2019
I'm floating and falling
And sinking and sailing
Can anyone save me?
Prevent me from flailing?

I'm shooting and missing
And running and tripping
Can anyone help me?
Stop my feet from slipping?

I'm wishing and hoping
And wanting and praying
Can anyone see me?
Hear the words I'm saying?
liv bennet Sep 2019
All we do is run
away from the monsters
that point their guns
               they shoot.
               they miss.
then blow a kiss,
and walk away like
original poetry written in September of 2018
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
A pensioner's long walk today,
Yes, the mailman's been, no yah!
What  bills did arrive this way?
Postman, postman, stay away,
I am putting up a sign,
"BAN THE BILLS!' about frigging time!
If all bill payers went on strike,
Bills would go down, not upwards hike,
Yes, it's that dreaded long walk again,
Should I throw the bills down the drain?
A gutter too far, or in the bin?
Bringing us bills is the postman's great sin,
Can't afford that, can't afford that,
"I'll shoot you, postman, now don't come back!"
Is shooting postmen a capital offence?
"BAN THE  BILLS!" on everyone's fence!
Sort of not funny, feedback welcome.
Nigdaw Jul 2019
hammer click
whip crack
cordite burn

the power to take
or spare life
in the palm of a hand
lay down the law

no returns
no time to apologise
a decision made in haste
regretted for life
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