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I hate Science
I hate Technology

Neither Am I Orthodox
Nor I am Fool

I am not a *****
But still I choose to hate

Science and Technology
Both gave us many things

I remember, there was a time
I worshipped both of them

They produced machines for us
They produced robots for us

Machines started building
Homes, Bridges and Flyovers

Machines helped us in
Food and Cloth Production

Milk and Silk Production
And Blah Blah Blah Blah

They made our life easier
They made our life safer

They provided better security
They provided better tools

They made our life longer
They made our life smarter

They gave us rays of hope
They promised much more

They promised more Freedom
They Promised Leisure Time

They promised better Environment
They promised clean Air, Water, Soil

They Promised Harmony and Peace
They Promised Equality for All

Both Science and Technology
Progressed exponentially day by day

But something went wrong
Someone captured them

Hijacked them and misused
By applying their ***** minds

We still have Machines and Robots
We still have Logic and Skills

But where is Freedom and Peace?
Where is the clean Environment?

Where is clean Water, Air and Soil?
Where is the promised Leisure Time?

Now we also have Nuclear Bombs
We have weapons of mass ******

We have smart tools for our Extinction
We have weapons of mass Destructions

Robots are being transformed
From Robots to Human Beings

Humans are being transformed
From Human Beings to Machines

Yes Slavery is back in the Game
Machines have enslaved Humans

Robots have been granted
Citizenship and Civil Rights

Machines have been made ready
Ready to wage war against humans

The question is who is the culprit?
Is it Science and Technology?

No. Not at all. I know this very well
But I still hate Science and Technology

The real culprits are the hungry Capitalists
Who captured, hijacked and misused

Science and the Technology for their greed
Though they have all the things they need

Science and the Technology easily surrendered
and allowed themselves to be used for their greed

This is why I Hate Science and Technology
I also hate Capitalism and Capitalists too

But I have a big question for Myself. I still doubt -
"Can I really live without Science and Technology"
I Hate Science and Technology, What about You?? You also Hate Science and Technology or do you hate me???
Michael H Jun 3
In all those stories
reacting with youth

everyone is gathered
in my head

I try to free NASA
there are time errors though
with lasers

I need help
thinking about
390 Looking to post something... this is random but I have always liked aeronautics. The US is planning to put a laser into the Earth's orbit, to shoot down missiles from space. Whether for or against I would like to voice soon...
Edith May 2
Sometimes I forget
That my words can be used as weapons
Until they’re already sailing toward their target
Ready to explode upon impact
Sara I Raad Apr 30
I use my promises
like i use my weapons
filled with regret.

Sara I. Raad
from my new anti war book Eventful War
Nick Armbrister

Toy Box
To build an empire you need the right tools
And Imperial Japan had those in abundance
Armed to the teeth with skilled warriors willing to fight
Advanced warplanes like the Zero, Val and Kate
The best torpedoes in the world the Long Lance
The Bushido fighting spirit of never surrender
Outlawed explosive bullets won an empire
A wicked tool was the ‘Assault No 1’ standard military-issue ******
**** as a weapon of war with Comfort Women the prize
Fighting spirit blooded from 1931 until 1945
When the Divine Wind was unleashed
Ravenously fighting till the Imperial Empire fell
Detonate the Night
The attack came with the ferocity of war
War like only we can know
For we knew this moment was coming
But we didn’t think it would be so
Bad in the way that death is final
And all knowing that life ceases
When enemy explosive discharges on our positions
All we can do is to wait it out and endure
Those who survive must be ready to resist
Throw our enemy back from whence he came
But killing him is more preferable to that
For he will return in twenty years like he has done now
We will bear his bombardment and emerge
Then we will defeat him and smash his army and weapons
And savage his homeland as he does ours and we will win
Once the shells stop we will rally those who remain
And we will charge his guns so Victory is ours
from my new anti war ebook Eventful War by Nick Armbrister Kindle Edition
My palms are growing wet
Sweat has covered my trigger
Night and day in enemies nest
Operating like battalions of mere singers.

I fight 21st century with 20th century bullet
Blood on my face, wounds yielding deeper
In shattered body my brethren in uniform rest
Unjust funding makes our defence wall weaker.

Father, I am in a wilderness fighting a shapeless war
No back ups, no one is watching out for our fall
Like we are dying for those who don't care about us
Our enemies are in golden armor while we ride on horse.

Mother, did the demise of my gun brothers makes the headlines?
I heard the 'next level' was lunched on that day
And my superiors disown us to dine at the front line
Well, don't cry yet, I'm still alive at least for today.  

Oh, my palms are wet and my hopes like a thread
My eyes shed more tears than the blood my gun sheds
We are too weak to keep pulling these triggers
Aso Rock, upgrade us now or take us home to our fathers.
Dedicated to the over 70 soldiers killed in northern Nigeria by Bokoharam Terrorists in November, 2018.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
Men and women
With guns, knives and killing mechanisms in action
Who turn to physical oppression
Are the weakest
For they cannot use their words
To their destinations
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