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Taciturn May 2020
What can I do?
I want to hold you and sooth you
I see the way your soul is vibrating
Shaking with fear
With terror.

I want to let you know that you are not alone
That I have been there too.

Stood in the same place, been in the same shoes.
But I can’t
I am scared it will only look as though
I am undermining your struggles.

My issues are different than yours,
But the feelings are so very close.
You are breathing in the same knives
I have suckled on my entire life.

I could describe to you the exact taste of red in 3 different languages.

But if I did.. would you hate me?
Would you take me for an insensitive *****?
A ****,
who always makes it about themself?

I want you to know:
I understand.
I want you to know you are not alone with your feelings

But I am lacking, in every sense
My vocabular just does not seem inclusive enough
And even if it was, I have no skill
Verbalizing my thoughts seems impossible.

And I know exactly how it is
when you share your feelings
And yet you still feel like nobody heard you.
I don’t want this for you.

So please just let me know what you need
I do not want to leave you by yourself.

I don’t  want you to be alone any longer,
Believe me, it won’t make you stronger
Suffering in silence, should not be your only option.

I am sorry, that nothing I say will be adequate
But at least let me listen.
Anybody knows the feeling of listening to another person and all you can seem to respond with is "Hmm", because you are scared, that if you chime in it will looks as though, you don't care what they are saying?
Yeah, i feel so pretty much every day.
Taciturn May 2020
It feels like only yesterday that I stared up at you
Just dim enough to not turn me blind
Just bright enough to be seen

The stars below
Sadly though
Were too strong to make out the ones above
I am certain they twinkled magnificently.

Back then I shared my darkest secrets with you
But oh, my sweet darling
You just couldn’t keep them to yourself
Could you?

Do not fret
I am not mad
I still appreciate the silence you provided for me
And even now
-Though I have branded you a telltale-
I still seek comfort in your bright darkness.
Not my best one, but I wanted to just write something again
freeing the mind Sep 2018
Holding on,
With the smallest glimmer of hope,
Finding ways to fight, deal or cope,
At 1st it seemed impossible
But slowly the realisation current issues were topical,
Lost friendships, breakdowns , communication errors and lack of self love,
One, two at a time or all of the above.
Dulling out the problems and hiding away,
Some amount of release when decided this way you did not want to stay.

Self belief,
fresh start,  the one of new beginnings,
Learning to handle things before your mind starts spinning,
A release, you do not need others glorification to be worthy,
Worthy of love, respect, happiness, self security
A little motivation goes far, a focus just to start.

Look inside,
Reflection, a little self assessment,
The strength you had before
Somewhere inside you this is stored,
Make them changed necessary for you,
Stop allowing the colour which describes you to be the darkest blue.
1st time back writing in a very long time ,  not the best
Just because your getting past it
You shouldn't be written off as useless.
mixing the very young with the aged
Bianca Reyes Nov 2016
Not all improvements that matter
Are necessarily visible
The most important start inside
A seed planted
Now rooting within us
Becoming a permanent change
Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
Jake Meizell Jan 2015
Please please love me!  Don't make me consider my thoughts and actions, I'm afraid of the dark
Use your mouth to silence mine, I hate the way I speak and I need to be needed
Every morning is harder to rise, the sun mocks me with its easy eastern comings
I sorry I'm not taller or stronger or more whatever "er" you want
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014 your eyes.....
a whisper
grasping at grains of sand
You hear me...
You feel me....


prowling the Earth,
guarding our land
Do you know me,
have you begun
to try and truly

Silent. Observant. Tactful. Smart.
I tackle my problems, yours, the world's
it is my true

I live dreams.
I breathe love.
I am harmony.

on fire

You might not feel
it is real,
*but I am proof
you can live
we're getting better all the time.

— The End —