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Wyatt Mar 11
A snowflake falling in a wildfire,
raindrops pour in the driest desert.
A soothing voice is lost in the anger,
reaching hands ignored in the danger.
A meal which is found in famine,
a hint of hope during hopeless times.
Look at me, I am everything
that is abnormal about this world.
onyx Oct 2020
is my existence
abnormal ?
there are days when
i break because
i am made to
hate myself
it isn't right
the pain is too great
this pain is strength
but this strength
is pain
i just want to be
okay .
29 Oct 2020
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
I don't understand myself,
Being so abnormally felt.
Act so happy, smiling around,
Then lie to myself hurting through ground.
Talk so deep, act so trash,
Happy being alone, but ending in crash.
Hope someday this ends...
Don't know how it would...
But low key here feels kinda good.
-elixir- Aug 2020
I wish you'd all see the person
in me beneath my insecurities,
layers of locks into my heart.
Why'd you leave me before I speak?
am I not as normal as you?
what is normal if there are many?
Am I crazy or are you blind to see the
normal in me?
I wonder what's missing in me that
forced you to leave.
As you remain blind to the eons
of hope that remains in my heart for you.
As I redefine my normal for the next layer of lock
that encapsulates my heart.
It hurts when your friends and those you held close to your heart ignores you and turn their backs on you. You feel as if your opinions are not normal and you question your sanity.
Clay Face Jun 2020
I love it.
But grow trees to adumbrate it’s anima.

To force a mascaraed upon its glow.
Tarp my elation for it.
It’s guttural.
I feel my definition eave when I do it.

Alien cliques called societal norms.
Make such a scintillating activity, abnormal.
I hurt no one through such a cosmetic lust.
Fabric is not a great medium for harm.

I cringe at such struggles.
For gender roles and such.
One shouldn’t care of what other think.
God knows I’m a hypocrite to state that.

I want to share my “taboo” with someone dear.

I need to.

Anyone who struggles with personal enjoyment.
Doing things that are no harm to others, but are considered deviant.
I would love to leave you with a quote.

“I am human, nothing human is alien to me.”

Where whatever clothes you want to.
Love whoever you want to with their consent.
Paper Heart Poet Apr 2020
The curse of being the youngest is that
They don’t recognise their own dysfunctionality
How abnormal is their normal
Convinced about the truth
Yet less knowledge means less empathy
Leading to laughing at you for being you
The younguns should look up
Yet they are the highest
Psychological warfare of the ancestors
Why this why that questioning us
While we question the world not them
****** up wisdom is theirs
But we have clear voyance, crystal
I talk to myself because I can hear me
And they can’t. Won’t ever…
Sunset Meadows Sep 2019
What is normal?
Is it even real?
Why can't we just be ourselves
Not be judged
By strangers
People who know nothing about us
They don't know the uncomfortable feelings
The hate already being thrown our way
Inhumane words
Hitting our shields
They're breaking now
Being smashed
I know mine is almost done for
It might as well be gone
Yet the knives are still being thrown
Heading right for me
Hitting the target
Trying to hit us
Right where it hurts
Will there ever be a day
When we are no longer judged for us
No longer tossed away like expired food
Kicked out of our own home
Seeking shelter
But then being abused
For just being who we are
When are we going to stop being the target
Stop being the abused
Can we not be humiliated and judged
Why can't we just be?
Just be who we are without being hated
Let me know what you think.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When people accuse me
of being abnormal
because I think for myself,
I steadfastly continue to think for myself
as I am aware
that thinking for myself
is the only way
that a unique me
in my unique situation
can achieve
my own unique joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I seek to be normal
I feel ashamed
of what I am actually being;
But when I seek my joy and happiness
and allow myself to be my unique authentic self
I feel joyful and happy
just being me
even if I am different than the norm.
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